Forekash Announces Launch of New Personal Finance App That Focuses on Future Transactions

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 / — Representing a shift in the ways in which consumers and everyday citizens are managing their money, Forekash is proud to announce the launch of its new personal finance app specifically designed to place an emphasis on future transactions, as opposed to past transactions. Many of the current personal finance and budgeting apps strive to help users manage their finances by taking a deep dive into their past transactions and expenditures. Forekash focuses on future transactions, helping users gain a clearer picture into their future finances, income, and expenses.

Founder Chris Roberts has this to say, “I am a firm believer that the best way to budget isn’t to look at your past transactions, it’s to look at the future. The app uses mathematical algorithms to calculate your future cash flow. It is also built with leading AI technology and machine learning algorithms to help provide clear insight into user’s spending habits today, so that they can plan ahead and see where these habits might take them in the future.” Roberts contends that the current high-name-recognition budgeting apps are in reality accounting apps tracking past expenses, not budgeting apps looking at future cash flow.

A truly revolutionary budgeting app, Forekash is poised to completely change the way ordinary people plan out their budgets and manage their finances. Having the unique ability to see just where your financial decisions will lead you gives you a clear benchmark, a clear goal, and a clear vision to hold yourself accountable.

“One of the biggest problems with today’s budgeting apps is that they don’t provide a destination for users. Imagine driving a car from point A to point B, but only being able to look through the rear-view mirror and look at what’s behind – what is already passed. Forekash leaves the rear-view mirror to look at, but it opens up the windshield to help keep a closer eye on the destination – even if it’s miles and miles ahead,” says Roberts.

To learn more about Forekash, visit the website or follow them on social media. From there, you can see how easy it can be to budget and manage your finances.

Chris Roberts

Source: EIN Presswire