Rong360 Jianpu Technology (NYSE: JT) Survey: 57% of Chinese Households Tend to Increase Bank Savings After the Pandemic

Rong360 Jianpu Technology (NYSE:JT)

Rong360 Jianpu Technology survey finds that Chinese household asset allocation under the pandemic is changing.

Jianpu Technology (NYSE:JT)

BEIJING, CHINA, July 6, 2020 / — With the global economy encountering Covid-19 pandemic, financial markets have been hit hard in the first quarter of 2020, which had also delivered a heavy blow to the balance of payments of ordinary households. How does Chinese households cope with a future full of uncertainties? Will they adjust their asset allocation to avoid risks? Rong360 Jianpu Technology Inc. (NYSE: JT) survey finds that Chinese household asset allocation under the pandemic is changing. Stocks are losing popularity, deposits and insurance are gaining favor.

After the pandemic, the uncertain future has forced people to re-examine and re-plan their lives, and think about how to enhance their ability to resist risks. This change is also reflected in the Chinese household asset allocation. The Rong360 Jianpu Technology Inc. (NYSE: JT) survey found that most families tend to be more conservative and stable in asset allocation in the future in order to avoid the impact of major risks.

According to the survey by Rong360 Jianpu Technology Inc. (NYSE: JT), 56.62% of the respondents said that they would take the initiative to increase their bank savings in the future, and 27.11% of the respondents said they would increase their cash holdings in the future.

Wang Qi has been working on stock investment for a long time. The unexpected pandemic has made him suffer a “Waterloo” in his career. “In March this year, gold, US Stocks, Hong Kong Stocks and A-share markets had all experienced crashes. Such large amplitude had caused many people to close down their positions, and I was no exception. But who would have thought that the US stock market rebounded so quickly and I had lost nearly half of my assets in total as a result? The impact was so great that it was hard for me to snap out of it soon.” said Wang in a depressed tone.

“Cash will continue to be of paramount importance for the next three months,” said Wang Qi, who has lost nearly half of his assets. “Now I have liquidated all of my investment in stocks. I’m scared of what the market will be like in the future. I need cash to make my mind calm and secure.”

Perhaps because of the pandemic, insurance has ranked only second to bank deposits in popularity, with 29.41% of respondents saying that they will take the initiative to increase investment of insurance in the future.

As an investment tool with strong risk-off property, gold and other precious metals are gaining favor. 12.22% of the respondents said they would take the initiative to increase their investment in precious metals in the future, and this percentage has even surpassed that of stocks and real estate.

From the perspective of the re-investment rate of asset investment, the re-investment rate of bank deposits is also the highest, reaching 61.38%. That is to say, 61.38% of the respondents with bank deposits currently will continue to actively increase the investment of bank deposits in the future. Insurance and money funds are close behind, with a related percentage of about close to 50%.

In contrast, stocks, with better liquidity and higher risks, have become the least likely choice for Chinese households in the future. More than a quarter of respondents said they will reduce their investment in stocks.

About Rong360 | Jianpu Technology
Rong 360 | Jianpu Technology (NYSE: JT) is an independent open platform for discovery and recommendation of financial products in China. Started in 2011, Rong 360 | Jianpu Technology (NYSE: JT) connects 150 million Chinese consumers, SMEs with more than 2000 financial institutions via AI, cloud and big data technologies and the whole service is internet-based. It collected 200 million USD funding from renowned investors such as Sequoia, Light-speed, Temasek etc. before going public in New York Exchange in November 2017. The company lately set up branches in India, Singapore and other Southeast-Asian countries.

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True Wearables Announces FDA Clearance of the Oxxiom Pulse Oximetry System

Oxxiom Rx works in combination with the Oxxiom Rx App.

Oxxiom Rx App.

Oxxiom Rx is the world's first wireless, fully disposable, single use, and completely cordless pulse oximeter. It works in combination with the Oxxiom Rx App.

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA, USA, July 6, 2020 / — True Wearables announced today that the Oxxiom® Pulse Oximetry System has received FDA clearance.

The Oxxiom® Pulse Oximetry System consists of the Oxxiom® Rx pulse oximeter and the Oxxiom® Rx App, available for iOS devices. Oxxiom® Rx is a wireless, completely cordless, fully disposable, single-use device that integrates the functions of a pulse oximeter monitor and a disposable sensor. Oxxiom® Rx is small, convenient and weighs only 0.12 ounces (3.5 grams).

Oxxiom® Rx measures SpO2 (oxygen saturation), PR (pulse rate), PA (pulse amplitude), and waveforms. The device works for 24 hours, is never recharged, and does not require any kind of sterilization or cleaning.

According to Dr. Marcelo Lamego, True Wearables’ CEO, “Because Oxxiom is never reused and does not need to be recharged, it may reduce the potential for cross-contamination. Minimizing the risk of cross-contamination is especially important in a pandemic situation. The device's small form factor and lightweight design, combined with the complete absence of cables, may improve patients’ comfort and simplify workflows.”

True Wearables now intends to focus its resources on the development of Gleo™, a noninvasive device designed to measure glucose concentration in blood directly and accurately, without the need for blood samples, calibrations, or needles. Gleo™ is not available for sale in the United States, and has not yet been cleared/approved by the FDA.

Caution: USA Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Tatiana Lamego
True Wearables, Inc.
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Sage X3 V2020 R2 Released in India to Enable Indian Pharma Companies Enjoy Benefits of Global Technology Platform

Sage X3 for API Manufacturers

Sage X3 for API Manufacturers

The ERP Software – Sage X3 releases new features with specific focus on Pharmaceuticals, API and Nutraceuticals manufacturing companies in India.

Multi-site planning, user-defined workflow, finite capacity scheduling, and data automation will enable pharmaceutical manufacturing companies foster cost reduction and improve customer service.”

— Jitendra Somani, CEO, Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 7, 2020 / — Sage Software Solutions, Distributor of Sage Group PLC announces release of Sage’s global flagship ERP solution Sage X3 version 2020 R2 in India. New release encompasses true modern architecture and rich features and functionalities to enable manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals, API and Nutraceuticals to reap global opportunities in manufacturing.

Sage ERP X3 has features and functionalities addressing needs of modern manufacturing companies in various discrete and process industries with specific focus on Pharmaceuticals, API and Nutraceuticals manufacturing companies in India. Some exciting features useful to manufacturers in these vertical includes Digital Signature management, batch and expiry management, Quality and non conformance management as well as comprehensive Quality management, Potency tracking and weighing bride integration being common requirements of specialty manufacturers.

Sage X3 also have inbuilt tools for Security and Profile management, detailed Audit log, GDPR compliance, global legislation for major countries of world helping Indian pharma manufacturers meet complex requirements of compliance and extensive documentation process.

Sage X3 Highlights for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

1. Manufacturing: Manufacturers with complex business requirements with Sage X3 with its advanced accounting, manufacturing, procurement, inventory, distribution and CRM functionality to address specific challenges like formula and potency management, lot traceability, weight calculations, quality assurance, contract management, packaging, supply chain management and order fulfillment.

2. Non Conformance Management: The non-conformance functionality easily defines, monitors, and reviews corrective actions. It is now possible to quickly replace, delete and improvise previous versions.

3. Inventory Management: A single License Plate Number (LPN) can be used to manage and track logistics across the warehouse and gain insights for every stage of product life cycle.

4. Electronic Signatures and Journal Traceability: Unique signature functionality offers enhanced security for sales transactions and journal entries, and improved journal traceability adheres to new audit requirements.

“Features like multi-site planning, user-defined workflow, finite capacity scheduling, and data automation will enable pharmaceutical manufacturing companies foster cost reduction and improve customer service”, said Jitendra Somani, CEO, Sage Software which is a distributor of Sage Group products in India.

Sage ERP X3 combines advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting functionality with application features that address the unique and specialized needs of API manufacturers. It offers real-time and comprehensive visibility into each aspect of business process to help companies stay agile and scalable.

About Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd. is distributor of Sage Group PLC in India. It is a leading ERP software company in India with headquarters in Mumbai and offices and channel partners spread across India. Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd. has been helping businesses to manage all things including finance, distribution and manufacturing to resources with its robust suite of business software solutions including Sage 300cloud, Sage X3, Sage CRM and Pocket HRMS.

Sage X3 and other Sage products mentioned in this article have been developed and are exclusively owned by The Sage Group PLC. Sage, Sage logos, and Sage product and service names are the trademarks of The Sage Group PLC.
All Rights Reserved

For more information, visit: Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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James Hardy CT Discusses Criminal Defense Concerns During Covid-19

James Hardy Attorney CT

James Hardy Attorney CT

STAMFORD, CT, USA, July 6, 2020 / — James Hardy Attorney CT is a well-respected attorney with years of experience. And since the coronavirus pandemic started, he has watched developments with concern. For example, he has found that the changes affecting the criminal law system could trigger widespread issues that may last for years. These issues must be addressed, he believes, in a way that makes sense for the situation.

Changes That Concern James Hardy Attorney CT

The dangers of Covid-19 have already significantly impacted the justice system, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut states. For example, arrests have been substantially decreased because of the risks of keeping large numbers of prisoners in one area. Many precincts, James Hardy Attorney CT states, are doing "cite and release" more often than arresting because they cannot handle this demand properly. 

Officers and legal officials are also adjusting arrest warrants and summons, extending their limitations, and keeping people out of court longer. These changes are functional, James Hardy Attorney CT says, but there are problems in the court system because many districts are not holding criminal cases. This decision is understandable, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut believes, but comes with issues that may last a long time. 

For example, many areas are expediting case processing and even attempting to limit bench warrants and even prosecution times. These responses may be a problem, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut believes, because many potential criminals may either sneak through the cracks or get off easier. Even worse, there's a good chance that such changes may become standard as Covid-19 expands, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut says. 

Other Concerns That May Develop 

James Hardy Attorney CT is uncertain of what can be done to mitigate these changes until the pandemic is over. He says that he supports the courts and their decision to change up their operation in this way. It's not as if they are doing things wrong, he says. It is just inevitable that such changes may have adverse effects. Some of these may last well beyond the pandemic, James Hardy Attorney CT states. 

His biggest concern is cases being processed too fast and not allowing enough evidence to be collected for either the prosecutor or the defender. James Hardy Attorney CT believes that a good case needs to have the time to explore all elements of the situation to ensure proper legal protection. However, he is also concerned about the delay in criminal cases in many states. 

For example, people awaiting trial may end up waiting even longer because cases are not being prosecuted. Being held in jail or prison is not a pleasant time, James Hardy Attorney CT states, and delays are a violation of a plaintiff's rights. Though he understands that there isn't much that can be done about it, he foresees a lot of lawsuits about this issue in the future. 

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Trusted Agent Network (TAN) Partners with Prime Trust to Expand Footprint in the U.S.

Tom Meredith


TAN has partnered with Prime Trust, LLC, a highly respected U.S. based Trust and Custody firm, to help TAN expand its financial services footprint in the U.S.

The TAN Agent program has the potential of creating powerful revenue streams for
merchants, who in effect become the corner banker.”

— Tom Meredith

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2020 / — Trusted Agent Network, a subsidiary of blockchain technology company P2P Cash Technology, Inc. (P2P Cash), has partnered with Prime Trust, LLC, a highly respected U.S. based Trust and Custody firm, to help TAN expand its financial services footprint in the United States.

P2P Cash’s blockchain technology is used today through its TAN subsidiary in Africa and Central America to deliver money transfer and microlending services. TAN agents are typically store merchants and entrepreneurs, who are trained and incentivized to deliver such services. Prior to its engagement with Prime Trust, the company could only provide the aforementioned services in foreign countries.

“We’ve been looking for the right banking partner that could deliver world-class financial services,” said TAN CEO Tom Meredith. “In Prime Trust, we found a financial institution with a proven track record for helping its FinTech partners deliver their innovative open banking solutions to the marketplace.”

“There is no reason residents of the United States should have to pay a fee when sending money to friends and family in places like Kenya, Nigeria, and Guatemala,” said Meredith.

The money remittance business is a highly fragmented industry, with the top two competitors owning only about 15 percent of the $700 billion market, Meredith added. Recognizing that the consumer is rapidly adopting digital services online and through mobile applications, new competitors in the industry are no longer opening physical retail locations. They are instead leveraging new financial technology like blockchain and tokenization to offer inexpensive
remittances online.

This is where the company and TAN come in.

It is also poised to roll out microlending in its markets, such as Nigeria, where it just incorporated a subsidiary clearing the way for such initiatives. Guatemala is close behind, where several partnership announcements are on the horizon that will facilitate microlending.

Ultimately, the vision is to expand the practice in other countries and the U.S.

“There are billions of people without formal banking accounts unable to participate in their local economy,” said Meredith.

One way to accomplish that is utilizing the aforementioned TAN has already trained more than 1,300 agents in Nigeria.

“The TAN Agent program as the future of financial service delivery in that country and around the world,” said Meredith. “It has the potential of creating powerful revenue streams for merchants, who in effect become the corner banker.”

Prime Trust, for its part, is “excited to be working with” the company and the TAN.

“This is a relationship that will empower P2P Cash, TAN, and its customers," said Sean Ristau, VP, Technical Business Relationships & Major Accounts. “We’re looking forward to working with TAN in helping serve customers both in the US and Abroad.”

“Blockchain technology has given us a new Era of global banking,” explains Jimmy Bingham, SVP, Business Development at Prime Trust. “Using blockchain technology, Tom and the P2P Cash’s Trusted Agent Network have a unique solution that finally addresses the special needs of the World’s unbanked communities. So Yes! We’re super excited to be P2P Cash’s banking partner!”

holt hackney
hackney communications
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Trusted Currency

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Ai4 2020: Attending Companies Announced

With the best list of attending companies yet, the fully-digital Ai4 2020 conference (August 18th-20th) offers countless networking opportunities.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, July 6, 2020 / — Each year, Ai4 attracts attendees from the world's top companies — and this year is no exception. The list of attending companies includes an abundance of Fortune 500 companies and top companies from the healthcare, retail, finance, cybersecurity, oil & energy, telecommunications, and automotive industries. A snapshot of these companies can be found below.

With over 4,000 attendees expected, the conference poses as the ideal opportunity to network with industry leaders using the private networking app. Through this app, attendees can connect with each other and schedule digital 1:1 meetings during the conference. Attendees can even search and sort the directory by industry, job function, and company size.

In total, attendees can expect 100+ speakers and 35 hours of content across 16 fully-digital tracks, all from the comfort of their own homes. Tracks are both industry-specific, including healthcare, finance, retail, cybersecurity, telecom, automotive, and oil & energy, as well as technical, including NLP, computer vision, AI research, and more.

While it’s too much for any one person to experience, you’ll be able to personalize your agenda to ensure you learn exactly what you want. In addition, all registered attendees will have immediate post-conference access to all presentation recordings.

The conference is free to attend for those who qualify – and even for those who don’t, the price is still 60% off the initial pricing.

See below for a snapshot of registered companies!

– TD Securities
– BNP Paribas
– TD Bank
– Northwestern Mutual
– Capital One
– Mastercard
– U.S. Bank
– American Century
– Liberty Mutual
– PayPal
– Two Sigma
– American Express
– S&P Global
– World Bank
– Scotiabank
– DBS Bank
– Aramark
– Charles Schwab
– Oppenheimer & Co
– Allied Bank
– Bank of Montreal
– J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
– Ameris Bank
– Allstate
– AIG Investments
– Barclays
– PNC Bank
– GM Financial
– Western Union
– Fannie Mae
– National Australia Bank
– First Citizens Bank
– BlackRock
– Goldman Sachs
– And more!

– Johnson & Johnson
– Janssen
– Bristol-Myers Squibb
– Mayo Clinic
– AstraZeneca
– Department of Health Services
– Mckesson
– Roche
– Abbott
– NYU Langone Health
– American Medical Association
– MilliporeSigma
– Merck
– Cepheid
– Thermo Fisher Scientific
– Express Scripts
– Optum Technology, United Health Group
– CVS Health
– Amgen
– Mercy Health
– New York-Presbyterian Hospital
– Siemens Healthineers
– Cambia Health Solutions, Inc.
– Mount Sinai
– Boston Children's Hospital
– EMD Serono
– US Department of Health and Human Services
– Wolters Kluwer
– Alliance Health
– Novartis Pharmaceutical
– Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
– Anthem, Inc
– Houston Methodist
– Pfizer
– Holy Name Medical Center
– Kaiser Permanente
– SCAN Health Plan
– Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
– Humana
– Pharmexx Brasil
– AbbVie
– Northwell Health
– Blue Cross of Idaho
– Aetna, a CVS Health company
– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
– Cigna
– Biogen

– FedEx
– iRobot
– Luxottica Retail
– Wayfair
– PepsiCo
– Amazon
– Xerox
– Apple
– Best Buy
– The Boeing Company
– Staples Inc
– BJ's Wholesale
– Gap
– Fujitsu
– TJX Companies
– Tiffany & Co.
– Unilever
– The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
– Neiman Marcus
– 7-Eleven, Inc
– eBay
– Bed, Bath & Beyond
– Loblaw Companies Limited
– The Home Depot
– Under Armour
– Target
– Urban Outfitters, Inc.
– Peloton
– The Coca-Cola Company
– Advance Auto Parts
– John Deere
– Home Depot
– Dick's Sporting Goods
– Nike
– The Clorox Company
– Walmart
– Whirlpool
– Costco
– The ALDO Group

– Coast Guard Cyber Command
– Visa
– Government of Canada
– Bank of America
– Morgan Stanley
– OSF HealthCare
– Dept of Defense
– Army Cyber Command
– Wells Fargo
– Time Warner
– Cisco
– Facebook
– Department of Defense Joint AI Center
– United States Cyber Command

– General Motors
– Harley-Davidson
– Toyota
– Caterpillar
– JetBlue
– Southwest Airlines
– TZ Trucking
– Tesla
– DuPont
– Ford
– American Airlines
– Toyota
– Fiji Airways
– United Airlines
– Uber
– Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations

– US Cellular
– T-Mobile
– ViacomCBS Inc.
– Comcast
– 20th Century Fox
– Sprint
– AT&T
– Verizon
– Warner Media Group
– Samsung
– Orange

– Halliburton
– Ameren
– Chevron
– Duke Energy
– Dominion Energy
– Exxon
– Siemens

Jessica Gallagher
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Cybersecurity Increasingly a Requirement for Business Loans

Turnkey cybersecurity programs

Turnkey Cybersecurity and Privacy Programs

Cybersecurity expert warns leading association of business valuators about new cybersecurity requirements for business loans and investments

Cybersecurity has changed business valuations. If a business cannot effectively defend its IT infrastructure and data from attack, then it is worth LESS than the same business that CAN defend itself.”

— Ray Hutchins

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2020 / — A leading cybersecurity expert just warned the country's top business valuation professionals that banks will soon join venture capitalists and private equity investors in demanding that borrowers prove their cybersecurity readiness before making loans and other investments.

Ray Hutchins, Managing Member of Turnkey Cybersecurity & Privacy Solutions LLC, presented this new reality to the annual convention of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). The NACVA is the premier organization of business valuation experts and professionals in the world.

In the September 2019 edition of “The Value Examiner,” (the NACVA's flagship publication), Hutchins and Dave Miles of ValuSource (the leading online business valuation service) introduced this new reality to the business valuation industry. The reception by the industry was such that Hutchins was invited to address the membership body at the national convention.

When asked what kind of reception he had gotten from the valuation industry, Hutchins replied, "There is absolutely no push-back. Everyone now agrees that you cannot correctly value a business unless cybersecurity due diligence is part of the process. Here is a simple set of questions that will make it easy for any business owner to determine if cybersecurity is a risk to the company valuation. If the answer is yes, we can help you do a more formal assessment that can be used to increase a company's value."

Hutchins' company, Turnkey Cybersecurity & Privacy Solutions LLC (TCPS) offers just what the name says: "turnkey" cybersecurity programs for small to medium-sized businesses. These are pre-engineered, comprehensive cybersecurity and privacy packages designed to make building a program much easier with less time, money, and brain-damage. Programs are customized and priced to the company's size and the level of security as required by any compliance and/or customer requirements. And by necessity, all programs include proactive support to ensure that programs are correctly implemented and maintained by businesses. Programs are very affordable, starting at $1,885 for companies consisting of 1-5 staff.

This is because TCPS's extensive cybersecurity experience has enabled it to standardize various cybersecurity processes and components so they can be rolled out more quickly and effectively, thereby saving clients money.

Immediate benefits from using a TCPS program include:

1. Reduction of cybersecurity and privacy risks, including:
–IT infrastructure and data risks
–Regulatory compliance risks
–Insurance exposure risks
–Company valuation risks
–Cybersecurity and privacy financial risks
2. Faster program deployment and protection of assets
3. Reduced security complexity
4. Increased competitiveness and business opportunities

When asked how prevalent cybersecurity due diligence has become for business financings, Hutchins responded, "Sharp VCs and Private Equity investors are already doing it. Banks are slower, but we predict that within three years you won't be able to get a bank loan unless you can prove your cybersecurity readiness. It will just be too risky for banks to do otherwise."

"We help companies to get their cybersecurity ducks in a row BEFORE they go to a bank or other source to seek money," Hutchins says. "Our clients are fully prepared to proactively show how their cybersecurity program reduces risk and increases their value. This makes their companies more valuable and sets them apart from their competition. "

About Turnkey Cybersecurity & Privacy Solutions LLC (TCPS):
TCPS, founded and operated by experienced cybersecurity and privacy professionals, builds and supports multi-level turnkey cybersecurity and privacy solutions for multiple industries.

Ray Hutchins
CyberCecurity LLC
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Why Your Company is Worth 30% Less Than You Think

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Tap Global takes first step in global expansion

tap Global App

tap Global App

Tap Global has partnered with Australian company, Hay as a Service (HaaS) to issue local Australian residents with AUD banking services.

“The partnership with Hay represents the fulfilment of our goal at Tap to be multi-continental. This is just the first in a series of developments at Tap, with many exciting features on the way”.”

— David Carr – Founder and COO of TAP

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, July 6, 2020 / — Tap Global has partnered with Australian company, Hay as a Service (HaaS) to issue local Australian residents with AUD banking services. This feature is Tap’s first step on the road to global expansion. These accounts will allow local Tap APP users to receive deposits into their Tap accounts in AUD. Once funds are received, our users can then allocate these for the trading of digital assets in real time. Users will also be able to make AUD payments out to Australian bank accounts or for local payments.
The TAP accounts with multiple crypto and fiat wallets have access to real time crypto trading with numerous exchanges. All consumer assets are held securely in multi signatory “cold storage” wallets or electronic money client accounts.
David Carr – Founder and COO of TAP commented: “My affiliation with Australia is well known within the industry. The partnership with Hay represents the fulfilment of our goal at Tap to be multi continental. This is just the first in a series of developments underway at Tap, with many new and exciting features and functionalities on the way”.
Carr adds “The Board at Tap felt that the philosophy of the team at Hay matched our own. Although we are relatively young companies, we have both gone through the rigours of gaining regulated status and spent several years developing our technology and user interface prior to launching to the public. We believe that the partnership will blossom into a great relationship over time”.
Andrew Laycock – CEO at Hay commented: “Hay as a Service is always searching for Innovative Partners; TAP is a perfect example of one of these partners. TAP’s ambitions of multi continental growth allows each other to work together and support our goals. That is true partnership”.
Andrew adds: “Hay has the ability to bring on TAP as a customer within weeks not months. Speed is the foundation of Start-ups and FinTech’s”.
About Tap Global Ltd:
Tap Global Ltd (TAP) is a Gibraltar based company providing clients with real time trading of crypto assets utilising multiple exchanges from one APP. The multi crypto and Fiat wallet structure of TAP coupled with bespoke designed proprietary middleware solution allows TAP to facilitate trades efficiently and
The Tap Prepaid Mastercard (one of the first to work with Mastercard in Europe) will allow our customers the ability to realise the value of their digital assets by exchanging them into traditional currencies for spending with merchants that accept Mastercard or to withdraw cash at ATMs in over 200 countries around the world. For more information please visit
About Hay as a Service:
Hay as a Service (HaaS) by Hay has built a proven, cloud native, state of the art platform, assessed by Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) for regulated payment and banking activities. It is underpinned by superior technology that is already in use by Hay. We offer flexible and fast plug-and-play integrations via microservice APIs, allowing us to provide compelling cost savings to customers, who can pick and choose modules based on their specific requirements.
HaaS offers services including VISA Card Issuing, access to the New Payments Platform, KYC and Fraud/AML/CTF Services. HaaS is located in United Kingdom and Australia. For more information please
Tap Global Limited, registered in Gibraltar with the registration number 118724 Tap Global Limited (Tap) is licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with license No. 25532.
The Tap Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Transact Payments Limited pursuant to a licence by Mastercard International. Transact Payments Limited is authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Mastercard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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EMPYRION WEALTH MANAGEMENT Named to the 2020 Top Firms in California List

Kimberly Foss, CFP®, CPWA®, Founder and President

Empyrion was also named one of's 2020 Firms to Watch earlier this year

We are so honored to be included in's ranking and proud to serve Californians and investors local to the Roseville area.”

— Kimberly Foss

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2020 / — Today, is making it easier for California residents to find an advisor they can trust, with the release of its 2020 Top Firms in California list. Empyrion Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) headquartered in Roseville, received a five-out-of-five star rating by’s Trust Algorithm, and is one of only 100 firms in the entire state to earn the Top Firm honor.’s Trust Algorithm combines both publicly accessible data from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as well as proprietary information such as the security of a firm’s website. Empyrion Wealth Management received the highest star rating possible by the Algorithm.

“We are so honored to be included in’s ranking and proud to serve Californians and investors local to the Roseville area,” said Kimberly Foss, President and Founder of Empyrion Wealth Management. “When it comes to serving our clients, our belief is that people come before profit, and service is above self. This mission is the foundation of our relationship with our clients and is central to how we serve them every day.”

A consumer advocacy project with the mission of serving Americans as a trusted resource for researching and comparing financial advisors, analyzes 28 million data points from 690,000 financial professionals and 16,000 firms across the country on a monthly basis to determine which firms can be trusted and which ones have red flags consumers should know about.

“Our goal at is to make it easy for Americans to find a firm and advisor they can trust,” said Blain Reinkensmeyer,’s co-founder. “My grandparents spent over $100,000 on excessive fees alone, working with a financial advisor they thought they could trust, and I don’t want to see that happen to anyone else. In fact, Americans lose billions of dollars to excessive fees and overly expensive financial products each year, so we truly want to highlight fiduciaries — those who have a legal obligation to be unbiased and to put the interests of their clients first.”

Foss — a proud fiduciary, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, a Certified Private Wealth Advisor®, and a candidate for the Certified Financial Therapist™ certification — brings both technical expertise and real passion to her work with clients, focusing on thriving retirees,
women in transition, and family stewards.

To view the entire list of the Top Financial Advisor Firms in California, please visit:

Empyrion Wealth Management™, an investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, provides customized wealth management advice and comprehensive financial planning for women in transition, thriving retirees, and family stewards. For more information, visit or follow Kimberly Foss/Empyrion on Twitter Linkedin, and Facebook.

To learn more about Empyrion Wealth Management’s profile on, visit

ABOUT INVESTOR.COM was launched in 2018 to serve Americans as a trusted resource for researching and comparing financial advisors. is wholly owned by Reink Media Group, a privately held company founded in 2009. For more information, visit

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Docufraud Canada a Handwriting Expert Prepares for the Opening of Ontario Courts on July 6, 2020

Forensic Document Examiner

Forensic Document Examiners

Signature Verification

Forensic Examiner

Forensic Examiner

Docufraud Canada an expert forensic examiner is preparing cases for Ontario courts relating to the submission of handwriting analysis and signature verification

Docufraud's questioned document examiners are certified and court qualified”

— Dwayne Strocen

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 6, 2020 / — Dwayne Strocen, President of Docufraud Canada ( certified and court qualified expert handwriting examiner announces the Ontario Court of Justice will begin the phase one re-opening on July 6th for both civil and criminal proceedings. This opening resumes gradually in a limited number of court houses beginning with the hearing of cases remotely. Full implementation is expected to be completed by November 1, 2020.

Ministry of the Attorney General who oversees the court system acknowledges its commitment to increase and improve its access to video conferencing. There is a large financial cost associated with the up-grade including a thoughtful process for the safety of all participants. There are safety issues not only for the litigants but also for juries, attorneys and court staff. Proper planning is underway with consideration to all involved.

Preparation for trial and submission of evidence for expert witness testimony is also underway at Docufraud. As an expert in the examination of handwriting analysis, signature verification, and altered documents, Docufraud examiners are in full swing in preparation for Ontario's re-opening, not just Toronto, Ontario's largest city but for all cities small and large.

When called upon to testify for the benefit of the court, Docufraud will present it’s court ready reports as they relate to fraudulent documents and forged contracts, contested wills, employment contracts and Powers of Attorney on behalf of elderly persons.

Docufraud Canada has not been idle during this time of stay-at-home orders. We have continued to act on behalf of attorneys and all Canadians whether represented by legal counsel or not. While our commitment is to aid the Ontario court in an un-biased and impartial manner, we strive to assist all who need our support.

About Docufraud Canada:

We are a Canadian company and one of Canada’s premiere certified and court appointed forensic examiners. Our examiners have many hours of court experience and our forensic reports have been court recognized in all provinces throughout Canada and the U.S.A including Ontario. In addition, our forensic reports have been accepted and recognized by the courts in Toronto and the GTA including Hamilton, London, Windsor, Barrie, Kingston, Kitchener, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and others.

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