Hujiang, Aspiring Minds partner to support enterprise language training through scientific english assessment

China’s largest online learning platform to deploy advanced AI-powered evaluation tools enabling companies upskill employees for workplace success

SHANGHAI, CHINA, September 23, 2019 / — With the world becoming a global village and with the advancement of the process of enterprise internationalization, effective English communication has become a key factor in any company’s expansion of business. Likewise, lack of English proficiency becomes a stumbling block in the path of promotion of employees. Identifying the employees who need to improve their English proficiency and providing them tailor-made training programs to improve their skills in accordance with industry standards, has become the focus of current human resource professionals.

As a leading e-learning platform, Hujiang has provided high-quality online education products and services to users over the years. The company’s multilingual training and online education courses are well-known and recognized world-wide. In order to further help companies clearly assess English proficiency of their employees and help them obtain objective and authentic analysis of English skills, Hujiang and the world's leading evaluation company Aspiring Minds entered a strategic partnership to avail Aspiring Minds’ cutting-edge AI-powered language assessment technology to open up comprehensive cooperation in the field of English evaluation.

According to Hujiang, “With globalization and the wave of Chinese companies expanding abroad, the demands of major enterprises on their employees' English skills are constantly increasing. Building a practical English training program for enterprises to enhance the value of customer services is very important for Chinese companies. With this collaboration with Aspiring Minds on English proficiency assessment, backed by a strong background of artificial intelligence, we have reasons to believe that timely reports and detailed analysis can clearly demonstrate employees' English proficiency and provide a comprehensive analysis of areas where they need to improve. This will help us design targeted training programs for our customers to help them achieve the company's strategic objectives.”

Speaking on the partnership Himanshu Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO, Aspiring Minds said, “We are thrilled to partner with Hujiang. Automated assessments have revolutionized language assessment processes. Scientific automation not only increases scalability but also enables companies to assess with accuracy. Aspiring Minds has transformed the ways companies assess language skills world-wide and has set unparalleled standards globally. Aspiring Minds' highly scalable AI-driven assessment technology has led to its global success in helping organizations assess on-the-job skills and enable upskilling of their candidates.”

Aspiring Minds's major products in English evaluation: English reading comprehension, oral evaluation product SVAR, writing ability assessment product WriteX; are supported by machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and speech recognition, can help enterprises accurately measure English proficiency of employees. The scientific assessments ensure that the scores are objective, providing the critical data needed for the enterprise English training program. The transparency, objectivity and unbiasedness of the scientific assessment process ensure credibility of results. The well-structured training courses developed basis these highly accurate assessments would ensure the smooth conduct of training programs, and help companies effectively compete in global markets.

About Hujiang

Hujiang is a professional e-learning platform that provides users with convenient, high-quality educational products and services. It has quickly evolved into one of the top online education platforms in the world. Hujiang consists of four components: news, an online community, online reference tools, and online courses. From its inception, Hujiang has avidly supported other online education startups by building an online education ecosystem and adopting a winning formula for all. At the same time, Hujiang works with traditional schools to narrow the education gap and promote education equality, bringing high-quality educational resources to every corner of the world via the internet. Hujiang has influenced over 200 million e-learners and has over 140 million registered users, including 110 million users on the mobile end.

About Aspiring Minds

Aspiring Minds is a pioneer in the field of pre-employment and workforce assessments using artificial intelligence (AI), psychometrics, machine-learning and statistics. Blending the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the science of psychometrics, Aspiring Minds optimizes your hiring process to select the best through an engaging candidate experience. Our comprehensive portfolio of assessment and interview solutions that measure cognitive abilities, language proficiency, personality traits and functional skills allows corporations to select for 100s of different job roles. You can rely on predictive analytics to identify high-performing, engaged and long-lasting employees.
Aspiring Minds talent assessments and video interviewing solutions are used across multiple industries including technology, BPO/RPOs, BFSI, retail, banking, manufacturing, automotive, and life sciences and are administered to 5M+ candidates annually in over 3,000 organizations globally – including 100+ in the Fortune-500. The company employs 300 people across its offices in the United States, India, China, Philippines, and the Middle East. Confidently take the guesswork out of your next hire with the power of AI. Learn more at

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