Homeland Security and Public Safety Market Will go Through a Growth Period, Surpassing $500 Billion by 2021

Global Homeland Security and Public Safety Market Organogram

Homeland Security & Public Safety by Vertical Markets – 2015, 2022

The Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry, Technologies & Markets is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% during 2016-2020

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to a new market research report “Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry, Technologies & Markets – 2017-2022", published by Homeland Security Research Corp., this market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% during 2016-2020.

16 years have passed since 9/11, and the global Homeland Security & Public Safety markets are forecast to go through major shifts. Markets formerly dominated by the U.S. are now moving to Europe and Asia-Pacific. New and maturing technologies, such as big data, advanced sensors, cybersecurity, video analytics and interoperable emergency communication, will create new market segments and fresh business opportunities.

Homeland Security, Counter-Terrorism, Domestic Security and Law Enforcement organizations across the globe are facing, now more than ever, evolving and more advanced terror and security threats. ISIS-inspired attacks are being planned and committed worldwide, organized crime is becoming more transnational, the Arab world is under turmoil and autocratic governments are doing "whatever it takes" to secure their regimes. All this, coupled with the advancement in technology used by homeland security agencies and perpetrators alike, will force governments to invest in new and maturing technologies and capabilities to better cope with the looming security threats.

With 2020 pages, 650 tables and figures, this 6-volume Homeland Security and Public Safety Industry, Technologies and Markets – 2017-2022 report is the only comprehensive review of the global homeland security and public safety market. This report is a valuable resource for executives with interests in the industry. It has been explicitly customized for industry and urban decision-makers to enable them to identify business opportunities, emerging technologies, market trends and risks, as well as to benchmark business plans.

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