Joffrey Long, Hard Money Lending Expert Witness, Answers Questions About Foreclosures and Trustees Sales

Mortgage Expert Witness

Joffrey Long

Test Your Knowledge: 10 "Normal Questions" and 9 Difficult Ones

If you can answer 40% of these foreclosure questions, you’re ahead of most of the people in our industry.”

— Joffrey Long

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 / — “Non-judicial foreclosure” in California involves a notice of default, a notice of trustees sale, the trustees sale auction, and property going to one of the bidders or reverting back to the lender/beneficiary.

There's a lot more to foreclosures and trustees sales than just what I mentioned. If you can answer 40% of these foreclosure questions, you’re ahead of most of the people in our industry. The last 9 questions are a little more advanced – all the answers will be in my next article, tomorrow.

Confirm your knowledge:

Trustees Sale Bidding: The first trust deed on a property is foreclosing. The lender’s minimum bid including the loan balance, payments due, advances, and charges on their first loan is $310,000. There’s an existing second trust deed with a $60,000 unpaid balance and a 3rd trust deed with a balance of $100,000. The property sells at the trustees sale for $400,000. What happens to the money paid at the sale in excess of $310,000? Who receives it?
What if the same house with the same 1st, 2nd, and 3rd sold for $500,000? What would happen to the money?

Second trust Deed: A lender holds a $50,000 second trust deed on a property. There’s a first trust deed for $200,000 and the first trust deed begins a foreclosure. How can the holder of the second protect their interest?

Is there another way they can protect their interest?

Delinquent property tax: House was purchased in 2015 with 250,000 first loan. Property owner never paid property taxes. By 2019, $18,500 in delinquent property taxes are due. First trust deed forecloses. Total balance on the first at time of sale is $291,000 and the property sells at the auction for $360,000:

1- Do the property taxes get paid from the trustees sale proceeds?

2- Does the buyer get the property free of the unpaid property taxes?

IRS Lien: There’s a $310,000 first trust deed that’s been on the property for 5 years. 2 years ago, the owner got an IRS lien for $75,000. The first forecloses and the property goes to auction. It sells at the trustees sale for $500,000.

1- Is the IRS lien paid off from the trustees sale?

2- Is the IRS lien “wiped out”?

3- Does the new buyer take the property with an IRS lien attached to it?

Excess Proceeds: The total of the first trust deed lender’s loan, payments and other charges is $270,000. The first forecloses and at the sale, the property sells for $400,000. After the foreclosing first trust deed holder gets their $270,000, how is the remainder of the $400,000 distributed?

Trustees Sale: Who is the auctioneer at the trustee’s sale? Who announces the auction, the property address, the trustees sale number, the opening bid, and calls for additional bids, then announces the winning bidder?

The questions get harder…………

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: A lender holds a loan and is foreclosing. To avoid having a foreclosure on their record, the borrower is willing to sign the property over to the lender with a deed in lieu of foreclosure. If the borrower just deeds the house to the lender, they can both bypass the foreclosure process.
Should the lender accept the deed in lieu?

Why or why not?

Lender’s Bidding at the Trustees Sale: Sometimes you’ll hear that “there was a trustees sale but there were no bidders.” This is never correct. To schedule a trustees sale, a lender must always submit a minimum opening bid. There’s always at least one bid (the lender’s) at any trustees sale. Bidders OTHER THAN the lender are called “third party bidders.” It is often true that “there were no third-party bidders at the trustees sale and the lender’s bid was the only bid.”

Question: If a lender is foreclosing, what is the maximum amount of their opening bid?

Next question: Is there ever a reason why the lender should bid less than the maximum they’re allowed to bid?

Foreclosure 103: These questions are a little tougher yet………

Is Property Auctioned at the Trustees Sale Sold “As-Is?”

Are You Sure?

Judicial Foreclosure:

We’ve talked about non-judicial foreclosure – notice of default, notice of trustees sale, then an auction, the most common in California. It can take as little as about four months, costs are about 2% of the amount of the trust deed being foreclosed on. Judicial foreclosure is a “full-on” lawsuit and could take years. It could cost tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Question: Why would anyone do a judicial foreclosure?

What other reasons are there?

Could you start both a judicial and a non-judicial foreclosure at the same time?

How did you do?

Please watch for part 2, tomorrow. We'll discuss the answers.

Joffrey Long is the President of Southwest Bancorp, a hard money (private money) lender and loan servicer located in Los Angeles, CA. He also testifies in mortgage litigation matters as a hard money lending expert witness. He is a member of the Board of Directors and the Education Committee of the California Mortgage Association. ( He holds a Level I and Level II Trustees Sale Officer Designation from the United Trustees Association. ( He’s also the originator and sponsor of the Phillip M. Adleson Education Award, an annual award that recognizes individuals who’ve made outstanding contributions to education in private money lending. Further information may be obtained, and Joffrey can be reached through or at

This article is for general purposes only. No action, decision, or opinion should be in any way based on any of its content. The concepts discussed in this article may be inappropriate or possibly incorrect in the context of the different circumstances or objectives of any party involved in real estate lending, loan servicing or trustees activities, bidding at trustees sales or any other activity mentioned, implied or in any way related to any content in this article. Joffrey Long is not an attorney and you should consult with qualified attorneys about any matter in this article, as many are legal in nature. Nothing in the article is meant as a standard of care, an accepted general practice, or the “correct way to do anything” in real estate lending, loan servicing, functioning as a trustee, or bidding at trustees sales.

Joffrey Long
Southwest Bancorp
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Econoday Inc. and The Hightower Report Announce Strategic Partnership to offer Agriculture Economic Calendar



Econoday and The Hightower Report are jointly launching an Agriculture Economic Calendar for 2019. The data will be consumable via HTML calendar format or API.

“We are thrilled to be working with Dave and his team at The Hightower Report. They are the “Gold Standard” for economic research focusing on the commodity and financial futures markets”.”

— Michael Milmoe, President of Econoday

LAFAYETTE , CA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 / — Econoday Inc. and The Hightower Report are jointly launching an Agriculture Economic Calendar for 2019. The data will be consumable via HTML calendar format, XML Data Feed or JSON restful API suite.

Michael Milmoe, President of Econoday said, “We are thrilled to be working with Dave and his team at The Hightower Report. They are the “Gold Standard” for economic research focusing on the commodity and financial futures markets”. “The combination of The Hightower Report research and Econoday Data delivery platform is a perfect match”.

Dave Hightower, Founder of The Hightower Report stated. “Many of our clients had requested a digital delivery of the Agriculture Economic Calendar over the years and with our Partnership, with Econoday we can deliver it on a World-Class platform”.

About Econoday, Inc.
Econoday is a technology and information company that has been serving the financial industry for over 25 years. Econoday is one of the leading providers of global economic data, with a vast archive of data and analysis used in creating innovative product solutions for the financial industry. Top online brokerage firms including Fidelity and Bank of America Merrill Lynch as well as major online media websites such as Barron’s, Nasdaq, Tradeweb, and WSJ have relied on Econoday for their economic calendar. Econoday provides comprehensive coverage of key economic indicators and events for all of the major investor countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Eurozone, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. Learn more by visiting

About The Hightower Report
In 1990, Dave Hightower and Terry Roggensack recognized the need for a strong, independent research firm in the commodity and financial futures markets. They started The Hightower Report so that individual investors, as well as commercial producers and end-users, would have access to research that focused specifically on commodities and financial futures yet independent of any brokerage firm or exchange. Dave & Terry’s use of fundamental and technical analysis in conjunction with their deep market experience has enabled them to forge one of the premiere commodity research firms in the industry. The Hightower Report broadcasts comprehensive daily research reports to over 3000 locations in 45 countries worldwide. Learn more by visiting

Alana Kleinberger
Econoday –
+1 (925) 310-2008
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Joffrey Long, Mortgage Expert Witness, Discusses NMLS 8-Hour Continuing Education: Live or Online?

Mortgage Expert Witness

Joffrey Long

Joffrey Long: Key Reasons You Should Attend a Live Class

One idea, one contact, or one new way to improve your business could be worth the entire class.”

— Joffrey Long

GRANADA HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 / — A growing number of attendees return to live classes year after year. Live classes are entertaining, interactive, and draw not only on course material, but on the combined decades of experience of the instructor and the attendees. Participants in live classes contribute their personal knowledge, often to the benefit of the group.

The fast moving classes cover:

Federal Law and Regulation impacting real estate loans, including TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID), Fair
Lending, and practical aspects of compliance and interaction with Federal requirements.

Non-Traditional Mortgages, including VA Loans, will be addressed, along with coverage of Qualified Mortgage and “Non-QM” loans, and Hard Money Loans. (Private money loans)

State Law and Regulation are also covered, along with practical aspects of compliance, including the California Homeowner’s Bill of Rights, (HBOR) requirements and compliance with HBOR, and non-judicial Foreclosure.

Ethics, including compliance with privacy laws, as well as ethics for those who are loan originators is covered. It is also discussed as it relates to loan servicers, or lenders who may service a mortgage.

Expert witness testimony in Superior Courts, Federal Courts, Bankruptcy Court, and in Arbitrations provides Joffrey Long with additional insights and information of value. Certain loan originators, loan servicing personnel, and other participants in either making, arranging, or servicing consumer-purpose loans are required to hold an NMLS endorsement, often in addition to another license under which they originate loans.

Loan originators get more from the classes than just continuing education credit. They network, exchange ideas on the direction of the industry, trends in mortgage lending, and information about useful sources, lenders, and ways of dealing with the continual changes we face. One idea, one contact, or one new way to improve your business could be worth the entire class!

The 8-hour class will be provided in numerous locations in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties. Joffrey Long will be teaching the class in the following locations:

* Wednesday, August 21, in Downey, CA, and

* Friday, August 23, in Van Nuys, CA, and

* Wednesday, September 11, in Long Beach, CA

For registration and other upcoming class locations, visit

Joffrey Long
Southwest Bancorp
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9 Newly Updated eSignly Features That Will Create A Buzz To Your Business

eSignly logo


9 Newly Updated eSignly Features That Will Create A Buzz To Your Business

9 Newly Updated eSignly Features That Will Create A Buzz To Your Business

In this hyper-connected world, technological innovations especially, digital signatures have increasingly replaced the traditional ways of signing documents.

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 / — In this hyper-connected world, technological innovations especially, digital signatures have increasingly replaced the traditional ways of authenticating and signing documents. For over a decade, federal law has identified the legality of digital signatures. eSignly- electronic signature app, after its successful launch as a progressive web app, has now updated its services with few new features to enhance the customer experience. With the new feature updates, tech-savvy customers can easily ensure the business operations done seamlessly while eSignly is setting up the next goals to bring more growth opportunities in the service industry.

Here’s how you can take control of your documents with eSingly’s latest features:

– Easy Management: Now, the final signed document comes only to the sender instead of all the signatories who have been involved in the signing process. Also, there is an option where a sender can decide who will receive a copy of all the signed documents after the completion.

– Option For A Switch On/Off The Audit Trail Page: To provide flexibility to eSignly users, there is now an option available to switch on/off the audit trail page whenever the documents are split for signature.

– No Need To Choose The Signature Every Time: Now, there is no need to choose your signature whenever it comes to signing a document. eSignly will save your signature, you just have to click when the document needs to be signed.

– Automatically Fetched Subject Name: A signer will receive the message same as the document name instead of receiving just a generic message “Please find the Signing Request”. The subject name will get fetched automatically from the document name.

– Option For Document Segregation: Now the receiver will get all the segregated documents instead of getting the final signed document. This will help signers to save their huge time for accessing multiple documents at the same time.

– Split Option For Multiple Documents: The new option has been updated in this electronic signature app to provide a split option when there is more than 1 document. This split function will keep the PDF file name same instead of different and separate names.

– Commenting Feature: The new commenting feature has been updated for the approver of that particular signing document. The approver can easily add comments and ask questions without declining or approving the document.
Easy To Remove Designation Details: It is possible to remove the details of the destination while uploading the documents for e-signatures.

– Flexibility In Document Settings: A feature for document setting has been added in the user profile that enables users to make necessary settings from their profile.

Concluding this, eSignly with all these remarkable features ensure the safety of your confidential data from any unauthorized access and withstand stringent independent verification.

About eSignly:
eSignly is a progressive web app that helps businesses to streamline their signing process while providing a great interface to its users all around the world. With such a reliable and free e signature software, businesses can benefit from the utmost security, higher speed and even data tenancy.

Paula Williams
+1 888-572-3991
email us here
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Contactless Payments Market 2019 Company Profiles, Size, Share and Market Intelligence Forecast To 2025

Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Contactless Payments -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Of Top Key Player Forecast To 2025” To Its Research Database

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 20, 2019 / — Contactless Payments Industry


The mobile payment industry has evolved over the past decade with advanced technologies and innovative developments by the key players for providing ease of payment using devices such as mobile handsets, point of sale terminals, NFC chips, smart cards, and others. Contactless payment systems comprise smart cards or other devices that integrate RFID or NFC technologies for making secure and contactless payment. Unlike mobile payments that are done through the internet, contactless payments are carried out in close physical proximity preventing unauthorized access during the transaction(s). 

The global contactless payments market is driven by reduced transaction time, convenience in processing low-value payments, and increased revenue opportunities. However, high costs involved for the installation of EPOS terminals and lower rate of adoption hamper the contactless payments market growth. 

In 2017, the global Contactless Payments market size was 23400 million US$ and it is expected to reach 117600 million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 22.4% during 2018-2025.

This report focuses on the global Contactless Payments status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players. The study objectives are to present the Contactless Payments development in United States, Europe and China.

The key players covered in this study 

Ingenico Group 
Verifone Systems, Inc. 
Inside Secure 
on Track Innovations 
Oberthur Technologies SA 
Proxama, PLC. 
Wirecard AG 
Giesecke & Devrient GmbH 
Gemalto N.V. 
Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

Request for Sample Report @

Market segment by Type, the product can be split into 
Payment Terminal Solution 
Transaction Management 
Security and Fraud Management 
Hosted Point-of-sale 

Market segment by Application, split into 
IT & Telecom 

Regional Description

The report of the Contactless Payments market provides competitive strategies over various regions on a global note, where key players tend to maximize profits through partnerships into several regions. The regional report of the Contactless Payments market aims at assessing the market size and future growth potential across the mentioned regions. The report makers cover the regions such as North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa with the prediction of future market expansion. The study of the Contactless Payments market is done broadly following all these regions to embrace outlook, latest trends, and prospects in the given review period of 2019-2025.

Leave a Query @

Table of Contents

1 Report Overview 

2 Global Growth Trends 

3 Market Share by Key Players 

4 Breakdown Data by Type and Application 

5 United States 

6 Europe 

7 China 

8 Japan 

9 Southeast Asia 

10 India 

11 Central & South America 

12 International Players Profiles 

13 Market Forecast 2018-2025 

14 Analyst's Viewpoints/Conclusions

15 Appendix 

Buy Now @


Contact Us: Sales@Wiseguyreports.Com Ph: +1-646-845-9349 (Us)  Ph: +44 208 133 9349 (Uk)

646-845-9349 (US), +44 208 133 9349 (UK)
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{"facebook"=>"", "twitter"=>"", "linkedin"=>""}

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First Performance Announces Participation in the 19th Annual CLAB2019 Financial Technology and Innovation Conference

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 / — First Performance, a global provider of digital-first payments technology, announced today that the company will participate in the 19th Annual CLAB2019 Financial Technology and Innovation Conference held September 4-6, 2019 at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood Florida.

CLAB2019 is LATAM’s largest technology and innovation event featuring networking and learning platforms for the financial industry. The three-day event enables participants to hear from innovators through powerful keynote sessions, panel discussions, and intensive targeted breakouts covering the latest, most compelling, and relevant digital financial industry topics. The conference provides the tools needed to address new threats, adopt emerging technologies, and connect with industry leaders.

The global digital banking market is forecasted to reach $9 trillion dollars by 2024, with 8% annual growth. Consumers have many digital options and are demanding consistent, channel-optimized experiences with the utmost convenience. Partnering with First Performance enables banks and processors to meet the immediate and future demands of these consumers.

“We’ve been partnering with Latin American banks and processors, delivering the next-generation of card controls and digital engagement with great success," said Ben Psillas, First Performance Chief Executive Officer. “Today, there are more alliances and synergies between banks and fintechs, than competition. The conference enables us to showcase the platform’s newest digital capabilities that help to increase cardholder engagement, improve the user experience, and reduce costs. Visit First Performance at Booth #197 to view the power of our platform.”


About First Performance
First Performance is an enterprise software company developing the next generation of card controls and digital engagement as a turnkey white label solution for global processors and banks. Our API platform empowers cardholders to use, manage, and control their finances digitally, in real time. The platform integrates with institutions’ existing digital channels and works across all card portfolios.

About FIBA
Founded in 1979, the Florida International Bankers Association is a non-profit trade association dedicated to providing international banking and financial services professionals throughout the world with high quality industry education and accreditation, unparalleled networking opportunities through premier industry events and conferences, and effective legislative advocacy at the state and federal levels.

The Federation of Latin American Banks is a non-profit entity founded by banking associations and other agencies from 19 Latin American countries in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in 1965, and it includes over 500 regional banks.

Mary Brandon
First Performance
+1 203-430-8000
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On The Block modernizes the current real estate environment in Durham Region

Innovative GTA-based company is expanding east to improve the
traditional way Durham Region buys and sells real estate

Our ultimate goal is to put the power back where it should be – in the hands of the buyer and seller”

— Daniel Steinfeld

CLARINGTON, ON (August 20, 2019) – On The Block Realty Inc. is an innovative real estate business that has successfully been bringing unprecedented transparency to the industry in recent years. Now, they are expanding their services into the Durham Region to offer buyers and sellers more choice in the real estate process.

On The Block is a premium full-service real estate brokerage that, in partnership with On The Block Auctions, gives clients the exclusive option to auction their home. The first of its kind in Canada, its business model is designed to take the ‘silent’ out of the traditional bidding process seen in Ontario, and instead offer an option that will provide buyers and sellers with full transparency. Using a cutting edge online real estate auction platform, On The Block is able to give sellers the opportunity to sell their home like never before and at no extra cost.

“Our ultimate goal is to put the power back where it should be – in the hands of the buyer and seller,” says Daniel Steinfeld, CEO of On The Block. “The primary focus is to provide greater choice for people and greater transparency – of process, of information, and of costs. It is unfair that home buyers are often unaware of the process that takes place behind the scenes. By having all of the information about a listing out in the open, we are able to give buyers the opportunity to make comfortable and well-informed decisions.”

When selling a home by auction, there are many unique benefits to both the seller and potential buyers. The seller controls the terms and the timeline, which eliminates variable conditions and makes the process more efficient. The seller is able to set a reserve price before the auction to ensure the home sells at a price point they are comfortable with. In many cases, the auction intensifies when the reserve price is reached, with motivated buyers attempting to win an open bidding war for a home that will sell at the conclusion of the event.

While the auction format is expected to ensure the highest value to sellers, it also has appealing benefits from a buyer’s standpoint. The transparency of the process allows buyers to feel more comfortable increasing their bids and gives them a fair chance to purchase their dream home. Each buyer has access to the offer documentation ahead of time, which means there are no surprises to derail a potential sale. By ensuring that each buyer is on a level playing field, the price is the only thing left to negotiate.

“More and more we are seeing homes sold in multiple offers across Durham Region, which can make the process stressful and frustrating for consumers,” says Dan Minion, Sales Representative for On The Block in Durham Region. “In my opinion, buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their life. I am thrilled to be able to offer as much choice and transparency as possible, so a successful outcome can be achieved for both buyers and sellers.”

Durham Region continues to grow at a rapid pace, and offers a number of outstanding communities that are attracting buyers from across the GTA and beyond. With the increase in demand for homes in the area, the need for a more transparent process is vital.

For more information, visit On The Block online at or email Dan Minion, sales representative for On The Block Durham Region at

Dan Minion
On The Block Realty Inc.
+1 647-624-3413
email us here
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Anju Software’s IRMS has created a self-service portal to increase efficiency for its clients.

IRMS Care is a customized website for each client.

IRMS, the world leading Med Info software solutions provider, has added even more value to their platform.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 / — Anju Software’s IRMS (Information Request Management System) has rolled out a self-service portal for HCP’s and consumers called IRMS Care. This takes IRMS, which is already the industry standard for medical information management, to a new level. IRMS Care allows HCP’s and consumers to search for published content that has been approved by the client using a secure customized/company branded website. Built with efficiency in mind, other benefits of this new portal include accessibility over desktops, tablets and mobile phones and the ability to submit questions that didn’t come up in search and track/assign individuals through IRMS web.

Being fully integrated with your IRMS environment allows control of what documents can be shared to the portal from IRMS Content Management. Having the flexibility for HCP/Consumer self-registration, quick and easy implementation and many other customizable features really sets this apart from anything else on the market.

“We built IRMS Care to answer the growing need in medical information for self-service with instant and accurate information at your finger-tips. It’s great when we can bring more value to our clients, who in turn, bring more value to their clients that effects an entire industry”, says Reed McLaughlin, Senior VP of Sales for Anju’s Medical Affairs Division.

About Anju Software
Anju Software provides an integrated software and data platform for pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO clients which enhances trial efficiencies through improved data collection, integration, analyses and reliability across therapeutic areas from compound design in Clinical Operations to Medical Affairs and through Commercialization. For more information, please visit

Reed McLaughlin, Sr. VP of Sales
Anju Software
+1 630-981-5841
email us here
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Social Media Brander Lands On Entrepreneur/GreenEntrepreneur

Olivia Alexander, founder of Kush Queen

Olivia Alexander, founder of Kush Queen

Janine K. Iannarelli, president and founder of Par Avion

Janine K. Iannarelli, president and founder of Par Avion

Brand recognition requires social media marketing in today’s age

GREENWICH, CT, USA, August 20, 2019 / — Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, is a branding and image consultant specialist with a robust background and is a visionary interviewer. With a knack for pulling out a well rounded interview, not only covering cutting edge technologies and corporate directions, but also bringing out the personal side of the interviewee.

Branding requires multiple avenues of exposure to bring the name to the masses. Social media provides a vast range of exposure when done right, something Fotis Georgiadis specializes in. As a result, he has recently received exposure on and Linked here:

Getting right down to it, Fotis Georgiadis delves into the interview with Olivia Alexander, founder of Kush Queen, finding out what brought her to the cannabis industry:

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you share with us the story about what brought you to this specific career path?

When I was in college, I began using cannabis recreationally. Safe usage wasn’t shunned in my family, but supported, so I began learning everything I could about the flower. Shortly thereafter, I took a job as a budtender at a friend’s dispensary and loved it. I knew then cannabis was my destiny.

Before Kush Queen, I owned a company called The Crystal Cult, which made Swarovski Crystal vape pens. I started the brand with only $700 on Instagram. Within months, we had tens of thousands of followers and a healthy business. I designed a vape for dry flower/wax concentrates called “Kush Queen”. It quickly became our number one selling product. So many people would call the Cult and ask to buy cannabis from us. I realized that women really didn’t have much speaking to them in cannabis or a brand they could belong to. I then spent a few years working for other cannabis companies, mainly doing social media and digital strategy. When you go behind the scenes, you realize the issues with the products, the issues with customers, and overall I just felt like I could make better products. It took some time, because everything was self-funded, but overtime we created and formulated our products, starting with the bath bombs. The complete interview can be seen on GreenEntrepreneur.

The cannabis industry continues to grow at an amazing rate, offering many opportunities for women to take the lead business development, formation and more. Along this same topic, Fotis Georgiadis has been interviewing a number of women leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The president and founder of Par Avion, Ltd, Janine K. Iannarelli, recently sat down for an interview with Fotis Georgiadis to discuss this growing industry of women in STEM. Not only is branding about putting a name out there, it is also about putting the story and people behind it in the spotlight as can be seen in this part of the interview:

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Most people who choose unusual career paths will tell you they stood at a crossroads, though it may at the time have been unbeknownst to them. How I ended up building a career in aircraft sales was borne more out of my sense of adventure and an attempt to be unique without being perceived as “odd.”

I knew from early on that going to work for a large corporation where you are a number and the chance for advancement may be limited to how well you respond to a test versus demonstrable added value, was never going to work for me. I quickly realized that any action you take in a small company has a direct impact on the bottom line and the ability not only for you, but the company to succeed.

My first job as a researcher specializing in identifying trends in the business aircraft resale marketplace made that abundantly clear to me. That sense of making a real contribution that was almost immediately measurable was very empowering. After about nine months of working for the company, mostly from my desk, I was promoted to a sales position and was tasked with actually going on the road to secure new clients. Fresh out of college, with no training program on how to do this, I was given license to write the playbook on business development. Wow! That was not a daunting task to me and rather had the opposite effect. After two successful visits to prospective clients I felt invincible and realized I had found my calling. – The full interview is available here.

Looking back at both articles, we see how Fotis Georgiadis brings the success of these individuals and their brands to the masses in a way that pulls the reader in, wanting to find out more about the interviewees. Creating staying power for a reader of an interview allows time for the brand to 'sink in' and entices them to explore the company and more.

About Fotis Georgiadis
Fotis Georgiadis is the founder of DigitalDayLab. Fotis Georgiadis is a serial entrepreneur with offices in both Malibu and New York City. He has expertise in marketing, branding and mergers & acquisitions. Fotis Georgiadis is also an accomplished VC who has successfully concluded five exits. Fotis Georgiadis is also a contributor to Authority Magazine, Thrive Global & several others.

Contact and information on how to follow Fotis Georgiadis' latest interviews:
Twitter: @FotisGeorgiadi3

Fotis Georgiadis
+ +1 203-983-1234
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Kush Queen at Beautycon LA 2019

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Healthier Foods and Travel Alert Notifications Bring Needed Change and Personalization

Ryland King, Founder & CEO of Surf Trip List

Ryland King, Founder & CEO of Surf Trip List

Candice Georgiadis

Candice Georgiadis

Rafael Museri, Creator and CEO of Selina

Rafael Museri, Creator and CEO of Selina

Major under-served traveler interests targeted

One big thing is that hospitality companies will need to allow full flexibility to their guests to cancel, change and move to other places.”

— Rafael Museri, Creator and CEO of Selina

GREENWICH, CT, USA, August 20, 2019 / — Candice Georgiadis, owner of the blog by her namesake, interviews individuals on the cutting edge of hotel, travel, lifestyle and other similar topics. She expands the marketing foot print of companies with a combination of branding and imaging across social media and conventional websites.

Traveling the world continues to be one of life’s many great adventures. Each journey has its own merits, drawbacks and memories to bring home. What if the drawbacks could be minimized and the memories better? That’s what Candice Georgiadis finds out in 2 recent interviews. She is helping shape the travel industry by building brand name recognition for companies and people.

In a recent interview with Ryland King, Founder & CEO of Surf Trip List, Candice Georgiadis discusses the ‘roller-coaster’ ride that brought about Surf Trip List, one of the companies helping form the new travel industry for 2020 and beyond.

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”? Can you share a story about that?

In college, I founded an environmental education non-profit that grew incredibly fast. In five years it went from just an idea in my head to managing over 200+ college student volunteers in five cities throughout California.

I worked insane hours for years. So much so that my I was gifted office supplies by my parents on my 23rd birthday. A few months after that I hit burnout and had a massive breakdown.

I went through counseling, got my degree (which I had written off) and realigned my life. I wouldn’t give any part of the journey up, but boy have I dealt with burn out.

The most helpful thing I do today to help with burnout is to have a checklist of “To do”s and “Won’t do”s. What’s in each category constantly changes as each day develops. I like to think the “won’t do” list is almost more important than the “to do” list. Check out the rest of the interview here.

Bringing the real world challenges to light and how they were overcome, puts the reader in the shoes of the brand maker and gives them a feel for what it was like at the beginning. Building the story behind the brand is what sucks in the reader, builds recognition and a lasting impression.

Speaking of lasting impressions, another interview from Candice Georgiadis, has her meeting up with Rafael Museri, Creator and CEO of Selina, a travel experience focused brand.

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”? Can you share a story about that?

My tip would be that you need to be the customer of your own product. If you really love what you do and you keep it real and fun, your work becomes your life and your life becomes your work.

Entrepreneurs and CEO’s need to dedicate all of their time to these projects — if in your free time you are not enjoying your own product you need to create two separate lives: personal and work life.

The challenge is that when that moment comes that you need free time or to disconnect and find a way to be a customer of your own product, that’s when it’s truly amazing. But of course, at the same time, you need to keep dreaming and exploring places around the world and think a lot outside the box to continue to expand your business. I connect my passion of exploring new places and learning new cultures with my job at Selina. Read the rest of the interview over here.

Bringing the Selina brand to the traveling masses is what Candice Georgiadis’ focus is with the interview. Showing the traveling public what innovations can be had now, breaking from the traditional ‘sleep’ location.

Let’s jump to the core of our discussion. Can you share with our readers about the innovations that you are bringing to the travel and hospitality industries?

One of the most innovative things we did was to bring professional Coworking spaces into our Selinas. That allowed freelancers, corporate employees and digital nomads to travel and maintain a high level of work in our spaces. The reality is that people need to work, even if people think that when they go off the grid they are going to stop working the truth is that they will keep checking their phone, answering their emails and staying connected to what they do.

This applies more to people that want to travel for more time, let’s say 4–5 months they have to be able to maintain a productive and professional work time. The second is that Selina is not just staying at these prime locations in top cities around the world, but at the same time, we are going to surprise our customers with off the grid and remote locations challenging them to have a different experience.

With many hotels and resorts having established brands, breaking in to the industry can be challenging. Candice Georgiadis continues to help companies get a foothold in the industry and show travelers there is lots more to do than sleep at these places.

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