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BERLIN, GERMANY, December 2, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Germany is still the economic powerhouse of Europe and investors value the stability it has shown even in turbulent times. And the demand for business and be present in the 4th largest economy in the world continues to rise. However, setting up in Germany requires some paperwork and legal exercised. Employment and working conditions are no different. Universal Hires offers a great service to clients in helping them get started properly. For clients, this means speeding up and streamlining the whole procedure while Universal Hires guarantees full compliance. In addition, Universal Hires is committed to meet the high standards of regulation and individual needs for its clients every day.

Hiring staff in a non-English speaking country such as Germany can come with its own set of challenges for a foreign company. Through its expertise, Universal Hires has established itself as the leading provider for Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services. The company has recently announced they have completely redesigned their website to take feedback from customers into account and make it more user-friendly. This is exciting news for clients and the company, now doubling down on its core offerings. Their services cover all employment relationships including PEO services, serving as an Employer of Record (EoR), and the leasing of contractors or temporary staff. Major and minor needs of a company operating in a new business environment are addressed by their proprietary legal department. Beyond that, Universal Hires can act as a thought partner for companies and their strategic development.

"We are very happy with our new website and tried to make the journey for our customers more convenient and simple than ever," commented a spokesperson for Universal Hires. "We can’t want to help more clients and continue to be the number one PEO organization with actual operations in Germany. Seeing our domestic and international operations grow and meeting or exceeding even the highest of client expectations is what makes this worthwhile."

Some of the key areas Universal Hires covers for clients to include regulated employment processes, onboarding services, running a local and reliable payroll, tax compliance, management of leaves and vacation, termination procedures, annual tax declarations, and much more. All these steps are essential parts of enabling businesses to recruit and hire talents in Germany to establish a local presence in the market. Universal Hires is also happy to offer EU and German immigration and visa consulting services.

Feedback from clients has been very positive across the board. Nick P., from Orlando, recently shared in his review, "We were very interested in expanding with a Frankfurt office, but it seemed like an extremely difficult task to face on our own. Especially when it came to hiring staff. Universal Hires was recommended to us by a business partner and we followed through by using their services. It has been a complete pleasure; we couldn't be happier with the delivered results."

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