Swiftly Labs Improves Online Reputation Management Service

Swiftly Labs Online Reputation Management

Today, Swiftly Labs, an Online Reputation Management and Profile Defender service provider announced new improvements to its reputation management service.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, Swiftly Labs, an Online Reputation Management and Profile Defender service provider announced new improvements to its reputation management service. The new service now includes negative search engine results removal based on the Right to Be Forgotten Act by leveraging its strong relationships with top law firms in the USA and Canada.

Swiftly Labs have been working with businesses and individuals to improve their online reputation by using ethical SEO and content marketing tactics to suppress the negative search engine results and positively enforce the good deeds and content of companies and individuals. In the past few years, many rivals of Swiftly Labs have been falsely promising customers to remove such negative content from the search engines without much success. The new act allows Swiftly Labs to legally force search engines and other online properties like review websites to remove negative and biased content once and for all.

"Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those businesses and people suffering from cyberbullying and false accusations and reviews online", Said Rami Hamodah, CEO and Founder of Swiftly Labs. " We leveraged our extensive knowledge of the online reputation industry and relationships to create a process of online content removal that is ethical, legal and does not cost an arm and a leg" Added Rami Hamodah.

The new content removal service has been available to a selected group of customers over the past few weeks and the results have been promising. Swiftly Labs decided to offer the new service publicly starting from Today, January 29th, 2019. Visit Swiftly Labs here: http://www.swiftlylabs.com

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Jungo TV and Cinedigm Launches HALLYPOP on Samsung TV Plus



Digital First All-Asian Pop Culture Network Debuts in USA

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jungo TV, in partnership with Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM), announces today the launch of global Asian pop culture network HALLYPOP on Samsung TV Plus.

TV Plus is Samsung’s owned and operated video service, which provides access to a variety of free streaming channels covering sports, lifestyle, and more, straight out of the box on select Samsung TVs. It does not require a subscription fee, account set-up, or credit card info to access.

HALLYPOP is a global television network connecting fans through Asian pop culture, putting the spotlight on music, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. Highlights include the top-rated K-Pop variety show Inkigayo, featuring appearances and performances by BTS, Big Bang, IKON, Girls Generation, and 2NE, among others; the world’s #1 non-American program, Running Man, pitting K-Pop and K-Drama stars against each other in epic missions; the interactive music series After School Club, using social media to bring fans closer to their K-Pop Idols with Q&A sessions, song requests, impromptu performances, and music videos; and a lineup of classic, rare, and modern Martial Arts favorites from the world’s top genre studios.

"As an Asian American, I am personally proud that Jungo TV is introducing Asian-led programming on Samsung’s TV Plus platform,” said George Chung, CEO of Jungo TV. “We’re excited to advocate diversity in OTT entertainment through our music and lifestyle programming from the global Asian diaspora. Working with the leading Korean broadcaster SBS International, we anchor HALLYPOP with the best K-pop and Asian reality programs. As the network continues to grow, through collaboration with the best Asian content creators from around the world, we aim to amplify the momentum behind the global Asian entertainment industry.”

"Cinedigm is proud to debut our newest digital-first network, HALLYPOP, for the first time ever on Samsung’s dynamic TV Plus platform,” said Erick Opeka, President of Cinedigm Digital Networks. "CONtv and DOVE CHANNEL were both well-received by Samsung’s massive consumer base, and we look forward to further providing this diverse audience with even more of the top-tier premium programming Cinedigm is known for. Whether it’s HALLYPOP’s immersive Asian culture content or DOCURAMA’s roster of award-winning documentaries and series, our networks appeal to a broad range of tastes and interests, and offer something for everyone to enjoy.”

Jungo TV is a global OTT and distribution company founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, the renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon and Emmy® Award-winning host of the "Dr. Oz Show," along with Nasser J. Kazeminy, entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist and Chairman of NJK Holding; Sandy Climan, CEO of Entertainment Media Ventures and longtime Hollywood deal maker; and George Chung, international content expert and entrepreneur, who serves as Chief Executive Officer. The company manages over 47,000 hours of content and over 80 live channels for international distribution. Jungo TV recently launched its owned and operated networks, including Combat Go, HallyPop, and Front Row Channel. For more information, visit www.jungotv.com

For twenty years, Cinedigm (CIDM) has been at the forefront of the digital transformation of entertainment. Today, Cinedigm continues that mission by providing content, channels and services to the world’s largest media, technology and retail companies. Our content aggregation and distribution services power the world’s leading digital platforms and retailers. Cinedigm’s Digital Networks group provides channels and services that entertain consumers globally across hundreds of millions of devices. For more information, visit www.cinedigm.com.

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Christopher Goldberg unveils defense base insurance for workers

Mandatory as outlined in the U.S. Defense Base Act, Christopher Goldberg highlights the importance of defense base insurance for employers and their employees.

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The United States Defense Base Act, first enacted in 1941, is an extension of the federal workers' compensation program which covers longshoremen and harbor workers. Today, the Defense Base Act covers any person employed at a United States defense base overseas and is intended to provide medical treatment and compensation to employees of defense contractors injured in the course of employment, according to Christopher Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Gendelman Insurance Services.

Goldberg goes on to explain that, in the current version of the Defense Base Act, which is administered by the United States Department of Labor, there are five provisions which prompt obtaining the necessary insurance coverage.

First among these states that any company with an employee—including third-country nationals and non-U.S. citizens—working on a military base or reservation outside of the U.S. must seek the necessary cover. "This includes," says Goldberg, "those working for private employers on U.S. military bases, or on any land utilized by the U.S. for military purposes outside of the country and including U.S. territories."

The second provision states that cover is also necessary where any employee is engaged in U.S. government-funded public works business outside of the U.S. including construction and service contracts in connection with national defense. Similarly, and third among the provisions highlighted by Goldberg, the same applies where any employee is engaged in public works or military contracts with a foreign government which has been deemed necessary to the national security of the United States.

"Workers' insurance is also necessary where one or more employees are tasked with providing services funded by the U.S. government outside of the realm of regular military service," points out Goldberg of his fourth noted provision.

Lastly, Goldberg touches on employees of subcontractors. "Employees of any subcontractors involved in a contract similar to any of those highlighted above will also require the necessary defense base workers' insurance," he points out.

Defense Base Act insurance is available in the U.S. from Gendelman Insurance Services for contractors and subcontractors who work overseas. "Our dedicated Defense Base Act advisor team, headquartered in Washington, D.C., works with a multitude of Defense Base Act insurance carriers to protect your needs," the executive Vice President explains. "Furthermore," he adds, wrapping up, "in the unfortunate event of a claim, we will work directly with your team as required."

To learn more about Gendelman Insurance Services or to be connected to the company's Defense Base Act advisor team for a confidential assessment, please call 800-845-4145 to speak to an insurance concierge or visit https://www.gendelman.com/ for additional information.

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Jeffery Steven Stone completes investment deal on behalf of Ohio-based energy company

Jeffery Steven Stone

Investment Banking specialist Jeffery Steven Stone secures $1.6 million private equity raise on behalf of Autumn Ridge Energy.

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — An experienced and well-respected capital procurement specialist, a recent private equity raise arranged by Jeffery Steven Stone has seen the investment industry expert secure a seven-figure cash injection on behalf of Ohio-based energy company, Autumn Ridge Energy. A veteran of Wall Street, the deal marks another placement for Stone, a managing partner at New York City's Eurasian Capital, LLC, and follows a recent run of successful factor line, bridge, and other investments organized by the procurement specialist.

Autumn Ridge Energy, part of Autumn Ridge Enterprises, LLC, is an independent oil and gas production company based in Concord, Ohio, engaged in the business of exploring, developing, producing, and operating oil and gas wells. The organization's primary drilling operations currently take place in the Utica, Clinton, Marcellus, and Rose Run Sand formations of Northeastern Ohio, and the Shallow Oil Sands of Western Pennsylvania.

Autumn Ridge Energy and Autumn Ridge Enterprises, LLC have together sustained steady growth via a strategy of leasing and developing quality crude oil and natural gas prospects, as well as acquiring producing properties, according to Stone. "A family-owned company, they have expanded over the years by building a team of professionals comprised of exploration geologists, petroleum engineers, petroleum landmen, and various other key industry personnel," he reveals.

The $1.6 million private equity raise secured by Jeffery Steven Stone will see the firm revisit a portion of a former, once profitable oil field, targeting promising oil-producing sandstone. "Using modern drilling and recovery techniques, Autumn Ridge Energy will focus on substantial reserves of recoverable oil on the currently undeveloped 700-acre site which is several miles east of Warren, Pennsylvania,"explains stone.

Located in Warren County, Pennsylvania, the city of Warren is positioned along the Allegheny River. The county seat of Warren County, Warren is the principal city of the Warren, Pennsylvania Micropolitan Statistical Area. The site which is of interest to Autumn Ridge Energy, and based upon which Stone's investment deal has been secured, was first drilled for oil over 150 years ago. Total oil content available at the site today is understood to range from between 6,000 and 13,500 barrels per acre.

The economy of the city of Warren was at one time dominated by oil, with many of the area's large Victorian homes built using revenue generated by the local oil industry. According to Jeffery Steven Stone, however, in recent years, Warren has struggled economically, enduring a steady decline in population.

"It's my hope," he adds, wrapping up, "that renewed investment and interest in the area's oil industry, and with it, the arrival of Autumn Ridge Energy, will help to bolster the local economy and support new opportunities both in the city of Warren and in surrounding areas."

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TrenData Closes 2018 with Record Sales and 100% Client Renewal Rate

Company increases bookings, wins enthusiastic, committed clients

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — TrenData, a leading global provider of AI-driven people-analytics solutions, ended the year with its strongest quarter in company history. In addition, revenues for the full 2018 year also hit record levels, with the company signing such notable clients as Federal Realty, Healthgrades, and Quick and Clean Carwash, expanding both the client base and the industries TrenData supports.

In a clear indication of customer satisfaction and commitment, TrenData renewed 100% of its 2017 clients, with some signing up for expanded solutions with TrenData. Among the renewals was DuraServ, who increased their license count in response to substantial company growth and implemented a real-time data source feed through the ADP marketplace, where TrenData is now featured.

As part of the ADP marketplace, the biggest human capital management app store, TrenData’s solution is widely available to companies seeking tailored HR solutions that blend platforms and data.

In 2018, TrenData also joined the Deltek Product Marketplace, where strategic business partners share a commitment to providing the highest quality products and business services. Construction giant Adolphson-Peterson is among many companies employing TrenData’s people analytics software in conjunction with a Deltek offering.

“TrenData’s growing client base and partner ecosystem are the key engines for our growth,” said TrenData co-founder and CEO Tom McKeown. “We continue to put these revenues back into the company so our product development can continue to keep us on the leading edge in analytics technology.”

TrenData launched version 3.0 of its analytics platform in the second half of 2018, featuring the most recent technology in natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence.

About TrenData

Based in Dallas, Texas, TrenData is a cloud-based platform company providing people analytics to address critical business needs. Co-founders Tom McKeown and Mark Hamdan have over 30 years in the HR space.

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Stack8 Becomes the First Cisco UC Provider in Canada to Achieve Cisco Customer Journey Platform Authorization

Stack8 Logo

Stack8 Logo

Customer Journey Platform

Customer Journey Platform

UC services leader Stack8 recognized for its unique expertise in Cisco’s leading-edge cloud offering

Building on our existing Unified Communication as a Service offering with this certification marks a new milestone for Stack8 customers and reflects our commitment to addressing their cloud ambitions”

— Steven Karachinsky

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Stack8, a leading provider of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) Services and Solutions, is now the first company in Canada to become Cisco Customer Journey Platform Authorized. Stack8’s customers now have the flexibility to choose between Cisco’s latest on-premise and cloud-based UC systems, and will benefit from in-depth expertise on the company’s most advanced cloud offering.

Cloud-based UC has gained particular traction with contact centers, allowing them to scale their operation quickly while offering an attractive cost model. Cisco’s Customer Journey Platform (CJP) sweetens the deal with advanced analytics capabilities, which have become invaluable for contact center managers and supervisors who need greater insight into their team’s performance to inform their decision-making.

Eric Losier, CTO at Stack8 said: “How quickly calls are being answered and resolved, where bottlenecks are occurring, which agents are performing best at any given time – our contact center partners draw on more data points than ever to help them make split-second decisions. Cisco’s analytics platform allows them to view and react to these data points in real-time, whether that means rerouting calls through top performers for better customer service or managing traffic dynamically to deal with spikes in demand.”

Cisco released its Customer Journey Platform following the acquisition of BroadSoft in February 2018. CJP is the Cisco incarnation of BroadSoft’s CC-One solution, already an industry favorite among contact center leaders. As a CJP authorized partner, Stack8 is not only the first company authorized to sell and consult on the technology in Canada; it also joins an elite group of just seven North American providers who are CJP certified.

Steven Karachinsky, CEO at Stack8 said: “Building on our existing Unified Communication as a Service offering with this certification marks a new milestone for Stack8 customers and reflects our commitment to addressing their cloud ambitions. Of course, we understand that every business is at a different stage of their cloud journey. That’s why we work with each customer to find the right technology mix for their needs and help them evolve at a pace that makes sense for them.”

About Stack8
Stack8’s mission is to fight for our customers to achieve the promise of Digital Communications
Stack8 aspires to deliver on the promise of Digital Communications. Today, the majority of companies that have transitioned to IP communications have effectively just bought an expensive phone system, yielding little business performance improvements. While the promise of digital communications is well defined (see below), companies just can’t get there. There are numerous factors holding customers back, led by integrators/partners treating this move like any other project. Once the technology is installed, they move to the next project stranding the customer with a complicated and difficult to use platform.

We built Stack8 to really fight for our customers. We seek to get past the broken promises of integrators by building a pathway to digital communications while also adhering to disciplined IT processes. This quest requires a blend of creativity, passion, and experience so that our clients no longer have to accept the status quo.
We believe in this promise and have built our company to lead our customers on their Digital journey.
Founded in 2010, Stack8 Technologies is an independent, privately held company based in Montreal, Canada. To find out more, please visit www.stack8.com.

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Theodora Uniken Venema of Downtown Brokers Returns to CUTV News Radio

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Young and old wealthy individuals look far away from their home base to grow their wealth but investing so far from your home base takes an exceptional person with a special understanding to assist. If you are an overseas investor working in a foreign currency and wish to take advantage of the best money can buy in America, you need an expert professional. Theodora Uniken Venema of Downtown Brokers LLC fits the bill.

Theodora is a top notch licensed real estate broker and Founder of Downtown Brokers LLC, a full service Boutique real estate brokerage successfully investing in Florida real estate for over thirty years.

Downtown Brokers serves as a comprehensive source for foreign investors seeking a long term commercial investment in the “Florida Dream.”

“Foreign investors have a great desire to be coached,” says Theodora. “In this country, everything is different from what they are used to; in addition a dissimilar culture results in a different income tax approach, lien laws, expectations, and aspirations.”

Born in the Netherlands and educated in law at the Groningen University College of Law, with a specialization in real estate and tax laws, Theodora came to America for her Post Graduate studies at the Fredric G. Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. Theodora speaks Dutch, German, and English fluently.

“I wanted more out of life, a further global direction, and to start my very own business,” says Theodora. I left for America August the 19th of 1981, with that goal in mind. How could I benefit others with my very specialized global education?”

Theodora’s clients are global investors. They buy and hold. They know values are cyclical, but their money and investment is safe in America.

“The most successful business people and corporations in the world, all invest in America, and have for many years,” says Theodora. “They know what they don’t, and typically invite a local professional on their team. The difference in currencies play a tremendous role. A different set of Lien Laws, rental requirements and cost structures require a foreign investor to adapt their investment strategies. We represent a worldwide clientele, who is eager to invest in America’s endless opportunities. We understand their goals and we are here especially for them. We are here for you.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Theodora Uniken Venema in a series of interviews with Jim Masters on Monday February 4th, 11th, and 18th at 1 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on our guest please visit www.downtownbrokers.com

Author: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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Laffey Real Estate Promotes Linda Michael to Branch Manager

Mark T. Laffey, Linda Michael, Bettie Meinel, Allison Platt

Newest Appointee to the Management Team

Linda has real estate in her DNA. As a second generation realtor, Linda’s in-depth perspective of the real estate market is a priceless attribute to the firm. ”

— Philip C. Laffey

GREENVALE, NY, USA, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Laffey Real Estate, Long Island’s premier family owned residential real estate brokerage, is pleased to announce the promotion of Linda Soldano Ragione Michael to the role of Branch Manager of the New Hyde Park office. The announcement was made jointly by principals, Mark T. Laffey and Philip C. Laffey, the Broker-Owners of the old firm. “Linda has real estate in her DNA. As a second generation realtor, Linda’s in-depth perspective of the real estate market is a priceless attribute to the firm,” explained Philip C. Laffey/ Principal, Broker Owner.

Her progress has been well documented: awarded Laffey's 2017 Shining Start Honor, named 2018 Career Leader, responsible for mentorship, innovative thinking and strategic planning and, most recently recipient of the 2018 Overall Top Producer Port Washington Office Award.

Linda quickly assumed the Branch Manager role of nurturer, teacher and mentor with the same electricity and vigor she has used throughout her entire real estate career. Her common sense, direct approach is invaluable to the development of strong realtors, a responsibility she has excelled at from the very start.

In this new chapter, she is managing a robust office of realtors, navigating the complex market and applying her skills to foster a growth-oriented sales culture. Using her notoriously high energy business style, Linda’s impact is already beginning to see results. A Realtor’s Realtor, she is actively marketing and selling real estate closing out another banner year matching her 2018 success while recruiting, mentoring and challenging her team of professionals.
A Board member of the Port Washington Senior Center and a fifth generation Port Washingtonian, Linda still resides in Port Washington with her extended family.

About Laffey Real Estate
Laffey Real Estate is one of the largest privately held independent family-owned residential real estate firms on Long Island with a network of over 500 agents in 13 offices throughout Nassau, Western Suffolk and Queens Counties. Their global partnership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Luxury Portfolio, extends their reach to more than 60 countries worldwide. The firm is a full-service provider offering expertise in sales, rentals, relocation, mortgage, developments and title insurance to the marketplace. The cutting-edge technology supporting field agents, premium brand identity and industry-leading tools embody best in class standards. Consumers trust in the Laffey Real Estate name to provide tools and resources that help navigate the process of buying and selling residential real estate in any economic environment. Consistently ranked in the top 10% of the brokers locally and as a Top 500 Broker in the US based on the 2017 Real Trends reports, Laffey Real Estate has an exceptional record of success.

Cathy M Poturny/SVP Marketing & Media Relations
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Nexus Software LLC Nexus Evolution™ 2019 Release

The newest release of the indgrated middleware for banking devices such as Recyclers, PinPads, and more is here.

KIRTLAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nexus Evolution™ (Nexus Software LLC), a device management middleware for the banking industry, is pleased to announce the release of Nexus Evolution 2019. This year’s release includes enhancements in recycler support and expanded device options. New reporting options make communicating licensing and support details even easier.

“For NE19 we put a lot of work into implementing the most requested recycler features: simpler bill counting and a new duress lock feature,” stated Mike Buffington, Chief Architect for Nexus Software LLC. “Also in this release is enhanced functionality to ensure that the port redirectors and serial connections work as expected.”

Nexus Evolution is a device management middleware that allows financial service providers to connect their branch teller solutions to most available banking devices. The latest release of this integrated product will help create your best solution, especially if you are:
1. Wanting more flexibility and options in your device choices.
2. Looking to get the most out of your recyclers.
3. Struggling with the output from Windows Printers.
4. Looking to take advantage of the security and other specialized options of the latest devices.
5. Exploring implementing a virtual environment.

“Retail Banking is evolving and so is Nexus Evolution. Our goal is to provide the tools needed to efficiently manage necessary devices in the financial institutions network, keeping the focus on the customer and not the equipment,” said Kevin Eilerman, CEO and President of Nexus Software LLC.

About Nexus Software LLC
Nexus Software LLC is a world-leader in multi-channel device management middleware and related products and services. For more than 30 years, Nexus Software has been used by financial institutions around the world to connect any branch solution, to any device, from any vendor. Nexus Software’s XFS standards-based, vendor-neutral solutions are installed in over 350,000 branch teller workstations at more than 1,200 financial institutions around the world. Nexus Software is headquartered in Kirtland, Ohio, with an additional development office in Apex, North Carolina, USA.

For more information on Nexus Software LLC products and services, visit the company’s website at http://www.nexussoft.com/, email info@nexussoft.com or call +1 (440) 210-3400.

Kevin Eilerman
Nexus Software LLC
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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate announces merger with Northrup Associates in Lynnfield,MA

Lynnfield, MA agency Northrup Associates has served region since 1952; teams up with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate

Northrup Associates has an excellent reputation of integrity and trust for 67 years. Their impressive track record, top-notch team and culture makes this partnership with Commonwealth a great fit.”

— George Patsio, Founding Partner

LYNNFIELD, MA, USA, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate (http://commonmoves.com) today announced the merger with Northrup Associates, a prominent real estate firm which has served Lynnfield and vicinity since 1952.

The announcement was made by Commonwealth Founding Partner George Patsio, and Northrup Associates co-owner Richard Tisei. Under the terms of the partnership, the Northrup team of 28 real estate professionals will remain with the new and merged entity. Agency owners Richard Tisei and Bernie Starr will also maintain active roles with the same dedicated staff. The business will continue to operate from its current headquarters at 26 Main Street, Lynnfield.

Northrup Associates was started in 1952 by Norman Northrup, who opened the office on the second floor of the
Centre Shopping Center. John Kennedy led the company for twenty years before Tisei and Starr bought the agency in 2000. Over the years Northrup Associates has developed and maintained a loyal customer base having worked with generations of families helping them buy and sell their homes.

Tisei said, “Bernie and I are pleased to affiliate with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth. They are a strong, respected presence in the market, and we know Northrup will be stronger joining forces with this organization. We will be able to offer our clients more services and a wider network of exposure. During our talks with Nick and George Patsio, and Patrick Fortin, we have found that our companies share the same strong work ethic and values. This merger is a great way to continue to grow the company. We look forward to working with the Commonwealth team.”

George Patsio, Commonwealth Founding Partner, said, “Northrup Associates has an excellent reputation of integrity and trust and has successfully served homeowners for 67 years. Their impressive track record, top-notch leadership team and culture makes this partnership with Commonwealth a great fit. This combined with the power, reputation and global reach of the Berkshire Hathaway brand makes us a powerhouse in our marketplace. We are thrilled to welcome Richard, Bernie and their sales associates to the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth family.”

About Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate
Boston-based Commonwealth, a full-service real estate brokerage, was founded in 2006 by a group of real estate industry leaders, dedicated to providing operational excellence, unparalleled market expertise and delivering the best customer service experience to home buyers and sellers in the greater Boston area. Through its service, experience and guidance, Commonwealth has become one of the most trusted real estate companies in the marketplace. In 2018, the brokerage generated 1.5 billion in real estate sales volume. Commonwealth is currently number 1 in New England and number 23 nationally and worldwide among Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices franchises. Visit www.commonmoves.com. Headquarters are at 12 Huron Drive, Natick, MA 01760.

About Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, based in Irvine, CA, is a real estate brokerage network built for a new era in residential real estate. The network, among the few organizations entrusted to use the world-renowned Berkshire Hathaway name. Its chairman and CEO is Warren Buffett, often referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha." The Berkshire Hathaway name brings to the real estate market a definitive mark of trust, integrity, stability and longevity. The brand was recognized as Real Estate Agency Brand of Year and Most Trusted Real Estate Brand in the 2018 Harris Poll EquiTrend Study. It was also honored for “Highest Overall Satisfaction for Repeat Home Sellers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms” in J.D. Power’s 2018 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study. Visit www.berkshirehathawayhs.com.


George Patsio, Founding Partner

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