Trinity Investments Limited – Tencent Music Entertainment – Leveraging Parent Company’s Dominance

Tencent Music Entertainment – IPO Update

HONG KONG, HONG KONG, HONG KONG, October 22, 2018 / — After the news broke that Tencent Holdings Limited would be postponing their Music Entertainment IPO several weeks, conditions in the markets all pointed to that being a sensible move as investors are still working out whether the trade war between the US and China is set to get worse.

Currently Chinese stocks in the US are being harshly treated and a move to list what is expected to be the biggest IPO of the year at a time when China stocks are under major scrutiny, was not seen by the board as sensible.

Tencent Music's parent company, Tencent, is one of China's biggest tech companies. The music streaming and social entertainment company will be able to piggyback on the wild popularity of WeChat and other Tencent services as it continues to grow its user base.

As we await further news on the finalized date for listing, Trinity Investments shares an an extract from Industry Focus giving more insight on the company and its positioning.

In this segment of Industry Focus, Dylan Lewis talks Tencent with Evan Niu:

Dylan Lewis: Evan, as the company name might suggest, Tencent Music has a pretty big strategic partner as it looks at the mobile space in China.

Evan Niu: Right. They're owned by parent company Tencent, which owns about 60%, I think 58% of outstanding shares. They're obviously going to have majority control, pretty much determine the strategic direction of this company. You have company insiders owning another 8%. Also, Spotify owns about 9% of this company, because Spotify and Tencent Music did an equity swap in December 2017, where they exchanged stock for positions in each other. So, they can also advise each other on strategic matters and learn from each other, give each other tips.

Between all that, that's about 75% of all shares that'll be locked up by these entities. That means, whenever the stock actually goes public and starts trading, your float is going to be 25% or less.

Lewis: Yeah. This gives them a lot of different strengths. It gives them some stability. It has a lot of people that are really bought in to the success of the business. I think in the case of Tencent, it gives them access to this massive platform. They have, over a billion monthly active users on its apps. Having access to that, from a strategic perspective, access to the social graph there, and understanding some of the user data on that side, will be incredibly beneficial for them as they're trying to grow their user base.

Niu: Right. They'll definitely have all these different types of cross-selling, cross-advertising, cross-promotion, all sorts of things. Tencent owns WeChat, which is just enormous and completely ubiquitous in China. It's everywhere. Being able to really tie into those services, I think, is a huge advantage.

Lewis: Within the space, we touched on it before, but it's worth bolding and underlining, it is the largest platform in the market when you combine all of its apps' users. It's also the largest in the world. To your Spotify comparison earlier, not on the paying side, but in its general presence. And the users are highly engaged. Every daily active users spends an average of 70 minutes per day on the platform. That's engagement that is pretty hard to match. So, I think there are a lot of really good things going for this business right now.

Niu: I like it, actually, a lot more than Spotify, which I actually own stock in. There's a lot of things that I do like about this business and the numbers that they're putting up already.

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Harding and Company – BABA – 3 Reasons Alibaba Stock Could Rise

BABA – Stock Expected to Rise Over Coming Weeks

The Chinese internet giant's shares are unlikely to stay at these levels for long.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2018 / — After reaching an all-time high of $211.70 in June, Alibaba shares have shed nearly a third of their value as fears of an escalating trade war between China and the U.S. rattled investors.

Yet at this point, the sell-off appears overdone. Here are three reasons why the Chinese internet titan's stock price could rebound to new all-time highs before too long.

A massive and rapidly expanding core market

China's e-commerce market will grow to $1.8 trillion by 2022, according to analysts at H&C, up from $1.1 trillion this year. With only 38% of China's 1.4 billion people currently making purchases online, this massive market is set to grow briskly for many years to come.

Alibaba is positioned to benefit from this growth perhaps more than any other business. The company dominates e-commerce in China, with a greater-than-50% share. Alibaba has built a formidable presence in both the business-to-consumer (B2C) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) segments through its popular Tmall and Taobao marketplaces.

Alibaba is also making aggressive moves to capture a larger share of China's offline retail industry. The company's "New Retail" initiatives include Hema supermarkets, Intime department stores, and a host of partnerships with other brick-and-mortar retailers. This area of Alibaba's business is booming; New Retail helped drive a 344% year-over-year increase in "other revenue" to more than $1 billion in Alibaba's fiscal 2019 first quarter.

Better still, Alibaba expects the success of these projects to entice many more brick-and-mortar retailers to partner with it in the coming years. Alibaba offers its retail partner’s technology upgrades such as data analytics, digital payment systems, and omnichannel capabilities. In return, these businesses become part of Alibaba's ever-expanding ecosystem, and Alibaba often acquires sizable investment stakes in these companies.

Best of all, New Retail helps to expand Alibaba's total addressable market to include nearly all of China's retail economy, in which sales are projected to reach $7.2 trillion by 2020, according to the Ministry of Commerce. So despite its current $40 billion annual revenue base, Alibaba has tremendous room for growth ahead.

Intriguing international growth opportunities

Not content to dominate just its home market, Alibaba is expanding its operations in several key international regions.

For example, Alibaba has invested $4 billion in Lazada, a Singapore-based online mall that's given it a strong foothold in the high-growth Southeast Asia market. Alibaba also recently partnered with Russian tech giant to launch a new e-commerce joint venture that reportedly has the support of the Kremlin, giving it a powerful advantage over rival platforms.

Alibaba's global ambitions are already bearing fruit: International commerce retail revenue surged 64% to $652 million in the first quarter.

During a recent interview, longtime Alibaba executive Ming Zeng explained some of the reasoning behind the company's international efforts:

We are spending globally because of our mission. We want to build a global online marketplace that can really link consumer, producer, and service providers all over the world. And we are pushing the digital economy for the whole world to go forward.

With global expansion at the core of its mission, investors should expect Alibaba to continue to ramp up its investments in international markets in the coming years. This should help to augment Alibaba's robust growth in China and boost the stock's upside potential for long-term shareholders.

A bargain price

Despite its bright future, Alibaba is now trading at less than 20 times forward earnings estimates after its 30% decline in recent months. That's an attractive price to pay for a dominant business that's projected to grow its revenue and earnings per share by 39% and 36%, respectively, in the next year.

Alibaba is an even better bargain when you account for its 33% stake in Ant Financial, which operates the No. 1 mobile payments platform in China and recently raised $14 billion in funding at a $150 billion valuation.
As such, the recent pullback in Alibaba stock is giving long-term investors a chance to scoop up shares of this elite business on the cheap. But this opportunity may not last long; I expect Alibaba's shares will rise to new all-time highs as the market eventually comes to appreciate the immense potential of its New Retail and global expansion initiatives.

Harding and Company have a STRONG BUY rating on Alibaba.

To find out how you can get involved in opportunities in the markets, contact an advisor today at or visit to see how you can benefit from an independent advisory service that is 100% committed to your financial security, strategy and wealth management.

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Bizness Analytics to launch ESG advisory and C-level consulting to help develop sustainability reporting practices

Bizness Analytics Dubai, UAE

Bizness Analytics, ESG Robo Advisor, tool is designed to build industry-focused and investor-driven ESG and sustainability framework .

DUBAI , DUBAI , UAE, October 22, 2018 / — UAE based data analytics firm to launch ESG advisory
and C-level consulting to help develop sustainability reporting practices

Time has come to incorporate “sustainability as a strategy” says Sandeep Raghuwanshi, CEO, Bizness Analytics, UAE

UAE: Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have rhetoric and limited to CSR in today’s economy, according to Sandeep Raghuwanshi, CEO, Bizness Analytics who is all set to launch region’s first environmental, social, governance, and sustainability-related (ESG/sustainability) reporting tool in UAE.

Bizness Analytics, an ESG and data science firm based in Dubai International Financial Centre DIFC, is set to unveil its ESG Robo Advisor, a tool designed to build industry-focused and investor-driven ESG and sustainability reports for corporates across the region.

Globally, enough evidence has emerged for us to believe that the time has come to incorporate “sustainability as a strategy” and embrace it from the top to the bottom. In today's environment, incorporation of sustainability factors are critical, and applicable to all industries and sectors, particularly when governments all over the world are committing themselves to arrest climate change, reduce emission levels and reduce carbon footprints.

Sustainability incorporation at an organizational level is a way forward, and has the potential to decide the winners in modern competitive economies. As per MSCI’s analysis published in January 2018, the analysis found strong evidence that companies with strong ESG profiles are better at managing risks and opportunities, show higher profitability, higher dividend yield and lower business-specific tail risks.

Sandeep Raghuwanshi makes a very strong case for sustainability strategy for the business community and explains how his organisation is working towards wider adoption of ESG framework.
One of the first of its kind, ESG Robo Advisor is a set of precision tools and services built to help companies and investors leverage the power of cloud and big data to create a more sustainable and responsible corporate community.
“By combining understanding and experience of financial investing and big data analytics, we can expand the availability of reliable and consistent Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) indicators of the companies”.

"We have enlisted help of global experts, investors, practitioners and participated in several board room conversations to design our tool, which offers education, best practices, data, and a template driven process to the management and the reporting team.

Taking environmental, social, governance, and sustainability-related (ESG/sustainability) reporting mainstream

Sandeep Raghuwanshi further elaborated on the capabilities of ESG Robo Advisor.

“Our aim is to assist, guide and advice C-suites and senior management to take ESG mainstream. ESG Robo Advisor, developed in our own design and innovation lab, allows an organisation to create, measure and communicate their sustainability strategy to their stakeholder base and work together to make this world a better place.
• Sustainability reporting
• Sustainable Investing
• Alignment with Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) frameworks

About Bizness Analytics
Bizness Analytics is based in Dubai International Financial Centre, DIFC in Dubai and serving several international clients, including names like NIKE.
Looking ahead, Bizness Analytics will create comprehensive sector specific tools for real estate, travel, healthcare, hospitality, retail and tourism industry and also work towards creating awareness of sustainable business using big data & analytics.
Prior to turning entrepreneur with Bizness Analytics Inc., Sandeep had a successful corporate career spanning over 40 countries and five regions. His decision to have a base in UAE stems from a deep appreciation for the vision of the leaders, and their commitment to social responsibility, technology and future investing.

Balqis Hindash
Bizness Analytics
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Meetings mit balinesischer Lebensphilosophie im The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

Bakiak Rennen am weißen Sandstrand

Yoga Gruppenaktivität

Sack Race – Indonesisches traditionelles Spiel

Angenehme Teambuilding-Aktivität

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali ist ein perfekter Ort für einen Tagungsort

Dieses inspirierende neue Programm wurde sorgfältig erstellt, um die wertvolle balinesische Philosophie des Tri Hita Karana widerzuspiegeln und um Einzelpersonen und Teams zu motivieren”

— Karim Tayach

BADUNG, BALI, INDONESIA, October 22, 2018 / — Ein unvergessliches Meeting-Erlebnis im The Ritz-Carlton, Bali mit dem neuen Angebot des Resorts: das Tri Hita Karana, basiert auf drei Grundprinzipien des balinesischen Lebens. Es bedeutet übersetzt: Harmonie mit Gott, Harmonie mit dem Mensch und Harmonie mit der Natur. Das Angebot macht das preisgekrönte Strandresort zu einem der besten Tagungsorte der Insel.

Exzellente Tagungsräume, der Konferenzsaal, die hervorragende Lage und innovative Programme, die vom Spirit Balis inspiriert sind, bieten Gästen einen einzigartigen Einblick in das traditionelle Leben auf der Insel bieten. Dieses Incentive-Programm beinhaltet ein Ritual zur Seelenreinigung, unterhaltsame Teambuilding-Aktivitäten und eine faszinierende Tour durch den kulinarischen Garten und einen Kochkurs. Die Balinesen glauben, dass das Gleichgewicht zwischen spiritueller und physischer Welt der Schlüssel zu Wohlbefinden und Wohlstand ist.

Das traditionelle Seelenreinigungsritual wird von einem balinesischen Priester bei Sonnenaufgang geleitet und beinhaltet ein Opfer der Hingabe, gefolgt von einem Ritual mit heiligem Wasser, um Körper, Geist und Seele zu reinigen.

Kräuter und Gewürze spielen eine wichtige Rolle in der balinesischen Küche ebenso wie in der traditionellen Medizin. Bei der informativen kulinarischen Garten Tour erfahren Gäste wie sie Zutaten in der Küche bei einem Kochkurs einsetzen können. Gemeinschaft spielt in der balinesischen Küche eine große Rolle und traditionell kommt das ganze Dorf zusammen, um Feste für Feiern und Zeremonien vorzubereiten. Gäste erleben diesen Gemeinschaftsgeist wenn sie in der Culinary Cave ein eigenes Fest mit klassischen balinesischen Gerichten zum Mittagessen zubereiten.

Auch die Philosophie der “Harmonie mit dem Mensch” wiederspiegelt das starke Gemeinschaftsgefühl auf der Insel, von welchen unsere unterhaltsamen Teambuilding-Aktivitäten des Programms inspiriert sind. Der abgelegene, weiße Sandstrand des Resorts ist ideal für traditionelle Spiele und wenig anstrengende Strand-Aktivitäten wie Sackhüpfen, Tauziehen und Murmel- und Löffelrennen.

"Dieses inspirierende neue Programm wurde sorgfältig erstellt, um die wertvolle balinesische Philosophie des Tri Hita Karana widerzuspiegeln und um Einzelpersonen und Teams zu motivieren, begeistern und zu belohnen. Ich versichere Ihnen, dass Ihre nächste Incentive-Reise ein voller Erfolg wird", so Geschäftsführer Karim Tayach.

Das The Ritz-Carlton, Bali hat ein neues Video des Tri Hita Karana Incentive-Programms veröffentlicht, das Sie hier ansehen können.

# # #

Über das The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.
In elegant tropischem Ambiente begrüßt das The Ritz-Carlton, Bali mit atemberaubender Kulisse der Felsklippen und des weißen Sandstrandes seine Gäste. Ob Familien- oder Businessaufenthalt, der beruhigende Blick auf das azurblaue Wasser des indischen Ozeans lässt alle Gäste des Resorts in den 279 geräumig und üppig gestalteten Suiten und 34 Villen in luxuriösem zeitgenössischen balinesischen Ambiente entspannen. Entlang des Meeresufers liegt der The Ritz-Carlton Club®, sowie sechs moderne Speiselokale, ein exotisch und maritim inspirierter Wellnessbereich und viel Spiel und Spaß im Ritz Kids Club für Kinder jeden Alters. Die direkt am Strand gelegene glamouröse Kapelle ist der perfekte Ort für wunderschöne Eheschließung und eine große Gartenanlage bietet Platz für private Feierlichkeiten und Hochzeiten auf Bali. Voll ausgestattete Konferenzräumlichkeiten, luxuriöse Tagungs-Venues und individuelle Pauschalangebote, von unseren erfahrenen Event-Planern zusammengestellt, lassen Events zu kreativ inspirierten Veranstaltungen auf Bali werden. Sei es eine Konferenz, Urlaub oder Flitterwochen, das The Ritz-Carlton, Bali ist der perfekte Ort, um Ihren Aufenthalt unvergesslich zu machen. Folgen Sie uns auf Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube und LinkedIn.

Prhativi Dyah
The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
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Meetings mit balinesischer Lebensphilosophie

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Knight Investment Limited – Alibaba Expands Cloud Business to U.K. With New Data Centers

BABA – 2 New Locations in UK for Cloud Computing Service

The cloud-computing arm of Chinese retail giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. opened its first data centers in the U.K., with two sites operational in London.

HONG KONG, HONG KONG, HONG KONG, October 22, 2018 / — The expansion is "driven by the rapidly growing customer demand," a spokesman for the company said. "The United Kingdom is one of the fastest-growing European markets for Alibaba Cloud."

Cloud-computing companies have been opening data centers across Europe — including in the U.K. — despite the looming uncertainty of Britain’s future relationship with the European Union. The drive is fueled in part by government demands: National authorities have increasingly moved computing functions into the cloud, but for regulatory and security purposes they’re often required to hold data within their national borders.

Started in 2009, Alibaba Cloud has expanded beyond China in a direct challenge to Amazon Web Services, the e-commerce giant’s division that dominates cloud computing. Alibaba Cloud is now the fourth-biggest global provider of cloud infrastructure and related services, behind Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, according to a June report by Synergy Research Group.

The Hangzhou, China-based Company put its first European data center in Frankfurt, in partnership with Vodafone Group Plc in 2016, allowing the mobile carrier to resell Alibaba Cloud services such as data storage and analytics.

Knight Investment reported in July that the Chinese company had been in talks with BT Group Plc about a cloud services partnership in a move to challenge Amazon’s presence in Europe. A spokesman for Alibaba Cloud declined to comment on its partner for the U.K. launch.

"In line with our Germany data center strategy, we always look for the best-in-market partner for key deployments and this is no different," he said.

The continent has become key to Alibaba Cloud’s success outside China, with prospects in the U.S. made murky by President Donald Trump’s America First agenda. Alibaba pulled back in the U.S. just as tensions with China have escalated under Trump.

To find out more information on Alibaba Group Holding, contact us today at or visit our website to find out more about their services and products available.

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Tony Robbins shares The 5 Business Etiquette Mistakes We All Should Avoid in Business and in Life

Business Etiquette Expert Maryanne Parker with The World's #1 Business Strategist Tony Robbins

Business Etiquette Expert Maryanne Parker with The World’s #1 Business Strategist Tony Robbins

San Diego-based business etiquette expert Maryanne Parker meets with the biggest business strategist in history Tony Robbins at Real Estate Wealth Expo

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, October 21, 2018 / — “Your energy is the most important thing in business—people perceive you based on your energy!”

I was listening to the most successful business strategist in the world: the one and only Anthony Robbins. He is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and philanthropist, and more than 50 million people have been mesmerized by his electric personality at events all over the world. His motto is “Live with passion” along with a few more, including “Raise your standards and take massive action,” which I’ve adopted as well.
I felt absolutely amazing at this conference, which exceeded all my expectations. I made wonderful connections with people from all over the country, and I had the opportunity to listen to six self-made billionaires and many more self-made millionaires, such as Magic Johnson, who is a business powerhouse, legendary basketball star, president of the LA Lakers, and co-owner of the Dodgers and LA’s WNBA team, the Sparks. I had the chance to see a wealth of fantastic speakers, including the greatest living sales expert, Grant Cardone, and performer, educator, and activist Pitbull, who took his life from negative to positive against all odds. In general, I saw the best of the best. There were probably over 12,000 people in this one venue, all of us hungry for knowledge, and there I was, sitting in the first row of the VIP section, undistracted and ready to absorb all the secrets and knowledge.
You might say the business etiquette tips we learned are very basic, and that’s exactly the logic Tony Robbins espouses: life isn’t that complicated, and it shouldn’t be. Here are the top five lessons I learned from this incredible business strategist and motivational leader and the five business etiquette mistakes we all should avoid.

1. Not Operating with integrity — Honor your earnings by doing good work. People are very interested in you! They want to hear you speak, and they want to learn as much as they can from your wisdom. Be honest with them from the beginning. Involve them, and be a team player. Always have the decency to admit if you are wrong, and protect your reputation.

2. Not Living with dignity — This isn’t something we earn; we’re all born with it. Respect yourself enough to present the best content possible every single time! You don’t know who might be listening and how many people will be interested in your message in the long term. Have dignity, and be the best of the best in your field.

3. Not Adding value to people’s lives—It’s not always just about the money. Have you noticed that at these prestigious events, some people are always trying to nickel and dime you, working hard to try to convince you to buy their products? Why is that? Why do they need to try so hard but Tony Robbins doesn’t? Because he adds value for people every single time. People realize that and are drawn to him without his having to make an offer. He is not there to sell but to teach.

4. Not Over-deliver — This is one of Robbins’s greatest secrets. Every time someone hires you, always over-deliver! Word of mouth goes far, and you’ll be the first choice for future prospects. Robbins’s own appearance at this event provides the perfect example. He is the peak-performing business strategist in the world, he owns an island, and he considers his smallest companies to be valued between $50–100 million, so it’s obvious he doesn’t need more money. Robbins was invited to speak at this event for two hours only, but he delivered a five-hour seminar that was absolutely outstanding, and the energy—I can still feel it! If he can over-deliver at his level, how about us? This should be mandatory.

5. Not being a philanthropist — The biggest satisfaction in life is to be able to give more than we receive. Our paramount thought should be “What can I give before I receive?” Robbins mentioned that he is currently helping to feed 50 million people every year. He told us a story about when he gave his last $27 to a little boy who had invited his mom on a dinner date. The little boy told Tony that although he had invited his mom, she would obviously pay for the dinner because he was still young—eight years old—and he didn’t have any money. Even though Robbins gave the boy the last of what little money he had, Tony did so with faith in his heart that he would be okay—and he is most surely more than okay.
Raise your standards, take massive action, and follow the steps above to make sure your business etiquette makes you memorable, keeps you humble, and allows you to use your gifts to make a positive difference in the lives of every person you meet!

Maryanne Parker is an award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of Manor of Manners, a San Diego, CA, company that specializes in international business, social, and youth etiquette. She is the author of two international number-one bestselling books, The Sharpest Soft Skill and Posh Overnight.

Maryanne holds an executive diploma from Europe’s leading academic institution International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, Brussels, Minding Manners – London and she is certified by The Protocol School of Washington, specializing in diplomacy, business etiquette and protocol, and intercultural relations.
Parker speaks often on the topic of etiquette. Most recently, she has spoken at entrepreneurial conferences held at West Point, the Harvard Faculty Club, and NASDAQ. Maryanne has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, The Epoch Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Chicago Tribune, and she has appeared on CNBC, NBC, ABC, FOX, E!Entertainment, and many more.

Above all, she teaches her two children and her clients to model compassion, grace, and respect.

Maryanne Parker
Manor of Manners
619 315 8978
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Fibank Wins Prestigious Award at an International Innovation Competition

Fibank (First Investment Bank) won second place in the Offering Innovation category of the Efma-Accenture DMI Awards 2018

Fibank (First Investment Bank) won second place in the Offering Innovation category of the Efma-Accenture DMI Awards 2018

SOFIA, BULGARIA, October 20, 2018 / — Fibank (First Investment Bank) won second place in the Offering Innovation category of the Efma-Accenture DMI Awards 2018, which brought together some of the world's most renowned institutions and companies in the retail segment.

At the ceremony held on October 17, 2018 in Lisbon, the Fibank prize was received by Mr. Nedelcho Nedelchev, CEO of the Bank, Mr. Theodor Petrov, Director Card Payments and Ilona Staneva, Director Marketing and Advertising.

The Efma organizers and an authoritative international jury highly appreciated Fibank’s innovation, launched for the first time in the Bulgarian market: a microchip for children and teenager debit cards, as well as the Bank's early financial education program.

Competition in the category in which First Investment Bank participated also included the Polish Alior Bank, which was selected as the winner and the British HSBC, which ranked third. The final ranking was determined entirely by online voting.

Ivailo Alexandrov
Fibank (First Investment Bank)
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Zebpay, India’s Largest Crypto Exchange Officially Launches In Malta In Pursuit of European Growth

Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has today announced it has officially commenced operations from ‘Blockchain Island’, Malta

Governments and regulators around the world are waking up to the potential of Blockchain based technologies. But Malta stands out with its progressive regulations for this emerging sector”

— Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana

TRIQ STELLA MARIS, SLIEMA, MALTA, October 20, 2018 / — Leading cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has today announced it has officially commenced operations from ‘Blockchain Island’, Malta. The crypto exchange has received a warm welcome from Malta’s Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister Silvio Schembri who expressed his satisfaction over Zebpay’s decision to join Malta’s Blockchain ecosystem.

Malta continues to be a fast-rising hub for innovators, entrepreneurs and developers in the crypto and blockchain space, with its forward-thinking regulatory agenda.
The country was recently cited as the number one spot for crypto trading in a study published by Morgan Stanley. Its Prime Minister, Dr. Joseph Muscat, is highly enthusiastic for the applications of blockchain technology in everything from businesses to governments, as he recently outlined in an address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Zebpay brand is widely trusted in India, and its crypto exchange has served the market at scale, securing 60% market share in the country. Zebpay will use Malta as its base in pursuit of European growth. The Zebpay VFA exchange that has launched in the region will be operated by Malta-based Awlencan Innovations Malta Limited.

The Zebpay VFA exchange will implement strict KYC & AML procedures within its ecosystem and at this time is only available to residents outside of U.S sanctioned economies.

“I look forward to seeing the company applying and obtaining all the necessary licences from the regulatory in order to be able to operate in Malta. Our aim is to provide the legal certainty for operators and all the necessarily protection for customers and investors within this space” said Schembri.

Malta provides a legally certain and safe environment for crypto innovators, customers and investors. Being 100% compliant is in the ethos of Zebpay and the company is thankful to the Maltese government for the forward-thinking regulation.

“Governments and regulators around the world are waking up to the potential of Blockchain based technologies. But Malta stands out with its progressive regulations for this emerging sector,” said Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana. “Choosing Malta as our global launchpad was a no-brainer, and I would like to wholeheartedly thank Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat for his visionary approach.”


About Zebpay
Zebpay is one of the fastest growing and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Headquartered in Singapore, the Zebpay brand is widely trusted in India, and its crypto exchange has served the market at scale, securing 60% market share in the country. With a newly established presence in Malta the company is rapidly expanding, attracting both retail and professional traders with their platform that focuses on security, ease of use and execution speed.

Zebpay Key Links:
Official Website:
Android App:
iOS App:
Zebpay media relations:

Jon Reader
Cryptoland PR
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TEAM NUVISION Recognized as the #1 Team in RE/MAX California Region

Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team SOLD 507 homes

Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team SOLD more homes

Rudy Lira Kusuma the #1 Real Estate Team Leader in California

Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team SOLD more homes

Rudy Lira Kusuma Home selling team endorsed by local homeowners

Rudy L Kusuma sold local home in Arcadia for more money

No One Sells More Home than TEAM NUVISION – Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2018 / — TEAM NUVISION – Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team with RE/MAX TITANIUM, ranked No. 1 overall in the California Region for total sales volume in 2018 Q3. This is the third year that TEAM NUVISION – Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team has been recognized for their annual sales volume.

TEAM NUVISION – Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team is composed of 20 Outside Sales Team, 8 Inside Sales Team, and 12 admin support team members. This well-versed group of real estate professionals has extensive experience in San Gabriel Valley, greater Los Angeles county, and all Southern California real estate market.

“Each member of our team has worked diligently to achieve this high honor in the market,” said Rudy L Kusuma, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX TITANIUM. “Ranking Number 1 in California for annual sales volume is a tremendous accomplishment and I’m extremely proud that our team continues to raise the bar in real estate in California and in the region.”

To learn more about TEAM NUVISION – Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team, please visit

email us here

Rudy L Kusuma endorsement

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RE/MAX TITANIUM – Rudy L. Kusuma Team Makes a Difference as ‘Miracle Office’ for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles

Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Rudy L Kusuma Miracle Real Estate Agent

August 2018 Miracle Agent award

Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team Recognized as Miracle Agent 2018

Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team #1 Top Fundraising Children Hospital Los Angeles

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team Ranked #1 The Most Reviews and Endorsements from Local Home Owners in zillow – Southern California Real Estate Market

Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team SOLD more homes

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LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES , October 20, 2018 / — RE/MAX TITANIUM – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team has made a difference in greater Los Angeles area by becoming a Miracle Office. Through the Miracle Home and Miracle Property programs, RE/MAX Associates can make a donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® after each residential and commercial transaction. And all donations benefit the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, the local CMN Hospital.

“The Miracle Home/Miracle Property program is a simple yet impactful way to help raise awareness for our local CMN Hospital,” says Rudy Lira Kusuma, broker of RE/MAX TITANIUM. “Sixty-two children enter a CMN Hospital for treatment every minute. As leaders in the greater Los Angeles area business community, it’s vital that we show our support for the kids and their families.”

RE/MAX Miracle Agents, Offices and Teams help make a significant impact on the lives of sick and injured children treated at CMN Hospitals across the U.S. and Canada. Over the years, their support of CMN Hospitals has helped provide life-saving treatments, advanced medical equipment and valuable research and education. And the local hospitals determine the best way to allocate those funds based on local need.

Since 1992, RE/MAX Affiliates across the U.S. and Canada have raised $157 million for 170 member hospitals. RE/MAX Miracle Agents, Offices and Teams are dedicated supporters who pledge to make a donation after each closed property sale.

Many homes on are flagged as a Miracle Homes with a CMN Hospitals yellow and red balloon icon.

For more information about the Miracle Home or Miracle Property program, or RE/MAX TITANIUM, please visit, or call Rudy Lira Kusuma direct at 626-789-0159

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Source: EIN Presswire