VeriKlick Announces VeriSource for Direct Sourcing with the Power of Candidate Verification

VeriKlick Announces VeriSource for Direct Sourcing with the Power of Candidate Verification

NEWARK, NJ, USA, October 29, 2020 / — VeriKlick, a candidate verification and talent management platform, has announced a new direct sourcing solution, VeriSource, an expert managed candidate sourcing tool.

VeriSource is the hands-off solution for companies across the nation for getting top talent, helping to contact, verify, and hire the right person in one ecosystem with automated tasks to verify resumes sourced from a vendor network. The solution offers direct sourcing and private talent pools for temporary staffing with the power of automated verification to find the perfect hire. VeriSource does the searching, screening, and verifying so you can spend time interviewing and hiring the best interview-ready candidates.

“Innovation is the key to progress and by far is an ongoing, primary strategic vision,” says Komal Dangi, Chief Executive Officer of VeriKlick, a product of Synkriom. “Our success is primarily based on the success that we can lead others to, and this requires not only structure, but listening to the needs of our customers. By doing this, we can gauge what we can do to meet those needs.”

VeriSource is the only direct sourcing program available with checks and balances, and in conjunction with VeriKlick’s verification and talent management platform, can be integrated with your company’ digital ecosystem, featuring direct sourcing with prescreening capabilities powered by AI/ML and voice biometrics.

As the market for contingent workforce management grows, VeriKlick meets the demand with innovation.

Dangi asserts, “We filter fake and junk applications and resumes to enhance recruitment ROI. With our product, you’ll drive down costs with effective screening and process optimization. Our seal of endorsement for top talent comes with the creation of fool-proof layers on all your searches and selections.”

To reach and hire the best job candidates, VeriSource will team with you to meet hiring manager needs. Request a free trial to get started or speak to a talent advisor (732-534-3888) to understand how we could work for you.

About VeriSource
VeriSource is full-service candidate sourcing. The hands-off recruiting solution is powered by industry-leading advisors for finding the perfect hire with an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage the talent acquisition and application process from start finish. Get unlimited access and communication with their talent advisors. Interview-ready candidates are passed on to your hiring managers, thoroughly vetted by VeriKlick. The searching, screening, verifying, and recruiting is done for you so you can spend your time interviewing and hiring. For more information, visit

Komal Dangi
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Liara Aurelia Silva Joins Barron & Newburger, P.C.

Liara Aurelia Silva

Talented Litigator Joins Barron & Newburger's Bankruptcy and Reorganization Practice Group

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 / — Liara Aurelia Silva has joined Barron & Newburger as an attorney in the firm’s Austin office. Liara will work with the firm’s Bankruptcy and Reorganization Practice Group.

Ms. Silva has significant experience practicing in both California and Texas. In her practice, she has represented a wide range of clients including banking institutions, educational institutions, and various public agencies. Liara's practice has included providing counsel in all aspects of education and employment law, including contractual issues, discrimination and harassment investigations, and Title IX investigations initiated by the Department of Education.

“Liara will be a great addition to the firm. Her experience in guiding large and small clients through significant legal challenges will be of benefit to our clients” explained Stephen Sather, a shareholder and member of the firm’s board of directors who practices in the firm’s Bankruptcy and Reorganization Practice Group. “Barron & Newburger has always been committed to finding creative solutions to complex legal and financial problems through a combination of negotiation and litigation.”

“I am excited to join Barron & Newburger,” Ms. Silva stated. “This is an opportunity to practice with a talented team and meet the needs of smaller and larger businesses."

Ms. Silva is a graduate of Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science. She obtained her Juris Doctor degree from Boston College Law School.

About Barron & Newburger, P.C.

Barron & Newburger, P.C. is a national law firm based in Austin, Texas with offices across the United States. The firm’s Consumer Financial Service Law Practice Group represents creditors, collection agencies, debt purchasers and law firms in trial and appellate court and in supplying their compliance and corporate needs. The firm’s Bankruptcy and Recovery Practice Group represents debtors, committees, trustees and creditors in and out of bankruptcy court.


For more information about this announcement or the firm of Barron and Newburger, P.C., please contact Thomas Good at 512-476-9103, Ext. 248 or at The firm’s website is

Thomas Good
Barron & Newburger, P.C.
+1 720-600-8494
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Developers created 3274 smart contracts in the Oasis Second State Hackathon

Oasis Second State Hackathon

Oasis Second State Hackathon

The Oasis Second State Community Hackathon

The Oasis Second State Community Hackathon

The Oasis Ethereum ParaTime is bringing a high-performance and privacy-first service to all Ethereum developers.

Trading crypto tokens by DEX on the Oasis Ethereum network is very smooth.”

— Taylor Wang, an attendee of the Hackathon.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 / — Oasis Foundation and Second State partnered on a community hackathon from 12th to 23rd Oct to bring Ethereum developers to the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime. Now, the results are in! Community developers created 3274 smart contracts and published 759 decentralized web apps in 11 days!

The Oasis Second State Hackathon set up three challenges for developers to complete. When developers complete any of the challenges, they get ROSE (the native token of the Oasis network) as a reward. All the smart contracts are deployed on the Oasis Network via the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime.

## Ethereum applications on the Oasis Network

The Oasis Network is a privacy-first blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. Its design separates the network into a consensus layer and a parallel runtime (ParaTime) layer allowing consensus and on-chain applications to scale independently.

The Oasis Ethereum ParaTime, developed by Second State, is an Ethereum-compatible runtime to support smart contracts and Dapps. A challenge in the hackathon requires the developer to utilize the Uniswap exchange ported and deployed on the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime. With the ability to support thousands of transactions per second (TPS) and 6-second confirmation time, it is much faster than the current Ethereum mainnet, and delivers a much better user experience for applications.

The hackathon is not only to showcase Ethereum compatibility on the Oasis network but also to showcase the power and flexibility of the ParaTime architecture. At its peak, the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime node is processing 1000 requests per second from hackathon developers, proving its performance and scalability in the real world.

## Confidential Ethereum smart contracts

Due to its Ethereum compatibility, developers could use their familiar Ethereum development tools and wallets, such as Solidity, Metamask, BUIDL IDE, Remix, and Truffle, to complete the hackathon challenges. All the tools in the Ethereum ecosystem work well on the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime. Developers just need to change the chain ID and RPC endpoint settings in those tools.

More importantly, thanks to the privacy-first design of the Oasis Network, Ethereum smart contracts on Oasis Ethereum Paratime would become confidential. ParaTime nodes execute those transactions in attested hardware TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), which guarantees that even the node operator cannot see those transactions. Developers could even optionally specify which parts of their smart contracts are confidential.

Confidential Ethereum smart contracts would be a game-changer for DeFi. It could prevent front running and other attacks, and bring financial privacy to all users. Privacy is a prerequisite for DeFi to be adopted by institutional traders.

The hackathon is just the beginning. The Oasis Ethereum ParaTime is bringing a high-performance and privacy-first service to all Ethereum developers.

Vivian Hu
Second State
+1 415-894-2578
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Sean Goodnight Shares the Importance of Mineral Rights for Rural Residents and Landowners

Sean Goodnight shares the importance of mineral rights for rural residents and landowners, as oil and gas companies may seek to purchase or lease these rights.

DENVER, CO, USA, October 29, 2020 / — Unlike most countries around the world, the United States still has many rural residents and private landowners that hold mineral rights. Sean Goodnight, the Vice President of Acquisitions with Phoenix Capital Group, states that it is vital for those who still possess ownership to understand the importance.

Individuals who possess mineral rights are entitled to certain royalties if and when oil and gas companies request to drill on their property. Rather than allowing those proceeds to go to large corporations, rural residents and landowners can help keep that revenue in their hometowns. Keeping revenue local can help support local businesses and other initiatives. Studies have shown that counties with oil and gas production typically see increased deposit growth at their local banking institutions. Agricultural & Applied Economics Association found that deposit growth was as high as 8.2% over ten years, with deposits stemming from royalty and premium payments.

Most individuals and families have obtained their mineral rights through land passed down over generations. Before 1908, the federal government attached mineral rights to all homestead and property claims. After 1916, any new property claims had mineral rights assigned to the federal government. Some states received rights through federal land grants.

According to Sean Goodnight, it is essential for those who have inherited the rights from their families to understand how those rights are divided amongst family members. Mineral rights are seen as a tenants-in-common type of property, rather than individual owners of a percentage of acreage. Therefore, a family of four may own a quarter of the entire rights rather than a specific quarter of the property.

Those who possess mineral rights can lease their acreage instead of selling it to oil and gas companies. These contracts usually include two potential income streams – the first as an upfront premium and the second as royalty revenue as a portion of any production that takes place on the property. Landowners can also include clauses within a contract that limit or restrict the developers’ occupancy of the surface.

Mineral owners can become royalty owners once a paying well has been drilled onsite. This is usually an addition to the lease, in which a division order is signed to designate the terms in which royalties may be paid. Often, royalty owners will receive a lump sum upfront, followed by monthly payments. Payments can fluctuate over time, depending on the production of the well and oil prices.

Any landowners or rural residents questioning what they should do with their rights may consider reaching out to industry professionals, such as Phoenix Capital Group, to help navigate the various options available. The team at Phoenix Capital Group has decades of combined experience working directly with mineral owners to provide mutually beneficial solutions.

About Sean Goodnight
Sean Goodnight is a proud husband and father and a firm believer in family values. Born and raised in Colorado, he graduated from Englewood High School and went to the University of Northern Colorado. Sean’s definition of success includes two aspects – family and professional life. He aims to provide security to his family and the clients that depend on him. He does that by consistently making sound choices and building relationships based on trust, honesty, and respect.

Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC
Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC
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AdvisorHub to Host 4th Annual Summit for Financial Advisors on November 5th

An Industry in Transition National Virtual Summit: Health, Wealth & Politics will be held two days after the 2020 presidential election.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 / —, the nation’s fastest growing news site for financial advisors, will be holding its annual summit virtually for its audience of financial advisors on November 5th.

Titled An Industry in Transition National Virtual Summit: Health, Wealth & Politics and held two days after the 2020 presidential election, this year’s summit will be unprecedented in its scope, content, and impact.

This summit will meet at the confluence of politics, economics, and health, and put these trying times into context for the financial advisor community. Speakers will include nationally renowned epidemiologists, political thinkers, economists, and industry leaders who can share their thoughts on the future of the wealth management industry.

“Our last three summits were great successes,” said Tony Sirianni, CEO & Publisher of AdvisorHub. “Although this year will be virtual, we see it as an opportunity rather than a challenge — an opportunity to accommodate more advisors. We have seen unprecedented registrant numbers of over 2,500, making this the largest independent event in advisor history.”

Featured keynotes and speakers:

NADJA WEST: LTG, U.S. Army Surgeon General and former Commanding General of the U.S. Army Medical Command — Sponsored by Dynasty Financial Partners
SHIRL PENNEY: President and CEO of Dynasty Financial Partners
ARI FLEISHER: Former White House Press Secretary & President of Fleischer Communications
MAJOR GARRETT: CBS News' Chief Washington Correspondent
RON KRUSZEWSKI: Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Stifel Financial Corp.
JOHN PELUSO: President of First Clearing
ANDY BLOCKER: Head of US Government Affairs at Invesco
KRISTI MARTIN RODRIGUEZ: Vice President of Thought Leadership for Nationwide Financial
ANTHONY ROCHTE: Managing Director, Head of Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select
JOE DURAN: Managing Director Goldman Sachs, Head of Personal Financial Management
JERRY LOMBARD: Executive Vice President, President, Private Client Group, Janney Montgomery Scott
FRANK LAROSA: CEO of Elite Consulting Partners
PAUL DIETRICH: Chief Investment Strategist at B. Riley Wealth Management
CHRIS MONE: Executive Vice President, Head of Wealth Management at Wedbush Securities
MINDY DIAMOND: President and CEO of Diamond Consultants
JOHN HARRIS: Managing Director, Head of Global Advisor Sales at Envestnet
RUSTY VANNEMAN: CIO of Orion Advisor Solutions

The event will also include three panel discussions on Transition & Breakaway, Diversity & Inclusion, and The Future Of Our Industry. Panelists include:

MODERATOR | GREG BANASZ: Managing Director, Founding Partner and Head of Business Development for Steward Partners Global Advisory
KIP CAFFEY: CEO at Resurgent Financial Advisors, LLC
CRAIG PIRTLE: Chief Strategy Officer, B. Riley Wealth Management
JIM GOLD: CEO and Founding Partner, Steward Partners Global Advisory
JEFF SMITH: Director of Recruiting & Business Development
ANDREW DANIELS: Managing Principal, Business Development at Commonwealth

MODERATOR | BRIAN HAMBURGER: Founder, President and CEO of MarketCounsel
ROB BARTENSTEIN: CEO of Kestra Private Wealth Services
CHRIS MONE: Executive Vice President, Head of Wealth Management at Wedbush Securities
MARTY BICKNELL: CEO and President of Mariner Wealth Advisors
BILL COPPEL: Managing Director & Chief Client Growth Officer at First Clearing
DAVID CANTER: Executive Vice President, Head of RIA and Family Office Segments, Fidelity Investments

MODERATOR | MAURA MARKUS: Independent Board Director, Stifel Financial Corp.
SHERYL HICKERSON: CEO at Females and Finance
TONIA BOTTOMS: Managing Director and Senior Managing Counsel for BNY Mellon’s Pershing
JESSICA MCQUEEN: Partner at PHM Capital Management, Financial Advisor, Wedbush Securities

Platinum sponsors of this year’s event are Goldman Sachs, Stifel, Invesco, Dynasty Financial Partners, Cetera Financial Group, Nationwide Financial, First Clearing, Janney Montgomery Scott and Select Sector SPDRs.

Gold sponsors are Mariner Wealth Advisors, Wedbush Securities, B. Riley Wealth Management, Envestnet, Resurgent Advisors, Market Counsel, Steward Partners Global Advisory, Kestra Private Wealth Services, Elite Consulting Partners, Orion Advisor Solutions, Females & Finance, BNY Mellon | Pershing, Diamond Consultants, Fidelity, Commonwealth and Discovery Data.

The full-day summit begins at 8:30 a.m. Click here to register.

AdvisorHub expands upon traditional trade industry coverage. In addition to investigative journalism and sophisticated commentary on the wealth management industry, we provide recruiting deals and compensation information crucial to advisors’ practices and careers. Led by a former advisor, CEO, and thought leader — Tony Sirianni — AdvisorHub produces content that is of great value to its coveted, loyal audience. AdvisorHub consistently breaks national news stories that are subsequently covered by the nation’s leading news organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Barron’s and Reuters.

AdvisorHub has offices in New York, NY and Middleburg, VA.

Patrick B Clancy

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Avid Collector Announces His Search For Original Günther Kieser Jimi Hendrix 1969 Concert Posters.

vintage rock poster logo

1969 jimi hendrix cologne gunther kieser concert poster

1969 Jimi Hendrix Cologne Gunther Kieser concert poster

Avid collector, Andrew Hawley, announces his search for original Günther Kieser Jimi Hendrix 1969 "Medusa Head" concert posters. 

Kieser's "Medusa Head" image of Hendrix is probably the most enduring in rock concert poster history.”

— Andrew Hawley

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 / — Avid collector, Andrew Hawley, announces his search for original Gunther Kieser Jimi Hendrix 1969 "Medusa Head" concert posters. According to Hawley, "Two great artists met in Germany in early 1969. One a virtuoso guitarist named Jimi Hendrix, and the other was Germany's foremost graphic artist Günther Kieser. Hendrix became the most influential electric guitarists in the history of rock n' roll music. Kieser produced a tour blank for Hendrix's 1969 German tour and his "Medusa Head" image of Hendrix is probably the most enduring in rock concert poster history."

Hawley adds, "Kieser is considered one of the most influential designers of jazz and rock posters. Many of his concert iconic posters became fixtures in the music scene. He brought more graphic qualities to the layout by combining photography with three-dimensional fantasy object-like arrangements. Besides Hendrix, Kieser also designed posters for the Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, and The Who."

Kieser produced posters for the following Hendrix shows in 1969:

Jan 23 Germany Berlin Sportpalast
Jan 22 Austria Vienna Wiener Konzerthaus
Jan 21 France Strasbourg Hall du Wacken9
Jan 17 Germany Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle
Jan 16 Germany Nuremberg Meistersingerhalle
Jan 15 Germany Munich Kongressaal
Jan 14 Germany Münster Halle Münsterland

Hawley is offering the following rewards:
• He will pay $20,000 in cash for original Kieser Jimi Hendrix 1969 show posters with dates printed on the layout.
• He will pay $10,000 for a Kieser Jimi Hendrix 1969 German concert program.
• He will pay $10,000 for a Kieser Jimi Hendrix 1969 first printing tour blank without concert information printed on the poster.

Any condition is accepted. Please call or email Andrew. Please call 310-346-1965 or email him at Andrew (at) vintageconcertposterbuyer (dot) com.

John Downs
Downs Digital Marketing
+1 303-748-5851
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The Truth About Prop 22, Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C. Caution Voters To Read The Fine Print

Daniel K. Kramer, Founding Partner and Trial Attorney at Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C. cautions Prop 22 voters to read the fine print before voting.

Daniel K. Kramer, Founding Partner and Trial Attorney at Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C. cautions Prop 22 voters.

Prop 22 seems like a win-win scenario, but leading personal injury and employment attorneys at Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C. caution it may not be.

When deciding how to vote on Proposition 22, one thing is clear, it is imperative to dig beneath the surface and not be persuaded by campaign advertising.”

— Daniel K. Kramer, Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 29, 2020 / — The advertisements are everywhere; Proposition 22 seems like the perfect win-win scenario: keep rideshare services in California to service customers and keep drivers employed and protected with the best benefits available. But leading personal injury and employment attorneys at Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C. caution voters: it may not be as good as it seems.

Proposition 22 seeks to classify drivers of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, and other app-based services such as Postmates, DoorDash, and Instacart, as independent contractors instead of employees.

Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and other similar companies have come together, spending hundreds of millions of dollars, to push this proposition through to become law after the November 2020 election. With proponents such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the NAACP assisting in the advertisements, it seems that Proposition 22 will be useful for consumers and drivers alike. However, on closer examination, this may not be the case.

In 2019, the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 5 (commonly referred to as “AB 5”) which codified a test for classifying workers as either employees or independent contractors called the “ABC Test”. Under AB 5, workers are presumptively considered employees, and the burden is on the employer to prove that the workers are actually independent contractors. This distinction is important and has serious ramifications throughout all industries, including the legal field.

Under the law, employees are afforded greater protections and benefits, including workers’ compensation, unemployment, minimum wage, and sick leave, whereas independent contractors cannot access these items. In addition, persons who are injured by the negligence of an employee who is acting in the course and scope of employment at the time of the incident may also seek to recover against the employer under the doctrine of respondeat superior. In the context of personal injury lawsuits, this often means access to greater insurance policies and deeper pockets that can provide better compensation to the injury victim. Employers of independent contractors can often escape this vicarious liability.

Establishing employer liability for driver/worker negligence in cases involving app-based services such as Uber and Lyft has long been contested. These companies fight liability at every turn, although experienced attorneys are able to overcome this dispute. AB 5 made it easier to maintain a case against Uber and Lyft, and it also meant that these companies had to maintain certain benefits for drivers.

Proposition 22 removes these protections and allows companies such as Uber and Lyft to control the narrative as to how and when drivers are compensated. One such limitation proposed by Proposition 22 is that drivers would only be paid for “engaged” time, as opposed to time spent “unengaged” from the application, when the driver is waiting for the next customer. It would also provide a new hurdle for personal injury lawsuits alleging Lyft and Uber’s vicarious liability for the acts of their drivers. Not only would this be detrimental to seriously injured plaintiffs, but it could also be harmful to the drivers themselves, whose own insurance policies would be on the line in these cases.

In campaigning for a “yes” vote on Proposition 22, Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and other companies suggest that drivers prefer the flexibility of working as an independent contractor, and also promise that drivers will be properly compensated and protected under the law. Yet, recent lawsuits filed on behalf of drivers suggest that these workers are not as happy about Proposition 22 as the companies would like.

In fact, last week, on October 22, 2020, a class-action lawsuit that challenges this very subject was filed in the San Francisco Superior Court (Valdez v. Uber). The case alleges that Uber has used its own application to pressure drivers into supporting Proposition 22, in violation of the California Labor Code, which prohibits an employer from controlling or directing the political activities of its employees.

“When deciding how to vote on Proposition 22, one thing is clear,” says Daniel K. Kramer, Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C. Founding Partner and Trial Attorney, “it is imperative to dig beneath the surface and not be persuaded by campaign advertising.”

Daniel K. Kramer continues, “Proposition 22 may not actually help drivers as much as it seems, these companies may be able to spend over $200 million on Proposition 22, but they cannot buy your vote.”

For more, visit Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C.

Michelle Czernin von Chudenitz
Kramer Trial Lawyers A.P.C.
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North American Air Compressor Rental Market Expected To Recover After 2021

North American Air Compressor Rental Market

North American Air Compressor Rental Market

Senior Consultant for Verify Markets Georgina Carraway

Senior Consultant for Verify Markets Georgina Carraway

Verify Markets B2B Market Research and Consulting

Spending in construction, manufacturing recovery, the continuing shift from ownership to rental, and aging refining facilities are major drivers.

The manufacturing and construction sectors, representing 35 and 62 percent of the total market, respectively, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

— Senior Consultant for Verify Markets Georgina Carraway

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 / — A new analysis by Verify Markets shows the North American Air Compressor Rental Market was valued over $950.0 million in 2019. The market is mature and competitive with the presence of local, regional, and national market participants. The market has experienced a low, but steady, growth rate during the last few years and is expected to continue growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 2.0 percent from 2019 to 2026.

"The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the air compressor rental industry and is likely to continue affecting market revenues during the short-term of the forecast period. The manufacturing and construction sectors, representing 35 and 62 percent of the total market, respectively, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Expansion projects, non-critical work, and maintenance work is being postponed, delayed, or canceled at manufacturing plants,” states Senior Consultant for Verify Markets Georgina Carraway.

Moreover, the oil & gas industry has traditionally been one of the main end-users for oil-free air compressor rentals. The recent sharp decline in crude oil & gas prices is affecting the production, investment, and financial decisions of petrochemical and downstream companies. Continued declines of oil & gas prices are expected to adversely affect the air compressor rental market during the short-term of the forecast period.

The air compressor rental market is a mature and a well-established market with strong demand across different customer segments. Increasing spending in construction activities, the recovering of the manufacturing sector, continuing shift from ownership to rental, and aging refining facilities are major drivers behind strengthening interests in the air compressor rental.

The North American Air Compressor Rental Market report has been segmented by type of equipment (oil-flooded, oil-free, and instrument quality), end-user, type of engine, pressure, and horsepower range. Main customers include petrochemical & refining, general manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry, food & beverages, construction, and painting & sandblasting.

Oil-flooded air compressors are the most rented, representing an estimated 49 percent of the total air compressor rental market. IQ air compressors are a cost-effective alternative to their oil-free counterparts in some categories. This circumstance does not apply to industries where compressed air directly encounters the product.

Some of the key companies covered in this report include Atlas Copco USA Holdings Inc., Aggreko, LLC, United Rentals, Inc., Sunbelt Rentals, Inc., Herc Rentals Inc., CAT Dealership Network, and others. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the North American Air Compressor Rental Market. The report captures various market dynamics such as growth drivers, restraints, market revenues and forecasts, technology trends, and a competitive landscape assessment.

A copy of the North American Air Compressor Rental Market research report can be obtained at Follow us for more updates on Twitter @verify_markets and LinkedIn. This report is part of Verify Markets’ Energy & Power Equipment market research and consulting practice. Other power rental market reports:
• U.S Utility-Scale Energy Storage Market
• North American Temporary Cooling Market
• North American Ground Protection Rental Market
• North American Power Rental Market
• North American Pump Rental Market
• North American Aerial Equipment Rental Market
• Latin American Generator Set Market
• North American Temporary Heating Market
• UPS Rental Market: North America
• North American Steam Boiler Rental Market
• North American Trench Shoring Equipment Rental Market
• Global Power Rental Market

Verify Markets’ research methodology consists of extensive primary interviews with key participants in the industry along with analysis of secondary resources to validate information. For more information on this report and other research (including custom reports and consulting), contact or call +1 210.595.9687.

Haley Rico
Verify Markets
+1 210-595-9687
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Israels & Neuman, PLC Files Claim Against SagePoint Financial Regarding Investment Losses with Timothy Vanlohuizen

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

COEUR D'ALENE, ID, USA, October 29, 2020 / — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The law firm of Israels & Neuman announces that its attorneys have filed an arbitration claim in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Dispute Resolution System arising from losses incurred on behalf of a former client of financial advisor, Timothy Vanlohuizen of SagePoint Financial. Israels & Neuman, PLC is an investment loss recovery law firm that represents investors in FINRA arbitration proceedings in all 50 states.

The Complaint (also known as a Statement of Claim) was filed on behalf of a retired individual and alleges that Vanlohuizen recommended high concentrations of unsuitable and high risk investments, such as heavy concentrations in oil and gas stocks and master limited partnerships (MLPs). The Complaint also alleges that Vanlohuizen recommended investments in stocks like Navios Maritime Holdings and Apollo Investment Corp. Timothy Vanlohuizen worked at SagePoint Financial in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The attorneys at Israels & Neuman believe that other investors may have experienced similar losses associated with Timothy Vanlohuizen, and its attorneys are standing by to discuss recovery options for other investors. Vanlohuizen has been the subject of seven other customer complaints within the last five years.

Israels & Neuman reminds investors that financial advisors have a duty to make suitable investment recommendations and to follow all laws and regulations related to securities. The law firm of Israels & Neuman has extensive experience in representing investors who have lost money due to the conduct of their advisor. Its attorneys represent investors in all 50 states with offices in Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If you invested money with Timothy Vanlohuizen and have suffered losses, please call us at (206) 795-5798 or (720) 599-3505 for a free evaluation of your case, or visit us at

Attorney David Neuman
Israels & Neuman, PLC
+1 206-795-5798
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Black Republican Vanguard Lead GOTV Push Across The Country

Black Republicans Look To Influence Tight 2020 Election Races!

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, US, October 29, 2020 / — The Black Republican Vanguard effort is being led by former New York State Bronx County District Leader, Aaron T. Manaigo, Evangelical stalwart Dean Nelson, Conservative analyst, Dr. Christopher Metzler and Niger Innis, Chairman of the historic civil rights organization- the Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E).

The final push GOTV effort will focus on two crucial areas according to the Vanguard team—positive media exposure so candidates can make unfiltered closing arguments to voters and financial resources needed for GOTV efforts. Dean Nelson stated, “As a member of the Vanguard, I am proud to be part of a movement toward economic and educational progress. We are pleased to be part of a grassroots effort visiting over 500,000 doors in key states to talk about President Donald Trump’s accomplishments for the African American community.” Niger Innis added, “Our support will also extend to other GOP candidates that are running in states/districts that have sizeable African American communities.”

Most recently Vanguard leader Aaron T. Manaigo Co-hosted a GOP fundraiser for the Trump Victory Committee with the Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Trump Victory National Finance Chairman Todd Ricketts and Trump Victory Finance Committee National Chair, Kimberly Guilfoyle that raised over $100,000.00 to support re-election efforts.

For the 2020 election cycle, the Republican Party has made a concerted effort to court and secure the African American vote. The GOP has been highlighting its legislative wins in criminal justice reform, securing long-term U.S. federal funding for Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Opportunity Zones, The U.S. Build Act and the most recently launched Platinum Plan. Dr. Christopher Metzler added, “The GOP effort this election cycle and President Trump’s efforts in particular continues to fortify opportunities for generational wealth across black communities.”

Black Republican Vanguard leader Aaron T. Manaigo concluded, “We have to keep our eye on the here and now to bring our candidates across the finish line with a victory, but we also must be prepared to implement a solid plan of action for after Nov 3rd.”

Aaron Manaigo
Global Political Solutions LLC
email us here
+1 2022438201

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