How COVID-19 Lockdown Severely Affected Homeless Veterans

Homeless Sleeping on the Street

Homeless Sleeping on the Street

UMBRA Condos

UMBRA Condos

COVID-19 lockdown brought many additional problems for already anxious homeless veterans.

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CENTURY CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2021 / — The effects of COVID-19 are known to everyone. Besides the obvious health concerns that affected billions of people around the globe, the pandemic also brought a surge of unemployment and social loneliness.

Homeless veterans already have a tough life. They move away from their friends and family to fight for their country. But when they face homelessness due to various problems like physical disability and lack of opportunities, most of them get depressed.

COVID-19 brought many additional hardships for homeless veterans.

First, the lockdowns caused most of the companies to halt their business processes. As a result, they had to fire many of their existing employees to align with the growing financial crisis.

Most of the affected employees were blue-collar workers because white-collar workers could transfer to remote work environments rather easily.

As homeless veterans were already struggling to earn a reasonable income to run their life chores, they faced even more difficulties when unemployment surged.

Furthermore, homeless people, especially homeless veterans, used to get appreciation and financial help from people on the street. However, COVID-19 urged people to maintain a social distance from other individuals. As a result, people started staying away from homeless individuals in public places to stay safe from the COVID-19 virus, minimizing the financial help the homeless used to get from the public.

To fight the growing problem of veteran homelessness, UMBRA Companies Inc. (UCIX) is taking the initiative to build housing projects all over the country. As of now, UMBRA is looking for new investors to invest in the noble cause.

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