Ernest Carrera Tampa Explains The 2020 Elections and Market Expectations

Ernest Carrera Tampa on The 2020 Elections and Market Expectations

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2020 / — If there is one thing that Ernest Carrera Tampa is sure of with the markets in 2020 and what they hold for the future, it's volatility. Not only did the market run-up to November 2020 literally take yet another chilling dive, it also came right back up. Only signaling what financial advisers like Ernest Carrera Tampa have been saying for years – folks need a strong stomach and the willingness to ride heavy waves because the modern market is not for the weak or those who panic easily.

Part of the issue with moving forward is a condition of "double trouble." First, elections have a notorious habit of causing big market swings. The 2000 election, as Ernest Carrera Tampa remembers, caused the end of the 1990s tech bubble and a related slump. The 2008 election came on the heels of the real estate bubble and dragged the economy a good five years before things returned to pre-damaged levels in 2013. All of this experience changed the game and paradigm of modern investing as Ernest Carrera Tampa watched it unfold along with many others in the investing environment. Second, the scary part has only since continued even more. The run from 2013 to 2019 has been incredible. In the space of six years, Ernest Carrera Tampa has seen more investment gain created than decades before. However, that level of volatility has every financial expert like Ernest Carrera Tampa also on edge waiting for the eventual drop as well. Yet it hasn't come yet. And that makes 2020 even more dramatic as a potential for a pivotal year going forward.

From Ernest Carrera Tampa's perspective, it's not a bad idea to follow many of the principles of good investing including diversification, avoiding being greedy on wanting more gains right away, and having a certain portion of cash available to take advantage of drops when they occur. And they will occur if the past is an indication of coming volatility that Ernest Carrera Tampa expects to see again. This sort of volatility is hard for many to handle. Those who are on the edge of their retirement are tempted to keep playing the market for a bit more, which can be dramatically damaging if the market drops again. Ernest Carrera Tampa saw a lot of folks lose their savings in 2001 and again in 2009 just at the point when they thought they were going to retire. The same could happen again for folks who don't protect their holdings proactively. At the same time, Ernest Carrera Tampa sees the volatility as providing great entry points for new, younger investors building an initial position for their future.

Whatever does happen, Ernest Carrera Tampa's outlooks will remain the same. Buy in low dips, sell with gain, don't be greedy, and keep a healthy reserve for leapfrogging ahead as the opportunities present themselves. The swings that have become so commonplace now will likely continue and maybe with even more frequency in the post-election period. After all, everything that goes up eventually does come down. Ernest Carrera Tampa has seen it multiple times in his career.

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