Don’t Cancel or Let It Lapse – Sell a Life Insurance Policy for Cash

90% of seniors don’t know that they can sell their life insurance policy for a lump sum cash payment.

AUSTIN, TX, USA, September 23, 2019 / — Don’t Cancel or Let It Lapse – Sell a Life Insurance Policy for Cash

90% of seniors don’t know that they can sell their life insurance policy for a lump sum cash payment. This option can be a life changing move; especially for those struggling to meet expenses in retirement, such as for long-term care.

A Life Settlement Can Protect Income & Assets

When seniors retire it’s hopefully to look forward to enjoying time with family, hobbies and activities that they want to pursue. Along with that comes day-to-day living expenses that retirees hopefully have covered by savings and Social Security. What may shake up this carefully planned lifestyle is a sharp rise in life insurance premiums, and the high cost of long-term care. Those two events, especially when they occur simultaneously, can greatly alter seniors’ lives at a time where they need to protect their income and assets.

Harbor Life Settlements wants seniors to know that they may own an asset that can change their financial situation for the better: the very life insurance policy that they are thinking about canceling. This same policy could be sold to provide the necessary income to meet living expenses and even long-term care costs. It can be used for anything seniors want. The first step is to get a free price evaluation by Harbor Life.

No Obligation, Free Cash Estimate

There is no obligation for seniors to find out how much they could get for selling their life insurance policies for cash. The qualifying criteria begins with a senior being at least 65 years of age, and owning a policy worth at least $100,000. Harbor Life will do all the legwork to establish eligibility, and go through the steps of the life settlement process, saving seniors time and trouble. At the end of the process (which takes a few weeks; much faster than one can do alone or with other solutions) Harbor Life Settlements will present the senior with the best cash price for his/her policy.

What’s great about finding out what a life insurance policy is worth in cash, is the flexibility it offers seniors. Policy owners don’t have to sell right away; they are not obligated in any way to do so. It’s totally their decision. Should they choose to sell, Harbor Life will help facilitate the process. Its work with brokers and providers streamlines the process so that all that seniors have to do is get ready to receive their lump sum cash payment.

If seniors would like to wait to sell, that is okay, too. They will know what their policy is worth in cash, and be able to make decisions with that knowledge in mind. That can reduce a lot of stress, knowing that at any time, it’s possible to sell a life insurance policy for cash. With a cash lump sum payment from the policy sale, seniors can reduce their monthly expenses (no more life insurance premiums), and live the way they choose to, with more cash on hand to do with as they wish.

Seniors are Encouraged to See What Their Life Insurance Policy is Worth in Cash

This flexibility starts with a Free Policy Valuation from Harbor Life Settlements. There’s no obligation for seniors to find out what their life insurance policies are worth in cash. Harbor Life handles the entire process; with seniors only needing to answer a few questions to help establish their eligibility. Harbor Life Settlements encourages all seniors to discover what their untapped asset, their life insurance policy, is worth in cash. A call to Harbor Life can get this Free Valuation under way: 1 (800) 694-0006 is the number to call to get started.

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