Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences's developers WRS Development selected Miami-based Compass Development.

The developer of Amrit Ocean Resorts & Residences, WRS Development selected Miami-based Compass Development to handle sales of development in Singer Island.

NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2019 / — Palm Beach Gardens, FL – March 18, 2019 – WRS Development, LLC., the developer of Amrit Ocean Resorts and Residences, has selected the Miami-based Compass Development, A Division of Compass to handle sales and marketing of its luxurious, two-tower development located in beautiful Singer Island in Palm Beach County. With the division’s strong reputation of utilizing tech-savvy tools to produce top results and effectively market its properties, WRS is confident in a successful sellout of this wellness-focused oceanfront development.

“We are excited to continue leading sales for developments throughout Florida,” said Beth Butler, Director of New Development, Southeast of Compass. “We understand the uniqueness of Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences and are confident our expertise in luxury real estate, partnered with our technology-driven approach to marketing, will attract buyers searching for a highly desirable lifestyle of peace and happiness.”

Developed by WRS Development, LLC an affiliated company of Creative Choice Group, Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences is located on the edge of the pristine Atlantic shoreline of Singer Island. The development’s two towers offer 182 condominiums and 11 penthouse residences with rooftop terraces and stunning water views.

“After a lengthy evaluation process, we are excited to welcome the Compass Team. With their proven track record in new development, their global outreach, and emerging technology platform, we are absolutely convinced that Compass is the best fit for Amrit, “said Matt Rocco, Chief Operating Officer for WRS Development, LLC. “Amrit is much more than just another luxury oceanfront new condo development. We are committed to offer a new paradigm of mindful living combining Eastern traditions and inner science with Western luxury, all enhanced through the incorporation of modern technologies. The Compass business direction and culture align perfectly with our vision and goals.”

The unique development is dedicated to mindful living and offers an unparalleled wellness lifestyle focused around the “Five Pillars of Wellness” – Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness, Sleep, and Relaxation.

Set on eight acres of oceanfront land, the development offers five-star resort amenities and services including an Aayush Spa, the Wellness Zone, a full services salon, oceanfront fitness zone and beachfront spa, as well as, complete beach and pool services, fitness center, and other more desired amenities. Prices range from the $900,000s to over $4 million.

For more information, please visit:

About WRS Development:
Headquartered in Palm Beach County, Florida, WRS Development, LLC is an affiliate of a diversified group of companies. With expertise in disciplines including investment management, technology, multi-family residential, mixed-use, and commercial properties, The Group employs over 3,000 team members across North America, the Caribbean, and Asia. The founder and strategic leader, Dilip Barot, has collectively conceptualized, financed, designed, built and successfully managed more than 20 million square feet of real estate across the globe. Mr. Barot has been featured in many national and international publications including Forbes magazine, Robb Report, Mansion Global and The Wall Street Journal. Through Amrit Residences, WRS is introducing a luxurious, oceanfront community with an abundance of amenities and a vision to inspire and assist all owners to find their inner balance of peace and happiness.

About Compass Florida Development Division
From project inception to building sellout, Compass Development Division partners with the world’s most forward-thinking developers and innovative architects through the lifespan of a project. Leveraging tenured expertise and the industry’s most powerful technological resources, we provide strategic advice for record-breaking results. The company offers a comprehensive range of developer services, including research and analysis, planning and design, marketing and sales for luxury real estate. With nationwide representation in over 40 Compass offices, Compass Development empowers residential developers with an unparalleled sales footprint in the United States. Licensed as Compass.

Dagan Gose
Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences
+1 936.645.1840
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TCEB launches new online ‘MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre’

Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasat, Director of TCEB MICE Intelligence & Innovation Department

TCEB MICE Intelligence & Innovation Department’s Team

Elevating Thailand’s MICE Advantages to a new Height

BANGKOK, THAILAND, March 21, 2019 / — The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau’s (TCEB) MICE Intelligence & Innovation Department (TCEB M2I) has launched the new ‘MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre’, which is accessible to suppliers, organisers and all players involved in the MICE industry at the TCEB’s website,

Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasat, Director of TCEB M2I Department, said: “The MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre reflects Thailand’s move forward to providing MICE operators with actionable and insightful information they can use to devise concrete business plans.

“TCEB has adopted MICE Intelligence and Data Analytics to respond to the changes taking place in the MICE industry, and with the MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre the bureau will be working closely with operators to elevate the MICE sector in a sustainable and evenly distributed manner.”

The MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre also reflects the role TCEB has taken on as a “Thought Leader” under its new “Thailand Redefine Your Business Events” branding, in which it seeks to help drive change and new ideas for the industry, according to Mrs. Jaruwan.

The MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre is aimed at supporting all target groups – entrepreneurs, businessmen, students and the public – to jointly foster MICE business through the power of data and to create sustainable economic growth. The initiative is part of a six-part strategy under Thailand’s three-year MICE Intelligence & Innovation Strategic Plan (2019-2021).

In developing the new centre, TCEB M2I worked closely with leading global partners including the World Bank, Pacific Asia Travel Association, Frost & Sullivan – a business consulting firm involved in market research and analysis, and media intelligence firm Meltwater Singapore.

Through the MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre, MICE professionals from across the industry can access:

MICE Insights: the in-depth analysis on business trends and new opportunities, to help gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Industry Coverage: the latest insights and trends on Thailand’s 10 S-Curve industries – which include Future Automotive, Smart Device, Health Tourism, Biotechnology, Food Processing, Robotics, Aviation & Logistics, Biofuel & Biochemical, Digital, and Integrated Medical Service – to help explore emerging opportunities in the global and domestic MICE landscape and to embrace and drive changes in the digitalisation era.

The Publications Centre: the TCEB e-Library platform with its growing number of publications on the MICE industry for viewing or download, and with customised search functions in such categories as Business, Economics, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sustainability and Technology.

MICE Business Tools: Event management and planning software that combines pre- and post-event solutions to meet the demand of changing markets. A portfolio of MICE business tools and apps are available to foster engagement between event organizers and event attendees. These include event analytics, business matching, survey and event registration and payment tools.

There’s a self-assessment tool that allows an event organiser to diagnose their event organising potential and management readiness, a financial performance analysis tool to measure event profit and ROI, and a break-even analysis tool to calculate cost and revenue targets needed to cover the organisation and holding of an event.

About TCEB
The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has been the country’s official government agency supporting, promoting and developing global and regional business events (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions – MICE) in Thailand since 2004. As a strategic partner and sanctioned liaison, TCEB co-creates successful solutions with companies and organizations to realise MICE events of every scale and type.

For further information, please contact:
Mr. Chakrapong Pongwecharak
Manager, Marketing Strategy Department
Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau
Tel: 66 2 694 6000 ext 6089

Ms. Sirima Eamtako
TCEB Marketing Strategy Department's Representative
+66 92 843 8452
email us here

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Exclusive Interview With James Dahlke, CEO of Maya Preferred 223 interviewed James Dahlke, CEO of Maya Preferred 223

NEW YORK, NY, USA, March 21, 2019 / — Today ZyCrypto had a chance to speak with James Dahlke, founder, and CEO of Maya Preferred 223. Maya Preferred is an ERC-23 token, backed by gold and silver assets based in Mexico, that some in the industry are looking at as an ideal intermediary between the blockchain-based economy and the global financial system.

Anticipating Maya Preferred’s forthcoming listing on FatBTC, one of the top-ranked crypto exchanges, ZyCrypto asked Mr. Dahlke about some of the factors that had an instrumental role in the creation of Maya Preferred and where he sees his company moving in the future.

ZyCrypto – Please, tell us about the history of Maya Preferred 233. How did you come up with the idea of creating it?

James Dahlke – "The word stability came into my mind when creating Maya Preferred 223. What I mean by this is I realized we had an unstable cryptocurrency market, tokens like Bitcoin were trading at tens of thousands of dollars per coin but in reality, had nothing behind them. I also saw tokens trading hundreds of millions of dollars a day based off of nothing, so I decided that this project was going to be different than all of the others. While creating Maya Preferred 223 I knew I had to put tangible assets behind this token, I had to make sure the investors who bought Maya Preferred 223 had an insurance policy in case things went wrong. So I did what the American government did back in the day, I secured each and every Maya Preferred 223 token with gold and silver. Because of that, we were able to provide a book value; now each token was worth something- not based off of a phantom value but real value. I did this because I want to create stability in the cryptocurrency market. I want to use our token to secure and back other tokens. Our doing this will stabilize the cryptocurrency market and allow the market to trade at a much less volatile rate every day and over time we’ll see that cryptocurrency can be a way of life".

2) ZyCrypto – Have you been inspired by the success of stablecoins like Tether, DAI or Digix?

James Dahlke – "Absolutely. One of the main business plans of ours is using Maya Preferred 223 to back other cryptocurrencies. When looking at some of the other cryptocurrencies out there, it made me realize this was the way to go. Instead of just having tangible assets backing us, we were going to take it to the next level. The next level for us is to continue to add more and more assets to back our token. We’re not just going to stop with the first seven mines that we have in Mexico backing our token. Even though, as of right now, there’s approximately $18,500 backing each and every Maya preferred 223, which is an extraordinary amount of assets, we believe that we need to continue to add more backing to our token. Unlike what you see with Tether, we are not just going to stop with one type of asset backing our token; we have bigger plans. Each time assets are added to our token its book value increases, meaning that with each new acquisition, or new contract signing of additional Gold and Silver Mines to back us, the value of Maya Preferred 223 will increase".

3) ZyCrypto – How do you see the current situation in the crypto market? The age of ICOs seems to be passing, isn’t it too late for such startups in 2019?

James Dahlke – "Too late? Not at all. What makes us different than all of the other startups in the crypto sphere is that we did not do an ICO. We didn’t believe that putting a pre-market value on our token was right for our investors. We believe that allowing the market to place a value on our token was the only fair way of allowing Maya Preferred 223 to set its value. We believe we will become one of the most well-known tokens in crypto very soon".

Full interview here:

Rodrigo Arvide Nava
Maya Preferred 223,
New York, NY USA
Voice: +5214421597208

Andrew Braithwaite
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Company's website,, shares inspiring stories of DOERS, DREAMS, DESIGNS and DESTINATIONS

My passion is helping women succeed as entrepreneurs so that they get the right start, from ideation to marketing, funding, and operation.”

— Mei Xu, Founder Chesapeake Bay Candle and Mei Xu & Co. LLC

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2019 / — Twenty five years after the founding of the Maryland-headquartered Chesapeake Bay Candle company™, Mei Xu has launched a new venture, Mei Xu & Co. LLC, a strategic market advisory firm dedicated to helping women business owners and entrepreneurs grow in the US and China markets.

Xu stepped down as CEO of Chesapeake Bay Candle company in fall 2018, after successfully negotiating the sale of the company in September 2017 to consumer products giant, Newell Brands.

“More and more attention is being focused on women’s equality and empowerment,” says Mei Xu. “My passion is to do my part to help women succeed as entrepreneurs — so that women entrepreneurs get the right start — from ideation to marketing, funding, and operation. Investing in women is not a risky business, but rather a sound one with tremendous social and financial return. I should know, because I am proof.”

In addition to offering strategic advisory services to private clients, Mei Xu & Co. is launching an online community and marketplace to share and exchange ideas, innovations and inspirations. For this new online marketplace, Mei is invoking her name, its phonetic pronunciation in English (M-A-Y S-H-E) and its traditional spoken delivery in Chinese (S-H-E M-A-Y) to create to tell design-devotees, doers and dreamers the definite answer: YES SHE MAY!
Mei notes, “My personal journey, at times, has not been smooth sailing, but I’ve stayed focused, determined and passionate about what I do. Now, I’m chronicling my experience to share the ups and downs and lessons learned with other entrepreneurs and small women-owned businesses that have launched or dream about starting their own companies.”

To learn more, visit and follow Mei on Twitter at @meixuandcompany and LinkedIn

Sherri Cunningham
Mei Xu & Co. LLC
+1 202-302-0280
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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On-the-spot, real-time and affordable soil testing technology is enhancing the agricultural value chain in Uganda.

Satisfying The World’s Nutritional Needs.

The World Food Bank brings soil testing technology to Uganda to help smallholder farmers with their fertilizer decisions.

Uganda is facing an escalating soil fertility crisis and without immediate interventions, the country will continue to lose nutrients and thereby threaten its resource base.”

— AgroCares Chief Agronomist, Christy Van Beek

LITTLETON, CO, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2019 / — On-the-spot, real-time and affordable soil testing technology is enhancing the agricultural value chain in Uganda.

Denver, Colorado March 11, 2019
The World Food Bank brings soil testing technology to Uganda. Recently, the World Food Bank and AgroCares created a strategic relationship, to help smallholder farmers with their fertilizer decisions. The soil scanner technological innovations in IT, sensor technology and machine learning have opened the possibility to use Near InfraRed (NIR) sensors for on-the-spot, real-time and affordable soil tests within 15 minutes using a Bluetooth connection between the NIR sensor and a software application on a smartphone for data interpretation. Hence, within 15 minutes the farmer receives a bespoke fertilizer recommendation for his soil and specific crop selection. This innovation was first released in Kenya in 2017 by SoilCares, part of AgroCares and by now (March 2019) more than 50 organizations worldwide offer soil testing services using this technology, with considerable yield increases. Good soil management is the basis for increased production. Farmers who test their soil and adjust their soil management accordingly build the fundament for production increase. Indeed recent evidence shows 25%-200% yield increases due to improved soil management.
According to AgroCares Chief Agronomist, Christy Van Beek, “Uganda, like most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, is facing an escalating soil fertility crisis and without immediate interventions, the country will continue to lose nutrients and thereby threaten its resource base. To halt and reverse the trend of continuous depletion of the farmers’ most precious resource, current farming practices need to be revisited. Increasing productivity whilst experiencing decreasing soil fertility requires more sophisticated soil management and increased discipline around analysis and fertilizer application. At present, farmers are refrained from on-site information and base their fertilizer selection on intuition, on tacit knowledge and advice from local agrodealers, without knowing the actual nutrient status of their soils. This results in a mismatch between applied nutrients and required nutrients for productive soils. More so, applying non-limiting nutrients result in economic losses and environmental degradation.”
Christy adds, “this problem can be overcome when farmers can base their fertilizer selection on real-time information of the nutrient status of their soils. However, in Uganda as in many parts of the world, farmers hardly have access to reliable and specific soil information. Conventional soil test laboratories can’t give real-time information and are costly. Soil samples need to be collected, typically transported by bus to the laboratory with associated mix-ups and losses and analyzed with reports mailed back to the farmer days or weeks later; a slow, expensive method, with results that are often difficult to interpret by farmers.” Feedback from WFB farmers is consistently positive. One commented “WFB’s agronomist came to my farm and in a short time, performed a test and showed me the report. It told me my soil has good nutrients, but I need lime to reduce the PH. He explained how to apply this and how to plant my seed. I felt they were efficient, professional and helped me increase my income.” Thanks, World Food Bank.”

Scott Brown
World Food Bank
+44 7515 975483
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Current Problems Threatening Healthcare Payers with Himachal Mukhopadhyay

Himachal Mukhopadhyay

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2019 / — In the United States health insurance is one of the most contentious issues currently being debated among voters and constituents. The healthcare industry is a booming one, but it’s also changing extremely quickly. These changes will not only affect patients and consumers, but will also have an impact on healthcare payers and providers. Below we’ll address a number of issues currently threatening healthcare payers within the healthcare payer space with the help of expert Himachal Mukhopadhyay.

Ensuring Costs Don’t Spiral Out of Control

“Keeping costs under control is a challenge for any business – established or fledgling – and the healthcare industry is no different.” Himachal Mukhopadhyay says. Private insurers often don’t have the purchasing power that governments have, and because of that they’re beholden to price hikes of drug companies and hospitals. Keeping the costs of these products and services under control is key to ensuring that healthcare payers can continue to offer affordable services.

Retaining Current Number of Members

According to Himachal Mukhopadhyay, retaining members within the healthcare payer space is critical for ensuring that overheads are consistently met. As private insurers move towards value-based-care, they will work harder and offer incentives to keep patients healthy; this in turn will reduce the amount of money the insurer will have to spend to keep that patient healthy during their lifetime. If patients choose to switch to another insurer, they take with them all the benefits afforded to them by their current healthcare payer, thus wasting money.

Tax Reforms

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will start to have an increased effect in 2019, according to Himachal Mukhopadhyay. This reform will affect payers and providers in different ways, and for profit companies will be able to repatriate foreign cash at a favorable rate. Most payers and providers don’t have foreign companies or services and so won’t be able to benefit from this repatriation. There were also other aspects of the Act which could negatively affect both payers and providers.

Higher Administrative Costs

As the call volume increases in healthcare so do administrative costs. A greater network of providers is needed to assist with determining patient liability amounts in advance. This will ultimately increase the volume of calls across the board as patients enquire about provider invoices and other costs.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7865519491
email us here

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Long-anticipated Maya Preferred 223 Token (MAPR) is Listed at FatBTC

New gold and silver backed token Maya Preferred 223 promises to use itself to stabilize the cryptocurrency market By Backing other major cryptocurrencies

NEW YORK, NY, USA, March 20, 2019 / — Maya Preferred 223(MAPR), a state of the art ERC-23 token, is now available at FatBTC, a centralized crypto exchange. According to official Twitter account of the exchange, buy orders are now live for MARP/BTC trading pair. The trading itself starts on March 21st, at 10:00 (UTC+8).

After this news has been shared by the official Twitter of the project, James Dahlke, CEO of Maya Preferred, stated: "Our team is very proud of the first listing of Maya Preferred. We couldn't have found a better place than FatBTC, one of the most reputable and reliable crypto exchanges. We've done the first step towards becoming a global player at crypto market, and the team is very enthusiastic about it. I believe that Maya Preferred is a solution for those who want to get advantages both from crypto and fiat economies at the same time. Stay tuned, we've got plenty of important and interesting updates on a way."

Maya Preferred is the first ERC-223 token, backed with approximately $18.500 worth of gold and silver per each. It is anticipated to become the cheapest and most preferred global method of payment, working as a mediator between the conventional finance system and blockchain based economy.

The ecosystem of Maya Preferred is expected to include but not limited to ATMs worldwide (target 10,000), cryptocurrency exchanges, security companies, bank accounts, payment systems, payment cards, and OTC trading desk.

The basement of the economic paradigm for 250 million created tokens is precious metals' assets based in Mexico. Maya Preferred is supported by seven gold and silver mines located in three Mexican states: Santiago Apóstol (Guerrero), Mina Del Oro, Mina Ampl. Del Oro, Mina CR (all Sonora), Mina La Guadalupe, Mina La Guadalupe II, Mina Granos De Oro and Mina la Fortuna (all Jalisco) mines.

Please join us on both our Maya Preferred 223 Telegram Channel at and our Telegram group chat room at Investors can also follow us on our Reddit page at

About FatBTC
FatBTC is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Seychelles. It currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $103,126.69 from 56 coins and 102 trading pairs. FatBTC was established in 2014 and is currently on CoinMarketCap's top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges based on trading volume. FatBTC has a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange ranking on and is steadily moving up the list, trading anywhere between $400,000,000 – $500,000,000 daily. FatBTC also has a state of the art Trading App which allows traders to receive the best price executions on the tokens they wish to purchase.

For any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Maya Preferred team via or socials (Twitter and Reddit). For any PR of business queries write to

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.'s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, and is positioned to become the first cryptocurrency to be successfully used as a monetary instrument for individuals to transfer money worldwide. Not only will Maya Preferred change the way people transfer money worldwide, but it will also become the first cryptocurrency to be accepted by many leading retail stores. Because Maya Preferred is an ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, it will be able to execute all of these money transfers and payments for a fraction of the fees charged by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Western Union.

Maya Preferred will also be backed with precious metal assets of gold and silver mine reserves in Mexico, making it the new "gold and silver standard" and instantly providing the stabilization investors have been waiting for in the volatile realm of cryptocurrency. The tokens business plan involves adding more mining assets for backing and thus adding value to itself over time, increasing both stability and the ability to have real tangible assets backing its currency for investors.

Contact Information:
Rodrigo Arvide Nava
Maya Preferred 223,
New York, NY USA
Voice: +5214421597208

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ComplianceOnline Announces Seminar on BSA, AML and OFAC Risk Assessments – Are You Doing Them Correctly

BSA/AML/OFAC Risk Assessments

ComplianceOnline, the leading GRC advisory network, and BSA expert Gina J. Lowdermilk will conduct a seminar on BSA, AML and OFAC risk assessments.

PALO ALTO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2019 / — ComplianceOnline, the leading governance, risk and compliance advisory network with over 700 experts in various regulatory subjects, today announced a seminar on BSA/AML/OFAC Risk Assessments – Are You Doing Them Correctly. The one-and-a-half-day seminar led by renowned BSA expert Gina J. Lowdermilk will be held on April 25 and 26, 2019 in Chicago, IL.

This seminar will highlight BSA/AML best practices that are acknowledged and recognized by regulators and examiners and will discuss each risk assessment area. During the workshop, the speaker will discuss how to conduct a comprehensive review of your organization’s BSA/AML/OFAC risk assessment. It will also help attendees understand the importance of implementing risk assessment program within their organization.

Seminar Instructor Dr Gina J. Lowdermilk, PhD (ABD), CAMS, CRMS is a highly experienced and educated BSA/AML and financial regulatory compliance professional with extensive experience in policy and procedure development and implementation, training, internal audit, monitoring, risk management, and reporting. Her 15 years of experience has given her the opportunity to work from small community banks to large, international financial institutions. Her roles not only included BSA/AML and compliance, but also operations, lending services, business development, marketing, management, department development, and asset quality.

This course will be beneficial to BSA/AML officers, internal auditors, staff with roles and responsibilities in BSA/AML management and oversight, money service business BSA/AML officers, corporate auditors, risk managers, legal department personnel, regulators, and compliance officers.

For more information or to register for the seminar, please click here.

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019 (8.30 AM- 4.30 PM) and Friday, April 26, 2019 (8.00 AM- 12.00 PM)
Location: Courtyard by Marriott Chicago Downtown,River North, 30 East Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60611, USA
Registration Cost: $1,299.00 per registration

Early bird discounts: For discounts on early registrations, please register here.

Register by phone: Please call our customer service specialists at +1-888-717-2436 or email to

For more information on ComplianceOnline or to browse through our trainings, please visit our website.
About ComplianceOnline

ComplianceOnline is a leading provider of regulatory compliance trainings for companies and professionals in regulated industries. ComplianceOnline has successfully trained over 55,000 professionals from 15,000 companies to comply with the requirements of regulatory agencies. ComplianceOnline is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and can be reached at ComplianceOnline is a MetricStream portal. MetricStream ( is a market leader in Enterprise-wide Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Quality Management Solutions for global corporations.

For more information please contact:

Priyabrata Sahoo
+ +1-888-717-2436
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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More than the bottom line: Business for Peace announces the 2019 award winners

Hamdi Ulukaya

Alice Laugher

Dr Agbor Ashumanyi Ako

This year's winners are celebrated for delivering opportunities for women, minorities and diverse and disadvantaged groups

OSLO , NORWAY , March 20, 2019 / — The Oslo Business for Peace Award is given to inspiring business leaders around the globe who have accomplished extraordinary things. The award honours ambassadors of ‘businessworthy’ values, who are shaping society for the better.

2019’s winners are: Dr Agbor Ashumanyi Ako, co-founder of GiftedMom, Alice Laugher, the CEO of CTG (Committed to Good) and Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder and CEO of Chobani. These three leaders are at the helm of companies which have a broader view than just the bottom line and see business as a tool for change. As individuals, they look at the world around them and work to improve it.

Currently in its 10th year, the award boasts an impressive list of previous winners, including Sir Richard Branson (Virgin), Sarah Beydoun (Sarah’s Bag) and Paul Polman (Unilever). An award committee comprised of Nobel Laureates in peace and economics have selected the three outstanding business leaders who receive this year’s accolade. This is following a global, bottom-up nomination process through Business for Peace’s partners; International Chamber of Commerce, Principles for Responsible Investment, United Nations Development Program and United Nations Global Compact.

“The 2019 Honourees have managed to create enterprises with a significant social impact, exemplifying outstanding business contributions to society. In a world of imbalance, they have taken the initiative to establish and grow businesses that offer opportunities to women, minorities, diverse and disadvantaged groups”, comments Business for Peace Founder, Per L. Saxegaard. “These three celebrated individuals have worked tirelessly to counteract inequalities, encouraging inclusion and democratising access to health, aid, and work. Through their businesses, they promote human rights, contribute to sustaining peace and help build environments in which human potential can flourish.”

Agbor Ashumanyi Ako is one of the co-founders of GiftedMom, a digital health platform based in Cameroon that gives pregnant women and mothers across Africa access to vital health information and care. As a digital-first platform, GiftedMom is able to expand faster than traditional health care systems and the start-up aims to reach 10 million women in the next 10 years. Started by Alain Nteff and Doctor Tankou Conrad in 2012, the platform now has over 170,000 users. The award-winning app has significantly improved both pregnancy check-up attendance and vaccination turnouts, with an ultimate goal to see a world free of preventable maternal and infant deaths.

Dr Agbor enthuses, “This recognition is a symbol to show that there is progress in the right direction for the company GiftedMom. It comes as a reminder of the mission ahead. Being nominated by experts from the United Nations Development Programme Business Call to Action community and selected by former Nobel Peace Prize laureates is an indication of how the work GiftedMom is doing provides a global solution to help solve today’s challenges.”

Alice Laugher is the CEO of CTG, Committed to Good, which provides employment and logistics services to development and relief programmes in fragile and conflict-affected countries. From running Ebola treatment clinics in Liberia, to food distribution in Afghanistan and South Sudan, monitoring and assisting refugees in Libya, and rebuilding government constitution in Somalia, the work of CTG is as diverse as our world's issues.

British-born Laugher is a vocal advocate for the Sustainable Development Agenda, with a particular focus on gender equality. She is passionate about CTG being a force for good and creating economic opportunities for women in war-torn regions. She explains: “At CTG, we’ve made empowering women through humanitarian employment in conflict-affected regions our focus. This award, this incredible recognition for our commitment, strengthens our determinations that we are moving in the right direction. I hope it will inspire business leaders, both women and men, to believe that their commitments to change and peace – no matter how small or large in scale – are the only way forward.”

Hamdi Ulukaya is the founder and CEO of Chobani, the company behind the number one Greek yoghurt in America. Today, Chobani has over 2,000 employees in the United States, 30 percent of which are legally resettled immigrants and refugees. Ulukaya has created a corporate culture in which everyone is welcome and has an opportunity to thrive; with innovative profit-sharing and parental leave programmes. Ulukaya has also taken a leadership role in the global business community to encourage action from the private sector to tackle the global refugee crisis.

Ulukaya comments, “I’m very humbled by this honor, and I’m proud to accept it on behalf of the women and men of team Chobani. This new way of business–where companies focus on people and not just profits, try to make the world a little bit better–should be at the heart of every modern company. As CEOs we don’t need to have more, we need to do more. When we see an injustice, we need to speak out. When we have tools and resources to solve problems, we have to use them.”


For more information, images and winner biographies please get in touch.

Sara French
email us here

Introducing the 2019 Business for Peace Award Honourees

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Jeffery Steven Stone reacts to impending IPO deal afforded by world-famous Levi Strauss & Co.

Jeffery Steven Stone

Wall Street's Jeffery Steven Stone addresses IPO announcement from iconic apparel retailer Levi Strauss & Co.

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2019 / — San Francisco, California-based Levi Strauss & Co. (NYSE: LEVI) is an established, globally-recognized apparel retail industry business within the consumer discretionary sector. Capital procurement specialist Jeffery Steven Stone reveals more about this week's slated IPO deal from the world-famous apparel company credited with inventing and developing the iconic so-called 'blue jean.'

"Levi Strauss & Co. is an iconic all-American company with a rich history of profitable growth, exceptional quality, innovation, and corporate citizenship," suggests investment expert Stone, a veteran of New York City's Wall Street for more than three decades.

Founded in San Francisco in 1853 as a wholesale dry goods business, Levi Strauss & Co. invented the iconic blue jean two decades later, according to the company's press and marketing materials.

Today, Levi Strauss & Co. designs, markets and sells products including jeans, casual and dress trousers, shorts, tops, jackets, footwear, accessories, and more designed for men, women, and children around the world. "The company does so," Stone adds, "under its Levi's, Dockers, Denizen, and Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. brands."

With $5.6 billion in net revenues and sales in over 110 countries during fiscal year 2018, Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world's leading apparel companies. The Levi's brand also reports having the highest brand awareness in the denim bottoms category globally.

The design-led and marketing-focused global retail organization is seeking estimated proceeds of $550 million, Stone reveals, with shares offered at a price range of between $14.00 and $16.00 each. Currently in registration, the Levi Strauss & Co. IPO deal date is set for Thursday, March 21, 2019.

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03/19/19 2:31PM
CHATTER LEVI STRAUSS & CO IPO (LEVI:NYSE) 36,666,667 shares @ $14.00 – $16.00. We're hearing this deal is over-subscribed and building. This deal could price above the range. Underwriters: Goldman, Sachs & Co., JPMorgan, BofA Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Evercore Partners, BNP Paribas, CitiGroup, Guggenheim Securities, LLC, HSBC, Drexel Hamilton, Telsey Advisory Group, The Williams Capital Group, L.P.

Jeffery Steven Stone is a Managing Partner at New York City-based Eurasian Capital, LLC, responsible for trading the firm's proprietary capital and corporate finance platform. Further to overseeing the organization's selection analysis and daily investment affairs, Jeffery Steven Stone's principal activities entail utilizing a platform of hedging strategies including quantitative-driven swing trading, covered call writing, and pair trading activity.

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