Travis White – Adapting to Newport Beach Real Estate Demands in 2020

Travis White Newport Beach Real Estate

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2020 / — If anyone can talk about the craziness of the real estate market in 2020, Travis White can easily qualify. He was already spending much of his career in the rollercoaster that makes up Southern California’s real estate. And that meant he had gone through the steady build-up of the 1990s, the rocket real estate bubble of the 2000s as well as the subsequent crash, and then the repeat rise again through 2019 of market values and activity. It’s more than enough to write a book on.

So now, in 2020, with yet another weird curveball is thrown his way, Travis White has been navigating modern real estate and sales with a pandemic, digital tools, distance marketing, and everything new under the sun that has redefined real estate in current times.

Thoughts | Travis White Newport Beach Real Estate

Much of what Travis White and his team were dealing with prior to 2020 was a shift into technology to help widen his market reach as well as capture the interest of Internet-based customers looking for Southern California properties. Realizing quickly that the social restrictions of the pandemic put a spike in traditional real estate selling, Travis White and his team have worked aggressively to compensate via digital tools, video, interactive Internet platforms, and similar to keep customers interested in properties available.

Travis White has been no stranger to getting creative with tech and applying it to his real estate world. He was a fast adopter of the latest tools available, which allowed his team to make transactions for clients far easier as well as reach farther outside of his traditional geographic reach. As a result, Travis White gobbled up market share with receptive clients and now currently handles sales in both Southern California as well as Idaho.

Life Balance Matters | Travis White Newport Beach Real Estate

The above said Travis White is not all about his work. He spends a good amount of time also trying to translate his skills and knowledge to at-risk youth. Spending almost a decade working and mentoring kids and teens, Travis White has been actively and quietly helping young people understand the implications of technology, the promise and opportunity it gives them, and how to start their own business as adults as well using tech. Travis White has also been working anonymously as a philanthropist, helping non-profit organizations with both time and donations in their community assistance as well.

Future Direction | Travis White Newport Beach Real Estate

The world has changed and may very well stay that way permanently, even after the current pandemic is solved. Because people have been forced to rethink the way they do business much of what is happening now with online business may very well stay that way going forward. Fortunately for his team, Travis White saw a lot of today coming and was well prepared. As a result, his real estate company continues to move forward and adapt effectively to change, which has always been the name of the game in real estate success.

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