Coffee Done Differently- Lean Joe Bean Introduces Superfood Coffee

"The Biggest Loser" TV show alumni introduce weight loss support

Dolvett Quince, celebrity trainer, “The Biggest Loser” introduces Superfood Coffee

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SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2020 / — The founders of the world’s first functional instant coffee, Lean Joe Bean, introduce their new product, LJB Superfood Coffee, which helps fight inflammation, boosts immunity, and improves mood and sleep. The LJB team includes several alumni from “The Biggest Loser” television show. Former Executive Producer Todd Nelson along with the show’s nutritionist Derek Johnson and celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince (Seasons 12-17) formulated a functional coffee designed to support Intermittent Fasting, and now bring the same excitement to the instant coffee market with a superfood coffee.

“We are excited for people to try our new product,” says Quince, the hit TV show’s fitness trainer, “a lot of people come to me and tell me they are having trouble staying focused and that their energy slumps done in the afternoon and they just want to feel healthy again – we made this product for them and everyone else who feels like their health and immunity could use an upgrade”.

The superfood coffee contains a proprietary blend including t-theanine (better mental focus, improved sleep), a six-mushroom blend (), turmeric (anti- inflammatory), and collagen protein. The result is a convenient, quick way to enhance health in the form of instant coffee. MCT is also included which supports healthy weight and energy, which is great news for coffee drinkers who prioritize health.

According to figures from the NCA, 74% of Americans drink coffee at home every day. Lean Joe Bean coffees are easy to use, convenient to travel with, and are great to enjoy hot, iced, added to favorite coffee creations or enjoy simply on its own.

The Lean Joe Bean coffees are friendly to keto and paleo diets and support the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle which has been said to aid detoxification, lead to decreased inflammation and aid anti-aging efforts.

“People do not want more supplements, they want what is easy, and most people are drinking coffee from the comfort of home, it doesn't get any easier than this! ” says Quince.
About the ingredients:

• Six-Mushroom blend: cordyceps (energy, stamina), reishi (“mushroom of immortality”), Chaga (antioxidants), Lions Mane (brain boosting, creativity, focus), Turkey Tail (immune booster), Maitake (immune booster)
• Collagen Protein (glowing skin, gut health)
• L-Theanine (improved mood, increases mood via improved dopamine levels)
• Turmeric (anti-inflammatory)
• MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) (brain and memory function, weight management
The product is available as instant coffee or K-Cup formulas at along with the original product, LJB Coffee, which contains a proprietary formula designed to help reduce bloating, fight cravings and boost metabolism, along with a new Detox Green Tea.

About Lean Joe Bean: Lean Joe Bean is the world’s first functional instant coffee company, with weight loss and superfood formulas with clinically tested ingredients designed to optimize health. With a targeted focus on sourcing premium ingredients, Lean Joe Bean delivers coffee which delivers results.
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Dolvett Quince, celebrity trainer, explains new Superfood Coffee

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