PayPal Holdings And Ant Financial Services Group Lead The Fragmented Fintech Market

Global FinTech Market Report 2020

FinTech Global Market Report 2020

The Business Research Company’s Global FinTech Market Report Highlights Global Forecasts Up To 2030

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, June 5, 2020 / — The financial technologies (FinTech) market is highly fragmented, with a large number of small players. The top ten competitors in the market made up to 34.81% of the total market in 2019. The global FinTech market is highly competitive and rapidly changing. The market fragmentation can be attributed to the low barriers to entry driven by rapid innovations in technology companies. PayPal Holdings, Inc. was the largest competitor with 14.47% of the market, followed by Ant Financial Services Group with 8.00% of the total share in 2019. Other major players in the global fintech market include Tencent Holdings Ltd., Square, Inc., Envestnet, Inc., Shopify Inc., SoFi Inc., LendingClub Corporation, Adyen N.V. and Xero Limited.

PayPal Holdings, Inc. was the largest competitor in the global FinTech market in 2019, with a 14.47% share of the market. PayPal is a financial services company, which provides online money transfers and serves globally. The company was formed in 2015 and is headquartered in San Jose, California, United States.

PayPal Holdings’ growth strategy is focused on expanding its business through acquisitions. For instance, in December 2019, the company acquired a 70% stake in online payment services provider, GoPay (Guofubao Information Technology Co., Ltd.), to strengthen its online payment platform services in China. Similarly, in November 2018, PayPal acquired HWLT Holdings Inc., a payment solutions provider, to enhance its payout capabilities and improve payment solutions to e-commerce platforms and marketplaces around the world. Further, in September 2018, PayPal acquired iZettle AB for approximately $2.2 billion. The acquisition helped PayPal Holdings, Inc. to accelerate its growth and deliver seamless commerce experience for merchants. iZettle AB is a Sweden-based financial technology company that specializes in providing a range of products such as payments, point-of-sales, funding and partners applications.

Ant Financial Services Group was the second largest competitor in the FinTech market in 2019, with an 8% share of the market. Ant Financial is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, which provides online payment services to individuals and businesses to execute payments. The company was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

Ant Financial Services’ growth strategy is focused on expanding its business in other regions through sustainable investments. For instance, in November 2019, the company raised $1 billion funds to invest in FinTech startups in South East Asia and India.

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Independent Broker Dealer Recruiter Jon Henschen Publishes "Breaking Bad Broker Dealer Behaviors"

Some IBDs are targeting departing advisors using hardball tactics that may do irreversible damage to the broker dealer's reputation in the recruiting world.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2020 / — In his June 3, 2020 ThinkAdvisor article, “Breaking Bad Broker-Dealer Behavior,” Jon Henschen of Henschen & Associates, discusses how his firm decided to recruit solely to independent broker dealers and what their litmus test is for whether or not a broker dealer is truly independent. He shares how some IBDs target departing advisors by playing hardball, outlines five specific tactics these firms use and cautions how detrimental these actions can be to an IBD’s reputation.

Henschen opens by noting that, “I found it to be a breath of fresh air to witness the cooperative environment between IBDs and their affiliated advisors, even when the advisors moved from one broker dealer to another. It was understood that the advisor’s clients were indeed their own; they had control of their client relationships because of the trust and relationship they’d established over the years, not because of a broker dealer’s branding. If an advisor was dissatisfied or felt their BD was no longer a fit, they were free to move to a new firm unhindered.”

According to Henschen, to this day, his firm’s litmus test for deciding if a broker-dealer is truly independent is if its affiliated advisors are able to leave unfettered. Recently, he has witnessed certain IBDs targeting advisors leaving to join specific broker-dealers that appear to be especially successful at recruiting advisors from their firms in particular.

These IBDs tend to employ these tactics:

1. They refuse to transfer Albridge data.

When the broker-dealer won’t transfer this data to the new firm, the advisor oftentimes will need to lawyer up to get the data transferred.

2. They don’t pay residual fees, trails and commissions.

From the day an advisor gives notice of departure, the IBD they’re leaving is required to continue to pay these fees and commissions for a period of 30-90 days. Where an advisor owes the broker-dealer money, such as that tied to a forgivable note or to open litigation, it’s understandable for the BD not to pay out residual income. Otherwise not paying the advisor for the money earned during the contractual period is another way the BD can impose punitive action.

3. They break up departing groups of producing advisors.

When large groups change BDs, they can lose up to half of their advisors, who choose to stay behind. It’s one thing when an advisor doesn’t want the inconvenience of moving BDs, but another when the original broker-dealer intervenes and offers carrots to team members to get them to stay, such as an enhanced payout, lower rep-directed advisory administrative fee, waive broker dealer expenses of Albridge fees, Rebate of Envestnet costs or unusually high retention notes.

4. They assign clients to another advisor.

This wirehouse tactic is employed by a few independent broker dealers. Henschen has also had advisors tell them that their prior firms made up false narratives about them and shared such stories with their clients in order to make clients feel insecure about moving.

5. They delay the release of a license to the new firm.

The old firm is required to release the advisor’s license to the new firm within 30 days. By waiting the full 30 days before releasing the license, the BD’s motive is to decrease the advisor’s retention in the hope of increasing the number of orphan accounts that will then be swept into their house accounts.

The Consequences of Bad Behavior

Henschen contends that broker-dealers that decide to cross over into these non-independent broker-dealer tactics risk poisoning their recruiting waters.

Not only do third-party recruiters zero in on such behavior, but wholesalers and advisors talk about this heavy-handed spiteful behavior, too. Over time, an IBD’s reputation in the recruiting world can be irreversibly damaged.

Jon Henschen is founder of Henschen & Associates, a Twin Cities-based firm that matches financial advisors to independent broker dealers. He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry and has worked as a registered financial advisor in both the independent and wirehouse channels. Jon has been featured in numerous financial publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Reuters, and the New York Post.

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Don Dirren Provides Free Tax Planning Advice For Retirees

Financial advisor Don Dirren proudly offers a free expert insight into tax planning for those in, or entering, retirement.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, June 4, 2020 / — Utilizing a two-part approach to educating and advising retirees and soon-to-be retirees on their tax planning needs, veteran financial advisor Don Dirren is celebrated for his illustrations of real-life scenarios in simplifying the topic. Here, Dirren proudly offers details of his approach for free to those looking to find out more.

"It's becoming increasingly important that each of us understands how to manage our taxes in retirement," says Social Security planning specialist, licensed financial advisor, and insurance expert Don Dirren. A veteran of the financial services industry and based in the Arizona state capital city of Phoenix, Dirren has now been licensed for more than 30 years.

Proud to offer free tax planning advice for retirees, Don Dirren is keen to focus on the two key areas of tax planning in retirement which he deems most important. "First, everyone needs to fully understand exactly how Social Security is taxed," says Dirren.

According to licensed financial advisor Don Dirren, this ultimately rests on what's most widely referred to as provisional income in Social Security terms. "Determining whether an individual's Social Security is or is not taxable, so-called provisional income is measured by the Internal Revenue Service," he explains, speaking from his office in Phoenix, Arizona, "to ascertain if you, your spouse, or any other recipient of Social Security benefits is required to pay taxes."

An after-deductions provisional income total of less than $25,000 MAGI is not taxable, according to Don Dirren. This, he says, is on an individual basis. For couples in the same household, the total is, he reports, then $32,000. "Beyond this after-deductions provisional income threshold, retirement income may be taxed at between 50 and 85 percent," reveals Dirren.

This, then, Don Dirren says, is why it's vital that people properly understand exactly how Social Security taxation works. "If you or a family member is in any doubt, connect with a local financial advisor for more information," suggests the expert, "in order to best safeguard any retirement income and minimixe taxes on your social security."

Don Dirren's second area of focus is tied to investments. "Properly managing your investments both prior to and during retirement is incredibly important," says Dirren. Understanding tax classifications and managing finances based on these groupings is crucial, he suggests.

"You should have a mixture of both safe, guaranteed funds and more aggressive investments meant to exceed inflation in retirement," advises Don Dirren. Any retirement account should, however, be actively managed both before and in retirement, according to the expert.

"Tactical money management where most suitable, but look to buy and hold in the longer term, via a trust account," Don Dirren explains. This is because a trust account receives what's known as a step-up in cost basis, according to Dirren, when a person dies.

"In this instance, a surviving spouse, for example," adds Don Dirren, wrapping up, "can typically then sell with little or no taxation which, of course, is an important consideration, particularly in retirement."

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Numly™ Partners with SmartHabit To Launch Enhanced Pre-Packaged Coaching and Employee Engagement Programs

Numly Joins Hands with SmartHabit to Offer Enhanced Coaching & Engagement Programs

Numly Joins Hands with SmartHabit to Offer Enhanced Coaching & Engagement Programs

Numly™ brings together the Art & Science of Coaching and Skills Development to create Habits of Mindset and Performance that work with SmartHabit.

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 4, 2020 / — Numly™, a frontrunner in providing Employee Engagement solutions, today announces that it has joined efforts with SmartHabit, a human, business, and technological transformation provider, to offer enhanced employee engagement bundle programs.

The partnership will see Numly’s packaged Employee Engagement programs enhanced with coaching content tailored for each learning and training module. Each of the newly revamped Numly Engagement Programs will now include SmartHabit Masterclasses, SmartHabit Group Huddles and SmartHabit 1:1 Coaching Sessions, all delivered on NumlyEngage™, the world's leading, AI-enabled, Skills Coaching and Employee Engagement Platform. The goal of the collaboration is to deliver greater value to customers by fine tuning coaching methodology and coach training services to drive human engagement & performance of managers and leaders.

NumlyEngage enables companies to quickly identify employees who are qualified to coach their teammates on specific soft skills, such as Empathy and Communication, as well as hard skills required for each job function, such as Deal Management for Sales or Innovation for Engineering. These “Coaches” will gain access to SmartHabit’s coaching and habit building methodology during the program pilot period, enabling them to empower their teammates more effectively.

Dev Ghoshal, Co-Founder, Senior VP of Alliances & Customer Success, Numly says, “With COVID-19 playing havoc with business plans for industries globally, companies are now worried about employee engagement, development and retention. Increase of remote-working and WFH situations will require even more thoughtful programs to ensure this engagement. Numly’s partnership with SmartHabit provides enterprises with packaged solutions to systematically drive soft-skills adoption, coaching ability and increased engagement across functions such as sales, engineering and customer success that directly impacts their productivity and effectiveness. By including Smarthabit’s “Grow” Coaching methodology and world-class coaches with NumlyEngage’s SaaS solution of skills database, coaching collaboration, and AI enabled nudges, our customers will have the benefit of scaling their own internal coaching expertise while driving the overall learning program. By helping to build a rich coaching community experience, NumlyEngage aims to become the go-to-platform for companies looking to implement sustained engagement practices for their workforces.”

Mike Saporito, Founder and Managing Partner of SmartHabit said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Numly to help more companies scale their leadership development experiences so they can support their people during these extraordinary times. Our goal is to help Numly attract, support and grow the right coaches to enhance the impact of their engagement programs for global organizations. Our team sees this as an exciting opportunity to bring together the best of coaching, technology, and habit science.”

NumlyEngage’s new and enhanced Employee Coaching and Engagement programs will be available in the form of 5 jump start coaching packages, including 3 tailored for managers and 2 for executives.

About Numly™, Inc.
Numly™'s mission is to improve employee performance and employee engagement through coaching and soft skills development. NumlyEngage™ Enterprise is an AI-enhanced coaching platform that enables organizations to take a structured approach to soft skills development. With a 16 Personality Factor assessment to jumpstart employee engagement, as well as dozens of packaged Engagement Programs to guide users through a comprehensive database of 185+ soft skills, NumlyEngage™ makes it easy for companies to effectively coach executives, managers, and employees; keep distributed teams engaged and productive; and grow the corporate bench strength to compete in the Future of Work. For more information, visit

About SmartHabit
SmartHabit’s mission is to help people create habits of mindset and performance that work. SmartHabit Masterclasses, Group Huddles, and Coaching helps leaders and teams increase personal resilience, enhance relationships, and elevate business performance. For more information, visit

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Edenred Commuter Benefits Expands on the East Coast by Acquiring the RideECO Commuter Benefit Program

Edenred Commuter Benefits Logo

Edenred Commuter Benefits

Edenred Commuter Benefits™ announces the acquisition of the RideECO Commuter Benefit Program from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC).

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2020 / — Edenred Commuter Benefits™, a leading provider of commuter benefits, announces the acquisition of the RideECO Commuter Benefit Program from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC).

For the past 29 years, RideECO has been the leading Commuter Benefits program in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, providing employers with transit benefits for several agencies in the region: SEPTA, PATCO, NJ Transit, DART First State, Capital Area Transit and Amtrak.

The RideECO program allows employers and commuters to save on public transportation and vanpools fares using pre-tax dollars. Currently, hundreds of employers representing thousands of employees participate in RideECO. Now with Edenred Commuter Benefits, employers who offer RideEco will have access to a larger range of benefits including parking, UberPool and Lyft Shared as well as micro mobility services such as Bike Sharing and Scooters.

Edenred Commuter Benefits has been a long-time partner of the RideECO program, handling the order fulfillment for employers, and distribution for RideECO. Edenred Commuter Benefits also operates its own commuter benefit program with many of the same options RideECO offers, and more. In addition, Edenred Commuter Benefits programs are offered and promoted across the country. As commuting needs are changing and evolving, DVRPC believes this is an opportune time to fold the regional RideECO program into a broader program with a national scope.

Ed Fleischmann, CEO of Edenred Commuter Benefits, said: "As a company with a proven track record of success providing transit and parking solutions for thousands of employees nationwide, we're excited to gain direct market access to important regions of Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. We have a long-standing relationship with DVRPC and consider ourselves true partners. We are familiar with RideEco and look forward to bringing our wide breadth of experience and knowledge in managing this program to both employers and their employees in the region."

Barry Seymour, DVRPC Executive Director, said: “We have valued the close working relationship we’ve had with Edenred Commuter Benefits over the years and are confident that Edenred will continue to serve RideECO clients well. New clients will also be in good hands as more employers add this program to their menu of employee benefit. The ultimate goal of commuter benefits is to encourage and reward more use of transit and vanpools as a way to commute to and from work, which helps alleviate traffic and improve our air quality in this region, and this will continue to be accomplished through Edenred.”

While this transition will take place over the next few months, not much will change for current RideECO clients, except for the program’s name and look. In fact, there will be several new advantages for employers and commuters:

• Employers will save even more money with Edenred Commuter Benefits
• Additionally, employers can take advantage of a parking benefit, for those employees who must drive to work
• Employees will have access to ride share programs including UberPool and Lyft Shared
• Employees will also be able to select a non-personalized, pre-loaded card to pay for transit and vanpool fares, in addition to the current personalized card and other fare media available
• Employers and commuters who are using RideECO will have a seamless transition to the new order and customer service platforms

Commuter benefit programs have many advantages. They can:

• Save money – Employees save when they use RideECO by using pre-tax dollars to pay for their transit and vanpool costs — in excess of $900 a year on their commute costs. And, employers can save more than $230 per participating employee on FICA taxes each year.
• Help the environment – Employees who commute by transit are also helping to improve the region’s air quality, by reducing emissions associated with driving alone to work.
• Encourage transit ridership – Commuter benefit programs boost transit ridership in Greater Philadelphia. A recent survey showed that almost 20% of new RideECO users are new public transit users, and 65% of those new riders make 10+ trips/week. Many program participants say they shifted to using monthly passes vs. individual tickets or tokens.

Both RideECO and Edenred Commuter Benefits offer the benefit in a variety of ways, including vouchers, fare materials and stored value cards. Both programs have a premium option best suited for larger companies, that eases an employer’s administration of the program and allows for direct distribution of the benefit to employees’ homes. RideECO and Edenred products are accepted as payment for fares on all major transit providers and vanpool services in the region and beyond.

We are working hard at Edenred Commuter Benefits to ensure that our clients and their employees are receiving the very best customer support and service offered. We want our clients to know that we are all in this together.

Learn more about RideECO and Edenred Commuter Benefits at and

About Edenred Commuter Benefits
Edenred Commuter Benefits’ mission is to make tax-free commuter benefits an essential part of employee benefits packages nationwide.

Edenred Commuter Benefits provides a one-stop total solution experience, from a nationwide commuter benefits program for employers to a private label program for third party administrators.

We serve more than 12,000 employers representing over 10 million employees, including many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies like Boeing, USPS, Merck, Qualcomm, The City of New York and more. We also maintain partnerships with over 50 national third party administrators, more than 350 transit agencies, hundreds of bike shops, and over 5,000 parking locations.

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Amaka Announces the Launch of its New Partner Program With the Release of the Integration Between Lightspeed+Quickbooks

New Lightspeed + Quickbooks Online integration

New Lightspeed + Quickbooks Online integration

Retailers are operating through unprecedented challenges today. Our solution will help them take deeper control over their finances at a time when they need it the most.”

— Francesco Martella, COO, Amaka

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, June 4, 2020 / — Amaka announces the launch of its new Partner Program with the release of the much anticipated Lightspeed and Quickbooks integration.

The new Partner Program will allow partners to leverage Amaka’s no-code integration platform to deliver market leading accounting integrations with cloud accounting software packages within weeks of signing up for the program!

Amaka connects systems that SMBs use every day with cloud-based accounting packages. Amaka’s unique no-code platform and support model allow it to offer affordable, enterprise-level automation and integration products to SMBs globally.

Amaka’s CEO commented, “Amaka’s Partner Program is free for partners, which means that we can have a market leading and supported integration solution on the market within 3-4 weeks of a partner enrolling in the program. This is truly a game changer for our partners.”

“It has been very easy to work with Amaka, and the full-fledged integration with Quickbooks Online was rolled-out in no time. Our customers will have access to a professional-grade accounting integration through the simplicity of a unique, 2-minute and no-code express setup platform.” said Peter Dougherty, Senior Director of Partnerships from Lightspeed. He continued by saying that “To help businesses, Amaka has agreed to offer and support a full version of the integration entirely free of charge, which will save our retail merchants time and money.”

“Retailers are operating with unprecedented challenges today. Our solution will help them take deeper control over their finances at a time when they need it most.” Francesco Martella, COO said about the launch of the new integration. “The partnership with Lightspeed also complements our growth in North America, where Amaka is rapidly becoming a gold standard in accounting integrations.”

Connect Lightspeed + QuickBooks

What does this mean for customers using Lightspeed + Quickbooks Online? Amaka will deliver the functionality which allows Lightspeed and Quickbooks Online customers to:

– Automatically send sales, liabilities, payment type totals and invoices to Quickbooks Online, ready for bank reconciliations.
– Group all daily sales transactions into a summarised Quickbooks Online invoice.
– Sync and break down sales transactions in a wide array of formats.
– Track liabilities, refunds and more.

The new integration with LIGHTSPEED and QUICKBOOKS is now available. Keep up to date on the latest developments on the Amaka website.

Francesco Martella
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BitMinutes Incorporates in Nigeria, Opening the Door for Microloans for the Unbanked

Tom Meredith

Ufuoma Emefeke

BitMinutes announced today that it has incorporated in Nigeria, becoming BitMinutes Nigeria Ltd., as well as named a CEO of the division.

This gets us closer to our vision of banking the unbanked. Already, we have enabled Nigerians to use their BitMinutes to buy goods and services. Making loans available is the next logical step.”

— Tom Meredith

ATLANTA, GA, USA, June 4, 2020 / — BitMinutes Inc. (BitMinutes), a financial services technology company leveraging blockchain and pre-paid minutes tokenization to provide financial inclusion to the global consumer, announced today that it has incorporated in Nigeria, becoming BitMinutes Nigeria Ltd.

The development eases the path for BitMinutes Inc., which has had a strong presence in the country for three years, to provide microloans to Nigerians through its Trusted Agent Network (TAN) for merchants.

Tom Meredith, the CEO and Founder of BitMinutes Inc., said he expects the company will rapidly increase its network, which currently spans more than 1,000 TAN agents, serving more than 6,000 citizens.

“This gets us closer to our vision of banking the unbanked,” said Meredith. “Already, we have enabled Nigerians to use their BitMinutes to buy goods and services. Making loans available is the next logical step.”

In addition, BitMinutes has established an office in Nigeria, which will be led by Ufuoma Emefeke (Joyous), the BitMinutes Nigeria Ltd. CEO.

“Joyous has been the leader in building our TAN Agent network in Nigeria, and now steps into the role of CEO to continue that expansion,” said Meredith, who will remain Chairman of BitMinutes Nigeria Ltd. “She epitomizes what we are trying to do in Nigeria, that is empower citizens there so that they can lift themselves out of poverty and realize their potential.”

Meredith hopes to replicate the success in Nigeria in other African countries, utilizing its partnership with the highly respected Akoin.

Akoin, a cryptocurrency and DApp eco-system founded by the internationally renowned music artist Akon, has publicly praised its partnership with BitMinutes, Inc. and the potential the two companies have to bank the unbanked in Africa. Earlier this spring that partnership was highlighted in Cryptoslate.

Cryptoslate is not the only one noticing the impact the partnership could have, as highlighted in 2019 in Hackernoon.

“The bottom line is that BitMinutes is emerging as a leading technology company that can revolutionize the financial services industry in Africa and beyond,” concluded Meredith.

About BitMinutes Inc., the Company

BitMinutes Inc. is a startup fintech company, founded in the U.S. BitMinutes tokens (BMTs) are exchangeable into universal prepaid airtime minutes. Prepaid minutes are already traded informally as currency within country mobile networks, available to billions of mobile phone owners.

BitMinutes’ tokens also allow peer-to-peer value transfer to millions of bank and mobile accounts across 70 contracted countries and prepaid airtime top-ups to over 4 billion mobile accounts in over 120 countries. More importantly, BitMinutes plans to facilitate the expansion of micro-credit lending in communities where lending is rare and too expensive for most individual borrowers. BitMinutes’ ownership and transactional records will establish a new type of consumer credit score for emerging market consumers who currently struggle with limited access to capital and a lack of traditional banking services. In addition, BitMinutes will create payments platforms in countries where it launches to facilitate mobile payments similar to the M-Pesa platform which has achieved success in Kenya, but which has not yet been widely adopted in other countries.

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Child Life Insurance Market 2020 Global Covid-19 Impact Analysis, Trends, Opportunities and Forecast to 2026

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish Report On-“Covid-19 Impact on Child Life Insurance Market 2020 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities and Growth 2026”

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, June 4, 2020 / —

Child Life Insurance Market 2020

Report Overview
The latest report on the Child Life Insurance market has been evaluated for the forecast period from 2020 to 2026. An insightful explanation has been produced with a comprehensive analysis. The insights inform about the product definition, service, and other applications of the product in different verticals. The analysis report on the global Child Life Insurance market has been presented with in-depth research of new and established industries, their trends, competitive analysis, and exhaustive regional market insights.

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Key Players
The major competitors of the Child Life Insurance market have been analyzed in detail. The in-depth research includes the study of growth strategies carried out by these players. Some of the most important strategies are collaboration, mergers & acquisitions, rising investment, partnership, and product portfolio development. Furthermore, the growing research and development activities are likely to grow the Child Life Insurance market in the forthcoming period.

The top players covered in Child Life Insurance Market are:
Assicurazioni Generali,
China Life Insurance,
Sumitomo Life Insurance,
Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance,
Munich Re Group,
Zurich Financial Services,
Nippon Life Insurance,
Gerber Life Insurance

Market Dynamics
The report is an elaborative probe of factors that result in the expeditious expansion of the Child Life Insurance market. It includes an intricate evaluation of the price history of service/product, the latest trends, and the value of service/product. Some of the most important factors highlighted in the report are the impact of overpopulation on the market, dynamics of demand and supply of the Child Life Insurance market, and the burgeoning technological development in the Child Life Insurance market. Furthermore, it also highlights the impression of several initiatives taken by the government, and the competitive environment prevailing in the Child Life Insurance market during the assessment period.

Segmental Analysis
The report provides the segregation of the Child Life Insurance market on several grounds, coupled with the regional segmentation. The segmentation has been performed to achieve detailed and appropriate insights into the Child Life Insurance market. The report highlights the analysis of North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa.

Research Methodology
The research on the Child Life Insurance market is conducted by the industry analysts as per the metrics of Porter’s Five Force Model. The study also highlights the parent market trends, macro-economic indicators, and regulating factors of the Child Life Insurance market. The meticulous research has been conducted in two steps, which are primary and secondary researches. With this method, a better understanding of the Child Life Insurance market has been provided in terms of weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, and threats related to the Child Life Insurance market. The Child Life Insurance market research also concentrates on several levels of research which includes company profile and industry trends with the insights of restraints, market drivers, opportunities, and challenges.

For Customisation and Query @

Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points
1 Market Overview
2 Manufacturers Profiles
3 Global Child Life Insurance Sales, Revenue, Market Share and Competition by Manufacturer (2018-2019)
4 Global Child Life Insurance Market Analysis by Regions
5 North America Child Life Insurance by Country
6 Europe Child Life Insurance by Country
7 Asia-Pacific Child Life Insurance by Country
8 South America Child Life Insurance by Country
9 Middle East and Africa Child Life Insurance by Countries
10 Global Child Life Insurance Market Segment by Type
11 Global Child Life Insurance Market Segment by Application
12 Child Life Insurance Market Forecast (2020-2026)
13 Sales Channel, Distributors, Traders and Dealers
14 Research Findings and Conclusion
15 Appendix
List of Tables and Figures

NOTE : Our team is studying Covid-19 and its impact on various industry verticals and wherever required we will be considering Covid-19 footprints for a better analysis of markets and industries. Cordially get in touch for more details.

Norah Trent
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Stay Cal Hospitality Strengthens its Real Estate Development Division with the Hiring of Cole Strombom

Cole Strombom joins Stay Cal Hospitality

Cole Strombom, Stay Cal Hospitality

Stay Cal Hospitality

Stay Cal Hospitality

Stay Cal Hospitality CEO Hiten Suraj looks to accelerate the real estate development division through both organic growth and acquisitions.

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 4, 2020 / — Stay Cal Hospitality, a leader in hospitality management & development in the Northern California region, announced that Cole Strombom would be heading their real estate development division.

“Cole brings his immense depth & experience to our real estate development division and we are excited to have him join the next phase of our growth” Hiten Suraj, President, Stay Cal Hospitality.

Cole is a licensed Real Estate Broker and previously spent over 5 years working at SWENSON, one of the largest family-owned real estate development and construction firms in the Bay Area. Cole led over $100m in acquisitions during his tenure at SWENSON.

"I am excited to join Stay Cal and look forward to playing a key role in the company's strategic growth & real estate development initiatives." Cole Strombom

Cole will be responsible for leading and managing each component of the real estate investment and development vertical at Stay Cal Hospitality. He will drive all current & future initiatives starting with the construction of the Holiday Inn Express Suites in Sunnyvale, California, and the first steel modular Courtyard By Marriott at Pittsburg, California.

About Stay Cal Hospitality
Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Stay Cal Hospitality is a dynamic & growing hotel development & management company with over 40 years of experience in the hospitality business. Stay Cal Hospitality currently manages multiple boutique and branded hotels across the Northern California region.

Media Relations
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Global Digital Sign Market Analysis 2020 – Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2026

Latest Industry Research: Global Digital Sign Market Size, Status and Forecast 2020-2026

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, June 4, 2020 / — Global Digital Sign Industry

New Study on “Digital Sign Market: Global Industry 2020 Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2026” Added to Wise Guy Reports Database

Report Overview

The Global Digital Sign Market report on Wise Guy Report reveals the comprehensive study done by proficient analysis on the market. Different factors influencing the Global Digital Sign Market through the review period 2020 to 2026 are elaborate in the report. Matter of high importance and effective solutions for surfacing issues are elaborated in the report. COVID-19 disease outbreak after it took a form of pandemic resulted social distancing and lockdown. This is observed to have a strong impact on the Global Digital Sign Market. Changes in world economies and it impact on the Global Digital Sign Market in the years to come is studied in-depth.

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Key Players

Major players functioning in the Digital Sign world market have are observed of their significant contribution to the market. Interview of popular personalities in the market, chiefs of notable companies, finance magazines, and other documents, such as financial reports and white papers were referred to get better understand of the rise of the Global Digital Sign Market through the analysis period.

Key market players
Major competitors identified in this market include Cisco Systems Inc, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Toshiba, Adflow Networks, KeyWest Technology Inc, Sony, Panasonic Corporation, Intel Corporation, Winmate Communication Inc, NEC Display, Sharp Corporation, Planar Systems, Dell, Innolux, Advantech, AUO, etc.

Market Dynamics

SARS-CoV-2 disease outbreak is observed to influence the Global Digital Sign Market in multiple ways. However, along with COVID-19 there are other disasters that are also observed to impact the Global Digital Sign Market performance across the study period. Different causes that are likely to hinder Global Digital Sign Market business and impact the revenue generation. Solid solutions and effective measures to meet these issues are vividly prescribed in the report. The expansion rate of the Global Digital Sign Market across the review period amidst such issues are revealed in the report. The COVID-19 pandemic analysis on the Global Digital Sign Market are detailed in this report.

Segment Study

Proficient analysts studied the Global Digital Sign Market via a segment analysis. Components, region, types, and size of organisation are umbrella terms used for the study of the Global Digital Sign Market. Growth scopes and flourishing trends of the Global Digital Sign Market are analyzed for the study period across the study period. The meticulous analysis of the Global Digital Sign Market, especially after SARS-CoV-2 disease outbreak is elaborated in the report. Data related to demographic factors and information on geographic causes responsible for change in Global Digital Sign Market dynamics are revealed in the under the area specific analysis of the Global Digital Sign Market.

Report covers:

Comprehensive research methodology of Global Digital Sign Market.
This report also includes detailed and extensive market overview with gap analysis, historical analysis & key analyst insights.
An exhaustive analysis of macro and micro factors influencing the market guided by key recommendations.
Analysis of regional regulations and other government policies impacting the Global Digital Sign Market.
Insights about market determinants which are stimulating the Global Digital Sign Market.
Detailed and extensive market segments with regional distribution of forecasted revenues
Extensive profiles and recent developments of market players

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Some points from table of content:

1.1 Research Scope
2 Global Digital Sign Quarterly Market Size Analysis
3 Quarterly Competitive Assessment, 2020
4 Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Sign Segments, By Type
5 Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Sign Segments, By Application
6 Geographic Analysis
7 Company Profiles
7.1 Cisco Systems Inc
7.1.1 Cisco Systems Inc Business Overview
7.1.2 Cisco Systems Inc Digital Sign Quarterly Production and Revenue, 2020
7.1.3 Cisco Systems Inc Digital Sign Product Introduction
7.1.4 Cisco Systems Inc Response to COVID-19 and Related Developments
7.2 Samsung Electronics
7.3 LG Electronics
7.4 Toshiba
7.5 Adflow Networks
7.6 KeyWest Technology Inc
7.7 Sony
7.8 Panasonic Corporation
7.9 Intel Corporation
7.10 Winmate Communication Inc
7.11 NEC Display
7.12 Sharp Corporation
7.13 Planar Systems
7.14 Dell
7.15 Innolux
7.16 Advantech
7.17 AUO
8 Supply Chain and Sales Channels Analysis
9 Key Findings
10 Appendix

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