How One Executive Search and Consulting Firm is Helping Businesses Bounce Back Through Value Proposition

Cowen Partners

Nationally respected executive search firm, Cowen Partners, Guides Organizations To Post-Pandemic Success

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2020 / — Cowen Partners, the West Coast’s Premier Executive Search and Consulting Firm is laying the ground map for how value-driven organizations can excel in the post-pandemic era. Companies that value what their employees value are set to be the front runners of success, in addition to retaining their talent as we navigate this new societal landscape. Cowen Partners is committed to providing the proper guidance and support in helping their esteemed clients top the list.

Businesses and employees are standing together at a unique intersection of a public health crisis, cultural and political upheaval, and economic uncertainty. COVID-19 continues to run rampant, the Black Lives Matter movement calls for a reallocation of social and political power, and industries have collapsed and crumbled throughout quarantine. Both corporations and employees are concerned about enduring this unprecedented trifecta of disasters and what our world will look like in the aftermath.

The process of reconstruction looms on the horizon, and while there is no map to help navigate our new economic climate, Cowen Partner’s is profoundly dedicated to providing analysis and support for their clients as we begin to shift our mindset as a society.

What does this shift in consumer and employee priorities mean for executives left nursing companies back to life in a post-pandemic economy? Now more than ever, companies must adapt their product or service and company operations to align with broader concerns about human health and safety. Push comes to shove, and it will be value-driven organizations that soar after COVID-19 disappears. 

“From an executive recruiting standpoint, a vital step in the process of answering some of these questions is having the right innovators and thinkers in your corner. I am a firm believer in the power of hiring the right people. Employees with the right expertise, understanding of your brand and marketplace, and business acumen will generate thoughtful solutions that can make or break company profit margins in times of strife.”

Gaining and retaining talent depends on a company’s ability to ground its product, service, or operations in contributions to timely, relevant issues that are threatening local and global communities. Clients must understand their company’s value proposition, which is critical to attracting and keeping the right people in-house. If employees can find meaning in their work and feel that they are a part of a more significant, positive social, culture, or economic contribution, the quality of work and talent improves. 

Cowen Partner’s is happy to announce that they will not only be taking on new clients, but providing strategic consulting on how any business can rise up from the collapse from COVID, and bring forth a new era of leadership in business.

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Cowen Partners is a national executive search and consulting firm with locations in Portland, Seattle ,and Vancouver, Washington. Serving clients both large and small, Cowen Partners works with private, publicly traded, Pre-IPO and non-profit organizations. Through proof of concept, dedication to the process, and unwavering support to their clients, Cowen Partners has successfully placed thousands of candidates in various industries; spanning the entire C-suite and including VP and Directors level leadership Roles. Recognized worldwide for their streamlined process, and 365 day placement guarantee, Cowen Partners has rapidly become the authority in the executive search and consulting industry.


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