Open Source Chain, the blockchain for electronic and IC industry, launches Token Generation Event

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Open Source Chain launches token generation with endorsement from veterans in TI, Qualcomm & SMIC. Simultaneously, OSCH begins trading on BTCBox and Digifinex

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, May 12, 2018 / — Open Source Chain, a blockchain-powered social marketplace designed for the electronic and IC industry is launching token generation event with endorsement from industry veterans in Texas Instrument, Qualcomm, and SMIC. Simultaneously, the ticker symbol, OSCH, will begin trading on Japan’s top exchange, BTCBox and Singapore’s most reputable exchange, Digifinex

Electronic industry is huge and is at the heart of every smart device in many industries. In 2017, global semiconductor sales reached $404B U.S. dollars. With the progressive deployment of Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, electronics and circuitry is expected to interweave into every aspect of life.

Open Source Chain is tailored specifically to the needs of smart hardware ecosystem. “We aim to be the ETH of the electronic and IC industry. Our blockchain platform allows open source contributors to monetize their work, knowledge, data and even feedback through token mechanism, while help IC vendors and manufacturers to shift pre-sale and tech support cost to community. One’s reduction is another’s gain.” Founder and CEO Will Zhang says.

Specifically, Open Source Chain provides the following
 Encourage IP holders to share and open-source new or outdated, unused, under-utilized, fragmented or imperfect IP with the ecosystem and be rewarded
 Community continues to update, refine, verify, critique, perfect, evolve, fork, incorporate these IP and be rewarded
 IC Vendors can buy, trade, pre-test, procure design, assemble, or outsource production to reduce risk and cost and be rewarded
 Supply chain can implement workflow using smart contract or Dapp to reduce friction and cost
 New concept can be prototyped or productized through use of token crowdfunding and smart contract

“Blockchain-powered business networks is a very compelling concept. Stakeholders in the same industry have common needs to streamline & secure interactions across the partner network. Open Source Chain's vision to leverage smart contact to reduce cost and automate process is a new and innovative approach to benefit everyone in the system”, said Noel Chao, Global Engineering Director, Qualcomm Asia and advisor to Open Source Chain.

Open Source Chain is addressing a global problem faced by every participants in the industry. Blockchain technology holds the promise to re-organize and re-tool the industry so it’s efficient and competitive in the digital 21st century.

About Open Source Chain
Open Source Chain is a blockchain-power intellectual property marketplace for IC, Semi and electronic industry, designed to price “smart” ’s utility and a token mechanism set up to reward creation, refinement and embodiment of Open Source contributions. Open Source Chain, Inc is founded by a world-class team with deep experience at Texas Instruments, Diode, IBM, Huawei, International Rectifier, and HP and has leading global companies as partners. Visit us at
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Source: EIN Presswire