Halen Technologies Announces Super-App


Halen Technologies Announces Super-App Offering All-In-One Ridesharing, Delivery and Hospitality Services

North American markets are ripe for an all-in-one application to serve customers with less hassle and clutter.”

— Chandra Gundlapalli, Halen Chief Systems Architect

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, November 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Halen Technologies (Halen) announces today its super-app, offering ridesharing, restaurant / grocery / retail delivery, flight arrangements and hospitality services within one secure mobile phone application and optional secure desktop application.

Founded in 2020, Halen was created to address a variety of perpetual end-user and vendor frustrations relating to multiple application data synchronicity and feature accessibility. As a disruptor app, Halen offers multiple personal travel and hospitality services, typically seen in as few as four apps and as many as ten, available to users on demand in one secure location. Users will only have to register once, and provide a preferred payment method one time. This ease of use decreases the possibility of hacking or identity theft by reducing the number of third-party organizations obtaining user personal information, and allowing users to spend less time to gain accessibility to a much greater number of retail and service portals.

Halen Founder and CEO Edward Mbeche stated that "while the mobile delivery service market has grown considerably over the years, other providers only offer one or two services. Due to the nature of the architecture of their apps, links to other services can be obtained from their apps, but you still have the issues of a separate sign up, a separate submission of financial information, and for drivers, a separate background check and evaluation. At any point, any end user, delivery service provider or vendor can be rejected due to the individual guidelines of that company. Halen makes this process much more seamless, easy to use and offers much more in the way of features toward retail, livery and hospitality clients and users."

"Consolidation is a process that is practiced and valued across a variety of areas in our lives. If our homes are messy, we will bring in an organizer whose main tool is consolidation," said Halen Chief Systems Architect Chandra Gundlapalli. "In the case of our mobile devices and desktops, consolidation of our apps will make our lives much easier as we'll be able to access and get things faster and more efficiently. As recently seen in Forbes, North American markets are ripe for an all-in-one application to serve customers with less hassle and clutter. With Halen's trademarked app offering so many features, it's the logical choice for ridesharing, delivery and retail needs."

Arriving in early 2022 on iOS and Android mobile device platforms, the Halen super-app provides convenient services including ridesharing, food, grocery, and retail delivery. A separate secure desktop application will be offered in the summer of 2022.

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Beau Hunter
Halen Technologies

Source: EIN Presswire