Top Five Reasons Short-term Rental Properties Are An Investor’s Dream

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Airbnb,VRBO, are all platforms used for short term rentals, Today's investors are more interested than ever. But very few want to invest the time.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, March 30, 2020 / — Traditional residential real estate investments have been an investor favorite for a long time now. However, short-term and corporate housing rental properties have been growing in popularity in just the past couple of years.

Recently companies like Georgia-based Mt. Royal Homes, previously Mt. Royal Vacations, have flipped the script on short term housing investments. When they began offering a unique solution for residential real estate investors who are interested in short term housing investing. Investors have really taken a liking to the company’s 10 year, net-leased corporate housing assets. Once the Company has executed its sale lease-back and added the property to its portfolio, it operates the assets as both short-term and curated extended stay corporate housing with a focus on entertainment, healthcare, and insurance housing.

More investors than ever are flocking towards towards the short-term housing business model, and here are the top five reasons why:

1. Market growth
Travelers are becoming increasingly more comfortable with the idea of staying in someone else’s home while they’re away from their own homes. They’re discovering that there are several advantages to rentals over traditional hotels, including enjoying the practical comfort of a real residence over a commercial hotel.

2. No headaches over property management
With conventional short-term rentals (Airbnb), an investor would have to worry about cleaning, guest reviews, fine details, and tax and licensing rules – just to name a few. But Mt. Royal Homes’ lease-back properties remove all those worries, so investors can just sit back and enjoy their investment returns. For the life of the lese, the investor handles all aspects of property operation.

3. Huge return on investment
Mt. Royal Homes is currently experiencing investor interest levels double and triple compared to 30 days ago. The Company’s investors are already realizing cap rates at eight to 12 percent!

4. Larger cash flow Generation
With an inevitable period of market volatility on the horizon, the average short term rental generates 3X-5X times more than the average long-term rental. With client’s staying shorter lengths of time, this decreases the risk of a client payment default. These facts have enabled Mt. Royal Homes long-term real estate investment properties are perfectly suited to survive and thrive in any recession.

5. Suitable investment for everyone

For those investors considering making the leap into short-term housing properties, they would be wise to consider buying specifically one of Mt. Royal Homes’ opportunities. For the following simple reasons:

* The investor has the ability to enjoy the revenue generation of short-term housing with none of the operational headaches. Furnished short-term housing enjoys revenue three to fives times the long-term market rate.

* Mt. Royal Homes currently has properties for sale in the $400’s, up to the $1.2 mil ranges. Something for most investment budgets.

* Mt. Royal Homes’ landmark sale lease-back structure takes some of the uncertainty out of investing in today’s uncertain times by buying a brick and mortar asset.

Call us Mt. Royal Homes to discuss available properties: (888) 316-1479.

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Auction House Offers Option to Stay Home and Bid with Online Auctions

Joshua Kodner, an appraisal and auction boutique based in Dania Beach, Florida.

DANIA BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, March 30, 2020 / — Auction House Offers Option to Stay Home and Bid with Online Auctions

Joshua Kodner, an appraisal and auction boutique based in Dania Beach, Florida, offers online auction opportunities to purchase carefully-curated art properties, gems, jewelry, and antiques.

The online platform offered by the auction house is an ideal solution for those that live around the world with their eye on a specific piece or those looking to enjoy an auction from the comfort of their own home during this time of social distancing due to COVID-19.

While Joshua Kodner hosts very large gallery auctions, they also provide convenient ways to participate from outside of Dania Beach so that their client base can place winning bids on an antique or jewelry item from home.

The Auction House Shares The Logistics of Bidding Online

The auction house shared a guide for online bidding noting the differences between live auctions and online opportunities and a guide to participating. True online auctions from legitimate bidding houses like Joshua Kodner will still have an auctioneer. They will also have escrow services to handle the transactions between sellers and buyers and prevent fraud.

On the surface, online auctions are very similar to conventional auctions which might make them a fun thing to participate in to pass the time if you are in quarantine or staying home more. Participants will bid against others for a given item and the highest bid will be the winner in the end. They will then buy the item using a preferred payment method.

The auction house also shared the differences with online auctions. Participants must register at any given site to track items they bid on or sell. When joining the auction, the site will determine what is needed to become the top bidder, and participants can either enter this number or choose their own bid. This process will be repeated until the item is sold to the final bidder.

Items You can Bid on at an Online Auction

An online auction from Joshua Kodner may feature unique items including the following:
● Fine Jewelry
● Watches
● Antique Paintings
● Chinese Works of Art
● Lalique
● Bronze Art
● Sculptures
● Furniture
● Diamonds
● Gold
● Sterling Silver

Interested bidders can contact the auction house to learn more about specific items coming up for auction.

Contact Joshua Kodner

It is possible to participate in gallery auctions from anywhere in the world with absentee bidding, online bidding, or phone bidding. For more information about upcoming online auctions from Joshua Kodner, contact the gallery.

Joshua Kodner
(561) 703-1043

About Joshua Kodner

Joshua Kodner is a gemologist, certified appraiser, and licensed auctioneer that serves Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and the globe. The Kodner family has offered a tradition of excellence in the world of gems, antiques, and auctions since first entering the business in the 1940s. Joshua Kodner provides unmatched knowledge and expertise in numerous specialty areas related to gemstones, fine jewelry, fine art properties, and vintage and luxury vehicles. They stay on the latest trends with virtual auction technology and offer the chance to conveniently buy and sell at online auctions from anywhere.

Joshua Kodner
Joshua Kodner
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HouseMaster Home Inspections Expands to Lake Murray

Local business professional Kenneth (Ken) Gray brings established home inspection brand to the region

LEXINGTON, SC, USA, March 30, 2020 / — HouseMaster, the first and most experienced home inspection franchise in North America, announces the opening of a new location in the Lake Murray region. Each HouseMaster franchise is an independently owned and operated business. This franchise is owned by U.S. Navy veteran and successful business leader Kenneth (Ken) Gray.

Ken brings a wealth of experience to his new venture. A former vice president of a marine engineering firm, he’s a proven manager and team leader with 35-plus years of design, testing, operation, and maintenance of structural, mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and equipment, including 17 years of project and program management experience.

During his 20 years in active duty in the Navy, he was responsible for the operation, maintenance, and testing of naval nuclear reactor and propulsion plant equipment and auxiliaries aboard submarines and non-nuclear propulsion systems and auxiliary systems aboard surface ships.

While searching for a new professional adventure, Ken discovered the HouseMaster franchise concept and realized it was the perfect fit for him. It allowed him to own his own business, use his skill sets, directly help people on a daily basis and not be tied to a physical office. Essentially, HouseMaster checked all of his boxes and he soon acquired his territory.

In his new role as a HouseMaster owner-operator, he draws on that deep engineering experience in a very demanding field where quality assurance, inspection and testing is the key to ship’s survivability.

“I’m used to working closely with all stakeholders to ensure contracts execution and customer expectations are met,” Ken said. “I feel the HouseMaster system goes beyond the inspection processes and helps the buyer transform the house they purchase into a home.”

Ken’s office covers South Carolina’s capital of Columbia and Lake Murray. Specific areas include but are not limited to: Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Blythewood, Forest Acres, West Columbia, Chapin, Gilbert and Batesburg.

HouseMaster provides homebuyers and sellers an independent, third-party, professional, thorough and impartial inspection of a house using the latest industry standards and best practices. The inspection will include evaluation of visible and readly accessible areas of the home. The inspection will include evaluation of the major elements of a home. Major elemrnts of the home include: grounds and appurtenances; roofing/guttering/other roof components; home exteriors; garage/carport; electrical, basement/crawl space/slab; plumbing; heating; cooling; attic; general interiors and kitchen/appliances. HouseMaster will provide a clear and concise report detailing the current condition of the house being inspected; enabling potential homebuyers and sellers the opportunity to make educated real estate decisions.

HouseMaster is known for its strong commitment to customer service. With more than 325 franchise areas across North America, HouseMaster holds a Net Promoter Score of 92 (a customer satisfaction ranking higher than Apple and Ritz-Carlton). Franchise Business Review has named HouseMaster a top franchise brand in its franchise owner satisfaction category since 2009.

“We’re thrilled that Ken joined our franchise family and are excited for what’s in store as he builds his business,” said HouseMaster President and CEO Kathleen Kuhn. “He brings a great deal of experience to the table and dedication to growing his business. His background in leadership, engineering and years of dedication serving in the Navy provide him with the tools and mindset to really grow his business.”

For more information, contact Kenneth Gray at or 842-415-6902.


About HouseMaster

Headquartered in Somerville, N.J., HouseMaster is the oldest and one of the largest home inspection franchisors in North America. With more than 325 franchised areas throughout the U.S. and Canada, HouseMaster is the most respected name in home inspections. For almost 40 years, HouseMaster has built upon a foundation of solid leadership and innovation with a continued focus on delivering the highest quality service experience to their customers and providing HouseMaster franchisees the tools and support necessary to do so. Each HouseMaster franchise is an independently owned and operated business. HouseMaster is a registered trademark of HM Services, LLC.

For more information please visit or call 732-469-6565.

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KuCoin to Support NewsCrypto (NWC) Lockup and Cash Back Program

For traders and investors who are holding the NWC token and are looking to score big!

INGOLSTADT, GERMANY, March 30, 2020 / — For traders and investors who are holding the NWC token and are looking to score big!

KuCoin has officially announced that it will support the NewsCrypto Token (NWC) lockup and cashback program. This program will start at 00:00:00 on March 30, 2020(UTC+8).

NewsCrypto has been holding token giveaways lately as a way of expressing gratitude to NWC token holders and the NewsCrypto community at large. The KuCoin NWC Lockup and Cash Back Program announcement comes soon after NewsCrypto launched another event earlier on this month following the NWC’s new successful listing on HitBTC exchange.
Exchange listings of the NWC token began in the fourth quarter of 2019 and the token is now listed on a number of exchanges including KuCoin, Probit, CAT.EX, BigONE and Dcoin.

Rules of the Lockup and Cash Back
How to lockup: For users who hold NWC and expect to gain profit, please withdraw NWC to LOCKNWC via the withdrawal page. (Visit the NWC withdrawal page, fill in the NWC address LOCKNWC in the wallet address bar).

Lockup period: Users can lock NWC from 00:00:00 on March 30, 2020 to 23:59:59 on April 5, 2020 (UTC+8). The lockup period will last 90 days. The NWC sent to the lockup address cannot be unlocked in advance.

Lockup limit: The minimum amount for single lockup is 10,000 NWC; The hard cap of a single user is 200,000 NWC.
Rate of return: The annualized rate of return is 60%;

Distribution of revenue: First lockup revenue will be paid on May 6, 2020 (UTC+8), second lockup revenue will be paid on June 5, 2020 (UTC+8), the last lockup revenue will be paid on July 5, 2020 (UTC+8); The principal will be distributed 1 day after the end of unlocking.

Risk-taking: This activity is only supported by KuCoin and the return is provided by the NWC Network. It does not mean that the platform provides any form of guarantee or guarantee for the user to obtain the estimated income. The actual income obtained by the user is inconsistent with the estimated return, and the participating users voluntarily assume such risk. The final interpretation of this event belongs to the platform.

About NewsCrypto
Most information available online about cryptocurrency, trading tools, and exchange platforms is either too fragmented, outdated or out-rightly biased. Usually, when you want to trade, you have to open at least three tabs in order to receive sufficient information. is disrupting all that! is a self-funded, non-ICO holding project that has continued to grow exponentially since 2019 to become the number one educational and informational platform in the crypto industry. This growth has been achieved by providing crucial information and educating users about the world of crypto assets, with the aid of unique tools, detailed analysis, and a bespoke school program. The platform is suitable for beginners as well as experts.

There are a wide range of tools and features can be found on platform, that will change your whole crypto experience. For example, the Arbitrage tool provides trading leads to traders on markets and exchanges where they stand to make a profit by buying/selling from and doing the opposite in another at a profit. This gives the traders using the NewsCrypto platform an edge over their peers in the market as these arbitrage leads are readily available for Intermediate and Advanced tiers users and the potential percentage gain from each trade coin pair and exchange are already calculated.

These tools have set apart from ordinary news providing platforms. NewsCrypto’s prime mission is to provide traders and investors with all the information they need to avoid blind investments and rookie mistakes. If you are looking for an all-inclusive real-time platform that puts information, news, analytics and state of the art trading tools across the crypto market then the Newscrypto platform is the best choice for you.

All transactions on the NewsCrypto network are underpinned by the platform’s NWC token, which complies with the Stellar Lumen token. The NWC token performs both utility and value-transfer functions on with wallet support from Solar, Ledger, and Trezor.

Learn more about and their disruptive platform

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Infinite MLM Software Extended Service with API Integration

Infinite Open Source Solutions are glad to announce the Infinite MLM Software release version V11.0 after the successful accomplishment of IMS version V10.0.

CALICUT, KERALA, INDIA, March 30, 2020 / — Infinite MLM Software extended its service with API (Application Programming Interface) integration to provide solutions or interface to interact with other applications more effectively.

iOSS (Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP) is a leading and ISO 27001:2013 certified Indian software development firm. It extends its service with API integration to enhance the overall collaboration and business productivity

The important benefits of API Integration

1. Attracts more customers to the MLM software

API offers unlimited data search from various sources and attracts more potential customers to MLM software.

2. Flexible and convenient

Flexible and convenient for the customers to connect with the database of product information and makes the product sale easier for the MLM business.

3. Fully customized

Assists in customizing the websites as per the requirements of the customer.

4. Cost-effective

As it enhances the product sale and marketing, it is cost-effective for MLM business.

5. Enhances functionalities and filtering options

New objects and API's added to enhance the functionalities and the filtering options of the MLM software more effectively

6. Stable and compatible

Stable with different platforms and compatible to implement any new strategies and thus streamline all the new implementations.

7. Enhances Automation, Collaboration, Customer Satisfaction

Enhances the automation process involved and improves overall collaboration with other applications, customer satisfaction.

The important list of API's in Infinite MLM Software

• Get access token
• Get / Update/ Upload Personal Information, E-wallet balance, package details
• Get Membership package/ Signup fee/ Purchase package
• Change/Forgot Password/ Transaction Password
• Add/Remove product to/from cart
• Add/Remove shipping address
• Purchase using e-wallet/e-pin
• Order complete
• Get/Set Shipping address
• Cart Checkout

The methods used for the above list of API's are documented under API documentation for further reference

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Polarbackup Launches New Ultra Low-Cost Cloud Backup for Businesses

Polarbackup’s new business cloud backup plans protect your business’ data at the lowest possible cost, without sacrificing performance and security.

An ultra affordable service that offers rock-bottom prices without sacrificing reliability and security”

— Desire Athow, TechRadar

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 30, 2020 / — Let’s start with an important statistic, 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months. Worrying isn’t it?

With businesses producing more data than ever and cloud backup proving to be more efficient and reliable than hardware drives, it’s a no brainer that business owners should have the security of a service that offers full-scale cloud backup. Cloud backup’s functionality can get a business up and running again in the case of data loss due to critical hardware failure or damage, and data breaches with little or no interruption to its operation.

We believe cloud backup shouldn’t only be accessible to big businesses. That’s why Polarbackup’s new business plans aim to help protect your company's valuable data at the lowest possible price-point creating the best value, without sacrificing productivity, performance and security.

What makes Polarbackup stand out is its affordable pricing scale, which offers businesses and employees an efficient tool at the market’s lowest cost. Our plans are not only affordable, but come loaded with features you’d expect from premium priced solutions; with prices starting from $79.99 for 1TB you get unlimited users and servers, 256-AES encryption and remote assistance sessions as well as 24-hour email support.

Polarbackup’s functionality offers a user-friendly experience for clients, and that includes giving employees and organizations the ability to control and manage their own data freely through an-easy-to-use interface. Empowering employees to make smarter and secure choices, and giving managers the ability configure backups and write policies for users, control options which include backup selection, storage limit, encryption, file privileges, and the ability to suspend, activate, and delete users. All of these changes are propagated instantly, giving you complete peace-of-mind.

Our business plans will not only ensure a smoother workflow, but our backup solution complies with GDPR privacy laws and regulations as well as HIPPA, which means, your data is your data. In addition to being able to preview and store your data anytime, anywhere with one click, our full user management system will enable users to set their own Military-grade 256-Bit AES encryption. In other words, your data is secured with the highest possible levels of encryption, while also protecting against ransomware and logins from external applications.

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The largest event for CI professionals in the Nordics is re-engineered to become Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, March 30, 2020 / — IntelliSummit™ 2020, the largest event for competitive & market intelligence professionals and trend spotters in the Nordics is re-engineered to become Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020, with interactive webinars throughout the spring and a networking meeting to follow later this year.

In no time, the coronavirus has come to paralyze large parts of humanity. The future is uncertain. The questions are many. At the same time, there are signs of innovation and a will to fight the virus. People are working from home, exploring how to make the best of digital meeting tools and virtual communication. We don’t cancel – we re-engineer!

IntelliSummit™ is since long established as the largest event for competitive & market intelligence professionals and trend spotters in the Nordics. The event has three purposes; participants should learn something new, get inspired to do new things network with peers. IntelliSummit™ is something as rare as a community where the crowd often is more experienced and knowledgeable than the presenter on stage. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is stopping us from conducting the IntelliSummit™ as planned April 1-3. However, as stated, we don’t cancel, we re-engineer and are happy to introduce Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020!

Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020 becomes the first completely virtual event that focuses on competitive & market intelligence and trend spotting. Instead of three days the event will run throughout the whole spring, providing interactive webinars, a live streamed panel debate and a networking event in Stockholm, Sweden later this year.

The theme this year is ”Responding to Change – Intelligence Best-Practices for the Future”. The moderator for the event is Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor at Comintelli AB. Ingemar is a passionate competitive intelligence professional and experienced speaker. Ingemar is a former Director of Competitive Intelligence at Ericsson AB and prominent member of Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Nordic & Baltic Chapter. He was certified competitive intelligence professional (CIP-II) by the Academy of Competitive Intelligence.

”Right now, when there is so much uncertainty, it is key for people working with market and trend analysis to gather and discuss as many insights as possible. What does the future hold for Retail? How do I optimize my strategy? What will the role of MI/CI be post-CoVID-19? And several other things. Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020 is a great opportunity to do just that! In this virtual version, participants will gain access to very experienced industry colleagues and their insights, throughout the spring. All participants get access to a site where we post all content. After the summer, when it is safe, we meet somewhere in Stockholm for a fun and inspiring networking event”
-Ingemar Svensson, Moderator of Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020

Agenda for Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020

• April 1, 16:00-17:00 CET: ”The Intelligence Funnel” – an interactive live webinar on The Intelligence Funnel, with Luis Madureira, Managing Partner, ÜBERBRANDS. Moderated by Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor Comintelli AB.
• April 2, 16:00-17:00 CET: “Competitive & Market Intelligence in the Post-Covid19 world”. Live streamed panel discussion with Jesper Martell, CEO Comintelli AB, Johan Wiktorin, Certif. Master of CI and Managing Partner, Intil Group and Johan Hammarlund, Collaborative Foresight Advisor, Kairos Future. Moderated by Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor Comintelli AB.
• April 14, 16:00-17:00: ”Disruptions in the Retail and Consumer markets” – an interactive live webinar with Jeffrey Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Proactive Worldwide Inc. Moderated by Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor Comintelli AB.
• Several other interactive events and webinars are being planned and will be announced on an ongoing basis.

For the complete agenda, see:

All content is recorded and will be made available for only 99€, together with all presentations from previous IntelliSummits at .

Welcome to Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020!

For more information, please contact:
Ingemar Svensson
Senior Advisor, Comintelli
Mobile: +46 761 441307

Ingemar Svensson
+46 761 441307
email us here

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Coronavirus Crisis: A Preventable Pandemic?

Reuters - "Wet Market" is a local slaughterhouse. Animals purchased are slaughtered site on scene

Reuters – “Wet Market” is a local slaughterhouse. Animals purchased are slaughtered site on scene

Animals slaughtered in close proximity to humans, food, and other species creates unsanitary spillover of bacteria, and is a hotbed for cross contamination

Animals slaughtered in close proximity to humans, food, and other species creates unsanitary spillover of bacteria, and is a hotbed for cross contamination

Carissa Kranz, CEO of BeVeg Vegan Certification. Awarded Super Lawyer and vegan law advocate. Upcoming book: Vegan Law: Know Your Rights

Carissa Kranz, CEO of BeVeg Vegan Certification. Awarded Super Lawyer and vegan law advocate. Upcoming book: Vegan Law: Know Your Rights

Global Vegan Certification Symbol by BeVeg. The logo for plant-based food safety and sustainability. Represents sanitary products and conditions uncontaminated by animals. No cross contamination.

Global Vegan Certification Symbol by BeVeg. The logo for plant-based food safety and sustainability. Represents sanitary products and conditions uncontaminated by animals. No cross contamination.

Global vegan trademark for products and services that do not use or exploit animals. Represented on every continent except Antarctica. BeVeg is a Law-firm-issued vegan symbol.

Global vegan trademark for products and services that do not use or exploit animals. Represented on every continent except Antarctica. BeVeg is a Law-firm-issued vegan symbol.

The CDC says about 75 percent of infectious diseases are of animal origin. Experts warn the next viral pandemic to erupt may be deadlier. What's the panacea?

This global catastrophe would not be happening if we lived in a plant-based world. We must evolve, if only for our own survival. It's time to make veganism go viral.”

— Carissa Kranz, Esq., Founder & CEO of BeVeg Global Vegan Certification

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2020 / — The deadly coronavirus, that is now plaguing humankind, has been traced back to a live meat market. So have other deadly global pandemics like SARS. It is believed Ebola is connected to the consumption of bushmeat, the meat of wild animals. E-coli and salmonella are connected to the presence of feces in the food system. A Consumer Reports study found that 100% of the hundreds of pounds of ground beef examined contained fecal matter. The exploitation of animals for meat has also resulted in other contagions deadly to humans: mad cow disease, swine flu (pigs), avian flu (birds), Spanish flu (farm animals), HIV (primates), etc. There is an undeniable link to animal exploitation for meat and deadly human pandemics.

This is a time for all of us to take a pause. What are we doing to ourselves and to this planet? Why has nearly everything shut down in the world except the very culprit of these viral pandemics: Slaughterhouses? Do we realize that in our quest for survival (grocery hoarding) we are feeding and funding the very industry that is known to give birth to these deadly viral pandemics?

COVID-19, dubbed the coronavirus, is an uncontained highly contagious global pandemic spreading at unprecedented rates. To prevent the spread of the virus, we are on heightened alert for germs and unsanitary conditions. We are wearing masks and gloves and wiping everything down with Clorox. We are isolating ourselves from others and in quarantine. Our hands are chapped because we’ve washed them so much. We are all working from home or out of jobs condemned to be home, watching the news dismayed as our world leaders put the world on lock down. We are witnessing the shut down of all non-essential businesses, flights cancelled, stay at home orders in effect, and state and country borders closing, all with the hopes of containing the virus.

With no apparent vaccine, no end in sight, and a death toll that climbs daily, people are panicking, stocking up on supplies and food, as they prepare to hunker down. As we hoard groceries and toilet paper, the virus continues to wreak havoc on human health and destabilize global economies. The Coronavirus has literally caused the world to shut down and panic. To distract the panic, the US Senate passes an unprecedented $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package to save our economy from a Great Depression.

At what cost to lives, the environment, and our overall planetary wellbeing until will we stop heading down the same destructive path? A stimulus package and a vaccine (if found) is damage control. What’s the solution for a sustainable society? What do we need to do to protect our planet and our own well-being? The truth is, this global catastrophe would not be happening if we lived in a plant-based world.

History has shown us time and time again that slaughterhouses and “wet markets” are unsanitary cesspools for feces, blood, guts, disease, urine, and other bacteria to incubate and mutate into deadly human viruses. What else is there? What’s the next pandemic unleashed from animal exploitation for meat to wreak havoc on humankind? For centuries, deadly viruses traced back to animal farming and slaughter have plagued mankind. Is this the Law of Unintended Consequences in play? Is it worth taking any more chances?

Three quarters of infectious diseases are zoonotic spillovers. Just consider these deadly human conditions linked to animal exploitation that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions if not billions of people:

—Coronavirus and SARs are traced to live meat markets, where animals sit alive in cages awaiting onsite slaughter once purchased. The slaughterhouse is a hot bed for viruses to jump from animals to humans and mutate into deadly human viruses.

—Ebola. E. Coli, MRSA, Salmonella, and Hepatitis are all viruses born out of slaughterhouse environments and/or the human exploitation of animals for meat.

—Swine flu strains repeatedly develop during the raising and slaughter of pigs for meat. Mad cow disease (VCJD), a fatal disease which destroys our brain and spinal cord is contracted from the exploitation of cows for meat. Avian flu strains repeatedly develop from the unsanitary conditions of raising and killing birds for meat. Notably, new avian flu outbreaks are happening presently in Turkey and the Philippines during the COVID-19 crisis.

—The Spanish flu, which killed 50-100 million people, and affected 500 million, or one-third of the world’s population, was an avian flu strain traced to an animal farm in Kansas.

—The HIV virus was introduced as a deadly human to human virus after coming into contact with contaminated Chimpanzee blood as we hunted them for meat.

—The measles (MeV), which infects 30 million people annually, and kills close to 200,000 globally, has traced origins to early civilization in the middle east when cattle was introduced to humans as livestock and farmed in close proximity.

—The bubonic plague, or Black Death, plagues humans when they eat animals infected by a deadly bacteria carried by fleas, or come into close contact with their bodily fluids.

—Smallpox, perhaps the deadliest pandemic to mankind, has increasing evidence from DNA and RNA sequencing that this is a zoonotic disease that jumped from animal to human. Some experts believed it originated as cowpox and mutated to evolve to what we call smallpox. It is estimated that the smallpox killed 300 million people in the twentieth century.

—Malaria is speculated to originate in humans from chicken farming before mosquitos became carriers to keep the virus alive.

—Nipah Virus (NiV) is a zoonotic virus transmitted from animals to humans, and can also be transmitted through contaminated food. Its origin is traced back to pig farms, and jumped to humans through sick pigs or close contact with their contaminated tissues.

—Listeria infection is a food borne bacterial illness most commonly caused by eating improperly processed deli meats and unpasteurized dairy products. Notably, processed meat is a group 1 carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization.

— The domestication of the horse led to the common cold virus that plagues humankind, while the domestication of chickens gave humans chickenpox, shingles, and various strains of the bird flu. The introduction of livestock cattle is responsible for the emergence of measles, smallpox, and tuberculosis.

The common denominator? Animal exploitation for meat. It kills us too.

When you make an industry over the exploitation and killing of animals for meat, there is no way to keep bodily fluids, blood, guts, and diseased conditions safe and sanitary for humans. We slaughter 3 billion animals a day and more than 1 trillion animals a year for meat. The industry and conditions required to raise this quantity of animals for slaughter and food is unsanitary, inhumane, diseased, and perhaps the greatest weapon of mass destruction. The death toll for us and them is unprecedented. When there’s a pandemic, they get systematically wiped out, while we scramble to find vaccines to survive. There’s no way around it. The business of exploiting and killing animals for food is a hot bed for highly contagious, deadly viral global pandemics.

History is repeating itself.

Yet, we are still feeding the industry demand. Grocery store shelves are out of meat, and the USDA is heroically assuring the public slaughterhouses will remain open. Do we realize the gravity of live meat markets and slaughterhouses to humankind? What’s the next global viral pandemic that will plague mankind?

Humanity should not build an economy that survives on the business of systematic mass murder of other beings. Humanity should be humane. We are abusing Mother Nature and ruining our natural habitat. This is about humanity’s relationship to nature, to people, to animals, and to the world. What is our true human nature? We are killing our planet, its natural habitat, and it’s inhabitants to raise and kill a trillion animals a year. Is this what human nature wishes to do to Mother Nature? Probably not. This is an intervention by mother nature. Humankind must take pause and listen. Humankind's relationship to nature and all kinds, and all kinds of things must become kind — our kind depends on it.

Every single human being’s life on this planet is at risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus, just by walking out their front door, and sharing airspace with the rest of the world.

This poses interesting legal questions. Are our personal civil liberties undermined so long as slaughterhouses remain open?

In an effort to prevent disease and food borne pathogens, and in the interest of global public health and safety, should the CDC order the closure of all live meat markets and address factory farm / factory slaughterhouse conditions? What’s our fundamental right to clean air, as the world walks around in masks? What’s our fundamental right to life, as the death toll increases? What’s our fundamental right to liberty, as we are forced into quarantine? Do we have rights as victims to the virus as we are deprived of life, liberty, and pursuit and economic property? Can we demand clean air laws, like we have smoke-free laws? Do vegans and vegetarians, which make up about 10% of our global population, have legal rights under the Clean Air Act or Environmental Protection Act? In fact, do we all have rights under these acts because we rely on these federal agencies to protect us? Who can be held accountable for infringing on our fundamental rights? After all, these highly contagious pandemics are viral air pollution. Do these unsanitary practices globally infringe on our fundamental personal civil liberties? Was that meal really worth it?

The Plant-Based Solution

We may not be able to rely on big industry businesses, big governments, or special interest politics to protect us. But that does not leave us helpless. As a species, we can help ourselves and our planet by returning to a plant-based diet. By decreasing our meat consumption, we end the demand for factory farming, live meat markets, factory slaughterhouses, and unsanitary local slaughterhouses (aka wet markets). Thereby, we eliminate the cesspool conditions that give birth to deadly viral pandemics that kill humans, and will continue to kill humans so long as these inhuman and unsanitary practices are in place.

Our survival as a planet depends on us ending the inevitable diseased viral conditions that exist and always will exist so long as slaughterhouses are big business. Let us not forget, this coronavirus crisis and financial crisis would not be happening if we did not exploit animals for meat. Likewise, our climate crisis would end if we stopped exploiting animals for meat. Millions of acres of our rainforests are cleared a year to keep up with consumer demand for meat consumption. It takes tremendous natural resources: land, food, and water to raise and slaughter more than a trillion animals a year for food.

A plant-based world is the panacea.

In our efforts to create a safe, sustainable world, it is important to define terms. Vegan is a term that is not legally defined but means containing no animal parts or by-products and produced without contact with any animal parts or by-products. Our survival as a species depends on sanitary food, beverages, and products that are not contaminated with diseased meat, bodily fluid, and fecal matter.

This is a time for consumers to demand honest ethical labeling. Supply chains must be held accountable to ethical, humane, sanitary standards. Likewise, the time is now for plant-based companies to be loud and proud of their food safety standards and veganism. They can do that by globally certifying that they are vegan with BeVeg, the world’s top vegan certification company. Certified vegan companies can show off the global trademark badge of honor!

“If you care about food safety and the sustainability of our planet, then let’s evolve… if only for our own survival, it's time to make veganism go viral. A Vaccine may end this pandemic, but veganism is the panacea.” — BeVeg campaign to end global pandemics

BeVeg International, is a law firm for vegan certification, founded by awarded-Super Lawyer Carissa Kranz. BeVeg is on a mission to globally and legally standardize vegan claims. BeVeg licenses use of its vegan symbol to companies and products with ethical business practices that do not partake in the exploitation of animals.

Proud of your conscious business practices? Want to show off the global vegan trademark that matters? Join the BeVeg campaign to make veganism viral, and certify vegan.

Carissa Kranz, Esq.
BeVeg Global Vegan Certification
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COVID-19 Crisis: Shut All Slaughterhouses

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Critical Path to Offer Free Online PR Services to Help Clients Navigate the Coronavirus Crisis

Adrian Lee - Managing Director, Critical Path

Adrian Lee – Managing Director, Critical Path

Critical Path - Public Relations & Corporate Affairs

Critical Path – Public Relations & Corporate Affairs

Critical Path to provide Business Continuity and Stakeholder Communications consulting to help clients navigate challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges to all organizations. We are helping our clients navigate through this crisis by providing 1-on-1 access to leading healthcare and crisis management experts.”

— Adrian Lee

SINGAPORE, March 29, 2020 / — 30th March, 2020 – Public relations and corporate affairs agency, Critical Path (, today announced that they will be offering free communications counsel through a series of webinars to help guide their stable of Southeast Asia clients through the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis.

The first webinar will take place in the first week of April and will be focused on Business Continuity and Stakeholder Communications.

“The COVID-19 pandemic presents totally new challenges to every type of organization, whether large or small, private and public sector. The goal of these online interactive sessions is to help our clients navigate through this period of crisis by providing them access to communications, business and health experts that can give them adequate guidance,” shares Adrian Lee, Managing Director, Critical Path.

“For the first webinar, we will be focusing on business continuity and stakeholder communications. In the face of a unique and significant crisis situation like COVID-19, an effective business continuity plan needs to be developed and activated, which then needs to be shared with all important stakeholders,” adds Lee.

For each webinar, Critical Path will engage the services of healthcare, business, technology experts, who will complement the Critical Path communications and crisis management team.

In April, the Critical Path consulting team will join forces with experts from leading Southeast Asian healthcare group, Merial Health, and financial holding and consulting group, Zenith Capital:

– Dr. Ardiansyah Bahar, CEO of Merial Health, will provide details about the COVID-19 pandemic, what to believe and what not to believe, and what business and HR leadership can do to ensure the safety of their employees.
– Zenith Capital and Critical Path consultants will then go through a Business Continuity checklist and also share best practices from their own first-hand experience dealing with and navigating through the coronavirus situation in China and Hong Kong.

“Merial Health is happy to take this opportunity to help organizations gain a better understanding of COVID-19 and the potential impact it may have on their operations. There is a lot of information and misinformation out there and it will be my job to help answer questions and give accurate guidance regarding important first steps and follow-up actions that need to be done to combat this pandemic,” says Dr. Bahar, CEO of Merial Health.

Dr. Bahar adds: “This webinar will help put participants in a better position to keep their business going as best as possible, but most importantly to keep their employees safe.”

About Critical Path
Critical Path is a full-service communications and consulting firm, catering for established global and national brands as well as promising start-ups. In addition to offering integrated communications, custom research and investor relations services, Critical Path also provides funding and market entry support. Critical Path has a presence in Asia, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. For more information, visit

Jervis Teo
Critical Path
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+65 6829 7000

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Vitro Biopharma First Quarter ended January 31st 2020 Financial Results of Operations

Vitro Biopharma is pleased to announce a record 1st comparative quarter in Total Revenues of $225,921 vs $192,895 an increase of 17% versus last year.

Vitro Diagnostics Inc. (OTCMKTS:VODG)

Vitro is pleased to have recently been recognized by Bioinformant as "a Company Tracking the Coronavirus".”

— Dr. James Musick

GOLDEN, CO, USA, March 28, 2020 / — Vitro Biopharma First Quarter ended January 31st 2020 Financial Results of Operations

Golden, Colorado-March 26, 2020-Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (OTCPK: VODG), dba Vitro Biopharma, announced its 1st quarter ended January 31st, 2020 financial results of operations.

Vitro Diagnostics Inc. (“Vitro Biopharma”) is pleased to announce a record 1st comparative quarter in Total Revenues. Vitro Biopharma recorded 1st quarter revenues of $225,921 vs $192,895 an increase of 17% over the same comparative quarter last year. In addition, Stem Cell treatments accounted for 74% of the revenues up from 71% of the revenues in the prior comparative quarter last year. Current quarter stem cell revenues were $167,750 for the 1st quarter ended January 31, 2020 vs $137,123 for the first quarter ended January 31, 2019.

The company’s gross profit margins improved to 75% up from 73% in the comparative prior year’s quarter. Gross margin improvement is in line with the strategic direction of the company to expand the market of its flagship product AlloRx™ Stem Cells. The company’s clean-room lab expansion last year and expanded Stem Cell manufacturing using its patent-pending cell line, has increased efficiencies and lowered production costs.

Overall operating expenses increased in the quarter to $193,385 from $147,398 in the prior year’s comparative quarter. The increase in expenses reflects additional investment as the Company expands its capability to service its strategic direction of offshore Stem Cell treatments while also expanding into US markets. The company expended additional resources on external consultants supporting our regulatory status in maintaining ISO9001 & ISO13485 certifications, expanding our efforts to approach US markets through FDA filings and advancement of existing patent filings.

The company’s first quarter is its most seasonal quarter as the period between Thanksgiving and the New Year is slow for all the company’s revenue lines of Nutra Vivo™/STEMulize, AlloRx™ Stem Cells, private labeled InfiniVive MD™ Stem Cell Serum and our core research products.

During the quarter the company achieved and pursed the following company objectives

• Series A Convertible Preferred Stock Offering:

During the quarter the company commenced a Series A Convertible Preferred Stock offering to accredited investors under the SEC Regulation D exemption. The preferred Stock is priced at $25 per share which is convertible at $0.25 cents per share for a total of 100 shares. The minimum investment is $50,000 per unit. The company sold $450,000 of the Series A Convertible Preferred Stock during the quarter. The company has additional interest in the offering and subsequent to the quarter has sold an additional $50,000 unit for a total to date of $500,000. The company has additional interested parties for approximately $200,000. The offering is for a total of $1,000,000.

• Expansion of revenues & results from the clinical trials in the Cayman Islands:

Our partnership with DVCStem in the Cayman Islands continued to advance through treatment of new & previous patients. This IRB-approved protocol targets patients with inflammatory conditions including multiple sclerosis, systemic inflammation and new indications including Crohn's disease, Alzheimer’s disease and COPD. To date we have treated 60 patients including repeat treatments. There have been no serious adverse events and we continue to gain evidence of efficacy. One of the initial MS patients has now received a second transplant of our AlloRx™ Stem Cells and he has reported significant therapeutic benefits of both the initial and subsequent therapy. He had received an earlier transplant of adipose-derived MSCs that was effective, but the improvement lasted 3 months while AlloRx™ Stem Cell therapy lasted 18 months. We had predicted such a clinical outcome based on significantly higher potency of umbilical cord MSCS compared to those derived from adipose tissue or bone marrow. The Crohn’s disease patient showed significant improvement as did both the AD & COPD patients.

• Further Expansion into US Markets-FDA IND:

The strategic development of our stem cell therapies involves pursuit of both offshore and domestic markets. The partnership with DVC Stem, our IRB-approved trial in the Bahamas together with other strategic opportunities represent offshore operations & prospects. During Q1 2020, we initiated expansion into US therapeutic markets through development of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for submission to FDA. Once approved, an IND allows the conduct of clinical trials for specific medical conditions in the US.

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, our initial IND application is for use of AlloRx™ Stem Cells in treatment of Coronavirus infections. This is supported by clinical studies showing that 17 critically ill patients responded favorably to IV infusion of umbilical cord-derived MSCs. All patients were receiving assisted ventilation but 3 days following stem cell therapy, were removed from ventilators and subsequently discharged from the hospital. We are pursuing discussions with FDA to establish the appropriate regulatory pathway and expedited review options given the current emergency circumstances. (See Subsequent Events, below, for additional discussion of our COVID-19 response.) Once our initial IND is in place, we have plans for additional INDs for stem cell therapy of musculoskeletal conditions and Alzheimer’s disease.

• PR Medica Opportunity:

We have received an initial order of AlloRx™ Stem Cells for testing purposes by PR Medica located in Cabo San Lucas. Given successful test results, we anticipate subsequent new revenue generation from this customer.

• InfiniVive MD™ Stem Cell Serum:

Vitro Biopharma’s cosmetic topical stem cell serum is being distributed by InfiniVive MD™ into cosmetic clinics that are providing the topical treatment as a beautification product. To date the company’s product is being offered in 10 cosmetic clinics.

Our partner, Dr Jack Zamora, MD was a keynote speaker at a master session at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery annual meeting in late February. The topic of his presentation was “Topical Stem Cells, Exosomes and Conditioned Media Serums in Aesthetics.” This was the official launch of the InfiniVive-MD platform including: Dailey Serum, Stem Cell Serum 2.0 & Exosomes within the product line. Vitro Biopharma will manufacture & private label these new products for distribution in the US. We anticipate InfiniVive MD growth, development and revenues to mirror the development of Apyx subdermal plasma skin tightening as a cosmetic treatment and technique that has gone global.

• Research and Development, Facility Expansion & Patent Prosecution

Our core research product sales continued to expand in Q1 2020. Our facility expansion continued with addition of manufacturing capacity and development of plans to add operational facility to increase outputs further by 100% or more. We were also in discussions with the USPTO regarding our pending patents for our novel stem cell therapy and stem cell activation technology. We continue to work closely with our examiner and have established communication channels to facilitate awards of these patents.

• SUBSEQUENT EVENTS: COVID-19 Opportunity and Risks

The COVD-19 pandemic is a significant obstacle for all business. However, Vitro Biopharma is uniquely positioned since we have a potential effective therapy. This is based on 3 independent reports showing efficacy of stem cell therapy in 17 COVID-19 patients. All were treated with IV umbilical cord MSCs comparable to AlloRx™ Stem Cells and all 17 required respiratory assistance but within 3-4 days of treatment, were able to breath without ventilators and were discharged within 14 days. On the contrary, untreated patients on ventilators have death rates of 50% or more. We have received a formal request to supply AlloRx™ Stem Cells for compassionate use from a major university medical center and several other potential clinical partners have also expressed interest in using our cells to treat COVID-19 patients. We are presently working with the FDA to gain authority to begin clinical testing in the US. We are currently assessing the overall financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our business, but this depends on overall control of the pandemic. There have been no staff layoffs and our workers are considered essential since we conduct essential research to the COVID-19 response.

Dr. Jim Musick, CEO of Vitro Biopharma, said, “We are very pleased with the increased revenue growth during our first quarter 2020 compared to the prior year However all our resources are currently focused on the emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing our inventory of AlloRx to satisfy anticipated emergency demand to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients.” The Company is working to get expedited clinical trial approvals to sell our AlloRx Stem Cells to hospitals coping with the pandemic. Vitro is pleased to have recently been recognized by Bioinformant as "a Company Tracking the Coronavirus". We anticipate clinical progress in the effectiveness of our stem cell therapies while expecting to see a reduction in our offshore and cosmetic revenues for the next quarter or two. The company is in a good cash position to weather this storm and simultaneously advance its AlloRx stem cell therapies into clinical trials.

In summary, Vitro Biopharma is advancing as a key player in regenerative medicine with 10+years’ experience in the development and commercialization of stem cell products for research, recognized by a Best in Practice Technology Innovation Leadership award for Stem Cell Tools and Technology and a growing track record of successful translation to therapy. We are leveraging our proprietary technology platform to the establishment of international Stem Cell Centers of Excellence and regulatory approvals in the US and worldwide.

Sincerely yours,

James R. Musick, PhD.
President, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements herein regarding financial performance have not yet been reported to the SEC nor reviewed by the Company’s auditors. Certain statements contained herein and subsequent statements made by and on behalf of the Company, whether oral or written may contain “forward-looking statements”. Such forward looking statements are identified by words such as “intends,” “anticipates,” “believes,” “expects” and “hopes” and include, without limitation, statements regarding the Company’s plan of business operations, product research and development activities, potential contractual arrangements, receipt of working capital, anticipated revenues and related expenditures. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include, among others, acceptability of the Company’s products in the market place, general economic conditions, receipt of additional working capital, the overall state of the biotechnology industry and other factors set forth in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Most of these factors are outside the control of the Company. Investors are cautioned not to put undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Except as otherwise required by applicable securities statutes or regulations, the Company disclaims any intent or obligation to update publicly these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Dr. James Musick
Chief Executive Officer
Vitro BioPharma
(303) 999-2130 Ext. 3

Source: Vitro Diagnostics, Inc.

John Evans
Vitro BioPharma
+1 303-601-7855
email us here

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