While helping communities in poverty, the Ghetto SharkHood NFT project steps deeper into the metaverse

This unique NFT project aims to connect reality with the digital world & brings a collection of 10,000 Ghetto SharkHood NFTs swimming in the Ethereum Blockchain

UNITED STATES, October 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With millions of dollars going into NFTs every week, these digital assets have become a hot topic among traders and investors. Even though many people believe that NFT is not traditional art, a valuation of over 69 million dollars on a Beeple’s First 5000 days NFT has shifted the mindset of many investors.

The team behind “Ghetto SharkHood” believes NFTs to be the natural progression of art and brings a new value to the digitized world. They have focused extensively on transforming the market by providing fair distribution and associating real-world projects with the NFT. It costs around 0.08 ETH for every member and offers exclusive lifetime membership to a digital clubhouse, SharkHood. From headwear to expressions, each Ghetto SharkHood brings a unique programmatically generated trait to the owners.

By planning for the long term, this NFT project aims to bring an opportunity to aspiring artists worldwide. Through this project, Ghetto SharkHood goes the extra mile to do its part for the NFT Community.

What Makes Ghetto SharkHood Unique?
So far, the vast majority of NFT projects and utilities are only limited to the digital world. All the communities are oriented towards exceptional art and focus entirely upon the digital aspects. Among this cluster of NFT projects, Ghetto SharkHood brings a vision to blur the divide between the natural world and the digital world. This concept underscores that everything done in the digital world will be followed by a real-world representation.

To provide an example, a representative from Ghetto SharkHood had this to say, “For instance, if we have a game for planting potatoes, then in the real world, we will help communities in poverty build potato farms. Our project will include real-world utilities for our members through partnering with major vendors and brands. The projects will consist of Travel & Hospitality, Gaming and Esports (facilities & team development, and streamers), Data Center (mining & staking).”

Ultimately, this organization plans to expand the scope of projects and direct the funds back towards the community. It is undoubtedly an admirable attempt by Ghetto SharkHood to help the needy while also raising the bar in the digital market.

Social & Environmental Impact
Being from humble backgrounds, the team behind this NFT project believes in sharing success with the community and the supporters. It plans on being a movement that fulfills its social duty by promoting education and scholarships while also providing medical funds and facilities to children and families. There are complete projects lined up to build sustainable farms for communities in poverty. It further aims to establish Esport talent incubators, ocean conversation, and wildlife protection.

Along with all these projects, Ghetto SharkHood promises to do everything in its power to make this world a better place for the next generation. This organization believes that the responsibility to take the initiative lies in their hand as they have to set an example for emerging entrepreneurs in the digital space.

Why Sharks?
Sharks have been around for over 400 million years and have survived five extinctions. These creatures symbolize progress and tenacity by never sleeping and always moving forward. Like the Sharks, this organization aims to stick around for a long time.

While creating a resilient community, Ghetto SharkHood hopes to evolve with the market trends to secure its palace in the metaverse. The Shark NFT entails their long-term vision and determination to succeed in the digital space no matter the cost.

Before launching this project on significant platforms, interested individuals can get their hands on this NFT through the presale period by accessing the Ghetto SharkHood official website. It is available at 0.08 ETH per token and provides instant access to the SharkHood. Use this link to get the NFT today, https://ghettosharkhood.com.

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