President and CEO/Co-Founder Dale Wahlstrom on Flyte®, the Pelvital USA, Inc. Treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence

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Dale Wahlstrom, CEO /Co-Founder, Pelvital USA, Inc.

Dale Wahlstrom, CEO /Co-Founder, Pelvital USA, Inc.

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In an interview with CEOCFO Magazine, Pelvital USA, Inc. CEO /Co-Founder Dale Wahlstrom discusses their Mechanotherapy Treatment for SUI

We are so proud and confident in Flyte, that we will stand behind the product with a money back performance guarantee if customers do their part for 5 minutes per day for 6 weeks.”

— Dale Wahlstrom

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, US, June 10, 2021 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview ( with Dale Wahlstrom, CEO /Co-Founder of Minneapolis, Minnesota based Pelvital USA, Inc., sharing his thoughts on how they are bringing to market Flyte® a Mechanotherapy Treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence. “Flyte is the starting point for delivery of a new treatment platform delivering mechanotherapy via a medical device for the treatment of SUI, but it is only the beginning. Pelvital will be a leader in delivering a mechanotherapy treatment platform for many conditions requiring conscious control of a muscle. New approaches create opportunities to make a difference.

Asked by CEOCFO Magazine’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse where they are today in getting the word out, Mr. Wahlstrom responded, “We are market launched, we are selling products, but we are really trying to build a presence and to help women to realize that there is a solution. Our biggest competitor is lack of awareness among patients that solutions exist to help them with their condition, and they are not alone.” Just reach out (Ask a PT | Flyte by Pelvital USA (

As Mr. Wahlstrom explained in the interview, "The focus of our first product line is to treat one of the most, if not the most undertreated conditions in the world, which is pelvic floor dysfunction. The device, branded FlyteTM, uses a mechanotransduction response to heal and to regenerate the pelvic floor muscle. We are focused at first on stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women, but the plan is to expand to other forms of pelvic floor dysfunction. We chose SUI as our first product because in the United States, about one in three women either have or will suffer from some form of incontinence, and about half of that number will have SUI. Once you get to the age of 50, that number is more like 50 percent of women, so it is a major issue. The problem with SUI is that it is a silent problem. Most women have been told and believe that it is just part of getting old and having babies, and they should learn to live with it. The idea of having a clinically proven at home treatment that actually works when used 5 minutes per day over 6 weeks to help women regain their normal quality of life is new, and for some, hard to believe.”

Discussing how their Flyte device works, Mr. Wahlstrom tells Lynn, “There are many devices out there, and if you go to Amazon and search for products to manage incontinence, you will find about 20 pages of products. However, most of them are pads, diapers and gadgets that are not backed by clinical data.” He continues, “The Flyte wand is vaginally inserted and is sized to make contact with the pelvic floor muscles and provide a gentle, therapeutic stretch while inserted. The wand’s internal electronic components measure the tone of the muscle and deliver mechanical pulses to stimulate the pelvic floor, delivering biofeedback while the patients complete pelvic floor muscle contractions. The pulses work together with the therapeutic stretch and contractions to deliver an effective mechanotherapy-based treatment for incontinence.”

Discussing the results of their Norway clinical trial Mr. Wahlstrom told CEOCFO, “All of the women in the Norway study had been referred to the University for surgery and were offered Flyte as an alternative. What we know is that 2 years post the completion of the clinical study the clinical team reached out to the patients to try to understand their condition at that time. Out of the 60 patients they were able to contact 36 women. Out of 36 women, none of them had had surgery and 77% of them still claim to be continent.”

Asked why pay attention to Pelvital USA and Flyte, Mr. Wahlstrom responded, “Flyte is a new therapeutic platform that leverages a well-known and understood biophysical response to the human body to create healing, repair, and strengthening. The first-generation device has demonstrated its capability in the treatment of SUI, and that is only a start.”

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