AirCarbon Exchange partners with BeZero Carbon to develop API for Carbon Offset Rating

The AirCarbon Exchange (“ACX”) is pleased to announce the partnership with BeZero Carbon to develop API Carbon Offset Rating.

The BeZero rating framework adds another data point to carbon projects and contributes to our goal to provide standardization across market demand.”

— Bill Pazos

LONDON, SINGAPORE, April 13, 2021 / — AirCarbon Exchange (“ACX”), a Singapore-based exchange for voluntary carbon offsets, is pleased to announce a partnership with BeZero Carbon, a London-based consultancy firm focused on helping companies adapt and prosper in a low carbon future. BeZero and ACX will be developing an API that enables the BeZero Rating to be streamed live to any platform, starting with ACX where it will be applied to all listed projects.

Sebastien Cross & Tommy Ricketts, Co-founders of BeZero Carbon said, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ACX.
The global Voluntary Offset Market has a crucial role to play in addressing climate change, and demand is set to explode. But the market is nascent and participants have a very basic toolkit.
New projects are continuously coming online claiming to remove or avoid a tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent at prices ranging from less than $1 to more than $1,000.
We believe the priority for any carbon credit should be its climate objective. This should be the primary driver of price and information discovery; and holds the key to ensuring offsets are an effective climate instrument.
The BeZero Rating framework is our solution. We assessed hundreds of carbon offsetting methodologies worldwide to identify the highest quality credits based on a transparent, top-down, multi-factor model.
Partnering with ACX is our first contribution to building efficient voluntary carbon markets.”

Bill Pazos, COO and Co-founder of ACX, commented, “ACX is focused on bringing transparency to an otherwise opaque carbon market. The BeZero rating framework adds another data point to carbon projects and contributes to our goal to provide standardization across market demand. It is a pleasure to be working with BeZero and their cutting-edge team.”

BeZero Rating
The BeZero Rating is a top-down assessment of quality in the Voluntary Offset Market, ranging from A+ to C. It draws on one of the biggest proprietary databases of carbon credit research ever compiled. The Rating should be used as an additional layer of analysis beyond accreditation, enabling offsets to be treated as carbon fungible without creating a race to the bottom on quality.

About BeZero Carbon
BeZero Carbon (“BeZero”) is a London-based company offering end-to-end Decarbonisation, Offsetting, and Natural Capital advisory services. BeZero’s innovative range of products and services combine insights from economics, earth sciences, and engineering. Our goal is to blend consultancy with technology to deliver prosperity via climate action.
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About AirCarbon Exchange
AirCarbon Exchange ("ACX") is a Singapore-based Commodities Exchange that has built a hybrid trading platform based on a central order book architecture with blockchain for settlement and clearing. The marketplace serves industry stakeholders, carbon projects and financial traders reducing the friction and complexity of trading carbon emissions. ACX provides carbon traders an efficient and transparent trading platform with minimal commission fees.
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Source: EIN Presswire