Don’t Cancel or Let It Lapse – Sell a Life Insurance Policy for Cash

90% of seniors don’t know that they can sell their life insurance policy for a lump sum cash payment.

AUSTIN, TX, USA, September 23, 2019 / — Don’t Cancel or Let It Lapse – Sell a Life Insurance Policy for Cash

90% of seniors don’t know that they can sell their life insurance policy for a lump sum cash payment. This option can be a life changing move; especially for those struggling to meet expenses in retirement, such as for long-term care.

A Life Settlement Can Protect Income & Assets

When seniors retire it’s hopefully to look forward to enjoying time with family, hobbies and activities that they want to pursue. Along with that comes day-to-day living expenses that retirees hopefully have covered by savings and Social Security. What may shake up this carefully planned lifestyle is a sharp rise in life insurance premiums, and the high cost of long-term care. Those two events, especially when they occur simultaneously, can greatly alter seniors’ lives at a time where they need to protect their income and assets.

Harbor Life Settlements wants seniors to know that they may own an asset that can change their financial situation for the better: the very life insurance policy that they are thinking about canceling. This same policy could be sold to provide the necessary income to meet living expenses and even long-term care costs. It can be used for anything seniors want. The first step is to get a free price evaluation by Harbor Life.

No Obligation, Free Cash Estimate

There is no obligation for seniors to find out how much they could get for selling their life insurance policies for cash. The qualifying criteria begins with a senior being at least 65 years of age, and owning a policy worth at least $100,000. Harbor Life will do all the legwork to establish eligibility, and go through the steps of the life settlement process, saving seniors time and trouble. At the end of the process (which takes a few weeks; much faster than one can do alone or with other solutions) Harbor Life Settlements will present the senior with the best cash price for his/her policy.

What’s great about finding out what a life insurance policy is worth in cash, is the flexibility it offers seniors. Policy owners don’t have to sell right away; they are not obligated in any way to do so. It’s totally their decision. Should they choose to sell, Harbor Life will help facilitate the process. Its work with brokers and providers streamlines the process so that all that seniors have to do is get ready to receive their lump sum cash payment.

If seniors would like to wait to sell, that is okay, too. They will know what their policy is worth in cash, and be able to make decisions with that knowledge in mind. That can reduce a lot of stress, knowing that at any time, it’s possible to sell a life insurance policy for cash. With a cash lump sum payment from the policy sale, seniors can reduce their monthly expenses (no more life insurance premiums), and live the way they choose to, with more cash on hand to do with as they wish.

Seniors are Encouraged to See What Their Life Insurance Policy is Worth in Cash

This flexibility starts with a Free Policy Valuation from Harbor Life Settlements. There’s no obligation for seniors to find out what their life insurance policies are worth in cash. Harbor Life handles the entire process; with seniors only needing to answer a few questions to help establish their eligibility. Harbor Life Settlements encourages all seniors to discover what their untapped asset, their life insurance policy, is worth in cash. A call to Harbor Life can get this Free Valuation under way: 1 (800) 694-0006 is the number to call to get started.

For more information on how seniors can get a Free Estimate of what their insurance policies are worth in cash, please contact:

Contact Harbor Life Settlements
Jessi Grogan
(800) 694-0006
+1 (800) 694-0006

About Harbor Life Settlements
Harbor Life Settlements has over 30 years of experience in the industry, gaining them a reputation as a trusted source for those looking to sell their insurance policy for cash. Their qualified agents understand the complexities of the industry and are ready to consult with policyholders about any questions they may have. Visit their website for a free estimate or to learn more about the various services they provide, including life insurance policy valuations, viatical settlements, and life settlements.

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Bay Area Credit Union Offers a Guideline to Managing Money After a Natural Disaster

Floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on the Bay Area and create a host of financial problems for residents.

PLEASANTON, CA, USA, September 23, 2019 / — Floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on the Bay Area and create a host of financial problems for residents. 1st United Credit Union offers its members a guide to money management following a natural disaster.

There are several things people should consider financially after a big event including insurance, credit, income, expenses, and reconstruction. 1st United offers an in-depth guide to managing money as well as a connection for financial counseling and planning.

5 Quick Tips from 1st United Following an Earthquake or Fire

The recommendations provided by the credit union can help anyone looking for more resources on navigating a stressful process. Five of the big tips they offer include:
1. Assessing the home’s damage, taking pictures, and reviewing insurance coverage to immediately file a claim as soon as possible.
2. Taking inventory of credit cards and using them prudently to avoid repaying a large balance in the future that could damage credit history.
3. Creating and sticking to a financial priority list and making a list of important replacement items that are needed.
4. Keeping money in a trusted financial institution to mitigate risk.
5. Getting estimates from at least three licensed, bonded contractors for any needed repairs.

For additional tips and resources following a natural disaster, contact 1st United Credit Union for help organizing an action plan to tackle any difficulties.

Contact 1st United Credit Union

Lisha Fabris, Communications Manager
(925) 598-4782

About 1st United Credit Union

1st United Credit Union has been a trusted institution in the San Francisco East Bay Area since 1932. They offer membership to those who reside, work, or attend school in Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, or Kings counties in California. They offer a number of convenient banking features such as online banking, mobile banking, and ATMs as well as consultative financial care in a friendly neighborhood environment. The Credit Union is committed to the financial future of local families and will do everything they can to assist their members in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Lisha Fabris
1st United Credit Union
+1 (925) 598-4782
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Michaan’s October 12 Auction

Michaan’s October 12 Auction Features Natural Pearls, Designer Jewels, American Landscape Paintings and Sterling by Tiffany & Co.

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, September 23, 2019 / — Auction:
Gallery Auction
Saturday October 12, 10am

October 6, 11 & day of sale

Michaan’s Auctions
2751 Todd Street
Alameda, CA 94501

Michaan’s October 12 Auction Features Natural Pearls, Designer Jewels,
American Landscape Paintings and Sterling by Tiffany & Co.

At Michaan’s Auctions, the Bay Area's marketplace for beautiful things, the Gallery Auction on Saturday, October 12 delivers excitement in every category. From fine estates and collections, curated by Michaan’s team of seasoned appraisers and specialists, the property to be sold is diverse and abundant.

Fine jewelry is in the spotlight, with the holiday season approaching and a treasure trove of designer and estate pieces awaiting Michaan’s bidders. This is the place to find old European-cut diamonds, coveted by collectors and jewelers alike. Mexican and Native American pieces, always popular with auction buyers, are plentiful in October. The fine art of hand-crafted jewelry is showcased in the selection of brooches, with flowers and bugs among the many delightful designs. Jade and cultured pearls include several from Gump’s, the legendary San Francisco luxury emporium. High carat gold, natural colored precious gemstones and fine timepieces are also featured.

For the jewelry connoisseur, October brings a rare and wonderful find: the strand of natural saltwater pearls ($5,000-$7,000). The graduated natural pearl necklace with ruby and diamond clasp is accompanied by a GIA report.

Another stunning auction lot is the belt-and-buckle motif jewelry suite of diamonds set in yellow and white gold ($3,000-$5,000). The fancy gold links drape beautifully: easy elegance, timeless chic. A necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings comprise the suite. From David Yurman there’s a suite of earrings and pendant ($800-$1,200) in the designer’s signature mix of sterling silver with 14k yellow gold, accented by diamonds. The selection of fine bracelets includes Yurman’s classic multi-stone “Renaissance” cuff ($1,000-$1,500) and the dramatic 22k gold cuff bracelet with decorative engraving ($3,000-$5,000), a statement piece that looks ancient and modern in equal measure.

The 2.77 carat round brilliant-cut solitaire ($3,000-$5,000, in a yellow gold ring) is one of many fine diamonds offered in October. The bypass ring of diamonds, sapphires and platinum is estimated at $700-$900. Diamonds bedazzle the white gold spray motif jewelry suite ($1,500-$2,500) and the Cartier ribbon brooch ($1,000-$1,500). At $600-$800, the diamond, 18k white gold hoop earrings are loaded with tasteful bling.

Diamonds and other precious gems accent the yellow gold jewelry suite ($800-$1,200), exquisitely fashioned as sheaves of wheat. The diamond-encrusted bee brooch has ruby eyes and the charming moth brooch in 18k yellow gold moth is by Hermès, each offered at $300-$500.

Visitors to Michaan’s gallery will get to experience firsthand the magic of a top October highlight: the Chinese gilt bronze automaton musical clock. This mechanical confection features an automated waterfall scene with boats in a river, framed by an architectural setting populated with tiny figures. Red silk panels, gilt bronze swags and paw feet are among the fine details. The 29” tall clock is crowned by a pagoda with reverse glass painted ship scenes and an automated figure who rings a bell. Inside is an eight bell musical movement; the clock is operated with a mechanical winder. Dating to the late 20th century, it is estimated at $60,000-$80,000.

Another leading October highlight is the oil painting “Winter (New Hope)” by American Impressionist Fern Isabel Coppedge (1883-1951). Winter landscapes were a favorite subject of the artist, whose works are highly sought at auction. Coppedge’s “Winter (New Hope)” dates to the 1920s and is estimated at $10,000-$15,000.

From American landscape artist Charles Pabst, “In the Shadow of the Mummy Cave” is offered at $6,000-$8,000. The subject is a landmark in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, site of the ruins of an ancient settlement. The American Southwest, with its spectacular landscape and cultural significance, is beautifully rendered in Pabst’s work.

Ralph Albert Blakelock (1847-1919) is another important American artist featured in the October sale. The National Gallery of Art has four of his works in its collections. Associated with the Tonalism movement in American painting, Blakelock was a Romanticist who developed an idiosyncratic style of landscape painting, balancing drama with restraint in his depiction of light and shadow. Sales of his works brought record high prices in the early 20th century. Michaan’s offers Ralph Blakelock’s “Camp by the Pool,” painted in oil on board, at $5,000-$7,000. It has been in the same family for 100 years, passing to the current owner by descent.

Italian painter Nicola Simbari (1927-2012) is highlighted in Michaan’s October Gallery Auction. Bursting with color and life, Simbari’s oils on canvas capture the spirit of the 1960s. “Woman with Basket” is estimated at $3,000-$5,000, “Interior with Mirror” at $4,500-$5,500. These wonderful vintage modern paintings exude vitality and intrigue.

An important opportunity for collectors of American photography is the folio of 23 historical, erotic and theatrical bromoil prints by pioneering Hollywood photographer William Mortensen (1897-1965). The lot of Mortensen prints is estimated at $10,000-$15,000 in the October auction. Most of these works can be seen in the book “American Grotesque: the Life and Art of William Mortensen” edited by Larry Lytle and Michael Moynihan, 2014. “Mortensen’s singular vision will astonish and delight collectors,” says Michaan’s Fine Art specialist Susan Paffrath.

Michaan’s Asian Art specialist Annie Zeng has presented outstanding auction lots throughout 2019, culled from distinguished private collections and estates. The department’s strong sales trend is supported by October’s Gallery Auction, with over 200 diverse lots of Asian art offered. From scroll paintings and Japanese woodblock prints to carved jade, netsuke and embroidered silks, the selection is wide-ranging and compelling. The portable lacquer shrine from Japan opens to reveal a gilt-painted bodhisattva ($800-$1,200). The Chinese six-panel hardwood screen ($3,000-$5,000) is mounted with jade and hardstone carvings of antiques and scholar’s objects; a classical landscape is subtly painted on the reverse side. The massive Qing/Republic period censer ($3,000/$5,000) is just one of many cloisonné enamel pieces offered. Fine porcelains include the celadon ginger jar, blue and white gourd vases and famille jaune covered jars; a highlight is the large pink ground bottle vase with famille rose decoration ($1,000-$1,500).

Bidders know Michaan’s very well as a resource for furniture and decorations like the 1960s Danish teak coffee table ($300-$400) and the splendid Japonesque “Audobon” sterling flatware service by Tiffany & Co. ($8,000-$10,000). Wedgwood’s large black basalt classical vase with white decoration in relief is $1,000-$1,500. Also offered on October 12 is the 1814 Pennsylvania German painted wood chest ($3,000-$5,000), deep red in color and decorated with Fraktur.

Objects of historical significance are often found at Michaan’s monthly Gallery Auctions, and October’s sale is no exception. Offered at $2,000-$3,000 is the lot of two 19th century Olive Oatman daguerreotypes and a tintype. Oatman’s fascinating story is told many different ways, but all agree on a few facts: in 1851 she was abducted, at age fourteen, in Arizona by Native Americans who had killed her parents and a sibling. Oatman lived among Native Americans for five years before returning to white society. In the daguerreotypes offered in this auction, her bold striped facial tattoos are partially concealed under heavy makeup. Similar images of Oatman, similarly framed, can be found in the Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscripts Library at Yale University.

For the online catalog and complete auction details, including the calendar of preview days, visit

Talesa Eugenio
Michaan’s Auctions
+1 (510) 740-0220
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Horizon Automotive PEM Fuel Cells to Set 300kW Benchmark

Mind-boggling Power Density

Horizon VLS Fuel Cells Pack Plenty of Punch

Horizon has commenced production of the world’s highest power PEM fuel cells for heavy duty applications, with 300kW stacks to be released in 2020

SHANGHAI, CHINA, September 23, 2019 / — Horizon Fuel Cell Group has announced the commencement of volume production of its high performance VLS-II series fuel cell stacks for commercial vehicles, with an initial focus on heavy duty trucks. Leveraging mass production techniques and delivering enough power to replace large diesel engines, these new automotive stacks will play an important role in achieving decarbonization goals around the world.

Horizon liquid-cooled fuel cells are already powering around 10 different bus and truck platforms, with power output ranging from 60 to 150kW. Confirmed deliveries of hundreds more systems by year-end validates recent investments made by Horizon in high volume production facilities, including recently commissioned roll-to-roll MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly) processing.

Horizon’s VLS-II stacks have been optimized for durability and long operating life, in order to address the heaviest utilization scenarios for commercial vehicles, while providing high power density of 4.2kW per liter. Most fuel cell modules used in heavy vehicles to date have been 80kW or less, with peak power density under 3kW per liter. Higher power density and optimized balance of plant delivers the lowest system cost.

The first model released is capable of 150kW, with fuel cell stack weight in IP67 enclosure around 80kg. Horizon aims to use performance advantages to establish the benchmark in fuel cell systems for heavy vehicles, where weight is money.

The VLS-II fuel cell stacks are based on patent-pending ultra-thin bipolar plate technology, which delivers high power density without compromising durability. With this advanced fuel cell technology, Horizon expects fuel cell heavy duty trucks to achieve more competitive total cost of ownership than diesel trucks in the near future, while eliminating cancer-causing NOx and PM2.5 emissions from those vehicles.

As power output continues to increase from fuel cell systems, total decarbonization of heavy vehicles, earthmoving equipment, port equipment, trains and ships comes into view as a very achievable goal.

Horizon has also confirmed work on PEM fuel cell stacks for emerging electric equipment platforms demanding even higher power density than current designs. Optimized for passenger vehicle and weight-sensitive applications, stack weight drops by around 15% and power density exceeds 4kW per kg (or 5kW per liter).

Mr. George Gu, Chairman of Horizon Group, shed some light on the near-term plans for Horizon: “While 150kW is seen as a high-power fuel cell today, we know that the move to electric equipment and systems is steadily towards larger and heavier vehicles and machinery. To enable the total decarbonization of such equipment with attractive economics and easy integration, we aim to deploy single stacks up to 300kW from 2020. Higher throughput production techniques such as roll-to-roll MEA coating are essential in driving production capacities up, and costs down.”

About Horizon:
Horizon is a fuel cell pioneer and global leader in fuel cell commercialization, having been engaged in fuel cell R&D for 16 years. Horizon supplies a full range of fuel cell systems, from low power air-cooled fuel cells through to high power automotive modules, and containerized MW-scale fuel cell power plants. Horizon has deep IP in all core technologies of PEM fuel cells, from catalyst, membrane electrode, bipolar plates and stacks, to system control.

Visit or contact Craig Knight,

Craig Knight
Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
+61 422 469 226
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Medical Device Outsourcing Market is emerging rapidly with 10.18% CAGR through 2025 | OGAnalysis

Medical Device Outsourcing Market with 10.18% CAGR

Medical Device Outsourcing Market with 10.18% CAGR

2019 Global Medical Device Outsourcing Market, Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report to 2025- Growth Opportunities, Competition, Forecasts and industry Outlook

SOUTHLAKE, TX, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2019 / — Among the emerging healthcare sub markets, the medical device outsourcing market is marking significant growth with CAGR of 10.18% between 2019 and 2025. Increasing demand for medical devices combined with rising price competition and need to lower costs is expected to drive medical device outsourcing market the growth.

A surge in the global geriatric population is anticipated to boost the demand for medical devices and supplies, thereby fuelling the medical device outsourcing market. Further, high prevalence of chronic disorders coupled with adoption of advance healthcare equipment and modern implantable medical devices (IMDs) to improve desired medical outcome of patients drives the medical device outsourcing market through medium to long term.

However, stringent regulatory environment towards medical devices hinders the medical device outsourcing market growth. The technical obstacles including high investment in obtaining the latest technologies followed by delay in contractual obligations hinder production, thereby adversely affect the profitability of the OEMs and outsourcing medical device industry.

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Emergence of new medical device firms, reduction in product development costs are shaping market size

The entry of new medical device manufacturers prominently drives the medical device manufacturing outsourcing market but new entrants lack experience in manufacturing and have fewer capabilities, thus these companies seek to outsource manufacturers to get a high-quality product in a short span of time at a low cost.

Depending on the company and the product, outsourcing helps in saving up to 15% of total production costs. Medical device manufacturing outsourcing reduces product development costs by 10%-30%, and also saves labour and engineering costs.

Some of the medical device start-ups that have recently entered the market include ShiftLabs, Ekso Bionics, and Providence Medical which are adopting cost efficient strategies to strengthen their market share.

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Further, healthcare budget cuts across the world have increased pricing pressure on medical device manufacturers. As a result, manufacturers have started to cut down their operational costs due to which outsourcing of medical devices is gaining significant importance among OEMs.

Increasing demand of up-to-date technologies in medical device outsourcing market size

OEMs are continuously adopting innovative technologies to meet the demand of up-to-date medical devices such as portable and miniature size of sophisticated medical devices.

In addition, medical device outsourcing market has been witnessing a growing trend of new technologies such as 3D printing technology and Athermal laser. For instance, in 2019, Evonik funded Meditool manufacturers of 3D printed neuro and spine surgery implants to strengthen 3D printed medical implants and healthcare services across healthcare sector.

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In addition, athermal lasers have achieved significant results in the micro precision manufacturing of medical implants and devices compared to conventional thermal laser technology. Norman Noble leads the manufacturing of athermal laser micromachining for medical OEMs; growing adoption of laser technologies by prominent players are expected to continue in the future and will have a positive impact on market growth.

The growing demand for incorporation of wireless technology in medical devices and integrating them with information technology is forcing manufacturers to develop portable devices.

In addition, the transformation of semiconductors from analog to digital enabled the transition from conversion of large medical devices into smaller ones. Key OEMs are implementing miniaturization with advantages of utilizing fewer raw materials, less power, and reduce shipping costs.

Aging population fuels opportunities for contract manufacturers

According to recent predictions of UN Population Division, the number of people aged 60 years and above will increase exponentially in the future. The rise in aging population along with higher life expectancy rates has consequently led to an increase in the incidence of chronic diseases with prone towards complex diseases and strong dependence on medical aid.

Hence, medical device manufacturers and contractors are adopting advance technology and outsourcing of customised medical devices to meet the demand for improved standards of healthcare and sophisticated medical devices across older population.

Outsourcing OEMs marks footprints across emerging countries

Asia Pacific is emerging as strong medical device outsourcing market share holder owing to the lower cost and increased availability of skilled human resources. Followed by, increasing consumption for medical devices owing to growing prevalence of chronic diseases boosts the regional market growth.

Outsourcing of medical device manufacturing to emerging economies is a growing trend in the medical device outsourcing market. Leading medical device vendors take advantage of reduced production costs and position themselves to serve local markets of emerging countries.

Accordingly, in 2018, Phillips-Medisize announced a significant company expansion in Suzhou, China. The company added approximately 140,000 sq. ft. of medical manufacturing space and expanded company’s manufacturing capacities across China along with development of services.

In addition, funding by country's government for R&D investment to foster new product development in emerging economies such as China, India, Malaysia, Mexico, and Brazil have made them the most-favoured destination for outsourcing manufacturing services.
Strategic approaches and key players of medical device outsourcing market

Key players are expanding with FDA approved production facilities to deliver regulated compliance outsourcing service. For instance, in April 2019, Phillips-Medisize expanded its medical manufacturing capacity by announcing is new production facility as compliant with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations enforced by the FDA to Support Growing Customer Needs

Further, market players are entering partnerships to deliver long-term technical and market expertise and the ability manufacture new products with advance technology. The recent partnership among WuXiAppTec Lab Testing Division and AutoGenomics to introduce advanced molecular diagnostic technology is an example of such strategic partnership.

Prominent players operating in the market are Eurofins Scientific, Integer, Plexus, Pace Analytical Services, Tecomet, Phillips-Medisize, Intertek Group, Jabil, MAPI, Flextronics, PPD, Celestica, Freyr Solutions, Sanmina, Wuxi Apptec, Toxikon Inc. and SGS SA.

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Cobra’s New HQ in Austin, TX

New Headquarters Relocation Enables Cobra Legal Solutions to Accommodate Company’s Continued Growth and Success

Our rapid growth is the result of our unique ability to meet the growing demand for improved delivery of legal services.”

— Candice Corby, Cobra’s CEO

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2019 / — Cobra Legal Solutions, a leading provider of technology and legal support services, is delighted to announce its recent move to a new 15,000+ square foot headquarters in Austin, Texas. The relocation accommodates its tremendous company growth. Cobra has doubled its customer base, expanded its suite of service offerings, and doubled employee count.

"Our rapid growth is the result of our unique ability to meet the growing demand for improved delivery of legal services. Through our relentless focus on customer success and service innovation, we have become the trusted partner of numerous companies and their outside counsel around the world," said Candice Corby, Cobra’s CEO. "Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in technology, services, and an all-star team of experts. As a result, we have emerged as the premier legal service provider in the legal tech field."

The move reflects Cobra’s industry leading stance on optimizing legal processes to reduce cost and risk along with a heavy focus on security. The new facility employs the state-of-the-art security measures that have allowed Cobra to maintain ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification without a single non-conformity. The new space allows room for employee growth and collaboration, more effective client support, and its technology division, CobrATX. To commemorate the company’s growth, Cobra will host a Grand Opening celebration on Thursday, October 10th at their new headquarters in North Austin. The event will offer CLE credited panel discussions, office tours, a catered lunch and a cocktail hour to conclude the evening. For more details, please use the link

Cobra is proud to be 99% diverse, with a workforce that is 80% female worldwide. Cobra offers unique opportunities to exceptional talent and provides a safe work environment that fosters achievement and promotes professional growth.


About Cobra Legal Solutions

Cobra Legal Solutions and CobrATX were formed over a decade ago to help you derive higher value from your legal functions. Cobra Legal Solutions is a diverse team of like-minded professionals with deep experience in both corporate legal departments and law firms united with one common goal: to improve the efficiency of legal support services. We combine our expertise in eDiscovery, contracts and due diligence, document review, legal research, and technology to deliver consistent, measurable results for our clients. Through a Value Sourcing approach and judicious use of technology assistance, we can significantly reduce the cost and risk in the business of law.

More information is available at our new site

Emily Whitehair
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Hujiang, Aspiring Minds partner to support enterprise language training through scientific english assessment

China’s largest online learning platform to deploy advanced AI-powered evaluation tools enabling companies upskill employees for workplace success

SHANGHAI, CHINA, September 23, 2019 / — With the world becoming a global village and with the advancement of the process of enterprise internationalization, effective English communication has become a key factor in any company’s expansion of business. Likewise, lack of English proficiency becomes a stumbling block in the path of promotion of employees. Identifying the employees who need to improve their English proficiency and providing them tailor-made training programs to improve their skills in accordance with industry standards, has become the focus of current human resource professionals.

As a leading e-learning platform, Hujiang has provided high-quality online education products and services to users over the years. The company’s multilingual training and online education courses are well-known and recognized world-wide. In order to further help companies clearly assess English proficiency of their employees and help them obtain objective and authentic analysis of English skills, Hujiang and the world's leading evaluation company Aspiring Minds entered a strategic partnership to avail Aspiring Minds’ cutting-edge AI-powered language assessment technology to open up comprehensive cooperation in the field of English evaluation.

According to Hujiang, “With globalization and the wave of Chinese companies expanding abroad, the demands of major enterprises on their employees' English skills are constantly increasing. Building a practical English training program for enterprises to enhance the value of customer services is very important for Chinese companies. With this collaboration with Aspiring Minds on English proficiency assessment, backed by a strong background of artificial intelligence, we have reasons to believe that timely reports and detailed analysis can clearly demonstrate employees' English proficiency and provide a comprehensive analysis of areas where they need to improve. This will help us design targeted training programs for our customers to help them achieve the company's strategic objectives.”

Speaking on the partnership Himanshu Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO, Aspiring Minds said, “We are thrilled to partner with Hujiang. Automated assessments have revolutionized language assessment processes. Scientific automation not only increases scalability but also enables companies to assess with accuracy. Aspiring Minds has transformed the ways companies assess language skills world-wide and has set unparalleled standards globally. Aspiring Minds' highly scalable AI-driven assessment technology has led to its global success in helping organizations assess on-the-job skills and enable upskilling of their candidates.”

Aspiring Minds's major products in English evaluation: English reading comprehension, oral evaluation product SVAR, writing ability assessment product WriteX; are supported by machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and speech recognition, can help enterprises accurately measure English proficiency of employees. The scientific assessments ensure that the scores are objective, providing the critical data needed for the enterprise English training program. The transparency, objectivity and unbiasedness of the scientific assessment process ensure credibility of results. The well-structured training courses developed basis these highly accurate assessments would ensure the smooth conduct of training programs, and help companies effectively compete in global markets.

About Hujiang

Hujiang is a professional e-learning platform that provides users with convenient, high-quality educational products and services. It has quickly evolved into one of the top online education platforms in the world. Hujiang consists of four components: news, an online community, online reference tools, and online courses. From its inception, Hujiang has avidly supported other online education startups by building an online education ecosystem and adopting a winning formula for all. At the same time, Hujiang works with traditional schools to narrow the education gap and promote education equality, bringing high-quality educational resources to every corner of the world via the internet. Hujiang has influenced over 200 million e-learners and has over 140 million registered users, including 110 million users on the mobile end.

About Aspiring Minds

Aspiring Minds is a pioneer in the field of pre-employment and workforce assessments using artificial intelligence (AI), psychometrics, machine-learning and statistics. Blending the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the science of psychometrics, Aspiring Minds optimizes your hiring process to select the best through an engaging candidate experience. Our comprehensive portfolio of assessment and interview solutions that measure cognitive abilities, language proficiency, personality traits and functional skills allows corporations to select for 100s of different job roles. You can rely on predictive analytics to identify high-performing, engaged and long-lasting employees.
Aspiring Minds talent assessments and video interviewing solutions are used across multiple industries including technology, BPO/RPOs, BFSI, retail, banking, manufacturing, automotive, and life sciences and are administered to 5M+ candidates annually in over 3,000 organizations globally – including 100+ in the Fortune-500. The company employs 300 people across its offices in the United States, India, China, Philippines, and the Middle East. Confidently take the guesswork out of your next hire with the power of AI. Learn more at

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Aspiring Minds’ Automated English Language Tests

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Aurora, Vice President of ZB Group: The Central Bank’s digital currency is a sovereign credit currency

AMERICA, September 23, 2019 / — Aurora Wong, Vice President of ZB Group and founder of ZB Nexus, discussed the relationship between the central bank's digital currency and the stable currency on the second day of the 6th FINWISE in Macao on September 22nd. Her presentation covered how the sovereign credit currency has irreplaceability in the short term, and a stable currency is mainly used as a bridge between legal and virtual coins. The central bank's digital currency can focus on payments and financial infrastructure while a stable coin is best applied to specific scenarios and industries. The two have, both, competition and cooperation, using each others advantages to serve the digitization and certification of assets.

China's Central Bank's digital currency is imperative

Although The Federal Reserve does not issue digital currency, GUSD and PAX, two stable dollar anchoring coins, have been issued under legal supervision in The United States since last year. Libra and USDT are also major mortgage dollar assets, so dollar has actually taken the lead in digitizing.
Aurora discussed how to view the issue of digital currency by The Central Bank of China: given the strong dollar and booming financial markets, the issue of digital currency by The Central Bank of China is an important area where innovation is there for the taking.
Specifically, the issuance of China’s Central Bank digital currency will have several obvious benefits :(1) enhance the effectiveness of The Central Bank's monetary policy;(2) consolidate the leading position of mobile payment;(3) promoting the internationalization of RMB.Since the establishment of the institute of digital currency in 2015, The Central Bank has accumulated rich research experience and patents.

Central Bank digital currency is irreplaceable, and stable currency as a supplement

News of Facebook's plans to introduce Libra drew the attention of Central Banks around the world, and the relationship between Central Banks' digital currencies and stable currency was the focus of discussions at the summit that day.Aurora, Vice President of ZB Group and Founder of ZB Nexus, said: as the digital form of legal tender, Central Bank digital currency plays an irreplaceable role as a "sovereign credit currency".
“As a bridge between legal tender and virtual currency, digital stable coin is mainly used as a value anchor for many digital stable coins, which is basically the credit endorsement system of digital legal coin.On the other hand, it can be seen that the digital currency prepared by the central bank has a higher credit index and its importance is self-evident.”Aurora added.
Of course, stable coins have the same global liquidity advantages as cryptocurrency, and have a huge potential application value in the field of cross-border trade payment. It can complement the digital currency of The Central Bank and has its own application scenarios.

The private and public sectors divide labor and use the digital assets to serve the real economy

A value hub can be established between the private sector and the public sector. As long as it can promote the development of the real economy, rather than turning from real to virtual, it should cooperate and make use of their respective advantages to digitize and certify service assetsThe best way is that the public sector's digital currency should focus on digital payment and the underlying foundation of digital finance, while the private sector's token should focus on industrial application, which is an important division of labor.
Aurora also pointed out that the current level of development of the underlying digital financial facilities is insufficient as there is no digital identity entry on the blockchain, no digital financial account, and there is no mature suite of tools for interaction between the blockchain and the world of traditional financial assets. How transactions of general certificate assets in the virtual world can be mapped to physical economy services remains a challenge.

FINWISE is one of the most influential Fintech summits in the world. Jian Yi, Deputy Director of The Blockchain Research Center of Xiamen University, and An XinXin, CEO of JinSe Finance participated in the discussion on the relationship between digital currency and stable currency of the central bank.

About ZB Group

ZB Group was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing leadership to the blockchain development space and today manages a network that includes digital assets exchanges, wallets, capital ventures, research institutes, and media. The Group’s flagship platform is, the industry leading digital asset exchange. The platform launched in early 2013 and boasts one of the world’s largest trading communities.
ZB Group also includes ZBG the innovative crypto trading platform, and, the world’s first mining-pool based exchange. Other holdings include wallet leader BitBank, as well as exchange brands ZBM, ZBX and Korea’s Bithi.
Industry intelligence and standards are headed by the recently launched ZB Nexus who embody the core values of ZB Group and open-source their reports and analysis for the public.

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Pease & Associates, CPAs recognized by Inside Public Accounting as a 2019 Best of the Best Public Accounting Firm



Kuno Bell, Pease & Associates, LLC., Managing Partner

Kuno Bell, Pease & Associates, LLC., Managing Partner

We are honored to be recognized as one of the top 300 in the US. It is because of our dedicated people, along with our loyal base of entrepreneurial clients”

— Kuno Bell, Managing Partner, Pease & Associates, LLC.

CLEVELAND, OHIO , UNITED STATES, September 23, 2019 / — Out of the 550 eligible firms participating in the Inside Public Accounting 2019 Survey & Analysis of Firms, Pease & Associates, CPAs is honored to be recognized as a Best of the Best public accounting firm for 2019.

Every year Inside Public Accounting (IPA) releases a list of the 50 highest performers within the profession. The public accounting firms that make the list are ranked using a broad variety of different financial and operational metrics. The firms that make the list are viewed by IPA as those which other public accounting firms should strive to emulate.

Reflecting on the accomplishment, Kuno Bell, Managing Partner of Pease & Associates, CPAs, acknowledges that the Firm was able to achieve the Best of the Best ranking “because of our dedicated people, along with our loyal base of entrepreneurial clients.”

IPA recently released its list of top 400 largest public accounting firms for 2019. Pease & Associates, CPAs jumped from 267 in 2018 to 243 in 2019. This is nearly a 10% jump in rank, allowing Pease & Associates, CPAs to now be considered among the top 250 public accounting firms in the nation. The IPA Best of Best list and full rankings can be accessed here.

About Pease & Associates, CPAs:
Pease & Associates, CPAs has been proudly serving Northeast Ohio for more than 20 years. Now, with multiple offices and more than 90 employees, we still make it a priority to provide the same exceptional quality of service and client support that established our reputation for passionate commitment to clients.
We seek to exceed expectations while providing honest and dependable Accounting Advisory, Audit & Assurance, Business Consulting, Buy-Side Advisory, Employee Benefit Plans, Estate Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Tax Compliance & Consulting. Our services expand across a variety of industries: Construction, Distribution, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Motion Picture, Nonprofit, Real Estate, and Service.

About INSIDE Public Accounting:
INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA), founded in 1987, is published by The Platt Group. The Platt Group publishes both the award-winning INSIDE Public Accounting newsletter and the award-winning National Benchmarking Report. The Platt Group also consults with firms to help them become more successful. The Platt Group works with managing partners, CFOs and thought leaders across the nation to provide practical ideas, benchmarking data and information to take firms to the next level of improvement.

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Key Sponsors and Speakers to join SMi’s Benelux Infrastructure Forum 2019 in Amsterdam

Benelux Infrastructure Forum 2019

Benelux Infrastructure Forum 2019

SMi Reports: New event details, sponsors and speakers announced for the upcoming 18th Annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum 2019.

AMSTERDAM, SOUTHWARK, NETHERLANDS, September 23, 2019 / — There is less than 8 weeks to for the 18th Annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum, taking place on 20th – 21st November in Amsterdam. The forum will have a specific focus on offshore wind and how this can be integrated with offshore solar and energy storage. There will be professionals in the PPP, project financing and infrastructure sectors who will discuss the latest issues and trends within the Benelux market.

For those interested in attending, there is a £100 early bird saving on bookings made by September 30th online. Register at

Ahead of the forum, there have been a few updates with the event details. The venue is in the same location, but the hotel has changed its name to Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandt Park.

In addition to that, SMi are pleased to announce a new session, ‘Challenges in Financing Energy Transition & Circular Economy’ which explores:

• Future projects in the pipeline to meet Paris Accord in 2050
• What defines a successful energy transition project?
• What are the difficulties when financing Energy Transition projects?
• What are the roles of different players and how can each contribute?

Also a new sponsor, Capital Dynamics have come on board, alongside various industry leaders that will be speaking at the event. Joining the panel discussion is Simon Eaves, MD, Head of Energy Infrastructure Europe from Capital Dynamics, discussing ‘Infrastructure: Are the Stakeholders taking too much Risk?’ covering:

• Construction and operational risks
• Financing risks
• Stretching the definition of infrastructure

Finally, new and confirmed speakers are announced including:

• Tim de Knegt, Manager Strategic Finance & Treasurer, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.- Port of Rotterdam discussing ‘Challenges in Financing Energy Transition & Circular Economy’
• Martijn Maandag, Director Due Diligence, DNV GL
• Alistair Perkins, Head of Infrastructure & Project Finance, NN Investment Partners B.V. discussing ‘Infrastructure and sustainability: not all projects are born equal’
• Erik Jan Snik, Coordinator Public-Private Partnerships, Dutch Ministry of Finance, discussing ‘Future investment opportunities in the Dutch Market’

The updated event brochure with the full agenda is available to download online at

For sponsorship and exhibition enquiries, contact Andrew Gibbons on +44 (0) 207 827 6156 or

For media enquiries, please contact Simi Sapal on +44 (0) 207 827 6162 or

Sponsored by:
Capital Dynamics

Benelux Infrastructure Forum
20th – 21st November 2019
Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandt Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands

—- END —-

About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at

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