Christopher Mihoulides shares advantages of using Credit Counsel, Inc.

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Credit Counsel, Inc. founder Christopher Mihoulides offers a closer look at the South Florida-based debt recovery firm's advantages.

MIAMI, FL, USA, April 19, 2019 / — A leader in the commercial, medical, and occupational health debt collection sectors for more than two decades, Credit Counsel, Inc. has expertly positioned itself to tackle the mountain of unique and often highly tricky scenarios faced by its clients and their businesses, day in and day out. Having developed the necessary cache of tools and experience required to promptly and professionally deal with such matters, Credit Counsel, Inc. boasts a number of advantages over the competition according to company founder Christopher Mihoulides as he reveals more about the business.

"I firmly believe that Credit Counsel is a great asset to almost any business," suggests Mihoulides, founder of the South Florida-based national and international debt recovery firm.

"We assist companies in collecting funds which are owed to them from both domestic and overseas debtors, achieving consistently above-standard results by employing our skills in what is often considered a difficult industry in which to perform consistently and at an exceptional level of success," the Credit Counsel, Inc. founder adds.

"From collecting full outstanding amounts, which is both our focus and our forte, to making payment plans, negotiating minor discounts, or directing debtors to an appropriate financial institution," Mihoulides goes on, "we're wholly committed to getting clients their delinquent accounts paid in full."

From the firm's unique philosophy regarding the successful collection of bad debt, which centers around positively influencing payment, to its broader mission and commitment to ethics, Credit Counsel is proud to be taking a somewhat revolutionary approach to debt collection.

Credit Counsel, Inc. is, says Mihoulides, entirely dedicated to increasing the rate of recovery for its clients, and always in a timely and professional manner, preserving those clients' images and reputations within their respective industries in the process. "At Credit Counsel," he continues, "we believe that 'time is money,' as the saying goes, and that our success is ultimately reflected in that of our clients.".

"Each and every day," Mihoulides adds, wrapping up, "we look to surpass both our existing and new clients' expectations while always keeping firmly in mind the sensitivity of all-important, ongoing client relationships."

Based in South Florida, Credit Counsel, Inc. is a national and international debt recovery firm specializing in commercial, medical, and occupational health debt collection. Founded by professionals in the debt recovery industry, including company president Christopher Mihoulides, Credit Counsel, Inc. boasts a wide range of clients across the United States and internationally.

For more information about Credit Counsel, or to apply for access to the debt recovery firm's exclusive web portal—which allows clients and their organizations to securely monitor their collections activity in real-time, verify balances and payments, upload new accounts, and view collector notes 24/7 from anywhere in the world—please call 877-224-7904 or visit

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