Changing Channels In The Banks Industry: The Future of Banks Marketing and Distribution Announces the Publication of its Research Report – GLOBAL Banks Market 2017

PUNE, INDIA, April 20, 2017 / — Banks Industry

Latest Report on Banks Market Global Analysis & Forecast Research Study

Banking is an integral part of China's finance system. Chinese banks can be categorized into three groups: the central bank, commercial banks and policy banks. Finance services are provided at commercial banks.
By the end of Q4 2016, total assets in both local and foreign currencies of Chinese banking institutions amounted to CNY 232.3 trillion, a YOY increase of 15.8%. Large commercial banks held CNY 86.6 trillion, accounting for 37.3% and increasing by 10.8% YOY. Joint-stock commercial banks held CNY 43.5 trillion, accounting for 18.7% and increasing by 17.5% YOY.

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Total liabilities in both local and foreign currencies of Chinese banking institutions were CNY 214.8 trillion, a YOY increase of 16%. Large commercial banks held CNY 79.9 trillion, accounting for 37.2% and increasing by 11% YOY. Joint-stock commercial banks held CNY 40.8 trillion, accounting for 19% and increasing by 17.7% YOY.

In 2016, net profits of commercial banks were CNY 1,649 billion, up by 3.54% YOY, which was a 1.11 percentage point increase. The average return on assets in Q4 was 0.98%, down by 0.12 percentage points. The average return on capital was 13.38%, down by 1.6 percentage points.
The Chinese economy will keep growing at over 6% per year, benefitting the banking sector. Forced by external changes, China's banking sector will adopt diversified strategies.
In this report, CRI analyzes 25 commercial banks listed in A-share market in China.
The report is composed of two parts: the first part is enterprise profiles and the second part is the operation status of these enterprises in the recent decade (presently 2006 to 2016, we will update it to the latest as time goes by).
The operation status is demonstrated from the following perspectives: (1) financial indexes, such as earnings per share, book value per share (BPS), sales per share, net cash flow per share, return on net worth and debt to asset ratio; (2) indexes on the income statement, such as revenue, operating profit, net profit and EBIT; (3) indexes on the income statement, such as revenue, operating profit, net profit and EBIT; (4) indexes on the balance sheet, such as liquid asset, fixed asset, current liability, non-current liability, capital reserve and shareholders' equity.

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(1) Financial Indexes
– Earnings per Share
– Book Value per Share (BPS)
– Sales per Share (SPS)
– Net Cash Flow per Share from Operations
– Net Cash Flow per Share (CNY)
– Return on Net Worth
– Net Profit Margin on Total Assets
– Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) (%)
– Gross Profit Margin on Sales (%)
– Net Profit Margin on Sales (%)
– EBIT Margin (%)
– EBITDA Margin (%)
– Debt to Asset Ratio (%)
– Total Asset Turnover (times)
– Cash/Operating Income Received from Sales of Goods or Services
– YOY Growth Rate of Operating Revenue (%)
– YOY Growth Rate of Operating Profit (%)
– YOY Growth Rate of Net Profit Attributable to Shareholders of Parent Company (%)

(2) Summary of Income Statement
– Gross Revenue (CNY, million)
– Total Operating Costs (CNY, million)
– Revenue (CNY, million)
– Operating Profit (CNY, million)
– Total Profit (CNY, million)
– Net Profit (CNY, million)
– Net Profit Attributable to Shareholders of Parent Company (CNY, million)
– Non-recurring Items (CNY, million)
– Net Profit Deducting Non-recurring Items (CNY, million)
– R&D Costs (CNY, million)
– Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) (CNY, million)
– Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) (CNY, million)

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(3) Summary of Balance Sheet
– Liquid Asset (CNY, million)
– Fixed Asset (CNY, million)
– Long-term Equity Investment
– Total Assets (CNY, million)
– Liquid Liability (CNY, million)
– Non-current Liability (CNY, million)
– Total Liability (CNY, million)
– Capital Reserve (CNY, million)
– Surplus Reserve (CNY, million)
– Undistributed Profit (CNY, million)
– Shareholders' Equity (CNY, million)
– Equity Attributable to Shareholders of Parent Company (CNY, million)

(4) Summary of Cash Flow Statement
– Cash Received from Sales of Goods and Services (CNY, million)
– Cash Flow from Operations (CNY, million)
– Cash Paid to Purchase Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets and Other Long-term Assets (CNY, million)
– Cash Paid for Investments (CNY, million)
– Cash Flow from Investments (CNY, million)
– Cash Received from Investors (CNY, million)
– Cash Received from Borrowings (CNY, million)
– Cash Flow from Financing (CNY, million)
– Net Increase of Cash and Cash Equivalents (CNY, million)
– Cash and Cash Equivalents, End of Period (CNY, million)
– Depreciation and Amortization (CNY, million)

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Climate Change is soon defeated

Sensational innovation will capture carbon dioxide in a "trap".
The climate threat is thus eliminated.

STOCKHOLM, SVERIGE, April 20, 2017 / — Today, the day after tomorrow, every second, climate change kills the nature, water, animals and people.
Millions of children are hit. But you'll never more need to worry about your life or your kids.
The whole World's, and Your Company's dream has come true. Human-made carbon dioxide-free air e.g. reduced from 400ppm to 300ppm.

It is a well-known fact (but hidden) that the wind, solar, wood, and batteries, unfortunately, will not be able to save the world's energy consumption. This kind of energy sources, require massive amounts of energy:
to be built, materials, transports, to be operated, and scrapped!
BP Statistics 2015, world consumption: Coal, oil, gas 86% (increasing), hydroelectric and nuclear 11%, biofuel 2%, "renewable" wind power and solar only 1%!

Your family and the world can now easily and quickly be rescued, for to enjoy a bright, prosperous and clean future. Fossil energy and greenhouse gasses is no longer a problem. But we need to get rid of all "green charlatans" who deliberately, for money, or out of ignorance, prevents survival of humanity.
The UN and our world have finally gotten the technology we hoped for. Now, the UN-nations can quickly begin to save lives, humans, and animals.

All the "Good Green Organizations," Loves and Applauds this Life-Saving Innovation.
At least those who care about nature, clean water, animals and people. They will, of course, do everything they can to save you and the world, with the help of HyMeAirs innovation.

The sketch below shows HyMeAirs carbon dioxide "trap," which with the help of wind and graphene filter directly, captures CO2 and N2O, from the air. A fantastic innovation which means that CCS-technology, will become simple, cheap and very efficient.

HyMeAir has begun a collaboration with a research group at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, to quickly give you and the whole world a bright, clean future. Soon, we can use this technology to reduce the greenhouse gasses to the level deemed appropriate by the Paris Agreement of the United Nations.
That will save the world from the perils of global climate change.

The climate change costs are enormous, $ 7 000 billion per year!
The IMF has estimated that all costs, such as tax paid to support for wind power, solar power, biofuels and batteries, indirect and direct subsidies, certificates, allowances, many, many targeted punitive taxes against fossil energy, carbon footprint, and climate change itself, about $7,000 billion per year. An average of $1,000 per year per person in the world!

With the HyMeAir unique greenhouse gasses captured "trap," the whole world can continue to use unlimited amounts of fossil energy, without affecting the climate.
All people in the world will also, on average, get $ 1000 in additional net income every year, according to IMF figures.

The research team, who are experts on graphene, lead by one professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and the inventor Claes Persson. Our simple initial test succeeded in separating energy gas hydrogen, the smallest existent molecule. We are now in the follow-up phase of more stringent, scientific testing.
Further, also increase the efficiency of graphene filter, and at the same time make prototypes. We estimate that this product development should be completed 2018-2019.

The world's top priority is the climate change, fossil fuels, and energy sources.
Money is not the world's problem. With full support from UN and others, who care about our planet and humanity,
we expect that we already in 2020-2022 can assist some large enterprises, who want to be the world leading companies in future, to start building full-scale plants.

About HyMeAir:
HyMeAir is a Swedish company founded by Claes Persson, an entrepreneur with many successful launches to his credit (Claes have even founded a computer company that in the 90s became Sweden's most fast growing company and stock exchange winner.) HyMeAir/Claes Persson has created a new innovative process, to filter and separate all different kind of molecules from the air. This innovation will save our world from ongoing climate change, and also give us all energy we need to a very low price. It is an innovative, simple product built on elementary physics and atomic physics, easy to understand.

Company Name: HyMeAir AB
Contact Person: Claes Persson – CEO,
City: Stockholm,

Claes Persson
HyMeAir AB
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Introducing Digitize FZC: Digital Marketing Consultants


Digital Differentiators by uniting people and businesses locally and globally with unique creative strategies for marketing and sales technology success.

Understanding that others are human brothers and sisters and respecting their human rights and dignities. That we humans can help each other is one of our unique human capacities.”

— Unknown

RIYADH, SAUDIA ARABIA, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA, April 19, 2017 / — Introducing Digitize FZC: Digital Marketing Consultants
Digitize is pleased to offer our services as a component for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.   Digitize is at the heart of the Arab World and Digitize is determined to be a strong part of the economic strides being set forth.
Our vision will be at the tip of the sword for penetrating, creating, and digitizing The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the surrounding three continents.
Our forecast will capture the KSA business community for the local and global pride of their brand. Digitize is the differentiator for Saudi Vision 2030 and transforming the economy together.  Our suite of services will alter the digital marketing practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for impact, pride, and expansion. Digitize will be an enhancement for Saudi Vision 2030 and futuristic plans of achievement. Digitize will be a partner for the technology innovation offerings for the vital growth of business within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  75% of businesses do not have a digital marketing plan; we will be the guidance by working closely with each business to achieve its unique goals for continued success.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia customers and prospective customers go online making decisions about everyday needs; such as abayas, hijab, healthcare, retail, education, research, and entertainment.
We welcome your digital marketing challenges and turning those challenges into prosperous entities. We have a vast team of experts for analyzing, measuring, strategizing, and assessing each brand campaign.  We are confident in our alignment with Saudi Vision 2030 and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s future business development.
Digitize wants to personalize and guarantee memorable brands throughout The Middle East and globally.   We welcome your visit to our website:  We look forward to meeting you virtually through your comments below or through our contact page!

Linda Allen
Digitize FZC: Digital Marketing Consultants
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Global Financial Analytics Market 2017 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2022

Global Financial Analytics market is projected to reach $10.34 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 12.2% during the forecast period

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 19, 2017 / — Financial Analytics Industry


Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Financial Analytics -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and analysis of Top Key Player Forecast to 2021” To Its Research Database

The Global Financial Analytics market is projected to reach $10.34 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 12.2% during the forecast period. Some of the key drivers for the market growth include gradually increasing data intensity and utilization of financial analytics as a tool for competitive differentiation. However, safety measures and huge number of business proportions are the principal obstructions in the financial market. Arrival of cloud computing has pushed the financial planning to a novel level and is anticipated to have long term impact on the financial analytics market.

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The key players in the global financial analytics market are

Microsoft, Tableau Software, IBM, Deloitte, Tibco, Hitachi Consulting, Microstrategy, Oracle, SAS and SAP.

Applications Covered:

• Receivables Management

• Profitability Management

• Payables Management

• Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

• General Ledger Management

• Budgetary Control Management

• Assets and Liability Management

• Others

Security Covered:

• Reporting and analysis

• Query

• OLAP and visualization tools

• Database Management System (DBMS)

• Consulting and support services

• Analytical solutions

• Others

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Industries Covered:

• Transportation and logistics

• Retail

• Manufacturing

• IT & Telecom

• Healthcare

• Government

• Entertainment and media

• Energy and utilities

• Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI)

• Others

Deployment covered:

• On-premise

• On-demand

End User’s covered:

• Small and Medium Businesses

• Large Enterprises

Regions Covered:

• North America

o US

o Canada

• Europe

o Germany

o France

o Italy

o UK

o Spain

• Asia Pacific

o Japan

o China

o India

o Australia

o New Zealand

o Rest of Asia

• Rest of the World

o Latin America

o Middle East

o Africa

o Others

What our report offers:

– Market share assessments for the regional and country level segments

– Market share analysis of the top industry players

– Strategic recommendations for the new entrants

– Market forecasts for a minimum of 8 years of all the mentioned segments, sub segments and the regional markets

– Market Trends (Drivers, Constraints, Opportunities, Threats, Challenges, Investment Opportunities, and recommendations)

– Strategic recommendations in key business segments based on the market estimations

– Competitive landscaping mapping the key common trends

– Company profiling with detailed strategies, financials, and recent developments

– Supply chain trends mapping the latest technological advancements

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Canary CEO: President’s Energy and Environment Executive Order Will Help Move US Closer to Energy Independence

Dan K. Eberhart, CEO of Canary, LLC

Dan K. Eberhart, CEO of Canary, LLC on a Greeley, CO well pad.

Order Calls For “Common Sense Approach” to Climate Policies

[President Trump] demonstrated appreciation for the economic growth, job creation, and global stability that come with a strong domestic energy industry.”

— Dan K. Eberhart

HOUSTON, TX, USA, April 19, 2017 / — Houston, TX, April 4, 2017 – President Donald Trump’s executive order on energy will move the United States a step closer to fully harnessing the economic benefits of a vibrant oil and gas industry, says Dan K. Eberhart, CEO of Canary, LLC.

The “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth” order, signed March 28, seeks to ensure that US climate policies, in their efforts to protect the environment, don’t sacrifice the health of the country’s energy industry.

It calls for the review, suspension, and – in some cases – rescission of climate policies found to place an unreasonable burden on the energy industry.

“When President Trump unveiled his America First energy plan during his campaign, he demonstrated appreciation for the economic growth, job creation, and global stability that come with a strong domestic energy industry,” Eberhart says.

“It’s exciting to see him working to put his ideas into motion so early in his presidency by issuing such a comprehensive executive order, an order that will contribute to a stronger energy industry and ultimately support the goal of US energy independence.”

Eberhart says he is particularly heartened by the following highlights:

– Trump has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review and, if appropriate, suspend, revise, or rescind the Obama administration’s 2015 Clean Power Plan, an aggressive effort to limit power plant greenhouse gas emissions that has been criticized for hurting the coal industry.

– Trump has requested that federal agencies review regulations, orders, guidance documents, and policies that “unnecessarily obstruct, delay, curtail, or otherwise impose significant costs” on activities related to providing or utilizing energy resources. These will include the EPA’s final rule on methane emissions from new or modified oil and gas sources.

– Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior, is to assess three rules issued by his department on oil and gas production on federal and private land and the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf.

– Trump’s order withdraws several Obama administration documents related to the social cost of carbon. The administration used their cost estimates in an effort to provide a scientific basis for the benefits of their climate policies.

Government agencies have until July 26 to submit a draft report describing the findings of their policy reviews.

“It’s encouraging to see this country move toward a common-sense approach to balancing environmental concerns with policies that support a strong energy sector,” Eberhart says.


About Canary, LLC

After ten acquisitions and seven decades, Canary, LLC, is one of the largest private wellhead service company in North America. Canary serves its clients and the public through quality drilling and production services, local charitable endeavors, and energy policy campaigns. Visit,, or @CanaryConnects.

Press Contact
Canary, LLC
(281) 601-1844
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Private Jet Charter Company New Flight Charters Receives Credit Ratings Upgrade

Jet Charter Company

Private Jet Charter since 2004

Private Jet Service with New Flight Charters

Private Jet Service with New Flight Charters

Private Jet Charter Company Continues Charter Flight Growth with Top-Rated Aircraft and Operators as its Commercial Credit Rating Components are Upgraded

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2017 / — New Flight Charters, a nationwide leader in private jet charter, reports increases in its credit ratings recently and year over year. U.S. business credit rating firm D&B® Dun & Bradstreet has issued upgrades to components of New Flight Charters’ credit rating.

Averaging 13.6% annual growth since 2004, New Flight Charters’ 2016 demand and number of flights grew 8.4% overall, creating more business with certificated operators, air carriers and vendors than ever. New Flight Charters has payment Terms with 114 leading aircraft management and operator companies.

The company is one of few in the private jet charter industry with a commercial credit rating by D&B® Dun & Bradstreet. New Flight Charters has been credit-rated since 2004 when it was approved as a U.S. Government Contractor.

According to D&B®, “The D&B Credit Rating is a system that measures a firm’s size and composite credit appraisal, based on information in a company’s interim or fiscal year balance sheet and an overall evaluation of the firm’s creditworthiness.”

New Flight Charters’ current D&B® composite credit rating is the highest possible, “1R2”, defined as “Good”. Several components of the rating were recently upgraded, including PAYDEX® score, Delinquency Predictor, Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating, and Viability Rating.

Company credit ratings, details and reports are available online from D&B®.

New Flight Charters is multi-accredited by D&B- Dun & Bradstreet, BBB-Better Business Bureau, and by Wyvern, LTD.

First in the air charter industry, New Flight Charters has provided a factual Company Credentials Report with financial, credit, audit and background information to industry partners since 2010. The report is updated bi-annually and publicly available on the New Flight Charters website.

About New Flight Charters
Since 2004 charter aircraft owner and leading U.S. private jet charter brokerage New Flight Charters has arranged private domestic and international flights with top-rated operator aircraft along with its Best Price Guarantee, top aircraft availability, industry empty legs list, and a perfect safety history. Extensive client reviews and industry ratings are available on the New Flight Charters website. As a registered U.S. government contractor with an A+ rating by the BBB, and named to the Inc.500 fastest growing list four consecutive years, the jet charter company handles 1,400 flights annually nationwide and serves a wide variety of clientele including Fortune 500 companies, government heads of state, presidential campaigns, entertainment icons, private families and entrepreneurs.

For charter quotes or information nationwide, call (800) 732-1653.

Colorado private charter information and quotes to or from Denver, Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Steamboat Springs and more can be found at Jet Charter Colorado. For private jet charter information to and from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, see Jackson Hole Jet Charter.

NFC News Media
NFC News Media
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Global PSD2 and Open Banking Market 2017 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2022

PSD2 and Open Banking -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis of Top Key Player Forecast To 2022

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 19, 2017 / — PSD2 and Open Banking Industry


Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “PSD2 and Open Banking -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis of Top Key Player Forecast To 2022” To Its Research Database

This report studies the PSD2 and Open Banking market status and outlook of global and major regions

Geographically, this report split global into several key Regions, with, revenue (million USD), market share and growth rate of PSD2 and Open Banking for these regions, from 2012 to 2022 (forecast)
United States
Southeast Asia

Request for Sample Report @

1 Methodology/Research Approach

This research study involved the extensive usage of both primary and secondary data sources. The research process involved the study of various factors affecting the industry, including the government policy, market environment, competitive landscape, historical data, present trends in the market, technological innovation, upcoming technologies and the technical progress in related industry, and market risks, opportunities, market barriers and challenges. The following illustrative figure shows the market research methodology applied in this report.

1.1 Research Programs/Design
Table Research Programs/Design for This Report
Research Design
Historical Data
(2012-2016) Industry Trends Global Revenue;
Status and Outlook;
Competitive Landscape
By Manufacturers;
Mergers and Acquisitions Product Revenue for Top Players
Market Share
Growth Rate
Present Situation Analysis;
Market Segment
By Applications
By Regions/ Geography Sales Revenue
Market Share;
Growth Rate
Present Situation Analysis

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Factors Market Environment
Government Policy
Technological Changes Market Drivers
Growing Demand of Downstream
Reduction in Cost
Market Risks

Market Opportunities and Challenges

Market Forecast (2017-2022)

Market Size Forecast
Global Overall Size
By Type/Product Category
By Applications/End Users
By Regions/Geography Key Data (Revenue)
Market Size;
Market Share (%);
Growth Rate (%);
CAGR (%);
Product Sales Price

1.2 Market Size Estimation

Top-down and bottom-up approaches are used to validate the global PSD2 and Open Banking market size market and estimate the market size for manufacturers, regions segments, product segments and applications (end users).

The market estimations in this report are based on the marketed sale price of PSD2 and Open Banking (excluding any discounts provided by the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or traders). The percentage splits, market shares, and breakdowns of the product segments are derived on the basis of weightages assigned to each of the segments on the basis of their utilization rate and average sale price. The regional splits of the overall PSD2 and Open Banking market and its sub-segments are based on the percentage adoption or utilization of the given product in the respective region or country.

Major players in the market are identified through secondary research and their market revenues determined through primary and secondary research. Secondary research included the research of the annual and financial reports of the top manufacturers; whereas, primary research included extensive interviews of key opinion leaders and industry experts such as experienced front-line staff, directors, CEOs and marketing executives. The percentage splits, market shares, growth rate and breakdowns of the product markets are determined through using secondary sources and verified through the primary sources.

All possible factors that influence the markets included in this research study have been accounted for, viewed in extensive detail, verified through primary research, and analyzed to get the final quantitative and qualitative data. The market size for top-level markets and sub-segments is normalized, and the effect of inflation, economic downturns, and regulatory & policy changes or other factors are not accounted for in the market forecast. This data is combined and added with detailed inputs and analysis from QYResearch and presented in this report.

The following figure shows an illustrative representation of the overall market size estimation process used for this study.

Figure Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches for This Report

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 19, 2017 / — The ‘Handmade’ Collection by fearless Cuban, Havana-born artist Milena Martinez Pedrosa will be featured at Pier 94’s Art Expo 2017, in a solo exhibit along with new works in the series.

The Milena “Handmades” – a striking portfolio of oil-on-canvas paintings with social and political imagery deepened via relevant newspaper-collage placement – made a distinct impression at Art Basel Miami in 2016. The “Handmades” will now be exhibited in the heart of New York City’s arts community during Art Expo’s 39th year.

“I’m excited to bring the “Handmades” right to Manhattan, as I get so much from interacting with art enthusiasts and seeing their reaction to my work, firsthand,” said Pedrosa. “The pieces have taken on even more relevance in the last year or so, and speak to my perception of Cuba’s 21st Century journey in the Americas and beyond.”

“You see plainly that Milena’s ‘drawn hands’ are simply some of the best representations of the form ever committed to canvas,” said Michael Miller, the art dealer and gallerist behind MMG.

To arrange an interview with Ms. Pedrosa or for more information, please contact: Ariel Pedrosa | Representative for, Milena Martinez Pedrosa | Mobile: 1+ 786-663-9800 | |

Martinez Pedrosa Studio
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Millennial Parents Are Dedicated to Raising Well-Rounded Kids At Any Cost, Yet 53% Have Less Than $5,000 in Savings

online life insurance

Life Insurance Innovator Haven Life surveyed next-gen parents to find out their lifestyle and financial priorities when it comes to raising Generation Alpha.

They need to think about their financial priorities and take action on not only boosting their savings but also making sure they have the right life insurance coverage in place.”

— Bobbi Rebell, author of How to be a Financial Grownup

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 19, 2017 / — Millennials are – or are about to become – parents. Actually, 9,000 per day if you’re keeping score at home.

So, how are they doing so far?

That’s exactly what Haven Life, which offers a modern, streamlined solution for buying quality term life insurance online, set out to discover in the study released today, "How the Next Generation of Parents are Dealing with Parenthood."

The study indicates that overall, Millennial parents dedicate almost all their time and resources (literally) to prioritizing health, enrichment and raising kind, compassionate children:
● Costs associated with healthcare, maintaining a healthy diet and educational services are their financial priorities.
● They are spending about $10,000 per year on regular child care
● 60% rank compassion and kindness as the number one value to instill in their children. “Putting family first” came in a close second at 53%.
● Millennial parents are only getting an average of 55 minutes per day for their own personal time. And hours slept? About six.

It’s heartening to see the next generation of parents’ devotion to providing Generation Alpha with the best. However, they’re not financially prepared to maintain this lifestyle should something unexpected and unfortunate occur:
● Only 13% listed college savings as a monetary priority at this time.
● Between childcare and anticipated housing costs, 42% of their household income is tapped.
● 53% of those surveyed have less than $5,000 in savings; 34% have less than $1,000
● 22% have no life insurance at all.
● Of those insured, 70% have $250,000 or less in life insurance coverage. With an average household income (HHI) of $81,165, many experts would recommend at least $400,000 in life insurance coverage.

“Many parents are not aware of the risks they are taking with their children’s future,” said Bobbi Rebell, Personal Finance Expert and author of How to be a Financial Grownup. “They need to think about their financial priorities and take action on not only boosting their savings but also making sure they have the right life insurance coverage in place."

The next generation of parents has the best intentions to raise kind, smart, well-rounded children. Yet, they are leaving gaping holes in their families’ financial safety nets.

Technological advancements in the financial space have made it easier than ever to manage your money and proactively protect loved ones. There are budgeting and autosave apps, Robo Advisers for investment accounts, and streamlined and digital platforms for insurance products. They all cater to a need for a simple, structured plan for their financial future that busy parents can accomplish with both confidence and speed.

Which, seems pretty important considering they only have 55 free minutes a day.

Read the full "How the Next Generation of Parents Are Dealing with Parenthood" report.

Parents looking to find out how much life insurance they really need can do so in less than a minute with an online life insurance calculator.

Haven Life is a tech-focused life insurance agency that offers high-quality and affordable term life insurance coverage that can be purchased entirely online. We're transforming the typically time-consuming and confusing process of buying life insurance into one that's easier, faster and just plain better.

Haven Life conducted the Next Generation of Parents study during March 2017. It involved a 29-question, online survey administered to a sample size of N=500 adults ages 18-59 with children ages 0–5 years old.

Brittney Burgett
Haven Life
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Wealth Singapore Market 2017 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2022

Wealth Singapore Global Market 2017 Analysis and Forecast

PUNE, INDIA, April 19, 2017 / — Synopsis
This report is the result of extensive research covering the high net worth individual (HNWI) population and wealth management market in Singapore.

This report reviews the performance and asset allocations of HNWIs and ultra-HNWIs in Singapore.
It also includes an evaluation of the local wealth management market.


• Independent market sizing of Singaporean HNWIs in five wealth bands
• HNWI volume, wealth and allocation trends from 2011 to 2015
• HNWI volume, wealth and allocation forecasts to 2020
• HNWI and UHNWI asset allocations across 13 asset classes
• Geographical breakdown of all foreign assets
• Alternative breakdown of liquid vs. investable assets
• Details of the development, challenges and opportunities related to the wealth management and private banking sector in Singapore
• The size of the Singaporean wealth management industry
• Information on private banks
• Detailed wealth management and family office information
• Insights into the drivers of HNWI wealth

Reasons to Buy
• Singaporean Wealth Report 2016 is an unparalleled resource, and the leading resource of its kind. Compiled and curated by a team of expert research specialists, the report comprises a wide variety of data, created based on over 125,000 HNWIs from around the world in WealthInsight's database.
• With the wealth reports as the foundation for its research and analysis, WealthInsight is able to obtain an unsurpassed level of granularity, insight and authority on the HNWI and wealth management universe in each of the countries and regions it covers.
• The report reviews the performance and asset allocations of HNWIs and ultra-HNWIs. The report also includes projections of the volume, wealth and asset allocations of HNWIs to 2020, and a comprehensive background of the local economy.
• The report provides an overview of the private banking and wealth management sector.

Key Highlights
• There were 150,404 HNWIs in Singapore in 2015, who collectively held US$779.8 billion in wealth.
• The Singaporean HNWI population decreased by 2.5% in 2015, following a 2.1% increase in 2014.
• The Singaporean HNWI population is forecast to grow by 12.6%, to reach 171,082 in 2020, while HNWI wealth is projected to grow by 20.1% to reach US$959.1 billion.

Table of Content: Key Points
1.1 Definitions
1.2 Reports
1.3 Methodology
3.1 Definitions
5.1 HNWI Volume and Wealth Trends
6.1 Trends in HNWI Wealth to 2020


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