Rachel Marie DeSimone Discusses the Importance of Choosing the Right Title Insurance Agent

Rachel DeSimone Bonita Springs

Rachel DeSimone Bonita Springs

Rachel Marie DeSimone Discusses the Importance of Choosing the Right Title Insurance Agent

BONITA SPRINGS, FL, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s important to choose a knowledgeable, licensed title agent to coordinate real estate transactions efficiently, according to Title Agent Rachel Marie DeSimone.

Title agents coordinate real estate closings and ensure that there are no challenges to the ownership of the property being sold. They also secure title insurance for the buyer in case questions arise on the title after the purchase. So, finding the right title agent can make or break a smooth closing process, says Rachel Marie DeSimone, who practices in Bonita Springs, FL.

Typically, real estate agents suggest reputable title agents. However, buyers and sellers can choose their own title agency as well. Title agents help coordinate one of the biggest financial decisions homeowners make. So, Rachel Marie DeSimone urges buyers and sellers to choose an agent with the knowledge and technology to help them conduct accurate research that can avoid mistakes that cost buyers time and money.

Rachel Marie DeSimone Discusses the Qualities of Great Title Agents

Great title agents provide incredible customer service and think outside the box to ensure a seamless closing process. Leveraging cloud-based technology for title agents helps title searches and other activities go more quickly. Therefore, according to Rachel Marie DeSimone, title agencies that have invested in high-quality technology make good candidates for a buyer’s shortlist of title agents to choose from.

Title Agents to Avoid Per Rachel Marie DeSimone

To avoid closings you will dread, look for clear red flags that you should steer clear of a title agent. Title agents who don’t provide clear guidance and who don’t make it easy to communicate securely should not make your shortlist.

For example, there are many secure, easy-to-use document management systems that allow clients to sign documents and provide other authorization to title agents. Mailing documents or showing up at the title agent’s office are a waste of time and effort in the digital age, says Rachel Marie DeSimone.

You should also do your research and find out if the title agent has a history of complaints filed against them.

Rachel Marie DeSimone Advises Clients on How to Look for a Title Agent

Real estate agents and lenders often have one or two trusted title agents who they prefer to work with. If you have a good working relationship with your real estate agent, this may be the best place to start, says Rachel Marie DeSimone, Bonita Springs resident.

A significant percentage of properties have defects on the title. A great title agent can quickly clear defects based on administrative issues or inaccurate records. Adding a highly qualified title agent to your real estate team can make the home buying process less stressful. The details of the closing are often rushed in the excitement of buying a home. However, without the right guidance and comprehensive title insurance, you could end up losing a property or buying a property that does not have a clear title.

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