Stonehill Joins Thinkific Partner Program to Deliver Online Learning and Course Design Services

Stonehill announced that it joined the Thinkific Partner Program. Thinkific is a platform that enables organizations to create and deliver online courses.

Our team has seen significant interest from our clients in online education and remote onboarding solutions.”

— Doug Pace, Founder & CEO of Stonehill

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2020 / — Stonehill announced today that it has joined the Thinkific Partner Program. Thinkific is an innovative software platform that enables organizations to create and deliver online courses. Stonehill has seen significant demand from its clients to design and deliver online training courses as result of the remote work environments demanded by the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Stonehill provides online education consulting, course design, and content development services as part of its People and Culture offerings. It has significant experience in online education and has advised multiple organizations, including universities, colleges, and businesses, on its effective deployment.

The strategy firm has created custom online courses for several purposes including marketing, new hire onboarding, employee development, customer experience, product support, and community relations.

Stonehill has launched its popular “Intro to Design Thinking” course via the Thinkific platform. The course is currently free of charge and can be found at

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online education has become more accepted across organizations of all sizes. The pandemic has pushed colleges, universities, and companies to increase the use of online learning. This has resulted in a rapid increase in the online learning market with analysts predicting the sector will grow to $350 billion by 2025.

“Our team has seen significant interest from our clients in online education and remote onboarding solutions,” said Doug Pace, Founder & CEO of Stonehill. “Thinkific is a cost-effective platform that provides all the features needed for custom course delivery including registration, ecommerce, testing, and certification.”

About Stonehill
Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy. As recognized experts in Design Thinking, Business Intelligence, and organizational development, Stonehill helps companies to identify opportunity, create change, and accelerate growth. Stonehill’s teams consist of an innovative blend of creative, strategy, technology, and change management experts, giving us the ability to unite the functional silos of business in the common objective of creating differentiated customer experiences. Stonehill has been recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce as the Emerging Business of the Year, Great Agencies as one of the Top Business Intelligence Consultants in the United States, and CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Performance Management Providers.

Julie Stollings
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Worldesk Boosts SMBs Competitiveness Full QuickBooks Integration and Enhanced Desktop Platform For Global Transactions

The enhanced desktop application from Worldesk allows users to manage their international transactions with ease.

Worldesk currency management and automation empowers global companies by offering real-time currency conversion, timely rate alerts, seamless integration with multiple providers and Quickbooks, and lock rate capabilities.

Our desktop software with QuickBooks integration makes the job of global money management easier than ever and is a convenient way to lower costs by seeing all international transactions in real-time.”

— Shiko Ohana, Worldesk CEO

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2020 / — New York, New York August 11, 2020 – Mosaica, Inc., a leading global payment and fintech solutions firm, announced the seamless integration of Quickbooks with Worldesk, its innovative international currency management, and automation system. Worldesk also enhanced its desktop application to give small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) a more competitive edge on the global stage with tools to work with over 100 currencies worldwide.

The release comes at a crucial moment for small and medium-sized businesses, as the global economy continues to recover. International companies continue to reopen at an extraordinary rate, even as the virus looms. The MSCI ACWI index, a broad measure of global stocks, witnessed a 32 percent year-to-date decline through March 23, which has since rebounded 40 percent from the early spring nadir. Fortunately, Worldesk gives SMBs the tools necessary to easily track their global financial transactions and do so with complete integration with QuickBooks, the must-have small business accounting software package. With QuickBooks, users can upload international invoices and bills with ease. Combined with the Mosaica desktop application, users can convert payments and receivables into all major currencies within seconds.

“With Worldesk as their tool of choice, business owners and executives have unmatched transparency and planning to ensure their business maximizes the building economic rebound,” said Shiko Ohana, CEO of Worldesk. “Our desktop software with QuickBooks integration makes the job of global money management easier than ever and is a convenient way to lower costs by seeing all transactions in real-time.”

Worldesk is a cloud-based software solution and mobile app for managing global transactions. Available for PCs and Macs, the platform provides a central location for overseeing and optimizing a variety of global business needs, such as:

• scheduling and performing international payments and receivables;
• creating bill alerts based on due dates and exchange rate movement;
locking currency rates to safeguard against foreign exchange volatility;
• accessing a currency rate conversion calculator;
• using multiple currency providers; and
• and connecting with existing accounting, CRM, and e-commerce platforms.

Additional integrated partners include Amazon, NetSuite, Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, and Zoho. Whether it’s monitoring the impact of foreign currency movements on your bottom line with up-to-the-minute data, or making smarter decisions with critical insights from advanced analytic tools, Worldesk is an essential component for all SMB’s success in the global marketplace.

While COVID-19 remains a pivotal impediment to global demand and a driver of market volatility, it’s important to remember that even without the virus, the need for superior international transaction capabilities remains acute. That’s because even under normal conditions, companies operating overseas continue to mismanage the risks associated with global trade. Competing in the world economy without the right tools and solutions that Worldesk provides can significantly impact profit margins in the short and long run. Traditional banks can add up to 5 percent to the actual exchange rate companies use daily to transact internationally.

“As summer transitions into fall across the northern hemisphere, there is growing concern that a second wave of the virus, especially in countries that weathered the first wave well, will deliver another round of economic contraction and renewed instability” Ohana added. “If that occurs, then Worldesk will help manage this new normal, too.”

To learn more about Worldesk, and schedule your personalized demo, reach out to the media contact below.

Media Contact:
Jesse Broome
Phone: 212-884-9912 x-702

About Mosaica, Inc. Mosaica, Inc. provides global payment and receivables solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) going global.

About Worldesk. Worldesk is a fully integrated, mobile-first platform for global transaction management, developed by Mosaica, Inc. Worldesk offers complete visibility to remove the guesswork due to fluctuating exchange rates.

Jesse Broome
Worldesk, a subsidiary of Mosaica, Inc.
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Worldesk, a Currency Management and Automation Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Performing International Transactions in Foreign Exchange

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FC Pinzgau Appoints David Herman As Chief Marketing Officer

SAALFELDEN, AUSTRIA, August 11, 2020 / — Austrian Third-Division side FC Pinzgau Saalfelden (FCPS) today announced the appointment of David Herman to the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Fan Owned Club (FOC) have hired David Herman to take responsibility for the brand strategy and marketing delivery for the Club.

As CMO, Herman will be based in Austin, Texas and be responsible for the marketing efforts both in Austria and the United States, working towards a worldwide message of driving awareness, investment and marketing strategy along with focusing on fan experience.

Previously, he was the VP of Business and Partner Development with FC Pinzgau responsible for "Fan Owned Club" initiatives.

Fan Owned Club CEO, Mark Ciociola, said: “We are delighted to welcome David to his new role with FOC. His track record, expertise, attention to detail and consistent delivery of project on time and on budget is second to none. We believe he will be a massive asset for us.”

A hands-on marketer and life-long evangelist of the sport, the “Hat & Soccer Guy” has collaborated alongside global brands to help leverage "The Beautiful Game” within their marketing strategies over the course of his 25-year advertising career.

A graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Herman has previously been involved in several highly successful marketing projects, leading the brand philosophy for supporters of Manchester United Football Club in the United States across their numerous Summer Tours and USA activations. He was also instrumental in helping Austin secure a Major League Soccer franchise for the 2021 season.

“I am extremely excited for this opportunity. The message and meaning behind the Fan Owned Club Initiative is a very different and dynamic concept to be a part of an emerging European club. A strong unified message will really help grow this team in Austria, the US, and worldwide.”

FC Pinzgau is set for their home opener of the Austrian Regional League campaign against Austria Salzburg this Saturday which will be streamed live, as will all matches this season, on, Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch.

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden was established in 2007 in Saalfelden, Austria, calling the picturesque Pinzgau region of the Austrian Alps home. Fueled by a passion for community, quality, and professionalism, FC Pinzgau’s promise is to showcase cosmopolitan talent locally while providing platforms that focus the eyes of the world on our spectacular backyard. Our unique “Fan Owned” experience, fueled by ambition, dreams, and vision, aims to celebrate the unity and excitement inherent in world-class soccer.

For more information about FCPS:

Fan Owned Club takes the community ownership model common in Europe and brings it to the United States allowing fans to own a piece of their own professional soccer club for less than many pay for season tickets. We aim to develop FCPS into a truly global club, giving international players, coaches and executives an entry point and a home in European football (soccer) driving FCPS to become a recognizable name across North America, Europe and beyond.

For more information about how to become a Fan Owner:


David Herman
FC Pinzgau + Fan Owned Club
+1 312-560-2085
email us here
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“Why Just Follow The Club, When You Can Own The Club”

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T-Base Communications partners with OpenText to deliver high volume accessible PDF service

T-Base Communications / OpenText Logos

T-Base Communications / OpenText Logos

Partnership pairs industry leading technology with subject matter expertise to deliver a world-class, high volume accessible PDF conversion service

OGDENSBURG, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2020 / — Today T-Base Communications, the industry leader in accessible communications, announced they have partnered with OpenText, a global leader in information management software, to bring a new level of customer support and subject matter expertise for high volume accessible PDF customers. The partnership brings together T-Base’s long-standing expertise in document accessibility with OpenText’s market leading high volume accessible PDF software.

Accessible PDFs (“aPDFs”) are fully tagged electronic documents that bring accessibility benefits to a range of different consumers. As governments and the business community increasingly recognize the value of providing more inclusive communication formats, the demand for aPDFs is growing.

OpenText has the market leading high volume aPDF solution, helping organizations capture and transform high volume print streams into accessible PDFs.

“OpenText delivers industry leading document output solutions that can process, extract, transform, repurpose and personalize high volumes of data and documents,” said Stephen Ludlow, OpenText's SVP. “Together, OpenText and T-Base are empowering customers with exceptional services to support accessibility needs.”

“All of our large enterprise customers have sophisticated digital communication strategies. Ensuring these communications can be seamlessly accessed in a range of accessible formats is what our customers count on T-Base for” says Bruce Moszcelt, T-Base’s Co-CEO. “Adding the OpenText high volume aPDF capability will allow our customers to deliver an even better accessible experience to their end consumers. As the leading document accessibility provider in North America, we look forward to improved accessibility experiences for consumers through this partnership.”

About T-Base Communications
T-Base supports customers in delivering accessible communications to their end consumers who are blind or have low vision. Doing so ensures customers meet all ADA, ACA and federal civil rights legislation and low vision and blind consumers receive documents in the format of their choice. T-Base uses proprietary technology to convert a wide range of documents, statements and educational materials into various alternate formats, including braille, reflowed large print, audio, e-Text and accessible PDF. Further, T-Base provides web accessibility services including web audits and accessibility training.

For the latest updates from T-Base visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About OpenText
OpenText, The Information Company™, enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, on premises or in the cloud. For more information about OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTEX) visit

Cassandra Chettle
T-Base Communications
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401GO announces payroll integration with Rippling for its full service 401(k) retirement plan offering

Fintech 401k platform for small businesses

Fintech 401k platform for small businesses

401GO Logo

401go Small Business Retirement Plans

401GO, a 401k retirement plan provider, integrates with yet another payroll provider to make it even easier for a business to get a 401K retirement plan going.

We are pleased to have a full 360 degree integration now available to our current and future clients using Rippling and look forward to even more integrations in the next few months.”

— Jared Porter

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA, August 11, 2020 / — 401GO, a FinTech 401k provider, recently completed a 360 degree integration with Rippling’s payroll API platform. Employee details and their 401(k) related payroll deduction data are automatically transferred from Rippling to 401GO for mutual clients and 401GO transmits employee 401(k) elections making for a complete and seamless experience for businesses and their employees.

“401GO’s payroll integration with Rippling is the latest of several completed payroll integrations for 401GO and there are several more in progress which we plan to announce soon” states 401GO CEO, Jared Porter. “Our philosophy is to build integrations with the preferred payroll vendors used by our clients and increasingly we find that our clients and prospects actively seek our recommendation on using payroll vendors that integrate with 401GO.” Porter adds.

401GO and Rippling customer Bridget Harkins, President of Wheels Up Wealth says, “ 401GO’s level of service even to a tiny new 401k plan like ours has been impeccable. They spent extensive time helping us model and choose options and have gone out of their way to set up an integration with Rippling, our payroll provider. Long story short, I would highly recommend 401GO for smaller employers.”

For current and new customers the 401GO Rippling integration is available now and can be automatically set up as soon as an employer completes 401GO’s industry leading 8-minute 401k plan creation done online. That is the power of automation and leveraging technology to improve a 401k industry riddled with inefficiencies. 401GO's automation doesn't end there, in fact everything about their platform is highlighted by automation: administration, year-end work, notifications, tax reporting, compliance, etc.

About 401GO

Founded in 2018, 401GO has the mission to make 401(k) plans accessible to all businesses. Whether it's a new startup 401k plan or an existing 401(k) plan, they make setup and administration easy and straightforward. To help ensure everyone is ready for retirement they have low costs and suitable 401(k) investments. No hidden costs, such as setup, document, or filing fees. Their pricing is a simple per participant fee of $9 per month—and that’s it. 401GO and Rippling are unaffiliated entities.

Daniel Beck
401GO, Inc.
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HYAS Insight and King & Union Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform Integrate To Speed Cybersecurity Investigations

Integration enables security teams to better visualize, investigate, and collaborate on investigations

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2020 / — HYAS, a leader in threat intelligence and attribution, and King & Union, creator of the Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform, today announced integration of their products to enable faster and more accurate cybersecurity investigations. Through this collaboration, Avalon customers using HYAS Insight can visualize intelligence, enabling analysts to efficiently prioritize security responses and threat investigations via custom-built capabilities.

Cybersecurity professionals struggle to connect specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical indicators of compromise. This integration pairs HYAS’ unparalleled threat intelligence with the Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform’s enrichment user interface and easy visualization of data sets, enabling swift, accurate, and efficient fraud and actor attribution research. Avalon enhances the HYAS Insight experience by streamlining queries into simple use-case-based query calls and allows investigators to easily enrich the data using additional data sources, collaborate with others, draft context-specific reports, and tie finished data directly back into the security stack for immediate action.

“King & Union provides an exceptional integrated platform which enables security teams to collaborate and accelerate investigations,” said HYAS CEO, David Ratner. “We are excited to embark on this unique partnership which integrates HYAS Insight data into the Avalon platform.”

“King & Union strives to provide security analysts with the high-quality threat intelligence, tools, and collaboration they need and bring them together in a single, integrated platform to help make their lives easier,” said John Cassidy, CEO, and Co-Founder, King & Union. “Our integration with HYAS enhances analyst access to telemetry and provides the depth of threat intelligence they need for accurate, thorough investigations that can arrive at attribution.”
For more information, visit or .

About King & Union
King & Union is a cybersecurity company based in Alexandria, Va., that has built and designed Avalon, the industry’s first cyber analysis platform. Avalon helps streamline threat investigations by providing the intelligence, tools, collaboration, and services security analysts need in a seamless, integrated workspace. Avalon provides security analysts with an accessible, consumable, and actionable platform for widespread use by all organizations, regardless of size, security capability, or maturity. Visit King & Union at, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, or email for more information.

About HYAS
HYAS, a First Nations word meaning “great and powerful,” is the world’s leading authority on pre-zero-day cybersecurity risk. HYAS provides the industry’s first security solution that integrates into existing security frameworks and enables enterprises to detect and mitigate cyber risks before attacks happen and identify the adversaries behind them. Threat and fraud response teams use HYAS to hunt, find, and identify adversaries, often down to their physical doorsteps. With HYAS, enterprises are able to adopt a more proactive and adaptive security posture and protect against both known and not-yet-launched attacks, identifying the adversaries targeting their organizations and the infrastructure used to launch their attacks. For more information about HYAS, visit

Media Contacts
Todd Thiemann
Phone: (877) 572-6446

For King & Union:
Jennifer Balinski
Guyer Group on behalf of King & Union
Phone: 1 (570)-765-1091

Jennifer Balinski
Guyer Group
+1 570-765-1091
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Swiss School of Management, joins the Top 5 Global Management Schools in 2020 ranking

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 11, 2020 / — European management schools are smashing the ranking charts in the latest global management schools ranking, taking up 11 spots among the top 20 management schools.

Irish Management Institute rose to the top spot in the European management school ranking. It is ranked among the top 3 in the global ranking, joined by other european management schools in the top ten global rankings such as Swiss School of Management in the 5th place, Cranfield School of Management in the 6th place, Tum School of Management in the 7th place, and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the tenth place. The Yale School of Management tops the global ranking for the second year in a row, followed by Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

While several British, Dutch, German and French management schools are ranked among the best, Swiss School of Management is the only one in Switzerland to make it into the annual list for both global and European ranking.

The global and continental rankings are based on surveys of the management schools as well as their alumni who graduated on average four years back. Management courses are evaluated based on the diversity of faculty and students, how innovative the schools are, and alumni career progression after graduating from the programmes. Among other things, ranking criteria that are highly weighted include salaries and salary increments.

Swiss School of Management ranked among the top for alumni salary increase; by as much as 232 per cent, placing it in the 3rd place in the European Management Schools ranking. And in the ranking for the best value for investment, the Swiss School of Management ranked 8th globally and 5th in the continent.

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Global Cryptocurrency ATM Market Shows Accelerated Growth, in Latest Market Report by UK’s WallMarket Technologies

Despite Covid-19 pandemic & global lockdown, Wallmarket Technologies, a UK based Cryptocurrency ATM start-up shows strong growth in their latest market report.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK, August 11, 2020 / — WallMarket Technologies, a recent entrant into the fast-growing crypto ATM market, have complied a comprehensive report highlighting the underlying strength and some much-needed fundamental insight into the cryptocurrency ATM Industry continued positive growth.

Bloomberg, Cointelegraph and Forbes, have all recently reported on the continued global increase of the number of cryptocurrency ATM’s over the past 6 months, reaching almost 9000 during the Covid-19 pandemic, up from 7500 at the start of 2020.

The report compiled by Alex Phillips, a WallMarket Technologies’ analyst, highlights the growth potential of the fledgling UK cryptocurrency ATM market, currently standing at just under 300 ATM’s and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry. It also covers a variety of key industry elements such as the fast-changing regulatory landscapes across the UK by the FCA, Europe BaFin & North America with the SEC and how this could generate a competitive advantage to a cryptocurrency ATM operator.

“Our In depth analysis provides an insight into our unique positioning within the UK market and how our strategy has been back tested against American cryptocurrency ATM operators who currently lead the global market,” says Phillips.

The report also provides a comprehensive timeline for cryptocurrencies, covering wallet providers, exchange operators, usage of cryptocurrencies by different demographics and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies leading up the much talked about CBDC’s (central bank digital currencies) and their imminent introduction.

Wallmarket headquartered in Chichester, is headed by former investment banker Rupert Ireland and an experienced team of private sector entrepreneurs, providing direction for a European projected network rollout of up to 1000 ATM’s by the end of 2022.

“Digital banking and ATMs have become a critical part of our banking infrastructure and in fulfilling our everyday self-service demands. As independent operators we feel we have good reason to be bullish and view our rollout of WallMarkets in easy-to-access, top tier retail and high street locations as critical to maintaining the high-level banking customer demands of today,” says Rupert Ireland, CEO of WallMarket Technologies.

With a key focus on the digital currency marketplace, utilising innovative blockchain infrastructure WallMarket Technologies offer a much-needed solution that empowers its users and enables them to cut out the middleman, taking control of their personal finances and bringing them one step closer to financial independence.

“Where the high street banks are afraid to go, we are not and in doing so we are transforming how you access the new world of digital money and of course, more regulation creates clarity and clarity creates peace of mind,” Ireland concludes.

About WallMarket Technologies

WallMarket Technologies is a payment solutions provider, with a key focus on the digital currency market-place, utilising innovative blockchain infrastructure. It offers innovative payment technologies that empower users and enables them to cut out the middleman, taking control of their personal finances and bringing them one step closer to financial independence.
WallMarket Technologies’ core service offerings aim to enable universal financial inclusion, eliminate remittance market rigidities, and democratise access to the world of digital currencies, through its cryptocurrency ATM network.

+44 20 3826 3701
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Assima announces Riz Khaliq as new CEO

Picture of Riz Khaliq, CEO of Assima

Riz Khaliq, CEO of Assima

Assima logo

The most complete solution to drive user adoption at scale

Global user adoption leader Assima appoints IBM veteran as new Chief Executive Officer

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2020 / — Assima announced today that Riz Khaliq has been appointed as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Khaliq brings a wealth of expertise shaped by 20 years of senior management experience at IBM. Most recently, he was IBM’s Vice-President Global Public Sector where he developed growth strategies and roadmaps for partnerships and solutions across global regions.

Before this role, he was IBM's Global Director of Marketing and Global Business Unit Executive. Riz started his career as a US Foreign Service Officer serving in a variety of assignments in Kenya, South Africa and Denmark.

Reflecting on his appointment, Khaliq said: “I am extremely excited to be joining the Assima team. I believe Assima’s unique technology and world-class expertise positions the company perfectly to help clients struggling with employee engagement and user adoption during this transition to a new way of work and life. The opportunity to partner with clients to address their most pressing challenges by delivering solutions with outcomes is something I have done throughout my career, and joining Assima is a continuation of that.”

“During this time of unprecedented change, there is no better person to lead Assima than Riz Khaliq,” said Alex Desmarais, Chief Operating Officer of Assima. “He’s been working with us for years while at IBM and witnessed first-hand the power of our technology. Having someone with his track record choose our company as his next professional challenge is a great vote of confidence on how unique and well-positioned we are. Riz is a proven leader that has successfully built scalable solutions and partner ecosystems. He has the worldwide network to open many important doors for us. Under his leadership, Assima will be at the forefront of tackling the user adoption needs of the world’s largest and most demanding organizations as they enter a new normal in workplace learning.”

Riz holds a Master's Degree in International Business from George Mason University and a degree in International Trade from a European Perspective from Oxford University.

About Assima

Assima offers the industry’s most complete solution to drive user adoption at scale, combining training and performance support into one. Assima enables clients to train users more effectively using hyper-realistic simulations powered by its patented technology and ensure peak end-user efficiency via a digital assistant.

Assima is trusted by 15 of the top 20 banks, 4 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest hospital networks in the world to boost employee productivity and maximize applications ROI. For more information, visit

Anne Vincent
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World Investors Convene at the Bervann Global Investors Forum AUG 18 – 19

Capital, Investment, Investor, Business, Bervann

Bervann Global Investors Forum

Bervann, Bervann Capital

Bervann New York

An Exclusive Gathering of Limited Partners and Direct Investors to tackle the market's most attractive opportunities at the best available terms.

Politicians and Service Providers share a bunch of theories; You have no clue of what is actually going on these days until you sit across the table from active investors and hear real perspectives.”

— Val Nzhie, Chief Investment Officer, Bervann

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, US, August 11, 2020 / — Over the past months, we have all been bombarded by what the media, thought leaders, politicians and financial advisors had to say about the COVID-19 impact on the global economy and the implications for domestic and foreign investments. The aftermath reality still is though…they can talk and debate as much and eloquently as they want, but this is actually not their money on the line.

There is a real effect here: People are actually loosing and making money; Companies are going out of business; Partnerships are being flat out broken; And some are hitting unexpected home runs. Active investors and money managers out there actually take those risks and make those decisions every second of the day resulting of wins and losses in billions of dollars for themselves or their partners. Those are the folks we want to hear from.

At Bervann, we cherish the privilege of assembling active investors from around the world, to talk off the record about what they actually go through, how they react to the pandemic, what they see as the hottest opportunities on the markets, which valuations they are chasing and how they see things playing out over the next 18 months.

Every year on August 19, Bervann hosts an elite investment gathering with la creme de la creme of business and corporate executives. Last year's edition hit over $5 trillion AUM under one roof at the Metropolitan Club New York City. Due to Coronavirus, the 2020 edition will be held fully online and dedicated to Limited Partners and Direct Investors. There is an increased interest from US, Saudi, Korean, German and Qatari families; Japanese, Australian, African and American Venture Capital firms. The majority of institutional investors (Endowment, Pension, Foundation) still come from the US, except Sovereign Funds that are all from foreign countries.

The event is set to have a Global Appeal with a focus on:

Limited Partners and Direct Investors from
Tuesday August 18, from 8pm – 10pm EST;
Limited Partners and Direct Investors from
Wednesday August 19, from 1pm – 4pm EST.

Bervann Global Investors Forum is an Invitation-Only Virtual Gathering of Chief investment Officers from high-net-worth families, private equity, venture capital and institutional investors to cross exchange on the current challenges looming over our industry and tackle the market's most attractive opportunities at the best available terms.

The event setup includes a Keynote address by one of the wealthiest US Families, and series of ONE-on-ONE meetings for capital introduction and strategic co-investment.

The gathering is held in full privacy and the attendance is genuinely filtered.

About Bervann
Bervann is a New York based organization consisting of a private investment company (Bervann Capital) and a nonprofit charity (Bervann Foundation).
Bervann leads a global ecosystem of investors with over $3 trillion in combined assets under management.

Kim Kawashima
+1 800-253-1595
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Former US Undersecretary of Commerce at Bervann Capital Gala, 2019 edition

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