Quadyas Brings Unique Approach to Software Development and Technology Solutions to DFW

Quadyas aims to fill much needed gaps in DFW software development strategies, processes, and provide more efficient executions.

DALLAS, TX, US, July 10, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quadyas is a technology company specializing in software and consulting services enabling clients in their digital transformation journey. The company is founded by a star team of technology visionaries who have 15-20 years experience in the IT and Software industry in various roles cutting across application development, software architecture, project management, product launch, and technology consulting. Quadyas, based out of the DFW area, has identified a niche focusing on lean, adaptive, and agile delivery model – with the kind of cost and execution flexibility that is typically not possible with big IT consulting firms.

The new paradigm in IT is to move away from the traditional monolithic architectures in favor of modularized software design containing small manageable functional components/services tied together by well-defined APIs. Microservices based design provides companies immense agility and the much-needed technology freedom. Say for example an insurance company can focus on the core business logic of their applications by reorganizing their design, decoupling external vendor services and other infrastructure dependencies, thus creating the freedom to go with any vendor or infrastructure at any point in time. Quadyas is enabling clients to achieve that technology freedom and flexibility by helping them redefine and re-architect their business-critical applications.

Big data and Analytics, though the market buzz words have been around for a while, many companies are still struggling in their vision to efficiently tap the volumes of data generated from the different sources and efficiently monetize the information extracted. Quadyas has an expert team of Data Science practitioners who have the advanced machine learning background, platform knowledge, industry experience, and business acumen. Quadyas works with companies in chalking out a solid analytics strategy since it drives their potential growth in AI and related future technologies.

Quadyas takes a hands-on approach with attention to details focused on entire business needs, instead of a narrow vision, and still keeping costs low by using an efficient offshore/on-shore model. Srini Nandigam, CEO of Quadyas, states, "We noticed glaring gaps with development companies using onshore/offshore resources and wanted to provide better options for the growing DFW market. End user communication, compliance to standards, data security and lack of training are often overlooked by development teams operating out of the US. We have seen many companies spend massive amounts of money, but still end up with bad quality and poor execution. Our approach is drastically different. We have a strong onsite presence focusing on client communication and stakeholder management backed by an offshore team comprising of highly talented architects, designers and developers. We innovate in problem solving and treat client’s technology challenges as our own".

Up next for the Quadyas team: Quadyas is currently launching applications and platforms for increased security at schools, increased security and better patient satisfaction for mobile health providers, data optimization for conference events and employee digital ID solutions.


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Source: EIN Presswire