Prance Gold Holdings Announces Itself to the World Against a Backdrop of Adversity

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— Linda Fairbrother

TOKYO, JAPAN, February 20, 2020 / — The Chinese economy has grown rapidly at an average growth rate of 10% in the past 10 years, attracting worldwide attention. However, the current Novel Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei has severely impacted China's economic growth rate which is forecasted to drop to 5.6%. This is predicted to have an adverse effect on China’s financial indicators such as the yield curve. With the recent lockdown imposed on the city of Wuhan, many individuals especially business owners have been hit hard. This looks set to have a trickledown effect which will definitely impact the everyday consumer. At present, all traffic in the city of Wuhan has been halted with restaurants and recreational businesses like cinemas shut for business. Business owners are therefore struggling to stay out of the red with fixed costs like rental not decreasing and net profits that is set to be negligible for the months to come.

The past few months has seen numerous domestic and foreign factors test the resilience of China. The present virus outbreak, ongoing political protests in Hong Kong and the Sino-American trade war has seen China go through its’ fair share of tribulations. Starting with the Hong Kong protests last year, it has been alleged that the United States has been secretly engaging in financial warfare tactics to undermine China. Some experts believe that the United States’ involvement with the killing of Iran’s top politician Qassam Soleimani was merely a distraction from the financial warfare tactics that the United States was employing against China. Additionally, it is predicted that the United States’ strategic focus will still return to the Asia-Pacific region, particularly targeting China. Financial experts and economists have therefore predicted that the current year will be tumultuous and filled with uncertainty.

In times of uncertainty, most financial experts will agree that gold and encrypted digital currencies are safe harbours to avoid the depreciation of fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies as an alternative for cash has numerous technical advantages and offers a good storage of value that can rival gold. With the intensification of the global economic uncertainty, a large number of traditional funds will look to invest in digital currencies and blockchain technology for capital gains. One example to back up the above mentioned is the exponential increase in the number of people searching for the price of Bitcoins. Against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the number of internet users searching for Bitcoin prices on Google skyrocketed. As of 9th February 2020, there was a 270% year-on-year increase in the number of searches for Bitcoin prices. Additionally, there was a 70% increase in the number of people searching for prices of other various cryptocurrencies. Industry experts believe that once the COVID-19 epidemic has died down, global economies will start to realise the importance of blockchain technology and digital currencies. With increased global uncertainty, only countries with robust and diversified economies will be able to cope and recover from the numerous trials and tribulations which they may encounter.

Despite the backdrop of global uncertainties, Prance Gold Holdings proudly announces itself to the world. Prance Gold Holdings is the world's first and only technology holding company that uses cryptocurrencies to make profits and pay interest. The company is headquartered in Malta, Europe, with its’ main technology development unit in Shenzhen, a world-renowned technology hub. The company's main business model is to absorb various amounts of loans and quickly pay off the interest to borrowers according to the amount and term of the loan. At the same time, it also provides loans to major companies that have stable and reliable projects but need short-term funding.

After scrutinising the business model, one might question how Prance Gold Holdings is able to pay off the interest within a short period of time. The company is able to be profitable thanks to the company’s Prance Gold Algo (PGA) system which was developed by the technology development unit! PGA is a high-speed cutting-edge analytical trading system algorithm developed by the company's team for three-pronged trading and works by running three sets of transaction data through the PGA algorithm. This is the world's only digital currency technology that uses three data sets to make profits. The system is swift and reliable as the company looks to be the gold standard for trading systems. Additionally, the PGA system allows users to withdraw their funds at any time which provides a low risk investment option as compared to some conventional investment tools.

The PGA system can make three pronged profits on different exchanges, such as Huobi and other exchanges. Since the creation of cryptocurrencies, conventional trading methods are slowly losing its’ profitability which might even expose traders to potential losses. Therefore, Prance Gold Algo (PGA) trading system was developed and promises no currency conversion, no waiting, fast settlement, and profitability. The transaction time accuracy is within a second, and it can capture up to 159 different trading combinations every second. PGA is set to be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry as it is swift, secure and reliable which provides clients with a piece of mind when they trade.

As the first quarter of 2020 is fast approaching, Prance Gold Holdings and its’ technology development unit will continue to strive for excellence as the company continues to improve and strengthen the PGA trading platform, serving clients with pride and sincerity.

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