Arizona Lawyers on the “Battlefield" standing up against "illegal Immigration"…Disbarred by Arizona

LANCASTER, CA, USA, January 1, 2017 / — Courts were very liberal, didn’t want to enforce illegal immigration laws…Attorneys are afraid to actually represent their clients aggressively, because they are afraid of what the Bar might do to them,” says Lisa Aubuchon, Former Arizona Deputy County Attorney.

Rachel Alexander, whose professional career in Arizona also consisted of the following: Assistant Attorney General, Deputy County Attorney and Special Assistant for Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Alexander goes on to say, she was suspended for writing an article about Arizona with Fox News; and for placing her name on a Federal Civil Racketeering (“RICO”) lawsuit with Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio, related to a Court Tower. Alexander also said, she was suspended for one year and a day, which is essentially a Defacto Disbarment.

Jeffrey Moffatt, Federal Attorney – Censured for telling a judge in Washington, D.C. that he and Secretary of the Veterans Administration, should be criminally prosecuted for denying a Veteran his Benefits…

William J. O’Neil, State Supreme Court of Arizona Presiding Disciplinary Judge, has publicly warned Arizona attorneys “you don’t want to come before me!”

O’Neil has also gone on the record to say, that when an attorney is disciplined by the Court and “cites criminal and civil laws” as defenses, they don’t apply in his court room. Disciplinary proceedings for Arizona attorneys are different and unique, because the Court uses “Sui-Generis” Disciplinary proceedings.

Consequently, — “Sui generis is one of those Latin expressed terms a student is introduced to in law school and, if taught properly, learns never to use in legal writing.

Sui generis is clearly what Justice Elena Kagan and three other justices think about two recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court in Comcast Corp. v. Behrend, 569 U.S. ___, 2013 U.S. LEXIS 2544 (2013) and Genesis Healthcare Corp. v. Symczyk, 569 U.S. ___, 2013 U.S. LEXIS 3157 (2013). Justice Kagan explains in her dissenting opinion in”… Source:

Note, Lisa Aubuchon, Deputy County Attorney was admitted to the Arizona Bar in year 1990 and Andrew Thomas, Maricopa County Attorney was admitted to the Arizona Bar in year 1991, yet both were disbarred by a person not admitted to practice law in Arizona. Rachel Alexander was admitted to the Arizona Bar year 2000, also suspended by the same person not admitted to practice law in Arizona.

The same person not admitted to practice law in Arizona also wrote a 247 pages, Opinion and Order Imposing Sanctions against (Aubuchon/Thomas) and against (Alexander), dated April 10, 2012, Case No.: PDJ-2011-9002.
The Opinion and Order Imposing Sanctions, also appears not to have been signed by the non-licensed Arizona attorney, with his own handwritten signature to authenticate such "Opinion and Order Imposing Sanctions."

Needless to say, both Alexander and Aubuchon, were questioned why the 247 Pages Opinion & Order Imposing Sanctions was not authenticated by the person not admitted to practice law in Arizona, they responded in a consensus: “no matter what defense motions we submitted, no matter what evidence we submitted each and every single piece of defense evidence and discovery offered, were all “DENIED” by O’Neil and the Court.

If Aubuchon, Alexander and Thomas want reinstatement of their Bar cards, they are required to Stipulate disciplinary – “costs and expenses…jointly and severally…in the amount of $101,292.75.”

Does it appear to you, that Arizona Attorneys are treated worse than illegal Criminal Aliens, who cross the Mexico Border on a daily basis into Arizona?

Whether attorney Bar[s] / Courts can suspend or disbar a person from practice of law in conflict to U.S. Constitutional protections, found within 5th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution?

Law 360 says, in part “Sui Generis…Latin expressed terms a student is introduced to in law school… learns never to use in legal writing.” Now for those reasonable minded “True American Citizen’s,” if Law 360 says NEVER to use “Sui Generis” in legal writing[s], then why is O’Neil and Court, having a pattern and practice to discipline Arizona Attorneys with “Sui Generis” disciplinary proceedings?

Do you believe any attorney disciplined by a Bar Association, Tax Exempt Organization or a Non-Profit Organization, that uses “Sui Generis” disciplinary proceedings, is deprived of procedural due processes, applicable to both Federal and State Constitutional protections?

Whether "Sui Generis" disciplinary proceedings creates a new body of Law?

Final questions, to other persons holding professional licenses, how would you feel if you came under discipline proceedings by your supposed regulatory agency and they assigned a person not licensed to discipline and prosecute you?

Would you also feel injustice has reared its ugly head, because your professional license was either Suspended or Revoked, by someone not licensed within your professional field; thereby taking away your livelihood and food off your table from you and your family?


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Arizona Lawyers on the “Battlefield” standing up against “Illegal Immigration”…all Disbarred by Arizona

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