HouseMaster Home Inspections Opens in Alberta, Canada

Local business professional, Robert Dale, brings established home inspection brand to Alberta

The quality of work I know I am capable of is what motivates me to run this business as successfully as I can.”

— Robert Dale, HouseMaster owner in Alberta

SYLVAN LAKE, ALBERTA, CANADA, February 4, 2019 / — HouseMaster, the first and most experienced home inspection franchise in North America, announces the opening of a new location in Alberta, Canada, owned by Robert Dale.

Dale brings more than 20 years of experience renovating and inspecting homes to his new business. His passion for residential construction and renovating homes began as a child. The experience he has gained over two decades serves as a solid background to launch a HouseMaster Franchise.

He learned about HouseMaster while researching successful businesses that he could bring his experience and passion to.

“I wasn’t happy working full-time for somebody else. I love residential and always have, but I wanted to get back to owning my own business that allowed me to actually help people the way I know I can,” Dale said. “The quality of work I know I am capable of is what motivates me to run this business as successfully as I can.”

A native of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada, Dale is bringing his expertise in home inspection to this area. He services Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, Lacombe, Innisfail and Stettler. HouseMaster provides homebuyers and sellers an independent, third-party, professional evaluation of the visible and accessible condition of the major elements of a home. HouseMaster’s guaranteed inspections enable potential homebuyers and sellers the opportunity to make educated real estate decisions. From interior systems such as plumbing and electrical to exterior components like the roof and siding, the HouseMaster Home Inspection includes the evaluation of the visible and accessible major elements of the home.

HouseMaster is known for its strong commitment to customer service. With more than 315 franchise areas across North America, HouseMaster holds a Net Promoter Score of 92 (a customer satisfaction ranking higher than Apple and Ritz-Carlton). Franchise Business Review has named HouseMaster a top franchise brand in its franchise owner satisfaction category since 2009.

“We’re thrilled to have Robert in our franchise family and excited to watch him build his business in Alberta,” said HouseMaster President and CEO Kathleen Kuhn. “He has great qualities for what we look for in franchise owners: He is passionate, disciplined and excels at bringing quality work to the job.”

For more information, contact Robert Dale at 403-588-0863 or email


About HouseMaster

Headquartered in Somerville, N.J., HouseMaster is the oldest and one of the largest home inspection franchisors in North America. With more than 315 franchised areas throughout the U.S. and Canada, HouseMaster is the most respected name in home inspections. For almost 40 years, HouseMaster has built upon a foundation of solid leadership and innovation with a continued focus on delivering the highest quality service experience to their customers and providing HouseMaster franchisees the tools and support necessary to do so. Each HouseMaster franchise is an independently owned and operated business. HouseMaster is a registered trademark of HM Services, LLC.

For more information please visit or call 732-469-6565.

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Sahara Group, Cherie Blair QC, CBE, discuss promotion of SDGs in Africa

Director, Governance and Sustainability, Sahara Group, Pearl Uzokwe, Head, Corporate Communications, Sahara Group, Bethel Obioma, Chair, Omnia Strategy, Cherie Blair and Group Managing Director, Sahara Power Group, Kola Adesina during a meeting on partner

Leading energy conglomerate, Sahara Group is set to explore opportunities with Cherie Blair to enhance sustainable development in Africa.

Sahara has a remarkable precedent of being at the forefront of private sector participation in driving sustainable development.”

— Kola Adesina, Group Managing Director, Sahara Power Group

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND, February 4, 2019 / — Leading energy conglomerate, Sahara Group is set to explore opportunities with Cherie Blair in a bid to enhance sustainable development in Africa through access to technology, education and food security.

Group Managing Director, Sahara Power Group, Kola Adesina, Director, Governance and Sustainability, Pearl Uzokwe and Head, Corporate Communications, Bethel Obioma, met with Cherie Blair and her Omnia Strategy team in Davos at the recent 2019 World Economic Forum where both parties acknowledged the need for sustained collaboration and involvement of the private sector in the quest to leapfrog Africa into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Speaking at the meeting, Adesina said Sahara Group, in line with its vision of bringing energy to life, was constantly seeking opportunities to partner reputable institutions in its quest to give wings to the aspirations of individuals and businesses in Africa.

According to him, “Sahara has a remarkable precedent of being at the forefront of private sector participation in driving sustainable development. We are currently working with the United Nations on promoting food security in addition to our interventions through the Sahara Foundation. We are strongly focused on building an ecosystem that will make Africa competitive, improve the quality of life of our people, and create wealth through alignment with global partners who share our vision and passion. We look forward to exploring possible intervention projects with Cherie and Omnia Strategy.”

Mrs. Blair noted that Africa would need to embrace technology to accelerate development and create systems that will sustain transparency in business and empower the people, especially women. She added that a commitment to good corporate citizenship and focusing on the relationship between business and human rights is increasingly critical to not only companies but consumers and politicians.

“I think technology plays a huge role in the development of Africa. We have witnessed a marked improvement in the ease of doing business since the inception of mobile money platforms in Africa. This has improved access to funds for small businesses and seamless payment for services without the intervention of middle men. Enhancing access to funds through technology is critical to achieving economic development and prosperity. I believe there are many interventions we can establish working with the Sahara Group,” Mrs. Blair said.

Mrs. Blair also said the fact that the development of mobile apps is becoming commonplace in everyday activities is indicative of the role technology can play in driving sustainable development in Africa. I have seen through my own foundation (Cherie Blair Foundation for Women) how mobile technology is helping farmers till the land better in Africa and find the best price for their produce using mobile apps. These apps are also being used to deliver primary health care options and information to mothers, making people healthier and more productive.”

Mrs. Blair said the three most pressing issues Africa needs to focus on include: education, infrastructure development and food security

Uzokwe said the above were issues that Sahara Group remained passionate about, adding, “we believe that more than ever before, cooperation is needed to transform Africa and Sahara Group is delighted to explore how we can deliver the SDGs in Africa, working with Cherie Blair and her Omnia Strategy team, as well as other stakeholders.”

Both parties will have follow up meetings to determine the terms of reference for the partnership amongst other deliberations.

Bethel Obioma
Sahara Group
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Bruce Gendelman reveals key insurance coverages and concerns for high-net-worth individuals

Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services

Specialist insurance agency chairman Bruce Gendelman explores the exacting requirements of high-net-worth clients and their families.

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2019 / — From excess liability to legacy wealth management, and often with many millions of dollars at stake, Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services chairman Bruce Gendelman highlights a series of essential insurance coverages, policy types, and additional safeguards vital for high-net-worth individuals, their families, and their organizations.

"When considering a particularly significant insurable value, a blanket policy option may be recommended," Gendelman suggests. A blanket—or umbrella—insurance policy, he explains, typically affords flexibility in underwriting and broader insurance services, as well as ease of administration.

"A blanket approach also allows families to tailor special limits for coverage types which are often more challenging to obtain individually," adds the expert, "including cover for flood and earthquake damage, plus insurance for fine art, jewelry, and wine."

Second among Gendelman's suggestions is excess liability, something which may be factored into a blanket or umbrella policy.

An excess liability policy, Gendelman reveals, kicks in when an individual's other liability policies, such as their car insurance, hit their limits. "If an individual was involved in a road traffic accident and was being sued for $1 million, yet their car insurance would only cover $500,000, an excess liability policy is intended to make up the difference," he explains.

"A major component of any solid asset protection plan, in some cases, the proper excess liability, blanket, or umbrella policy may be all an individual or family really needs," says Gendelman.

Next, he points toward the importance of directors and officers insurance, particularly for entrepreneurs. "Even when great care is taken, sometimes decisions made as a routine aspect of doing business can have unintended and problematic consequences," Gendelman explains, "with a resulting lawsuit, for example, invariably proving costly both in terms of time and effort, as well as financially."

A number of ways exist, however, to protect entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals from precisely such situations, according to the insurance agency chairman. "One of the most cost-effective approaches is to have the appropriate directors and officers insurance," he points out, "which includes liability coverage for company executives and board members, designed to protect them from claims arising as a result of their actions in simply doing business."

Another suggestion from Gendelman involves putting in place a strategy for prevention of high-value losses directly as a result of natural disasters. "High-value homes are increasingly being built in disaster-prone areas," he reveals, "and remote locations often susceptible to wildfires, storms, and flooding."

He continues, "A risk assessment, in these situations, is highly advisable. It's important to take fire, flood, and other disaster risks seriously, and in order not to become overwhelmed should the worst happen, it's vital that the necessary plans are put in place well ahead of any such eventualities possibly occurring."

The Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services chairman also advises addressing legacy wealth management strategies. "Whatever clients' coverage requirements or concerns, our agency understands and fully appreciates the importance placed upon protecting their legacies, which is why legacy wealth management remains a key area of focus for us at Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services," he adds, wrapping up.

For over 30 years, the sole focus of Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services has been helping high-net-worth individuals, families, and their organizations to protect their wealth. Based on this experience, Bruce Gendelman's highly-educated team understands the importance of developing risk management strategies designed to succeed in both hard and soft insurance markets.

As a privately owned and operated company, Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services provides high-net-worth clients with stability and sophisticated risk management advice, uncompromised by the demands of a public company. To learn more, please call 800-845-4145 to speak to an insurance concierge or visit

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Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida Explores the Importance of Local Networking Events

Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2019 / — Local networking events help solidify the social and communal structure of a business. Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida explains how these events are worth their weight in gold.

Local networking events are perfect for businesses who are looking to increase or maintain their community image. There is so much that a local networking event can accomplish. Simply talking to like-minded entrepreneurs within your field and beyond helps businesspeople gain a new perspective. However, there are plenty more benefits to attending and participating in these events.

Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida has found out first-hand how essential local networking events can be to business success. Whether the event is held for your industry or not, there is so much a business can accomplish by attending.

Sharing Your Business

It is all in who you know. That is a common saying in the business world. Fortunately, as local networking events become more popular, that statement is far less daunting. The reason is, when you attend a local networking event, you are sharing your business with other entrepreneurs. These are people who have similar thought processes and values. It is a great place to make professional friends. When you share your business with others in this type of environment, it is all about give and take. You are introducing yourself and other professionals will likely follow suit. This leads to you knowing people who could know people or is someone to know themselves. (Or, you never know, you could be the person that someone knows, who helps their business get off the ground.) Either way, sharing your business is a rewarding and positive experience.

Build a Reputation within the Local Entrepreneurial Community

Making connections is all well and good. However, if you do not actively foster those connections, to build a reputation, they will not get you anywhere. Local networking events help to build a reputation. This is a place for discussions and the gathering of information. Participating will give to others as you receive. It is a gesture of comradery, goodwill, and connection. This is what will garner entrepreneur referrals, clients, and other opportunities from other businesses.

Learning from Experienced Individuals

Experience comes in many forms. While there are plenty of knowledgeable entrepreneurs, with great wisdom and advice, there are also new ideas and approaches. This experience is important too. Attending local networking events will help business owners learn new ways of marketing and conducting business. Throughout this event, there is a world of experience that is waiting for every entrepreneur to discover. Participants have no idea what they might find. Yet, with so much dedication and talent in one space, it is bound to be full of excitement and opportunity.

In summation, Sean Juhl of Clearwater Florida loves to keep up with local networking events. It helps his business thrive by keeping up to date with everything that is going on at home. Regardless of the industry, local networking is essential. Home connections and support lay the groundwork for exponential success. Plus, it helps open the doors to different opportunities many business people would never have thought of otherwise.

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Leading U.S Graphite Companies Will Collaborate Towards High-Purity Graphite, Spherical Graphite and Graphene

Urbix Resources and Asbury Carbons have signed a letter of intent outlining collaborative opportunities. Also, Asbury has purchased Urbix's graphite mill.

Asbury clearly understands the evolving global graphite landscape and recognize our techniques as the next evolution in natural graphite refinement and ultimately the energy storage material market.”

— Nico Cuevas, Chairman, Urbix Resources

MESA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2019 / — Emerging graphite refining specialist Urbix Resources announces that it has sold its commercial graphite powder milling assets in Mexico to industry leading graphite processor Asbury Carbons. In addition, Asbury Carbons and Urbix have signed a letter of intent which outlines the interests of both companies in pursuing joint venture and other collaborative opportunities surrounding purified flake graphite, energy storage graphite grades, graphene and graphene-like additives.

As of January 15th, Asbury Carbons has acquired 100 percent ownership in Urbix Resources’ natural graphite powder milling facility located outside of Hermosillo, Sonora MX. This milling facility currently produces fine microcrystalline graphite powders often used in steel, refractory, and coating applications.

In addition to the sale of this commercial operation, Asbury and Urbix have signed a Letter of Intent which states interest by both parties to pursue a joint venture or similar business relationships for the highly refined graphite product space. Some of these highly refined products include, but are not limited to, Purified Flake Graphite, Spherical Graphite, and Graphene.

Urbix, which will offer one of the lowest purification costs in the world for achieving lithium-ion battery grades, averaging less than $375/ per tonne to purify to 99.95%+ total graphitic content, is now breaking ground on its new 31,000 square foot production site in Mesa, Arizona. The facility will be capable of processing up to 36,000 metric tonnes annually of high-purity graphite, and will also be one of the largest facilities in the world capable of producing a variety of graphene additives. The Urbix process lacks the use of Hydrofluoric acid and immense energy consumption and is therefore one of the greenest methods available. A starting production quantity of up to 5,000 metric tonnes will be required by Asbury for a variety of markets. Both firms expect to ramp up significantly from that starting amount. The Urbix facility is being constructed with the help of globally recognized mining EPCM firm M3 Engineering & Technology Corporation, who have also validated the expected refining costs at this new commercial facility in Mesa, Arizona.

“We are excited to propel our innovative refining techniques with a tenured organization like Asbury Carbons,” says Urbix Chairman Nicolas Cuevas. “Asbury clearly understands the evolving global graphite landscape and recognize our techniques as the next evolution in natural graphite refinement and ultimately the energy storage material market.”

Urbix, who also feature a suite of advanced graphite technologies including graphene-enhanced high-voltage supercapacitors and graphene-enhanced concrete, will leverage their global supply chain of flake graphite along with Asbury’s to create a new and highly efficient graphite supply chain.

Urbix expects its new facility to be complete and operational by the end of 2019 at which time it will start providing toll processing services for many producers of graphite around the world.

— 30 —

CONTACT: Linda Richards, Urbix Resources
(805) 459-1550

About Urbix Resources:
Urbix Resources LLC is one of the premier providers of refined graphite powders, pristine graphene, and specialty graphite products in the world. Urbix is also an expert in li-ion battery cell design and boasts next generation high voltage electrolyte and fast charging electrode nanoarchitecture. The company creates radical change in the way natural graphite is refined and commercialized, and specializes in all aspects of the graphite value chain. It is a premier provider of refined graphite powders, pristine graphene, and specialty graphite products. Urbix’s advanced technology includes environmentally and cost conscious purification methods and significant intellectual property developments in a wide range of applications. The Urbix laboratory is located in Mesa, Arizona with commercial milling operations outside Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

About Asbury Carbons:
For 124 years, Asbury Carbons a fourth generation privately owned global company has supplied quality carbon and graphite products including graphite dispersions for use in a wide range of industrial applications around the globe, including refractories, friction materials, lubricants, powder metals, carbon brush, rubber, heat management, fire retardant, fuel cells, drilling, coatings and many other applications. Asbury Carbons remains the most diversified supplier of all types of natural graphite, synthetic graphite, graphite dispersions, other related carbon products, and a variety of other raw materials. Asbury focusing on meeting customers particular needs and continue to maintain their position as the world’s supplier of choice for refined graphite and other carbons. Asbury’s extensive research and development group helps create new products to meet the ever-changing needs of their global customers along with continuing their long history of collaboration, growth, and diversification.

Linda Richards
Urbix Resources
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Paysafecard and Paysafecash are now supported on the Limonetik Payment Platform

Attention E-merchants: Cash can increase your revenue!

Paysafecard, online payment for everybody”

— Corinne Estève

PARIS , ILE DE FRANCE , FRANCE , February 4, 2019 / — Many talk of the demise of cash, which weighs down pockets and purses, but the fatal prognosis for liquid currency has turned out false. As witnessed with the paperless office, visionaries are being proven wrong by counter currents and fickle, rebellious consumers. Whereas general opinion predicted the crash of cash and the rise of mobile payment and cryptocurrency, the trend appears to be flattening out. Certain segments of the consumer public indeed prefer cash. According to estimates by the European Central Bank (BCE), nearly 80% of people prefer fumbling with cash and make their purchases in physical stores. But why isn’t this payment option available for online purchasing?

Limonetik, a payment service aggregator, works with Paysafe Group, one of the world's leading end-to-end payment providers by incorporating their payment solutions paysafecard and Paysafecash. Offering Paysafe to its local and international customers (PSPs, acquirers, major merchant sites and marketplaces), Limonetik complements its portfolio by payment solutions that respond effectively and seamlessly to the requirements and practices of a global trend.

Paysafecard, online payment for everybody

Founded in 2000 and based in Vienna, paysafecard now operates in nearly 50 countries. Boasting more than 120 million transactions in 2017, paysafecard´s online prepaid payment method not only satisfy demands for security and anonymity but also address consumers without a bank account or credit card. paysafecard allows customers to make purchases without having to provide the merchant with sensitive, personal information such as bank or credit card details. paysafecard was designed for merchants in online gaming and entertainment.
It’s a practical solution for consumers worried about their anonymity and data security: they merely need to obtain a paysafecard PIN at one of 600,000 points of sale (e.g. supermarkets, kiosks or petrol stations) or online.
Paysafecash – buy online, pay offline
Paysafecash, a barcode based cash payment solution developed by paysafecard, empowers e-commerce merchants in retail, ticketing and travel to accept cash payments. The pioneering payment option is designed to meet consumer needs following the growth of cash-based payments on the internet. Paysafecash allows underbanked and cash customers to enter the e-commerce environment and supports security seekers as well.
Paysafecash is free for consumers and easy to use:
1. Generate barcode
The customer selects “Paysafecash” in the online shop as the payment method, loads the generated QR/barcode to his wallet, sends it to his mobile phone or prints it out.
2. Find payment point
Using the search function, the customer finds the nearest Paysafecash payment point.
3. Scan & pay
The customer has the QR/barcode scanned by sales staff in a payment point (e.g. a petrol station or corner shop) and pays the amount due. The online shop processes the order directly after payment.
Simple and safe for consumers, and for e-merchants a generator of new incremental revenue by enabling cash based customers.
In an increasingly international market of e-commerce, systems for securing remote transactions are improving. paysafecard and Paysafecash are two such new-generation payment solutions.

Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard appreciates the cooperation with Limonetik:” We are delighted to be working with the award-winning Fintech company Limonetik with immediate effect. The integration of our payment solutions into the Full Service on Demand platform in France, one of our most important core markets, represents a great added value for us and supports our business strategy of strong and sustainable partnerships on the global, digital marketplace.”
For e-merchants, paysafecard and Paysafecash opens up access to complete new target groups of security seeker and underbanked people and thereby optimise their conversion rate. Paysafe products are anti-fraud solutions that provide 100% guarantee of payment, reduce risk, and thereby relieve finance departments from the burden of chargeback procedures.

About Paysafe Group
Paysafe Group (Paysafe) is a leading global provider of end-to-end payment solutions. Its core purpose is to enable businesses and consumers to connect and transact seamlessly through industry-leading capabilities in payment processing, digital wallet, card issuing and online cash solutions. With over 20 years of online payment experience, an annualized transactional volume of over US $80 billion, and approximately 3,000 employees located in 12+ global locations, Paysafe connects businesses and consumers across 200 payment types in over 40 currencies around the world. Delivered through an integrated platform, Paysafe solutions are geared toward mobile-initiated transactions, real-time analytics and the convergence between brick-and-mortar and online payments.

About paysafecard
Founded in 2000, paysafecard is a market leader in online prepaid payment methods and part of the broad portfolio of innovative payment solutions and services offered by the Paysafe Group. It operates under the brands of paysafecard, my paysafecard, paysafecard Mastercard® and Paysafecash. Available in over 600,000 outlets in nearly 50 countries worldwide, paysafecard enables easy and secure online purchases over the internet as payment is made using a unique, 16-digit paysafecard PIN and customers do not need to share sensitive financial data such as bank account or credit card details online. Earlier this year, the paysafecard team launched Paysafecash – a new, alternative prepaid payment method for customers who want to pay online easily and safely using cash. Paysafecash is already being used in multiple European markets as well as Canada. Headquartered in Vienna, in 2017 paysafecard achieved prepaid merchant transaction volumes of 2.8 billion Euro.

Yona Journo
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SMArtX Advisory Solutions Adds OCIO Services to Managed Accounts Platform

Pascal Roduit Brought on as Chief Investment Strategist

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2019 / — February 4th, 2019 – West Palm Beach, FL: SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leading financial technology and Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP), announced the addition of outsourced chief investment officer (“OCIO”) services for users of the SMArtX platform. SMArtX works directly with advisory clients to understand their investment objectives and creates customized portfolios specific to each advisor request. SMArtX has hired Pascal Roduit as its Chief Investment Strategist to head up this effort. Mr. Roduit comes to the firm after his roles as Senior Financial Analyst at Mercer Park LP, Chief Risk Officer for the Maple Rock Funds, and Director of Risk Management at Pine Grove Asset Management.

SMArtX’s OCIO services were created to provide advisors with institutional strategy analysis and portfolio construction recommendations. At the fundamental level, SMArtX works directly with advisors to understand their needs and suggest portfolios that fit those criteria. As an additional level of service, SMArtX will also participate in conference calls with advisor’s clients, run webinars on portfolio construction, and attend meetings. Furthermore, SMArtX provides monthly macro-economic newsletters outlining the potential market impact of various economic developments for clients.

“We have seen growing demand for additional strategy analysis and assistance with portfolio construction from our advisory clients, particularly as it relates to incorporating alternative strategies into client portfolios in this increasingly volatile market,” said Evan Rapoport, CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions. “Pascal’s background building portfolios for institutional investors expands the underlying function of the SMArtX TAMP – streamlining the investment operations of our client’s wealth management process.”

The OCIO services leverage SMArtX’s award winning TAMP, which offers over 475 investment strategies across traditional, alternative, and direct indexing strategies. The platform also provides rebalancer, Advisor as a PM, drift management, intra-day reporting, and proposal generator tools to further simplify and scale an advisor’s business model.

About SMArtX Advisory Solutions (
SMArtX Advisory Solutions is the next generation turnkey asset management platform and the only platform to seamlessly offer traditional, alternative, and passive direct index strategies in a unified managed account structure. The firm also uses its proprietary trading and managed accounts technology to power SMArtX (, SS&C Advent’s integrated unified managed account solution.

Alex Smith-Ryland
SMArtX Advisory Solutions
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Equatorial Guinea is last port for H.R. 1242 Resilience Project

Don Victor Mooney takes refuge at White Marlin Marina in Ocean City, Maryland, as Hurricane Joaquin was nearby.

At Nauticus Maritime Museum in Norfolk, Virginia Don Victor Mooney is welcomed, given rest, and updated on local water conditions,

Dr. Rev. Herbert Daughtry, House of the Lord Church, Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, and H.E. Anatolio Ndong Mba welcome Don Victor Mooney home at New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.

Faces of resilience, commemorative plaques, book, and a resilience tour to Africa will commemorate 400 Years of African American History in the United States.

It's my prayerful hope, that each state in the United States, and it's territories will send a delegation for the Resilience Tour. Our diversity is America's greatest strength.”

— Don Victor Mooney

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2019 / — H.R. 1242 Resilience Project, Inc. launches a commemoration for the 400 Years of African American History with a social media campaign sharing faces of resilience, commemorative plaques, book release, and a four-hundred delegation resilience tour to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Senegal, and Equatorial Guinea from December 1 – 10.

It's my prayerful hope, that each state in the United States and its territories will send a delegation for the Resilience Tour to Africa. Our diversity is America's greatest strength, said Don Victor Mooney.

With a historic signing, President Donald Trump penned H.R. 1242 bill on January 8, 2018, which established the 400 Years of African American History Commission Act to develop and carry out activities throughout the United States to commemorate the 400 anniversary of the arrival of Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia in 1619. This bipartisan bill was introduced by Congressman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (VA) and Senators Tim Kaine (VA) and Mark Warner (VA), with numerous co-sponsors and support from advocacy groups.

The African American History Commission Act calls attention to recognize and highlight the resilience and contributions of African Americans since 1619 to the United States. In alignment with the commission mandate, H.R.1242 Resilience Project, Inc. will unveil commemorative plaques along the Inter-coastal Waterway, Virginia Inside Passage, Eastern coastline leading up to New York's Brooklyn Bridge, and other locations upon request. This initiative will recognize the resilience of Don Victor Mooney, (53), from Queens, transatlantic row, that endured ten years, five boats, four attempts, and three rescues at sea, a first for an African American.

The timing H.R. 1242 Resilience Project announcement is two-fold. It also allows me the opportunity to convey prayers and solidarity to the President of Equatorial Guinea, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo visit to New York this week, as the country began chairing the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council on February 1, said Don Victor Mooney. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Mooney was decorated by President Obiang on February 3, 2016. He joined his family as they all received nationality and was gifted a home in Oyala.

Mooney's Brazilian built rowboat, Spirit of Malabo, was sponsored by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and it would carry him five-thousand miles plus from Las Palmas, Canary Islands, an archipelago located off the coast of West Africa to New York's Brooklyn Bridge. His goal was to bring attention to the global AIDS crisis and honor the countless number of his African ancestors that died during The Middle Passage and worked on plantations in America's as slaves. Mooney is a descendant of slaves that was owned by George Washington, first President of United States.

Mooney's contribution to the United States went beyond the oar. Through his pursuit to cross the Atlantic Ocean, he was pivotal in bridging the gap between Muslim and Arabic countries and the United States; thereby fostering co-existence and tolerance with this population for the global fight against terrorism and the continuity of world peace. Pope John Paul II, now Saint John Paul would give Mooney a blessing at the Vatican on December 1, 2004 – World AIDS Day for his mission.

The Goree Challenge success was realized with support from U.S. Department of State, Members of Congress, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, UPS, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Lowes, Maersk Shipping, West Marine, Friends of the United States, National Park Service, the general public and many others.

Suggested Donation for commemorative resilience plaques:

$2,500 includes shipping costs, design inscription content to recognize local sponsors.

$5,000 includes all the above + Don Victor Mooney's appearance for H.R. 1294 Resilience Plaque unveiling ceremony. Travel cost from New York not included.

10-day Resilience Tour to Africa (December 1 – 10, 2019)

On December 1, 2019, four-hundred passengers will depart from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York on a chartered flight to take part in a once and a lifetime visit to Africa. This initiative will culminate America's 400 Years of African American History highlighting the arrival of 20 and odd Negroes in Point Comfort, Virginia during 1619. The resilience tour will revisit three departure points for Goree Challenge, which all played a role in transporting Africans to the Americas and Caribbean.

Itinerary: Goree Island/ Dakar, Senegal (2 days/ 2 nights), Las Palmas, Canary Islands (2 days/ 2 nights), Praia, Cape Verde (2 days/ 2 nights). At each stopped a commemorative resilience plaque will be mounted at an appropriate space in cooperation with local authorities. The group will explore culture, heritage sites, and more. Chartered air-conditioned buses will transport guests around. Package includes hotel accommodations. Alcoholic beverages excluded. U.S. passport holders are exempt for visas to Equatorial Guinea, Canary Islands, and Senegal.

The final itinerary for the resilience tour will be in Equatorial Guinea to celebrate the Spirit of Malabo opening reception for permanent exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art Equatorial Guinea on December 8, 2019. A workshop on workplace/ supplier diversity is being planned at Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Le Golf. In Equatorial Guinea, the islands of Bioko and Annobon were important landing sites for the slave trade. A special forum will also coincide to strengthen cultural, educational, and economic partnerships in the administrative capital city of Oyala, which will promulgate the country's new Single Business Window initiative that will help entrepreneurs with the creation of new companies, through the provision of integrated services for processing and business consultancy.

Guests will be pampered at The Grand Hotel Djibloho, that's located in the heart of the Equatorial Forest and visit The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mongomo, often called the Vatican of Africa by tourist. Ecotourism, golfing and more activities will be available on this trip.

The Grand Hotel Djibloho

Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Le Golf

Equatorial Guinea – (4 days/ 4 nights)

Cost: US $7,000 per person (based on double occupancy)

Travelers from outside the United States are strongly encouraged to join in this historic trip.

On the net:

Lisa Jones
H.R. 1242 Resilience, Inc.
+1 347-333-1122
email us here
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Mooney rows in Dismal Swamp, which was built by slaves

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ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリでご案内する「バンジャール」ミーティングパッケージ







— カリム・タヤック

DENPASAR, BALI, INDONESIA, February 4, 2019 / — バリ島の神秘を感じて下さい。この度ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリでは、バリ島に受け継がれている伝統や神秘を盛り込んだ、新しいビジネスミーティングの形をご案内いたします。「バンジャール」ミーティングパッケージは、充実した会議施設に最新の視聴覚技術を完備し、ビジネスと休暇をバランスよく取り入れた、バリ島ならではの新しいミーティングパッケージです。思い出に残るイベント、ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリの紳士淑女たちによるきめ細かなサービス、様々なご希望に応じたテイラーメイドなご手配などが、バリでの大切なひとときを成功へと導きます。

「バンジャール」とは、バリ文化に昔から受け継がれてきた小さな地域社会、いわゆる町内会を意味しています。「バンジャール」ミーティングパッケージでは、こうした地元の伝統文化を、ビジネスでバリを訪れる方々にも感じて頂きたいとデザインされました。地元に根づく文化や伝統を共有する場所「バレ・バンジャール」は、昔から島の人々にとって、神々へのお供え物を用意したり、地域内に飾る竹やヤシの葉、色鮮やかな花々で作られた伝統的な飾り物を手分けして作る、地元の人々の社交の場として大切な存在です。ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリでは、こうした地元の精神を受け継ぎ、参加する全ての皆様によって作り上げていく素晴らしいイベントの成功を目指しています。


「ザ・リッツ・カールトンバリでは受賞実績を誇る屋内屋外の会場や、コーポレートイベントに最適な会場を幅広く完備しています。またバリならではの魅力あふれる文化体験をご用意し、催事を成功へと導きます」 カリム・タヤック総支配人は説明します。




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ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリについて
エレガントでトロピカルな雰囲気につつまれたザ・リッツ・カールトン バリは、インド洋が目の前に広がる豪華なリゾートです。紺碧のインド洋を臨む279室のゆったりとしたスイートや34棟のヴィラは、コンテンポラリーなバリニーズラグジュアリーを感じるご滞在をご用意しています。ザ・リッツ・カールトンクラブ®をはじめ、ホテルには6か所のスタイリッシュなレストランやバー、エキゾチックな雰囲気をもつスパ、楽しいアクティビティを揃えたリッツキッズをご用意しています。魅力的なビーチフロントのウエディングチャペルや、バラエティー豊かな会場や美しいガーデンはバリ島でのお祝いのイベントやウエディングパーティーの会場として最適です。充実した設備を整えた催事会場、豪華な会議室、カスタマイズ可能なパッケージ内容、経験ゆたかなオーガナイザーなども、バリ島での各種ビジネスイベントに欠かせません。ビジネスや休暇、ハネムーンなど、ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリは訪れるゲストにいつまでも心に残る思い出のご滞在をご提供します。フェイスブック、インスタグラム、ツイッター、ユーチューブ、リンクドインにてフォローをお待ちしています。

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Совместить Отдых И Бинес На Бали : Отель The Ritz-Carlton Бали Предлагает Пакет «Встреча С Банджаром»

Ужин в балийском стиле

Балийский сладкий перерыв

Ужин у Индийского океана

Выбор свежих морепродуктов

Балийском стиле

The Ritz-Carlton, Бали предлагает отмеченные наградами залы для проведения мероприятий внутри и площадки на открытом воздухе, а также лучшие места для корпоративных мероприятий”

— Карим Таяч

DENPASAR, BALI, INDONESIA, February 4, 2019 / — Воплощая волшебный дух Бали в реальность, отель The Ritz-Carlton, Bali предлагает опыт деловых встреч, который отражает суть балийского наследия, приятно удивляя и вдохновляя каждого участника встречи. Пакет для встреч «Встреча с Банджаром» обеспечивает идеальный баланс между бизнесом и отдыхом, предоставляя большие конференц-залы, оснащенные новейшими аудиовизуальными технологиями. Стараясь помочь провести единственные в своем роде деловые встречи, ответственные Леди и Джентельмены отеля The Ritz-Carlton Бали обеспечат превосходное обслуживание из подлинного балийского гостеприимства.

Исходя из слова «Банджар», базового общества в балийской культуре, пакет «Встреча с Банджаром» ориентирован на богатые культурные традиции. Представляя дух общности и демократии, философия деловых встреч на Бали заключает в себе идею о том, что когда люди собираются в месте под названием «Бале Банджар», они принимают все решения, касающиеся социального обеспечения и будущего жителей «Банджара».

В «Банджаре» местные жители также собираются, чтобы изготовить подношения для своих Богов и украшения для благословения своих деревень, сделанные в основном из пальмовых листьев, тропических цветов или бамбука. В отеле The Ritz-Carlton Бали кураторское предложение о деловых встречах было разработано для того, чтобы во время проведения этих необычных мероприятий передать местное наследие и дух, разнообразить жизнь каждого участника.

Местные кулинарные традиции демонстрируют коренное и богатое наследие благодаря благодатной почве на острове, обогащенной лавой, идеальной для выращивания овощей, тропических фруктов и редких специй. Используя каждый ингредиент полезный для организма, команда общественного питания курорта профессионально разработала уникальный кулинарный опыт – как часть пакета «Встреча с Банджаром».

The Fruit Market Break («Фруктовый Перерыв») предлагает свежий урожай садов острова, из которого уникально приготовлены блюда на любой вкус.
The Balinese Sweet Break («Балийский Сладкий Перерыв») предлагает знаменитые традиционные закуски от разных частей острова, приготовленные из трех основных ингредиентов – рисовой муки, кокосового ореха и пальмового сахара. Warung Lunch («Ужин в Варунге») – это место, напоминающее уличный продуктовый рынок, где гости могут попробовать различные блюда местной кухни. Свежеприготовленная, богатая вкусом и специями, еда подается в традиционных тележках на территории отеля, чтобы развлечь гостей кулинарным приключением.

The Ritz-Carlton, Бали предлагает отмеченные наградами залы для проведения мероприятий внутри и площадки на открытом воздухе, а также лучшие места для корпоративных мероприятий, предоставляя захватывающий балийский культурный опыт, который волнует своих гостей и обеспечивает проведение наиболее интересных и успешных мероприятий», – говорит Главный Менеджер Карим Таяч.

Для безупречного окончания деловых встреч и незабываемого ощущения места, гости могут выбрать Ужин у Индийского Океана. С наступлением ночи и появлением звезд, гости могут обратиться к обувному консьержу курорта, чтобы погрузиться в непринужденную, без обуви атмосферу, созданную в местных декорациях, с привлекательными развлечениями и самобытной кухней.

Золотистый пляж отеля, декорированный как балийская рыбацкая деревушка, освещен небольшими кострами и факелами тики. В уютной интимной обстановке изящные столы увязают глубоко в песке, а на открытой площадке гостям предлагается насладиться блюдами мирового класса.
В самых эффектных местах и в настоящей праздничной атмосфере посетители будут наслаждаться музыкой и традиционными танцами.

Чтобы учесть современную тенденцию деловых встреч и инсентив-поездок, рассмотрите опыт встреч здесь,Зайдите на сайт и присоединяйтесь к общению в социальных сетях с #RCMemories.

Об отеле The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.
Уникальность роскошного пляжного курорта The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, раскинувшегося вдоль побережья Индийского океана на южной оконечности острова – в сочетании белоснежного песка на берегу океана и возвышающегося утеса, на котором он находится. Захватывающие виды на голубую лагуну и 279 изысканно обставленных номеров и 34 просторные виллы отеля делают его идеальным местом как для романтического путешествия, так и для семейных каникул или деловых встреч. На территории курорта – клубный лаунж, шесть элегантных ресторанов, огромный Спа-центр с экзотическими процедурами и Детский клуб со множеством развлечений. Очаровательная свадебная часовня на пляже создает волшебную атмосферу для свадьбы, а площадки на открытом воздухе прекрасно подходят для проведения праздничных мероприятийи свадебного банкета на Бали. Технически оснащенные конференц-залы, помещения для встреч, специальные предложения для проживания и опытные организаторы помогут создать идеальное MICE мероприятие на Бали. Все это наполняет отдых в отеле The Ritz-Carlton, Baliвоспоминаниями, которые останутся навсегда. Подписывайтесь на нас в Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Wechatid:

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Встречи с балийской философией жизни

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