A Disruptive Change in Energy Supply

Daniel Schwab-CEO

A Typical City Microgrid Infrastructure

Industry leader encourages use of Microgrids for distributing/managing powerflow, avoiding outages, reducing costs & ensuring green, sustainable energy.

Delays and costs can be slashed, new energy sources can be set up, and power can flow if energy execs can make informed decisions by using streamlined data from a highly automated process.”

— Daniel Schwab-CEO Brightmerge

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, January 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Significant changes are looming in the energy industry, hinting at a major reduction in the dominance of traditional electricity generating monoliths in the supply chain of power to population centers and industry.

This change will be driven by the wider adoption of Microgrids, groups of interconnected decentralized energy resources, acting as single, controllable entities that only use the central grid when needed. They are ideally suitable for communities – rural or urban – major university and hospital campuses, airports or transportation hubs, government installations, and many other contained locations.

Microgrids provide more sustainable, secure, resilient and reliable energy transmission systems, at a lower cost, with higher penetration of intermittent energy resources, and answer the need to reduce carbon emissions.

In the opinion of Daniel Schwab, a globally-respected energy consultant and CEO of Israeli start-up Brightmerge, major challenges face the energy industry. Brightmerge streamlines the decision-making process in the design, implementation, operation and management of Microgrids – freeing up the bottlenecks which often prevent energy executives from taking a quantum leap into a more energy-efficient future. Brightmerge develops an AI driven performance prediction model, providing a fast, accurate, cost-effective end-to-end solution from simulation to operations.

Delays and costs can be slashed, new energy sources can be commissioned in record time and the power can flow…if only energy executives were able to make informed decisions through the availability of streamlined data which must be provided through a highly automated process.

“There is a bottleneck: energy execs, decision makers in municipalities, real estate developers, transport hub managers and so on, just don’t have the tools to make such critical decisions. Microgrid projects can sit uncompleted, wasting time, effort, manpower and capital.

“Upfront development time can be slashed through the use of a platform based on proprietary machine learning and big data decision-making, which automates and optimizes the design, development, build and operation of energy microgrid systems.

“The resulting smart risk mitigation means a greater return on investment, and allows energy consultants to scale their transition faster and at significantly reduced cost.”
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Source: EIN Presswire