Max Zaslavskiy: the first in history blockchain based Diamond Reserve Club membership is for everyone!

The Diamond Reserve Club is the very first tokenized entity that is for everyone, and at the same time is very demanding of those wishing to join it

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2017 / — The world is getting closer and closer to understanding that we live in an economic system that is not working for us and will not work for our kids. Disunity among people and the many imperfections of the monetary system are at the core of the many crises gripping the planet today.

In the early 2010s, the idea of decentralized blockchain based currency was introduced into the mainstream economics on the backdrop of general dissatisfaction with the financial system. At that time, Max Zaslavskiy began to ponder an organization, a business structure, a club in which the members share the power over almost all the inward and outward processes, scheduling, and profits distribution. It made sense then; it makes sense today that public interest is swinging toward a model that encapsulates decentralized ownership, consensus-based decision-making, and democratized business development patterns derived from the formula “success of one is the success for all.”

Still, it took a few more years, and a few bumps on the road before the perfect embodiment of that way of thinking appeared in the digital form when Max Zaslavskiy gave us the Diamond Reserve Club. It’s a first-ever private business club with membership tokenized through the blockchain-based Diamond Reserve Coin (DRC), which is also a brand new proprietary cryptocurrency designed for a broad range of financial transactions mainly focusing on operations with precious stones worldwide.

The importance of this event is impossible to overstate. The Diamond Reserve Club is the very first tokenized entity that is for everyone, and at the same time is very demanding of those wishing to join it. Just 1 DRC qualifies you for multilevel membership, but with that, we would like to see a prospect member who is business oriented, a creative individual with his or her mind set to achieve great things together with the rest of the Diamond Reserve Club community of members.

“The move toward the blockchain based social clusters and the change in consciousness I’ve witnessed in the DRC members and business circles are the two mechanisms of transformation that are now underway globally.” Max Zaslavskiy says. “The thing that could transition us all to a real movement is solid; unified business thought to underpin each new development, each step away from the centralized monetary system. It’s not enough for single individuals to strive for things in isolation, or for conversations about the failures of modern economics to happen in a vacuum. The alternative is already scaling up, and the blockchain based business club such as Diamond Reserve Club is heralding this process loud and clear.”

All that is to say that virtually everyone is a prospect member of the Diamond Reserve Club. Even with a single DRC token in your digital wallet, the Club will allow you to use it as a means of payment within the vast ecosystem that offers virtually any good or service, whether you want to find a right roommate or a right service. Your children (and grandchildren, may you have plenty of those) may inherit DRC; you may use your digital wallet for anything on the Diamond Reserve Club’s blockchain, be it a smart contract or a stamp exchange between two buddies or, should you wish it, you may cash out. The token is hedged by physical diamonds, so you’re guaranteed to be in the green.

By definition, becoming a member of the Diamond Reserve Club should be natural for anyone involved in business, particularly in the precious stone market or real estate. Relying on the first asset in the history of men that invariably held its value high enough to earn the moniker “precious,” members may now concentrate their efforts on promoting their businesses inside the Club’s extensive four-level ecosystem.

We invite everyone to take full advantage of the DRC groups and boards on social networks numbering hundreds of thousands of trusted and active subscribers. Let’s prosper together, help each other’s businesses grow, and ideas materialize!

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Source: EIN Presswire