M-Coin Technologies sets to transform cloud data storage

This organization is leveraging the blockchain system to introduce decentralized cloud storage while eliminating data loss and unauthorized access issues.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the current situation, user data is stored in a centralized location that can be open to attacks from hackers. Furthermore, the current issues with data loss, high cost, and low transmission speed have made cloud data storage a burden for many individual and organizations alike. To eliminate this problem and transform the cloud data market, M-Coin Technologies has presented an innovative solution based on decentralized cloud storage.

The prime advantage of decentralization is that users no longer have to concern themselves with data stored in a specific location. The M-Coin Network Decentralized cloud storage further encrypts data and then distributes it across multiple hosting providers worldwide. While providing comprehensive security benefits, it also significantly reduces cost and increases download speeds.

"You can hate, ignore or criticize, but you can't stop cryptocurrency from being part of our future lives," mentions Mr. Edward Tan (CEO). "Same as blockchain data storage, moving forward, it will be mainstream. Embrace it now or get left behind, and M-COIN aims to give the control of your data back to you."
Backed by a team of experienced individuals, this platform is genuinely passionate about transforming the Cloud Storage market. M-Coin Technologies believes that every rising entrepreneur should have access to affordable yet secure data storage. While bridging the gap between crypto and the real world, this organization will undoubtedly help many businesses stay afloat by reducing data storage costs. For more information, use this link https://www.m-coin.io/.

About "Mr. Edward Tan"
With an extensive background in blockchain and crypto, Mr. Edward Tan is the CEO of M-Coin technologies. As an aspiring entrepreneur, he has led many crypto projects to new heights of success. Now, Mr. Edward plans on directing all his energies towards enabling end-users with an exceptional storage service. For this reason, he and his certified team are working tirelessly to bring a transformational change to cloud data storage.


Source: EIN Presswire