CiRN Token takeover bid FORD MOTOR COMPANY and Uranium battery patent filing

CiRN Token takeover bid FORD MOTOR COMPANY and Uranium battery patent filing

CiRN (uniswap:CiRN)

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 10, 2021 / — CiRN token swapping on UNISWAP V3 Platform announces today, that CiRN and Marino Specogna as Offeror, have made an Unsolicited takeover bid for NYSE listed FORD MOTOR COMPANY, (Z-F) ("FORD").

CiRN will offer 20 CiRN tokens per 1 common share of FORD, to a maximum of 80 Billion CiRN tokens, the offer to tender settlement date is September 30, 2022, a third party share transfer company will be named before Settlement date.

CiRN also will be filing a patent for a Uranium battery, using natural Uranium, in a revolutionary breakthrough. The Uranium battery will deliver continuous energy and will be much smaller in size than current Lithium battery packs that propel EV vehicles and range from 75kwh size, similar to TESLA (Z-TSLA) MODEL 3 vehicles, the world’s most popular EV, upto 1000kwh for vehicles, and higher kwh for semitrucks, cargo ships and airplanes. This revolutionary battery uses natural Uranium,un-enriched, and can be made any kwh energy propulsion.

CiRN also proposes to use 1908 technology to create electricity from radiation ionization of in-situ Uranium deposits and occurrences, and the Offeror combined own over 13 historic Iron deposits located in Quebec Canada and 3 Nickel Cobalt Copper Deposits located in Quebec as well as several Uranium Deposits and occurrences and a historic Gold mine In CANADA.

CiRN believes the infrastructure FORD has established worldwide, and the mining vehicle production facilities worldwide and expertise of FORD will benefit the CiRN and Specogna to develop the new Uranium battery into FORD current vehicle production, as well FORD will benefit from the CiRN ionization of Uranium resources proposed electricity generation.

CiRN projected production of electricity from 1 Uranium deposit in 1 year will produce the equivalent of over 2,900+ years of current Worldwide annual coal production of 7.9 Billion tonnes per year, and the equivalent of 13,700+ Nuclear power plants 1 year electricity generation. CiRN will destroy global warming and current carbon pollution and FORD shareholders will benefit exponentially as CiRN token will be the only currency used in sales of the electricity, and the cost to produce the electricity will be negligible.

If successful in FORD takeover, CiRN will be the transaction clearing token for all FORD product purchases made worldwide which will benefit CiRN and FORD shareholders, and usage of the Uranium battery in FORD vehicles with subsequent Worldwide carbon credits will be beneficial.

CiRN Absorbing the Earths Energy to Power, swaps on UNISWAP V3 under token symbol CiRN, with 2.500005 Trillion tokens issued, with an additional maximum 999.995 Billion tokens mintable, to be used in take over bids. with no more than 3.5 Trillion coins issuable.

Copies of the takeover bid can be viewed on ,

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Source: EIN Presswire