Structured Investment Solutions(SIVSL) help new cryptocurrency investors minimise risks.

PARIS , FRANCE, May 15, 2018 / — In 2017, we saw Ethereum rise from $8 in January to an all-time high of nearly $1,400 in December – an increase of 175x in a single year.

This was mainly due to roughly 70% of all ICOs being launched on the Ethereum platform in 2017. The ICO craze will most likely continue in 2018, which will further increase the value of platforms that facilitate ICOs.

Although these dapps raise a ton of money through the ICO process, it’s too early for consumer dapps to see wide-scale adoption. Not to mention, over time the majority of the dapp’s value will be vacuumed up by the platform itself.

If an ICO doesn’t sell out, the price tanks as soon as the tokens are tradeable. In order to minimize this risk, more projects are electing to sell a large percentage of their tokens for a discount during a “presale” period. These “pre-ICO” funds will mainly come from private investors and syndicate groups.

Structured Investment Solutions(SIVSL) pool funds together and then negotiate a discount during this presale period. Projects benefit from a simplified fundraising process and their ICOs appear in higher demand because they’re “already 50% sold out” on day 1 of the ICO. This benefits all parties as ICOs will look promising during pre-sale, and investors will definitely benefit through purchasing at a discount price.

Structured Investment Solutions(SIVSL) can help the average investor get a piece of “pre-ICO” projects at a discount; however, you must trust your leader because they act as a custodian of your funds. And you won’t find a more professional approach than at Structured Investment Solutions(SIVSL).

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Source: EIN Presswire