Australian startup 'Vaxxvault' launches innovative business solution to manage staff vaccinations and testing compliance

Jeremy Morgan, cofounder, Vaxxvault

Vaxxvault is a sophisticated solution that enables business to manage workforce vaccinations, quarantine, testing and tracing on site and across borders.

Vaxxvault addresses the urgent need for business to install a digital system to capture and manage vaccination, testing, quarantine and tracing for employees and others associated with the enterprise.”

— Jeremy Morgan, Vaxxvault cofounder

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, October 22, 2021 / — With governments and business across the world declaring COVID vaccinations mandatory for workers in multiple industries, organisations are facing challenging and complex times burdened with the responsibility of managing vaccinations and testing. As borders reopen the challenge is becoming increasingly complex for business as workers travel across domestic as well as international borders.

Australian startup Vaxxvault has launched the world’s first digital testing and vaccination management solution for business. The solution provides businesses with the ability to manage the testing and vaccination status of workers and others through an easy-to-use app and enterprise portal.

“Vaxxvault addresses the urgent need for businesses to install a digital system to capture and manage vaccination, testing and quarantine for employees, contractors and others associated with the enterprise ,” Cofounder and CEO Jeremy Morgan said.

“The app is ideal for any enterprise with a minimum of 10 workers. Our integrated vaccine reporting system is custom designed to provide organisations with full visibility and tracking of the status of their workforce.

“The system enables business leaders to view the COVID status of any worker at any time in a highly secure manner. The solution enables businesses to compare data across locations and business units and send alerts and reminders where required.”

According to Morgan, managing the COVID status of workers isn’t just about good organisational management and worker safety, it’s about mitigating risk.

“Already across the globe we are seeing an increase in litigation due to COVID related issues in the workplace. The reality is that many of the issues involve system failures in the management and vaccination of staff, which has led to outbreaks, illness and death,” Morgan explained.

“Many of these issues can be managed and the risk mitigated using a digital solution such as Vaxxvault.

“COVID will be part of our lives for several years to come. It has already changed our lives considerably including our working lives, and now we need to look at ways of ensuring we are managing our response to COVID at an organisational level in a systematic, respectful and comprehensive way.

“Employers need to be able to manage and report on the roll out of vaccinations and tests across their organisations at an individual level, site level, state level or at an entire enterprise level.

“The only way many businesses can support people to transition back to work safely and protect workers as well as clients, customers and others, is to have an effective digital tracking system in place.

“Vaxxvault provides the ideal solution. As an app, it can be carried with staff everywhere on their mobile devices enabling quick and easy communication and updates. Employers are able to access the app via a dashboard that provides a holistic view of the organisation’s COVID status and detailed data analysis.”

Morgan believes the risks for businesses are only going to increase as COVID continues to impact every aspect of our lives.

“For industries that have been deemed sectors requiring mandatory vaccinations, they are now subject to intense scrutiny and must work with a broad range of legal obligations.

“Whether it be retail, aged care, education, construction, health or even office workers, every organisation is now responsible for ensuring that their workers are vaccinated. Vaxxvault houses an organisation’s COVID management activities in one safe place.”

About Vaxxvault

Founded by experienced and highly respected business stalwarts, Greg Johnson and Jeremy Morgan, Vaxxvault is an innovative solution that provides businesses, their staff and customers with a secure digital record of all staff vaccinations and completed testing. Its purpose built functionality protects business and employees/personnel by delivering alerts, contact tracing and other push capabilities. It is the only testing and vaccination history related app that can be fully integrated into all HR software for ease of management.

The startup is currently undertaking a capital raising campaign pitching to entrepreneurs, family offices and venture capital-types to raise $5 million to scale the business in response to strong domestic and global demand.

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