Basel in the art hype

Curator Heinz Playner with artist Kalin Luy Ken

Artist Bo Song

Pop art artist Tanja Playner

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, June 21, 2019 / — The World's Most Important Art Week – Art Basel has this year brought together gallery owners, artists, curators, art critics, art lovers and, of course, millionaire art collectors. Millions of dollars, however, were also the prizes for works of art. Already on the first day there were million sales. The artwork „Versammlung“ / "Assembly" by Gerhard Richter was sold for $ 20 million. Eight paintings by Sigmar Polke, Neo Rauch, or a Georg Baselitz painting for 2,5 million euros were sold. But also a Pablo Picasso plant by 40 million, as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein by several million euros, or a work by Cindy Sherman offered by 650 000. But also works of art between 6000 and 14000 Euro, like objects of the artist Giulia Cenci were sold.

In addition to Brad Pitt, who comes to Basel every year to enjoy and buy art, singer Rihanna was also surprised on Friday, who visited the Art Basel after lunch in the restaurant "Teufelshof" and was loud "Blick" from the artwork "Sacred Heart "Impressed by Jeff Koons at the booth of Larry Gagosian.

Not only the art in Basel was striking. The visitors to Art Basel were also attracted to art. There was a lot to see: from Burberry, Valentino, to selfmade jeans and recycled clothes. Model Alessandra Ambrosio wore a friendship bracelet from British label Bottletop, supporting the UN's goals for sustainable development. Some even wore their art and thus attracted attention, like Pop Art artist Tanja Playner.

In addition to the Art Basel, there were some spectacular from the world of art in Basel to see. The Fondation Beyeler extended the exhibition "The Young Picasso – Blue and Pink Period" for visitors to the Art Basel and those attending the Venice Biennale. After the Gauguin exhibition 2016, the Picasso exhibition with 320,000 visitors since 3 February is the second most successful exhibition in the history of the Fondation Beyeler.

The Kunstmuseum Basel hosted for the first time an event that was not officially called a party, but combined art and music. The main act of the event was performed by musician and producer Flying Lotus from Los Angeles.

The "2nd International Fine Art Biennale Basel", organized by the MAMAG Modern Art Museum with curator Heinz Playner transformed the entire ground floor of the Grand Hotel Euler into an art museum during Art Basel time and presented a selection of artists from several continents.

Some artists of the "2nd International Fine Art Biennale Basel" have received an art prize. Like the artist Bo Song from South Korea. Her juicy colors, Buddhist philosophy and mandala stylized works of art impressed not only curator Heinz Playner, but also the visitors of the exhibition. The artist Kalin Luy Ken also received an art prize from the Biennale. His elaborate philosophical work "Chariots of Fire", which was conceived at the "2nd International Fine Art Biennale Basel", refers to how people deal with the environment, themselves, politics and the destruction of the world. The Biennale's art award winners include Hong Kong-born and UK-based artist Wendy Yeo for her artworks with fish in a vivid abstract implementation.

One of the highlights of the Biennale included some artworks by the world well known pop art artist Tanja Playner. The artist deals with the topics of love, dealing with each other and sets accents to a positive attitude in life.
The art of the artist Erica Fromme from Germany also brings a positive mood. Her works of art, which she themselves called "Crazy Art" were to see in Basel. Among the eye-catchers of the Biennale is the artwork "Empfänger" by the Swiss artist Fant Wenger. His conceptual art is based on communication between people, nature, information and technology. The work of Jungching Hsiau from Taiwan aroused great interest among the audience. His artworks show the precise technique of caligraphy and emotional communication between the sheet and the artist. Works by the artist Dominique Meunier from France were also shown at the Biennale in Basel. His abstract artworks mostly in blue green colors were very well received by the audience.

Extraordinary is the characteristic of art in Basel. The black and white snapshots of faces and situations captured during his travels are a feature of his iconographic production by Italian photographer Maurizio Iazeolla. Emotional facial expressions set in soap bubbles were seen with excitement by visitors to the Biennale in Basel.

For the artist Christin Ohlin Sign Kin from Sweden, art is not only a self-healing tool, but also the communication tool between her psychic language and the viewer. At the Biennale the artwork of the artist "Lily was here" was exhibited.

A constant experiment of photography showed Biennale with the works of the artist Pavel Proskuriakov. The result of his work is always surprising, because the artist never knows what that will look like and that releases his imagination.

The free play of the thoughts sets also artist Sisko Linnea in her works of art. Her expressive, spontaneous works of art in which she connects the conscious with the subconscious were to be seen in Basel.

Golden colors in combination with impressionistic strokes sound almost like classics. Karol McQuade from Costa Rica, however, has created a striking implementation in her artwork. Some works of art from the series "Golden Rain" were on view in Basel and were well received by the audience.

A mix of photography and design by US artist Howard Harris was also on display at the Biennale in Basel. The philosophical basis for Harris' work is partly the study of quantum physics and chaos theory, in particular the proposition that the observer always influences what is observed.

The artist Aprajita S Chadha from Singapore also deals with chaos. In Basel, the MAMAG Modern Art Museum presented two of her works of art at the 2nd International Fine Art Biennale in Basel. Her artworks are very much based on emotions, inner exploration and a few small details, creating communication between the artwork and the viewer.

Heinz Playner
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Digit Insurance's growth story, on becoming India’s fastest growing Insurtech

Digit Insurance

Digit Insurance

Digit Insurance Motor Market Share

Digit Insurance Motor Market Share

Clocks $172mn premium, with 2.8 million customers in last 12 months.

To make something simple, you need to be honest with your partners and customers. Which is why we have recently released a Transparency Report 2.0 that has our service performance numbers.”

— Kamesh Goyal, Founder, Digit Insurance

BENGALURU, INDIA, June 21, 2019 / — ● Closed 35,000+ claims in 12 months
● Market share of 2% in motor category in India in Q1’19
● Paperless claims processes enabled through DIY (do-it-yourself) Mobile App bringing down inspection processes from 7 days to 7 minutes
● Combined ratio of 140% (IFRS basis) with loss ratio at 79%
● Digit’s Transparency Report 2.0 a unique report in the insurance world

Fairfax backed Digit Insurance, an Indian insurtech startup with a mission to “Make Insurance Simple” announced that it has reached 2.8 million customers with $172mn premium in FY 2018-19. It also announced crossing 35,000+ claims closed in the same period. Digit has gained a market share of 2% in motor category in India in Q1’19, with a remarkable 72% Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The company believes that 'Simplicity' has been their biggest differentiator in achieving this Growth and Customer Satisfaction. They are bringing simplicity to a complex industry by using technology, especially when it comes to processes. For instance, they have launched a Smartphone-enabled Self-Inspection process that cuts down the inspection time for car claims from 7 days to 7 minutes. Even for product innovations, they've launched innovative products like Mobile Screen Damage Insurance which has relevance for Indian Millennials who are always on the move.

IIn his recent visit to India, Mr. Prem Watsa, Chief Executive of Fairfax Financial, said, “Digit Insurance’s growth last year has been phenomenal. Also, I believe their platform will be useful to other Fairfax companies globally as well and we want to take the Digit technology platform to Brazil, the US and other parts of the world for which we are already working with the Digit team.”

Kamesh Goyal, Founder, Digit Insurance said, “To make something simple, you need to be honest with your partners and customers. Which is why we have recently released a Transparency Report 2.0 that has our service performance numbers.”

About Digit:

Digit is India’s insurtech startup started by Kamesh Goyal and backed by the Fairfax Group. The company has raised total funding amounting to $94 million from Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Holdings. For more information, please write to

Link to Digit’s Transparency Report 2.0

Vivek Chaturvedi
Digit Insurance
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Digit Insurance Understood by 15 yrs old kids

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Alontrus Group Launches Multi-Protocol Blockchain Consulting Firm to Enable the Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Business Value + Salesforce + Oracle = Alontrus

NEW YORK, NY, US, June 21, 2019 / — Alontrus Group, LLC has launched with a team of seasoned Blockchain technology veterans to address SMB/Enterprise Blockchain adoption in the banking, financial information services and insurance sectors.

The Founding Members of Alontrus are Lisa Canty, President of NEST Global Solutions, CEO of DocBlox and the former CEO of ChainNinja; Richard Brownstein, former CEO of AuraBlocks and Vikal Kapoor and Dominic Steil, currently CEO and CTO of Dapps Inc. The group has an extensive partner network and a portfolio of use cases across Salesforce, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, Ethereum, Hyperledger (Fabric and Sawtooth), Quorum and R3 Corda.

Global Organizations are eager to grow their businesses by leveraging blockchain technology, but lack a trusted partner to deliver enterprise value.

The inflection point for adoption of enterprise Blockchain is now. Altontrus Group assists the SMB/Enterprise in deploying value based blockchain applications by applying proven methodologies and industry standards to the businesses digital transformation roadmap. The founders of Alontrus Group came together to remove confusion as to which blockchain to use and how to go about assessing a good use case.

“I believe the robustness of the Oracle Blockchain Platform is second to none, but other protocols, such as ones specific for high speed low cost payments are required in developing holistic solutions” says Richard Brownstein, Founder and whose previous company helped launch the Oracle Blockchain Platform at Open World 2017 with numerous working proof of concepts. “Although I love Blockchain, most solutions can be accomplished without it. That’s why a deep understanding of the business problem is most important.”

“Customers routinely ask us for knowledgeable consulting and implementation services for our suite of CRM dApps. While working with Richard and Lisa at a joint customer, our discussions led us to the realization that the market gap was larger than previously known.” said Vikal Kapoor, Co-founder and CEO of Dapps Inc. “The Alontrus Group has the cross-cloud, cross-platform and cross-protocol expertise customers need in the design, development and deployment of enterprise blockchain initiatives. At each customer, Dapps aims to deliver next-gen CRM dApps to grow the business. Alongside Alontrus Group, our EBC platform will enable innovative companies with “new stack” software that accelerates digital transformation initiatives and increases business productivity while supporting a faster pace of product innovation.”

“We document organize and map complex enterprise processes and then, based on where the highest ROI and where the least friction exists, we make recommendations. Many times we don’t recommend Blockchain. But when we do, we offer specific reasons for the blockchain we choose.” says Lisa Canty, a Founder of Alontrus Group.

The company is starting their operations in the NYC Metro area with an offering that includes several accelerators to produce proof of concepts and simulations of blockchain solutions on multiple platforms. No longer do you need to wait months to test a use case.

Alontrus Group is a Blockchain consulting, digital transformation and systems integration firm providing custom financial and insurance solutions that encompass AI, ML and IoT to enterprise companies with an in-depth knowledge on enterprise blockchains and cloud platforms.

Richard Brownstein
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Lakefront Futures & Options Trucking & Freight Derivatives Group

Gary T Saykaly, SVP, Trucking & Freight Derivatives, Lakefront Futures & Options

Risk Hedging Group Focused on the Trucking & Freight Shipping Sector Launched

Lakefront Futures & Options will provide qualified commercial users – shippers, carriers, 3PLs – one on one customized private educational webinars and complimentary risk exposure assessments”

— Gary T Saykaly, Senior Vice President, Trucking & Freight Derivatives

Risk Hedging Group Focused on the Trucking & Freight Shipping Sector Launched

Chicago, IL: Lakefront Futures & Options, LLC announces that Gary T Saykaly has joined Lakefront Futures and Options, LLC as a Senior Vice President to manage their derivatives platform focused on the trucking and freight shipping sector.

Lakefront Futures & Options, LLC has created a derivatives group that will focus on the trucking and freight shipping sector in the United States. The group will be managed by logistics and freight brokerage veteran Gary T. Saykaly and will focus on helping shippers, trucking carriers and 3PLs mitigate volatility risk in two primary areas of risk that have a significant impact to shipper transportation costs and trucking carrier revenues – trucking rates and fuel costs. The group will also work with opportunistic investors such as private equity firms that are looking for speculation and/or arbitrage opportunities in an alternative asset class.

“The trucking and freight sector is currently going through a paradigm shift with the digitization of the industry and the launching of both a trucking forward and futures market. We are now in a 3-dimensional trucking market – spot, forward and futures – and the optimal execution strategies for market participants might be engineered via a combination of solutions in all 3 markets.” According to Gary T Saykaly, SVP of Lakefront’s Trucking & Freight Derivatives Group. “The trucking sector is a $750 billion industry that is relatively unhedged. With trucking rates and fuel costs remaining volatile, market participants need an effective risk management strategy which derivatives can provide if properly structured.”

Key Benefits to Shippers, Trucking Carriers, 3PLs, and Opportunistic Investors

• Shippers: Reduced trucking rate volatility risk and transportation costs; improved supply chain planning
• Trucking Carriers: Reduced trucking rate and fuel cost volatility risk; enhanced revenues; improved cash flow forecasting & budgeting
• 3PLs: Reduced trucking rate volatility risk & transportation costs; enhanced revenues
• Opportunistic Investors: Alternative asset class providing speculation and arbitrage opportunities

For more information on Lakefront’s Trucking & Freight Derivatives Group please contact us. To help market participants learn more about the applications for their specific company, Lakefront is hosting customized educational webinars for shippers, trucking carriers and 3PLs around the country.

About Lakefront Futures & Options, LLC: Lakefront Futures and Options is an established derivatives brokerage company headquartered in Chicago, IL with 15 branch offices located throughout the country, that specializes in hedging, speculation and managed futures. Lakefront’s Trucking Derivatives Group provides shippers, carriers and 3PLs with hedging and profiting solutions via trucking rate futures, forward contracts, fuel derivatives and the DJ Transportation Index.

Gary Saykaly
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Craig Sweetra se une a Torino Capital LLC como Director de Cumplimiento.

El perfil de Craig Sweetra respalda el enfoque de cumplimiento de Torino.”

— Victor Sierra -CEO.

NUEVA YORK, ESTADOS UNIDOS, June 20, 2019 / — Torino Capital anuncia la inclusión de Craig Sweetra a su equipo para este trimestre de 2019. La experiencia de Sweetra ayuda a complementar la función de cumplimiento de nuestra compañía. Según Victor Sierra, CEO de Torino Capital, el perfil de Craig respalda el enfoque de cumplimiento de Torino.

Craig Sweetra, graduado en Economía Internacional en la Universidad de Georgetown, se unió al equipo de Torino Capital LLC en Nueva York.
Sweetra cuenta con más de 40 años de experiencia en la industria financiera, incluyendo banca internacional, banca de inversión y mercado de valores. También tiene experiencia en comercio, operaciones, auditoría y cumplimiento.

Mientras trabajaba para Dresdner Bank AG en Frankfurt, se unió al equipo de auditoría internacional y estuvo a cargo de la auditoría de las oficinas de trading en todo el mundo. Estuvo tres años en la Ciudad de México por asignación de Dresdner Bank AG y fue responsable del establecimiento en el área operativa de Dresdner Bank México SA. También tuvo el cargo de Director y Gerente de Operaciones en la Ciudad de México y en la Ciudad de Nueva York en Dresdner Bank.
Su trabajo más reciente antes de unirse a Torino fue el de Director de Cumplimiento de Mercados en Commerz Markets LLC, filial de banca de inversión y agente de corretaje de Commerzbank AG.
Toda esta experiencia le da a Sweetra un valioso conocimiento sobre negocios internacionales, reforzando el énfasis en el cumplimiento regulatorio de Torino Capital.

Torino Capital LLC es un banco de inversión y corredor de bolsa especializado en economías emergentes en América Latina, cuyo equipo de expertos está en proceso de expansión para brindar a sus clientes las noticias e información más actualizadas.

Fabiano Borsato
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Amit Sardar se une al equipo de Banca de Inversión de Torino Capital LLC.

Estamos muy satisfechos con su incorporación y confiamos en que lograremos grandes logros con su contribución y experiencia”

— Victor Sierra -CEO.

NEW YORK, USA, June 20, 2019 / — Torino le da la bienvenida a Amit Sadar en este trimestre del 2019. Los logros y amplia experiencia del Sr. Sardar lo convierten en un complemento perfecto para el equipo de ventas de Torino.

Según Victor Sierra, CEO de Torino Capital, el perfil de Amit se alinea con los objetivos de expansión y optimización de la cobertura de la compañía.

Amit Sardar, quien tiene una maestría en Ingeniería Financiera de la Universidad Carnegie Mellon y un MBA en Finanzas de la Escuela de Administración XLRI, se unió al equipo de Banca de Inversión de Torino Capital LLC en Nueva York.

El Sr. Sardar tiene una amplia experiencia con más de 12 años en América Latina en varias instituciones financieras reconocidas. Ocupó cargos como Director Ejecutivo de Operaciones de Crédito Estructurado en Nomura Securities, Director de Soluciones de Crédito en Commercebank y Vicepresidente de Operaciones de Mercados Emergentes para América Latina en Deutsche Bank.

Algunos de sus logros han sido conseguir un acuerdo de financiamiento por 1.000 millones de dolares para un gobierno latinoamericano, un acuerdo de recompra a largo plazo de más de 500 millones de dolares para un importante banco brasileño y la reestructuración de la cartera de derivados de una empresa mexicana para mejorar la gestión del flujo de caja, entre otros.

"Creemos que el perfil de Amit Sardar se alinea con nuestros objetivos de expansión y optimización de cobertura", dijo Victor Sierra CEO y Presidente de Torino Capital LLC. "Estamos muy satisfechos con su incorporación y confiamos en que lograremos grandes logros con su contribución y experiencia".

Su experiencia le da al Sr. Sardar una sólida comprensión de los aspectos legales y regulatorios del financiamiento estructurado en las economías emergentes de América Latina. Estas cualidades son vitales para Torino Capital, que se enorgullece del conocimiento especializado de su equipo.

Torino Capital LLC es un banco de inversión y corredor de bolsa especializado en economías emergentes en América Latina, en proceso de expansión de su equipo de expertos en economía y finanzas, que brinda a sus clientes las noticias e información más actualizadas.

Fabiano Borsato
Torino Capital LLC
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Laidlaw on a Recruiting Tear in 2019

Over Half a Billion Recruited in First Half of Year With Recent Addition of $250 Million, 35-Year Morgan Stanley Veteran

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 20, 2019 / — Laidlaw Wealth Management is pleased to announce the continued growth of its wealth management business. As of Q2 2019 Laidlaw has recruited advisors from Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch with assets of over $560 Million AUM.

An affiliate of a 177-year-old Broker Dealer, Laidlaw Wealth Management has been enhancing and expanding its open architecture offering to provide innovative solutions and services for its partners and clients. This expansion, along with a boutique environment and partnership culture has been attracting advisors looking for a unique experience for themselves and their clients. Laidlaw leverages its deep industry knowledge, vast network of specialized services and a passion for serving clients with clarity and transparency.

The advisors all joined Laidlaw’s NYC Headquarters. However, many more recruits are in discussions to join Laidlaw’s other offices in San Francisco, Boston, Long Island, Boca Raton and London.

The most recent advisor to join, Mel Lewis from Morgan Stanley, spent his entire career at the same place starting at E.F. Hutton and working through the many different ownership changes over those years. “I felt like it was time to make a change. I wanted to get back to a firm with a similar culture and commitment to my clients and me that I felt at E.F. Hutton. Laidlaw stands out as a firm that offers that environment.”

Matt Eitner, CEO of Laidlaw said, “We are honored that an advisor like Mel who has never moved firms would embrace the special culture and client experience we have created enough to make that difficult decision, he represents the type of advisor we are all about."

The onboarding was led by Keith Hassan, Founding Partner of Laidlaw Asset Management. “Mel has a great reputation, years of experience in the business servicing his longtime clients and providing seasoned investment advice like we do here at Laidlaw, he is a perfect fit, said Keith. “In addition to senior advisors like Mel, we have also brought on several other advisors from Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley that were looking for an environment that would help them grow their business, give their clients a higher touch service and provide ownership in the firm, in essence being a partner.”

About Laidlaw & Company, LTD
Laidlaw was founded in 1842 as one of the first Investment Banking Boutiques in America. The firm has a 177-year legacy of independent investment banking and securities brokerage focused on the needs of domestic and international companies, corporate entrepreneurs, institutions and private clients worldwide.

A growing network of offices in the United States and the UK operating under dual FCA authorization and FINRA registration, allowing the firm to develop relationships, pursue new business and service individual clients on a global basis.

A healthcare focused investment banking and capital markets team of predominantly senior professionals combining ‘bulge’ bracket experience with an entrepreneurial ‘independent’ firm perspective with the goal of providing experienced, ‘hands-on’ transaction management and comprehensive solutions.

The ability to assist emerging companies quickly raise capital through our strong retail sales force, which allows our corporate clients the financial flexibility to grow.

Patrick Clancy
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Craig Sweetra joins Torino Capital LLC as Chief Compliance Officer.

Craig Sweetra’s profile supports the company’s continuing focus on its compliance culture.”

— Victor Sierra CEO and President of Torino Capital LLC.

NEW YORK, USA, June 20, 2019 / — Torino Capital announces the incorporation of Craig Sweetra to its team for this quarter of 2019. According to Victor Sierra, Torino Capital’s CEO, Craig Sweetra’s profile supports the company’s continuing focus on its compliance culture.

Craig Sweetra, who holds a degree in International Economics from Georgetown University, joined the investment banking team of Torino Capital LLC in New York.
Sweetra has over 40 years experience in the financial industry, including international wholesale banking, investment banking, and broker dealers. His background includes trading, operations, audit and compliance experience.

While working for Dresdner Bank AG in Frankfurt, he joined the international audit team and was responsible for auditing trading desks throughout the world. He also spent three years in Mexico City on assignment from Dresdner Bank AG and was responsible on the Operations side for the establishment of Dresdner Bank Mexico SA. He held the title of Director and Operations Manager in both Mexico City and New York City at Dresdner Bank. His most recent experience prior to joining Torino Capital was as a Director for Markets Compliance at Commerz Markets LLC, the investment banking/broker dealer arm of Commerzbank AG.

His experience gives Sweetra valuable insight into the international oriented business model of Torino Capital and furthers Torino Capital’s emphasis on regulatory compliance.

Torino Capital LLC is an investment bank and broker-dealer specializing on emerging economies in Latin America, undergoing a process of expansion of its team of experts in economics and finance, which serve its clients with the most up-to-date news and information.

Fabiano Borsato
Torino Capital LLC
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Amit Sardar joins Torino Capital LLC’s Investment Banking team.

We believe that Amit Sardar's profile aligns with our goals of expansion and optimization of coverage, we are very pleased with his incorporation.”

— Victor Sierra CEO and President of Torino Capital LLC.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2019 / — Torino welcomes Amit Sardar in this quarter of 2019. Mr. Sardar's accomplishments and extensive experience make him a perfect addition to the company’s sales team.

According to Victor Sierra, Torino Capital’s CEO, Amit Sardar's profile aligns with the company’s coverage expansion and optimization objectives.

Amit Sardar, who holds a master's degree in Financial Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA in Finance from the XLRI Management School, joined the investment banking team of Torino Capital LLC in New York.

Mr. Sardar has extensive experience with more than 12 years in Latin America with several recognized financial institutions. He held positions as Executive Director of Structured Credit Trading at Nomura Securities, Director of Credit Solutions at Commercebank, and Vice President of Emerging Markets Trading for Latin America at Deutsche Bank.

Some of his achievements have been arranging a USD 1 billion financing deal for a Latin American government, a long-term repurchase agreement of over USD 500 million for a major Brazilian bank and restructuring the derivatives portfolio of a Mexican company to improve cash flow management, among others.

"We believe that Amit Sardar's profile aligns with our goals of expansion and optimization of coverage," said Victor Sierra CEO and President of Torino Capital LLC. "We are very pleased with his incorporation and confident that we will achieve great things with his contribution and expertise."

His experience gives Mr. Sardar a solid understanding of the legal and regulatory aspects of structured financing in emerging Latin American economies. These qualities are vital for Torino Capital, which takes pride in the specialized knowledge of its team.

Torino Capital LLC is an investment bank and broker-dealer specializing on emerging economies in Latin America, undergoing a process of expansion of its team of experts in economics and finance, which serve its clients with the most up-to-date news and information.

Fabiano Borsato
Torino Capital LLC
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Footnanny Inks Deal for $10 Million in Growth Capital Funding from MBE Capital Partners

Footnanny Founder and CEO Gloria L. Williams lands deal for future purchase order funding from MBE Capital Partner’s Minority Vendor Access to Capital Program. Williams offers “wellness beyond the pedicure,” through her luxury foot care products.

Footnanny to the Rescue is a live program created and hosted by Footnanny Founder and CEO Gloria L. Williams. The show is designed to help nail salon owners from across the USA elevate their business.

How to Open a Nail Salon with $1000 written by Footnanny Founder and CEO Gloria L. Williams, Celebrity Pedicurist, teaches you how to open a nail business on a budget of $1000 in 9 chapters. She gives you all the knowledge on how to purchase nail products, and more.

Footnanny Brand Product Developer Gloria L. Williams created a foot massage spa in a box! You can add a wellness area to your home, nail salon, nail spa, barber shop or business. Footnanny SPA In A Box is packed with wellness products and accessories.

Gloria L. Williams, Founder and CEO of Footnanny, gives nail techincians a boost for their business with an instant line of credit.

Footnanny Founder Gloria L. Williams, Inspired by the Funding, Empowered 100 Nail Technicians at the Premier Orlando Beauty Show with Products via PediCredit

The funding motivated me to provide an in-house financial platform for entrepreneurs that was not available to me. I developed a proven process to empower anyone interested in the nail tech business.”

— Gloria L. Williams, Founder and CEO of Footnannny, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 20, 2019 / — Raising capital is a challenge,especially for minority and female entrepreneurs. Just ask Gloria L. Williams, the founder and CEO of Footnanny, Inc., which is a business of luxurious products that focus on foot care. "Since I launched the Footnanny Brand 5 years ago, I have had unprecedented success through several platforms but most importantly from the tweet about my product line by Ms.Oprah Winfrey," said Williams. "In spite of that extreme blessings and overwhelming demand for my products,securing funding was not easy.” Just recently MBE Capital Partners, LLC (MBECP) was introduced to Williams and other Minority/Woman-owned Businesses (MBE) at a business forum entitled, “The Workshop At Macy's,” which was held in New York. MBECP approved Williams' company Footnanny for $10 million future growth capital funding from the MBE Capital Partners’ Minority Vendor Access to Capital Program.

"The funding motivated me to give back to the beauty community and provide an in-house financial platform that was not available to me," she said. "I developed a multi-level process to empower anyone who is interested in entering the nail salon industry." Williams gifted her first book, “How To Open A Nail Salon With $1000” Volume 1 to a class of 100 beauty professionals at the Premier Orlando Beauty Show in Orlando, Florida. "I took a step further and surprised the entire class of nail technicians, estheticians, hairstylists, and barbers with a $300 PediCredit investment of Footnanny products for their current and future business," said Williams. "You could hear the screams of joy beyond the classroom door!" The 100 attendees are now authorized Footnanny Salon Retailers. Williams states, "There are more than 42,000 zip codes in America and I am determined to establish a Footnanny Retailer in each one!"

"In my book, I provide a step-by-step guide to building a nail salon business whether it is with one nail tech or multiple nail techs," said Williams. "I have worked and consulted for some of the best luxury salons and spas across the US and I know what it means to be a professional nail technician."

Williams doesn't stop there with a blueprint to owning a nail salon, she offers Pedicredit, an instant line of credit for Footnanny products, to make it easy for the new entrepreneurs to obtain supplies. "I established Pedicredit because I know how hard it is to get the seed money to buy quality products for the clients," she said. "I wouldn't be in this position today if it were not for the many women who have inspired me, believed in me or given me the hand up to be able to give back."

Her third process to the multi-level empowerment plan for nail technicians was the launch of her Facebook Live show, "Footnanny to the Rescue." The intention of the show is to help people who need some guidance in navigating the world of finance and marketing with it comes to building a nail salon business. Watch the show on Facebook and Instagram Live on select Sundays. Follow Footnanny on Instagram and Facebook for the show schedule. "I have successfully rescued more than 200 nail techs and counting," said Williams. "When you meet a Footnanny Tech you will see a variety of the best nail and foot care products available."

The Footnanny story began with her grandmother and mother whose philosophy was to heal through the power of touch. "My mother was from the South, specifically, Montgomery, Alabama, and and when a person didn't feel good we watched Mamma give them a good old fashioned "Rub Down!" explains Williams. "My wise mother believed that certain foods, oils, and teas played a crucial roll in the overall recovery of a person's ailments. Mamma would mix luxurious creams, ointments and oils, which we would then use to do the "Old Fashioned Rub Down" on those in need of a loving touch.

Williams' mantra is "Wellness Beyond a Pedicure." "I pride myself of my mother's legacy of wellness and now provide that for diverse customers around the world," she said. "Staying true to my mother's traditions and keeping her recipes in mind, I developed Footnanny, my signature line of aromatherapy foot products." All Footnanny products are made in the USA and are cruelty-free as well as Leaping Bunny approved.

The Footnanny Foot Cream product line has more than 15 aromatherapy fragrances and 60 products including MAN, Vitamin C, Vegan and Hemp. Additional Footnanny products from foot soaking salts, rescue buffs and foot files are available at

Celebrities and dignitaries have experienced the Footnanny brand of ultimate indulgence. The Footnanny past and present client list consists of Ms. Oprah Winfrey; Stedman Graham; Gayle King; 44th First Lady of the U.S. Michelle Obama; Maria Shriver; 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist and Pro Golfer Justin Rose; Taraji P. Henson; Randy Jackson; Lady Gaga; The Dixie Chicks; Loretta Devine; Omar Gooding; A$AP Rocky; Cicely Tyson; Patti LaBelle; Sean "P Diddy" Combs; Jimmy Jean-Louis; Bellamy Young; Sela Ward; Rita Wilson; Liana Mendoza; Patrick Faucette; Paula Jai Parker; Jessica Simpson; Ashanti; Christy Turlington; Keri Russell; Steve and Marjorie Harvey; Karen Civil; and more.

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About Gloria L. Williams aka Footnanny:
Gloria L. Williams, the creator and CEO of, is a licensed nail technician, spa consultant, certified reflexologist, and product developer. She is the personal pedicurist for Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Her Footnanny cream was selected for the prestigious Oprah's Favorite Things List in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. The Footnanny product line has been featured on Home and Family; The Talk; Good Morning America; the Valspar Golf Championship at the Innisbrook Resort; HSN; The View; The Shopping Channel Canada; and Amazon News. Williams gives back to several charities including Blessings in a Backpack, Kiva, and Soles4Souls: The Power of a Pair of Shoes Campaign through Footnanny Cares at The Footnanny headquarters is in Southern California.

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