The Blockchain Technology Foundation is created to bring trust back into the blockchain technology space.

LOS ANGELES, LA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2018 / — Usually, we look at crashes and crises as results of wrong or irresponsible actions on the parts of big government, big finance, and other institutions entrusted with our collective well-being. And most of the time we’re right. But sometimes we observe something constructive or outright awesome stemming from obvious blunders. One such blunder was the dot-com bubble of the late 90s. And, what arose from it is a host of neat tech, which, in time, became the backbone of the Silicon Valley. From social media to cloud computing to mobile apps to 4G networking to AI and machine learning – it’s all due to the workups we’ve inherited from the dot-com bubble. And, of course, the blockchain technology is part of that inheritance as well.

The Blockchain Technology Foundation is created to bring trust back into the blockchain technology space. Trust is what was lost in the late 90s and is the ultimate asset that the blockchain technology creates. It’s trust that is suffering almost irreparably when various techie factions make the mistake of conflating price with value. When the tumbling prices of candy-wrapper tokes are showing on our screens, we tend to devalue wholesale the entire blockchain-based industry, quickly cash-out and write-off this madness as a bad dream. The BCTF aims to correct this dangerous misunderstanding and create a perfect equilibrium between those who build blockchains, those who maintain blockchains and those who invest in blockchain-based businesses.

Some blockchains have gone further than others in building the new economy perfecting the electronic ledger software, singling out the more deserving cryptocurrencies, and creating platforms for digital stock certificate exchanges. The BCTF volunteers are coming up with new ways of utilizing the blockchain virtually every minute. But, unlike the dot-com times in the late 90s, we are not conducting projects out of thin air but are looking forward to building upon the credible tech and valuable expertise of the active BCTF members.

Where the startups of the 90s were seriously lacking, the blockchain-based enterprises of today are very well positioned. The impregnable rules of mathematics and the cryptographic security underpinning the blockchain are the bedrock of the imminent success of a blockchain-based enterprise. That circumstance alone should put any and all concerns of the non-believers to rest. Given the crying fallacies behind the current paradigm of trust in the world of finance, paradoxically, the dry mathematical precision and the sheer brilliance of the concept of the blockchain is much more digestible to us than sugarcoated minutia from a loan officer.

What we need is to be able to preserve our wealth without having to constantly look back. What we need is the honest and objective valuations of assets and the opportunity to trade them freely, securely, and transparently across the world without the fear of regulators or transnational scammers. What we need is a shelter for our transactions, the eradication of dubiousness of data and the ability to make clear and safe choices in our business decisions without the need to consult countless third, fourth, and fifth parties.

What we need is no more inflated balance sheets or blind trust for centralized authority; we all have right in front of us the extreme examples of what the lack of trust can do to society. The bankruptcy of century-old financial institutions, the layers of meaningless jobs created exclusively to verify and confirm, the two and a half billion people who are denied access to banks… And, of course, the perverted showpiece, the “trust” turned upside down and passed around as a kindness despite the most basic notions of common sense – the subprime lending.

All this needs to stop immediately, and the Blockchain Technology Foundation together with its regional offices and multiple volunteers around the world is going to dedicate all of its resources to the creation of collaborative networks of like-minded individuals interacting with each other through an open-source code, executing the unimaginable. And we’re all going to be there building the new economy and watching the Humanity 2.0 emerge.

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Source: EIN Presswire