Polarity Medical LLC Announces "The 'Holy Grail' of UVC is Here & it’s Safe to Touch Things Again!"

SafeTOUCH® UVC Products: Door Lever, Push, Pull, Railings and Light Switches

UVC Door and Light Switch Hardware Kill MRSA & Covid-19 in 6 Seconds Using Proprietary SmartKill™ T echnology to fight Hospital Acquired Infections.

SafeTOUCH® UVC Door Lever

Now in production this final prototype is shown with clear quartz. Device ships with frosted quartz for optimal aesthetic.

SafeTOUCH® UVC Light Switch - Shown With Clear Quartz - Ships With Aesthetic Frosted Quartz.  Kills MRSA & Covid-19 in 6 Seconds!

SafeTOUCH® UVC Light Switch – Shown With Clear Quartz – Ships With Aesthetic Frosted Quartz. Kills MRSA & Covid-19 in 6 Seconds!

Proprietary New technology Automatically Kills Both MRSA and Covid-19 in Just 6 Seconds on Door and Light Switch Hardware

We've changed the technology and will win the war with Hospital Acquired Infections as well as to make for a SafeTOUCH® for Covid-19, flus and other yucky stuff.”

— Dr. Tom Chi – CEO Polarity Medical LLC

S. FALLSBURG, NEW YORK, USA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Polarity Medical LLC has literally gone viral, and.. bacterial too! They are welcoming strategic partners and investment as well as wholesale and retail orders as their new product line goes Global.

SafeTOUCH® exclusive UVC door levers, door pulls and pushes, railings, light switches, shopping cart handles and elevator and pin pad buttons SAFELY and automatically make every touch a SafeTOUCH® in just 6 seconds.

The devices are a breakthrough in technology to eradicate pathogens in hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, retail and corporate offices. With patent-pending engineering enhancements the devices safely kill microbes in a flash, reduce peak amperage by 87.5% and lower the number of (expensive) UVC LEDs needed by 75%. The 265nm chips are also 7x faster to kill Covid-19, MRSA etc., than standard UVC chips (6 seconds vs 42). With 10’s of millions of UVC chips sold last year this tech is a huge resource savings.

The UVC light comes from within the device, so complete sterilization is as easy as changing a light switch or door lever. The tech includes concealed wiring or, just use batteries or the KwikClik™ self-adhesive track to easily connect to a wall outlet if desired.
The UVC chips in SafeTOUCH® products were tested in a Boston University study which proved they kill Covid-19, MRSA and other pathogens in just 6 seconds.

It’s surprising to realize that one germy doorknob can infect half of your office within hours!
And Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) claim over 1 million lives Globally each year with about $200 billion spent caring for those who fall prey to antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

Dr. Tom Chi is the CEO of PM: “We’ve ensured that our products conform to all new and retrofit installations and we have multiple proprietary features which make this possible. FFE (Furniture, Fixture and Equipment) managers and architects are now placing our products into standard specifications for hospitals and corporate facilities”. PM is also in continuing talks with 2 of the Worlds’ largest door and light hardware manufacturers on how to best implement this technology en masse.

“We’ve optimized new technology to make these units affordable and energy-efficient.” Says Dr. Chi. “We have several markets: Hospital Acquired Infections, hotels, cruise ships, corporate and retail.”

Chi notes that retailers will soon carry the Defender ™ (UVC Door Lever), the Protector ™ (UVC Light Switch) and the Champion ™ (UVC Light Switch Replacement Cover) as anyone can install these in minutes.

The Guardian ™ (Door Pull), the Sentinel ™ (Door Push) and the Vanquisher ™ (Modular Ext/Int Railings) will be more geared to architectural hardware suppliers.
The UVC light comes from within the device itself and it’s used up right after the job is done so no worries about skin or eye damage. There are proximity sensors in each device so the user never needs to worry about anything except to enjoy the clean, sterile surface.
In fact, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers said “I love your approach, it’s so simple for human beings… your SafeTOUCH products may just change the World”.

SafeTOUCH® SmartKill™ technology also monitors and adjusts sterilization times to kill other bacteria, viruses, molds and pathogens which cause destruction when transmitted to humans via touch surfaces such as door levers and light switches, elevator buttons, shopping cart handles and more.
PM created a battery system for high-demand facilities like hospitals for 3 months of service before rotating batteries. With 100,000 sterilizing cycles/year it’s a major breakthrough and will allow hospitals around the World to make SafeTOUCH® sterilized door levers a reality for killing pneumonia, MRSA, STAFF, Covid-19 and other touch transmissible diseases in just 6 seconds.

How reliable are they? Polarity Medicals’ contract engineers are the same ones who created the only commercial drones allowed to fly by the FAA with no one on site to monitor them and they’ve created dozens of UVC devices for some of the largest suppliers in the World. (Plus those high-tech Disney light sabers).

The SafeTOUCH product line allows new and retrofit 10 minute installations. Simply using batteries is a great choice. Another option uses the proprietary concealed power transfer system with the self-adhesive flat track that’s trimmable with scissors and allows a direct power option.

Chi says now that the products are optimized and with an excellent manufacturer PM is ready to deliver millions of units. They are welcoming strategic investors and Chi says they estimate $3 billion in sales over the next 3 to 5 years.

For far too long it hasn’t been safe to touch. Even before Covid-19. Now we’ll all be able to touch door levers, pulls, pushes, switches, railings, grocery carts, elevator buttons and more. And every touch will be a SafeTOUCH®!

Visit www.SafeTOUCHuvc.com for product inquiries and purchases. Commercial buyers can contact by email.

Polarity Medical LLC is a creative entity which creates and markets medical and other devices with multiple issued and pending patents.

Dr. Tom Chi (DAOM) is CEO and heads a team of 20 including engineers, chemists, patent attorneys, graphic design, marketing, fulfillment etc.

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SafeTOUCH® Door Lever Shown in Low Light With Clear Quartz. Ships as Frosted Aesthetic Quartz. Kills Covid-19 & MRSA in 6 Seconds!

Source: EIN Presswire